The Deciever and the Black Feathered Weaver (Charlotte;Fmokou)

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Jan 1, 2009
Chapter 1: The Deciever and the Black Feathered Weaver

RJ: "Absolutely not."

RJ: Those were the words that Charlotte was answered with, the words that rang through the corridors, and the last words he heard before his mother disregarded him and any further argument. He was lectured that mamono lurk out there, and they're far too dangerous for a mere boy of the trade to encounter alone. Or even with an armed guard. Thusly, Charlotte was left in his room, to contemplate his mother's answer and his own conviction.

Fmokou: Charlotte was furious when his mother denied his request. He was sure that his friend Belle was in danger, he just had to go. He knew that dangerous mamono lurked out there, and he knew that he stood no chance, he even wasn’t particularly athletic. However, after all news of Belle went quiet, he couldn’t just stay home, he would risk his life to save Belle, and believed Belle would do the same for him. Angry at his mother’s words, Charlotte began to pack his clothing, and other things he figured he need to survive outside. Mainly just trying to mimic what Belle brought with him, and find a large bag to stuff it all inside. After getting his favorite stuffed animal, he tried making a rope out of clothing. “I’m coming for you Belle, just hang in there’’ He muttered to himself, while working on the rope. He was planning to escape his room tonight, and attempt to save Belle, with or without his mother’s permission.

RJ: The rope complete, and the bare essentials in a bag that was tucked away so the maids wouldn't see it and report to the lady of the household, Charlotte let the rope fall and found his escape, fleeing from the mansion and into the forest beyond, as a singular entity with black wings observed him from the window inside the manor, both she and Charlotte's mother standing together, observing Charlotte flee. Then, as expected, without Belle, the trip was terrible. Miserable, and lonely. Charlotte's dress got dirty, the makeup inevitably got ruined, and it became a trial of frustration to go find his friend. Starting from Belle's hometown, it was just a trail of breadcrumbs that seemingly never saw end. Reaching one town, they told him that Belle went to the next. In that town, Belle moved on. And on, and on, and on. Until one month later, Charlotte had made her way all the way from northern zippangu, all the way to the southern side of the continent. All of his funds spent, and supplies diminished.

RJ: Charlotte entered a cave that led to a strange, fantastic place. It was a massive open space inside of an open cave, a large hole in the ground above to give light to the water below that led to the ocean, the reflection making the whole cave glitter with unusual delight. Mamono were in abundance here, as well as humans. And all Charlotte knew was that Belle went here last, likely before she'd learn that Belle left once again. There was no guide to greet them oddly enough, allowing them to just walk right in, until they bumped into a tall man with pale white hair and a red right eye and a green left eye.

RJ: It seemed like he was aloof, not paying attention to where he was going, before he gave a start. "Ey, woah. Be careful of where you’re going." he criticized Charlote.

Fmokou: Normally Charlotte would be amazed by such a fantastic place, and though he was caught with awe for a couple of seconds, his miserable travel towards this place just made him quickly annoyed again. His fancy dress was dirty and torn. His makeup had long since run out, and looked completely ruined, even his hair was completely messy and had twigs sticking out it. With a pouty look on his face, he entered the town, not paying any attention to his surroundings. Although finding his friend wasn’t his only concern, he also was running out of supplies at this point, he had to find his friend or else he might need to stop his search early.

Fmokou: When Charlotte bumped into the man, since he was in an awful mood, he looked up annoyed. “How about you be careful where you’re going!” He said with a pouty face. Realizing he was about to start a fight with some random stranger, Charlotte gently breathes in and out to calm himself. “My sincerest apologies, I’m current in an awful mood, and accidently lashed out like out.” Charlotte apologizes for her rude behavior. “Ah, can you perhaps help me? I’m looking for my friend, Belle, if you know anything, than please tell me.” Charlotte begged of the man.

RJ: The man rose a brow initially, though when that name was mentioned, he seemed to react favorably. "You mean Bellezza? Yeah, we fought her. Nearly lost too."

