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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Part 4:
Copper: "He has a friend here in town. An elf mage named Bishop. I'd bet several scales that he likes Marth." The way she says 'likes' denotes more than friendship. "If they are friends and his curse has those parameters, not just women, I don't think Marth would want to be responsible for driving his friend mad, do you?"

RJ: "You're... Are you assuming Marth is sexually desired by his friend? What proof do you have?" Zidane inquired. "Don't lie to me, Azure, just to take advantage of the situation! I warn you! Do. Not. Lie!"

Copper: "Even if it is just an assumption, it's logically something to consider about the curse," she returns, but she will continue. "For one thing, he was talking to Marth about not needing to be with the group of you. I'm sure my being your manager didn't help, but he seemed pretty keen on the idea of it being just the two of them again. Secondly, Capri pointed it out, so it isn't just me who picked up on it. Thirdly, he's also already exceptionally...protective of Marth though it seems a little more...obsessive than true concern. Maybe it's because Marth's working for me and Bishop doesn't seem to like me very much but that's just how it seems." There's a pause. "And Capri round-aboutly called Bishop out on his being attracted to Marth. He didn't out-and-out confirm it but he wasn't denying it, either."

RJ: Zidane seemed to grind his teeth, before folding his arms and thinking. After a moment, he looked up at Azure. "I'll allow you to help just this once. After that, you're not allowed to interfere with Marth's affairs. This isn't a deal bargain, it's a condition." he said strictly.

Copper: "So long as those affairs don't interfere with me, I suppose," she agrees. "And as long as he doesn't want my help." Seems someone's got conditions of her own. "And don't worry too much about it. Right now, I just know that there's a problem. I'm not even certain how to go about solving it." Although a few ideas flit through her mind, they're mostly just theories at the moment, nothing concrete.

RJ: "We just need to make certain that Bishop is being affected." Zidane announced. "Then, we must... Deal with it as best we can."

Copper: "Well, he and Marth were visiting with one another earlier. How do you know if someone's affected? You've obviously seen it in the past." She thinks. "He did seem rather...insistent on Marth leaving and being with him. Not to the point of being pushy about it, but still. And, I think to confirm his suspicions, Capri played at flirting with him and he dashed off rather than commit to...finding someone not Marth attractive. I don't know if that signals anything or not."

RJ: "Yes, it makes the one affected obsessed with the one in question." Zidane looked rather angry and upset that Azure was inevitably getting the answers she wanted by pressuring Zidane with this dire news. "It develops to the point of lunacy. The afflicted becomes deranged to the point where they think of nothing else but Marth, and try to... Protect him. They never, under any circumstance, will harm Marth. They become zealous bodyguards in a way."

RJ: "The one responsible for why he's like this is the same reason he ran from the academy he was at. Bishop protected Marth and rescued him from where the entire female dorm held Marth and worshiped him almost like a god, all while keeping him cooped up in one room just to make sure he was safe."

Copper: Azure's tailtip flicks back and forth, her arms crossed at her chest. "Well, Bishop did tell Marth that he didn't need us, that he was the only one that could really watch out for him. And he did seem very intent on protecting him. That could have been the way he is or, well, that does sound a little like the curse. Is there a way to tell? I mean, could we try and reveal the...afflliction somehow in him?"

RJ: "When the affliction gets to it's final stages, the afflicted will start showing glowing eyes." Zidane said. "But by then, it's too late."

Copper: "Well, I'm hoping to help Bishop before that happens. There's really no other signs? Other than the obsession? And then comes the bigger question: how do we break them of it? Without the whole death thing."

RJ: "We need someone weave savvy to break the threads attached to their mind. The threads slowly reshape the mind, so if broken, it'll freeze the process."

RJ: "Speaking of," Zidane remembered. "Tell me the truth, have you touched Marth and felt odd?"

Copper: She nods. "Just now. I picked him up and put him into bed after he did the weave on me. It's what prompted me to ask him about it, since it was the first time I'd felt it. Suppose if we have someone look at Bishop, I should see about having it done, too. I'm guessing Marth can't do it?"

