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May 17, 2018
1 Lilia's Livelihood. 1.2GB Devils were tempted by ballad of anima... 557MB Sorry I couldn't find this one on the dlsite, but it's called ANERA. 300MB. I'll have the other two linked from mega below. This one is Devils were tempted by ballad of anima... This one is Lilia's livelihood. If anyone wishes to take up translating then please do. I have yet to see any sort of progress on these three so take your pick.
Aug 7, 2018
Hello... can i ask anyone to translate this VN?
in my opinion the story is Epic because he have NTR

(in my experience NTR story have Heavy and deep story also have amazing Art)
here the link
sorry for my bad english


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Aug 4, 2018
I'd love it if someone could work on a translation for Queen's Diary of Adulterous Mating ~RPG In Which Love Affair Is National Affair~ [RJ223443]
Circle: Ore Teki Shikou
RJ223443_img_main.jpg RJ223443_img_smp4.jpg
* Her Majesty is concerned with all men in the country!
Thus, there are a lot of cheating events out there.
An inn owner, a man in a back alley, a boy keenly interested in sexual stuff,
stepfather, homeless... More than ten adultery partners!
Visit many different places to get different seeds!

30+ Main Events + Optional Events

* "Semen Overwriting" System Is Implemented
The father can be changed before going to bed.
Let's get pregnant of favorite seeds.

"Vagina Washing Service" that you can reset the pregnancy condition and
"Pregnancy Test Drug" that you can check whose semen is inside is also implemented!

* Let's complete "Certification of Birthing" by having cheating sex with all men!

The acts of cheating will never be caught so feel free to join any H events!
(the scenario has been carefully written not to have contradicting plots)

* The characters' names can be changed anytime
You can change the names of both female and male protagonists.

* Adultery Partners Can Be Party Members!
Her Majesty's adventure and battles can be accompanied by the adultery partners.
The party becomes stronger with each cheating sex? Even after having them
join the party, you can still see H scenes with them.

The party members can also be changed in name.
Includes quit, join and level adjustment options.

* Smooth Genital Variations Included. Let's Enjoy Shaving Play!
You can enjoy shaving in the bathroom. Some may prefer hairless c*nt!?
"Hair Growing Drug" recovers the pubic hair.

Also, "Nurse Costume" and "Pet Costume" unlock cosplay
sex scenes with some particular adultery partners.

* "Selling Panties" System Loaded!
Smelly panties can be sold for making money!
Higher lewdness level makes panties smellier and therefore more valuable.

* Instead of a gallery you can access events any time via items "ecchi memory"

* Stress-free traveling with the skill "teleport"

* New Game+ Function Loaded
It is possible to go on the second play-through with the status and items remaining.
Of course, "ecchi memory" items remain in the inventory too.
(this function is only for the retail version)

~ Characters ~
* Female Protagonist Leticia (can be renamed)
The Queen of the "Liemarry Kingdom".
Finds the King seedless after the marriage.

Not having enough time to be heart-struck by the fact,
she is ordered by the King's mother to go on a journey to get pregnant...

* Male Protagonist Abel (can be renamed)
Leticia's husband and the King of Liemarry.
Seedless and as busy as cannot join the journey.

Does not know the true reason why Leticia goes on the travel.

* Security Guard in Bikini Armor, Claris (can be renamed)
Joins Leticia's party in the middle of the travel.
Likes to hang out with guys.

* Various Bonuses In Relation To How To Cheat
Clothed sex or naked sex...
With or without pubic hair...
You will get additional bonuses
when fitting the adultery partner's preferences.

* Many Supporting Functions
You can toggle on/off pose art, battle cut-in and birthing scenes!
BGM, BGS and SE volumes can be adjusted independently!

* Battles Won't Let You Get Bored
You will get a "portrait" upon defeating an enemy.
When you visit an exhibition with enough portraits,
you will get exhibition fees and be able to see the portraits.
Let's try completing all the portraits.

Having sex with particular ones may give you special skills for battles.
Let's be well prepared for battles by having sex with many.

"Auto Mode" is implemented! Characters beat enemies without choosing commands!

* You can check "ecchi memory" that you have seen/not yet seen in "Mansion of Memory".
Here you can see hints about unseen events.

Similarly, does anyone know if any of that circle's games have ever been translated to English? I love the art style and they have a huge library of games that I can't find even partials of anywhere.


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May 1, 2018
Out of usual(and hard), but anyone interested in translating the interface of Venusblood Ragnarok?

no ulmf link at the moment(?)


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May 1, 2018
Old game, but wondering if anyone's willing to do a full translation of いせたん?

Ulmf Page
Partial Page

Edit: Forgot to mention if anyone wanna pick up on this project I have 1.37 here with partial included for most skills i dug up on the ulmf page
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May 5, 2018