Fmokou: Charlotte felt a bit of pride when he heard Belle beat this guy. “I’m glad all her hard training paid off.” Charlotte said feeling pride in his friend. “I apologize, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Charlotte Foleo, pleasant to meet you.” Charlotte said while making a little bow, pulling up his dress daintily. “Currently I’m following in Belle’s footsteps, we haven’t heard any news about her back at home, and I fear the worst might have happened, if you know anything about her whereabouts, then please help me.’’ Charlotte begged from the man, as he looked up at him hopeful, with tears welling up in his eyes.

RJ: (Nearly lost too, as in, HE nearly lost. Belle was the one who lost)

RJ: "Oh, after our head honcho Azure decided to make Belle into her companion or something, they journeyed out to go see Cynthia the crow tengu." Ragna declared. "You pretty much just missed them. Sucks to be you, hehehe." Ragna chuckled. "But if I were you, I wouldn't try to interfere in what's going on. I don't know what kind of person Azure is, but she's kind of a lean mean snake machine. A lamia that has a certain... Objective in mind. So if you try to do something, she'll probably..." he hummed. "Well, as Zidane would put it, she'd rape you dead."

Fmokou: That can’t be true, Belle was a hero, and there would be no way he would associate with a mamono. Unless Belle lost, and got seduced, but there was no way right? Charlotte quickly shook of that idea, though couldn’t help but worry about Belle being stolen away from him. “T-There is no way Belle would work together with a lamia, B-belle is supposed to be mine” Charlotte said in denial with tears in his eyes. “I know I stand no chance, but I have to try something” Charlotte said desperately. Suddenly Charlotte realized that Regna told him, he would get raped. “W-Wait, you can see through my disguise?’’ Charlotte said worried, as he began to try fixing his hair and brush the dirt of his dress.

RJ: "What disguise?" was all Ragna inquired. Perhaps then Charlotte may realize the devious kind of monster that kidnapped Belle.

Fmokou: Charlotte was relieved to hear his disguise held up, even without the finishing touches. “Don’t worry about it.” Charlotte said with a gentle smile. “But can’t you save Belle? After all, you’re stronger than Belle, and shouldn’t adventurers help each other in times of need.” Charlotte pleads at the man while looking up with hopeful eyes. “You’d have my gratitude and I am sure Belle’s.” Charlotte continued to plea, hopefully being able to get this man to help him.

RJ: "Sorry, I kind of owe a thing or two for the snake in question. Men don't really get far with women around here, and she's sorta been like a spokesperson for us." he stated. "So... No can do. Besides, we kind of got attacked by Belle, and only defeated her through all of our efforts. I'm not someone to tustle with someone packing that much heat alone."

Fmokou: Charlotte looked a little bit upset at Renga’s response. “I know Belle can be a little rash, but I’m sure she had good intentions. I am sorry if she caused you a lot of trouble, but she was probably just trying to save you all.” Charlotte apologizes for his rampaging through the town, and Charlotte didn’t really understand, how a self-respecting adventurer could owe a favor to a mamono. However, he wasn’t going to press this issue any further, since the man didn’t seem to mind being in a place like this. “Do you know someone that would even consider helping me?” Charlotte asks, as there was no way he would last longer than a second, against someone stronger than Belle. If Renga didn’t know anyone, Charlotte would ask if there was some way he could replenish his supplies, considering he went completely through them.

RJ: Ragna rose an eyebrow at Charlotte, but smirked a bit too. "You know... You remind me a lot of that little rascal. Got that really idealistic viewpoint about you. Tell you what, why don't you just go and see what's up for yourself. Then decide what to do with Belle from there, kay? And if you need some food..." he reached into a bag that was around his belt and handed it to Charlotte. "I bought groceries for the bunch of us, but we have extra. Take that and look to the horizon. See if you can't spot some magical and sparkly colors in the distance, because that's where they're headed. You'll be fine, trust me." he encouraged her, giving Charlotte... A rather wealthy amount of food. It was all compact, stuffed greatly to fit into an unreasonably sized bag.