RJ: "That means you're already being infected too." Zidane said. "No, he can't. It'll only get worse. In fact, letting him weave on you was a huge mistake. When just the mere touch makes you feel delighted, then you're behind the next step which is obsession, which is probably why we're having this conversation now."

Copper: "Yes, well, not knowing about the curse, I saw nothing wrong with letting him cast a spell on me to protect me. So," she shifts a little, actually heading for the stairs. "Let's see what sort of mages call this place home. Besides Bishop."

RJ: "Crystal Claire would be an excellent start, if she wasn't awfully busy." Zidane said, while going downstairs with her, before seeing a rather pissed off looking woman with a bishop's hat and sky blue hair, holding a brown avian hat in her hand. Seeing that woman there, Zidane looked surprised. "Sea bishop..." he whispered to Azure, though was content to keep walking.

Copper: (brown avian hat?)

RJ: (It's the kind of hat you'd see ye old days pilots wearing when on the ground. It's very thin and shaped similarly to the paper hats kids fold up)

Copper: (hoy? (Link: http://www.papercraftsforchildren.c...content/uploads/2011/03/basic-paper-hat-4.jpg )

RJ: ( (Link: )

RJ: ( I think that's the air force, might be the navy. My memory's fuzzy )

Copper: (thak you.)

RJ: (Without beating around the bush, It's Glenn's hat, another PC)

Copper: (not the mimic?)

RJ: (Chronologically, the mimic is on his head right now)

Copper: (Yes, I know. That's why I was asking. I'm joking around.)

Copper: (and technically, she's not. She's on his back right now, but that's beside the point.)

RJ: (You never know with those mimics)

Copper: (I'll ask you, then. Do I/Should I get involved with said bishop or is she just there for color like the other one?)

RJ: (You can get involved with anything I show you)

Copper: (Fair enough then. Unfortunately, I think Az already has enough on her mind, atm.)

Copper: "I wonder if Bishop sent her. He seemed pretty interested in introducing me and Capri to one." More just a remark, though, since she seems rather intent on something. Or someone. Unless addressed herself, Az will keep walking with Zidane. "Claire does seem to know quite a bit of people. Maybe we could ask her to at least point us in a direction. Unless you have someone in mind already."

RJ: "Only person I know is Marth and that won't cut it." he said as they walked past, before the woman slammed her hand down on the counter and growled. "Last straw...! Son of a bitch, you...!" she growled as they left. Back outside, they were greeted by the scenery of everyone repairing the damages made by the orcs. Claire assisting them.

Copper: Azure will glance back at the sound of the slam. "Someone's not very happy. Hate to be in their shoes." Hopefully whoever it is can make it up to the bishop without too much trouble. "No, we've already determined that." Spotting Claire, she'll head in the other woman's direction. "See what we can find out from Claire, maybe. Then go from there." She'll find a good point to catch her attention and, once that's done, she'll inquire after any mages the town that Claire might be aware of.

RJ: It seemed Claire was letting herself be attacked with responsibilities. She was constantly trying to do good for the towns people who, despite liking Claire's presence, didn't like the fact that she brought so much trouble with her. They spoke rather unforgiving words in whispers around her, of her selfish actions to recruit women to die. Zidane sighed. "Hey, Claire," he called her out. Despite being busy, she listened. Zidane spoke their need, and Claire simply shook her head. No mages she knew of. Though she hardly knows anyone in waymeet to begin with.

Copper: "We'll ask around then. I take it now that we have the orcs on board we'll be leaving soon? And," there's a pause, "does the temple know who you're bringing back with you?"

RJ: "I spoke with Undine, and she's willing to accept help from even the orcs if it's to protect her people and her temple."

Copper: "So long as it turns out the temple doesn't need protection from the orcs." She sighs, keeping her voice low and for only the other woman. "You know, the one I was fighting with admitted to them considering a double-cross, Claire. I'm not saying we can't trust them now, but we might want to be on our guard in the future." Somehow she doubted Claire might even think of such a thing, given the woman's nature, but still, there it was. Better to be prepared than be surprised.

RJ: "We already face certain death. The orcs make sex slaves, and the angels destroy your very soul." Claire replied. "I know I'm not making a good choice. But at the same time, I'm trying to avoid the worst outcome."

