Thoughts of an Ikki Tousen RP

Thoughts of an Ikki Tousen RP

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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Thoughts of an Ikki Tousen RP

@Termite: Alright, I'm sorry to hear that. But it is understandable.

Welp, that's three of our original players gone, should we consider a reboot? I've also not heard hair or hide of Alpaca or Kenny? I'm not really aiming to give up on this, but we have lost three players so far. What do the rest of you guys think?
Feb 6, 2009
Re: Thoughts of an Ikki Tousen RP

I was kinda looking forward to this RP, to be honest. I'd like to continue, but we'd need to get players back...
Nov 11, 2008
Re: Thoughts of an Ikki Tousen RP

Sorry for the delay, I'm very nearly the worst procrastinator in the world. I'll send you a PM with the name of my new gem-person soon as I post this message. Only problem with the new guy is (obviously) the name, given the naming conventions of the series. Oh well, I don't think that's too big a deal.

I'm enjoying this RP, though with Termite leaving, it's only me and Cross actively participating, isn't it? We need more people to keep it going.