RJ: Ragna then patted Charlotte on the head and set off for good, only offering a wave if she spoke further and telling her to get going or she'd lose them.

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: The Deciever and the Black Feathered Weaver (Charlotte;Fmokou)

Kaguya: Charlotte looked pretty happy with what he considered a compliment. “Thank you, I always wanted to be more like Belle.’’ Charlotte replied, and then looked amazed at the amount of food he was given. “A-Are you sure you can give me all this?” Charlotte said in surprise, though he would still take it happily. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.” Charlotte said gratefully, when he both gave him a large amount of food, and told him where charlotte would be heading. “If you’re ever around the northern part of the continent, don’t be shy to look for the Foleo family. I’m sure my mother will reward you handsomely for helping me out, and telling her about my whereabouts.’’ Charlotte said as thanks for helping him. He looked a little bit embarrassed and pouty, when Ragna patted his head. After saying goodbye, Charlotte tried his best to spot the magical and sparkly colors in the sky, and quickly went into that direction, hoping to finally catch up with Belle.

RJ: Ragna snorted. "If what I think is going to happen happens... Well, we'll see." Ragna chuckled. Then, Charlotte set out on the trail again. Along the way, she came across a group of mamono women who looked battered from battle:
RJ: A Shinobi (Link:
RJ: A Warrior woman: (Link:
RJ: And a woman with bandage wraps on her body with reptilian features, a lizard warrior: (Link:
RJ: Upon happening across Charlotte, it seemed like the trio were inclined to ignore Charlotte, especially the lizard, until the warrior woman stopped. "Hmm... Hey, you." she called out to Charlotte. "You smell good. Like a man."
Kaguya: When Charlotte saw the group of mamono walk his direction, he tried his best to avoid going close to them without being suspicious. Charlotte sighed with relief when they just passed him. However, when one of them called out to him, he felt his heart race with panic. “M-Me?” Charlotte said surprised trying to feign ignorance. “Do I look like a man to you? Perhaps one of the villager’s smells rubbed off on me.” Charlotte says defensive, to sound as offended as possible. “Now if you will excuse me, I need to catch up to someone.’’ Charlotte said confidently even though he was shaking with fear on the inside, as he quickly turned around and tried to walk away from them. Hoping they would just leave him be.

RJ: Trying to rush off, Charlotte found the large warrior woman gripping his shoulder. Then, her nose came forth, and suddenly took a big sniff at Charlotte's neck. "Hmmm~" she hummed with delight. "So, a villager's smell rubbed off on you, huh?" Charlotte felt hands caress his sides. "So, how big was his dick?" he inquired, getting very touchy.

Kaguya: Charlotte let out a small yelp, when he felt the warrior woman holding his shoulder. When the warrior woman came closer to him, and suddenly began to sniff him, Charlotte’s body began to shiver slightly. The more she would rub Charlotte sides, the more visibly uncomfortable he became, as he began to squirm around trying to get out of her grasp. “M-Mhm, it was pretty big, m-made quite the mess. T-That’s probably what you’re smelling.’’ Charlotte tries to explain with a straight face, though he was clearly avoiding eye contact and blushing. ‘’I know you’re excited and all, but could you please let go of me. I am in a hurry.” Charlotte requested from the warrior woman, trying his best to wiggle out her grasp.

RJ: The woman gave a start. "Hm? Oh, yeah." she let him go, allowing him to hurry off. "Sorry, was with a former leader who said she could get us laid, now we're without partners, and a bit frustrated. See ya." she said, moving on.
Kaguya: Charlotte sighed relieved when the warrior woman released him. “Don’t worry about it. I am sure you will find more than suitable men in the village.” Charlotte said relieved, since it would’ve been terrible if they found out about his little secret. “Mhm, goodbye.” Charlotte said in a hurry with a small bow, and quickly hurried along before she wanted to touch him more.