Copper: "I'm just hoping they won't try anything at the temple. Then again, there's probably plenty of folk there who're more than capable of handling them." She rubs the back of her neck. "I'm just going to trust on this one. For now, I've got a mage to find." She sighs. "Don't let yourself get pulled in too many directions, okay, Claire?" She's keeping the whispers to herself, given that, especially after today, she's got little love for the orcs right now, even if the whispers might be true.

RJ: Claire nodded, before letting Azure be on her way and decide how she was going to look for a mage

Copper: The lamia will head off, somewhat musing out loud, partly to herself, partly to Zidane, just looking to bounce ideas around. "We might convince Bishop to help but if he's already under the influence of Marth's curse, then he might not take too kindly to it being removed. Probably see some conspiracy in it or something. I might be able to convince him to undo mine, to keep Marth safe, but likely not his own.” She seems rather deep in thought as she walks. “Though if I find a mage to negotiate with, you probably want to make yourself scarce. Then they won’t think you’re part of any payment negotiations.”

RJ: "Just tell them no!" Zidane spat. "What, are you such a pushover that you'd let a man with you be sold off as a commodity!? And you call yourself a woman!" Zidane chided Azure while walking with her.

Copper: He might hear a low hiss at that. "Of course I'm going to tell them no but I'm trying to avoid having to worry about that in the first place, Zidane. Heavens forbid I try and keep you out of such a situation."

RJ: "I can take care of myself." Zidane hissed back, though catlike instead of snake like. "If you were worth your salt as our manager, this issue would be a non-factor as you could just beat them off."

Copper: That gets a frustrated noise out her. "Maybe I don't LIKE fighting, Zidane. Maybe I don't WANT to have to get in fights in the first place if I DON'T FRIGGING HAVE TO." Before he can take another step, she's whipped around and slams her tail into the ground in front of him. "And maybe you ought to let me handle things. My. Way." He gets fixed with a hard glare. "Come on." There's bound to be a municiple building or a town hall or something that hopefully has a census she can ply for information on magically inclined residents. Unless, of course, someone's got a shingle hung out.

RJ: With the tail whipped in front of him, Zidane jumps over her whip, even though it wasn't aimed at him, and lands ahead of her. "Sometimes diplomacy doesn't cut it. Where will you be when we need you then?" he asked, before returning her glare. "You think you have any right at all to kiss me? Show me that you can earn it if you need to. Then just maybe the kiss won't be one-sided." he stated, before choosing to either walk ahead of Azure, or simply vanish into the crowd while looking for someone to aid with the issue.

Copper: "By your side or at your back. I don't like to fight. Doesn't mean I won't." By look she's giving him as they break off the conversation, kissing him is the last thing on her mind right now. And chances are the two of them are going to break off, given Azure's mood at the moment. Time to see about that shingle. Or if there is somewhere that can point folk to various businesses and services in town.

RJ: Deciding the best course of action, Zidane snagged someone who looked like they were relaxing. A centaur woman who was using a long brush to scrub herself. "Excuse me. We're new around here and we need someone skilled in weaving." he announced. The centaur thought for a moment. "Well... I'm not sure about the magic kind of stuff. We have a few somewhat skilled in certain areas, specialists, but they're stuff like bakers and smiths who use it entirely for the forge or for personal use. Not exactly... Skilled I'd say. Oh!" she exclaimed. "There's a sea bishop in town. Probably your best bet."

Copper: "She a local or a visitor?" Granted, they knew where she was, at least not all that long ago, but if she's decided to not get good and drunk at the tavern and moved on, they might have to find out where to find her. That, and a local might know Bishop or at least of him.

RJ: "She's a visitor, came from Cynthia Fyre's tower not long ago. I think a couple days ago?"

Copper: That gets a nod out of the lamia. "Appreciated. Thank you kindly." Granted, long brush, but if there seems to be a spot the centaur might have difficulty with, as a thanks Azure will get the spot for her. "Back to the grumpy one at the tavern?" She chuckles. "Or we could just hope to get in to see Cynthia herself. That might be a bit of a hike though, I don't know how far out her tower is from here."

RJ: "If I recall correctly..." Zidane hummed. "From this town, it's about a day's walk."

Copper: "We'll save that as a last resort. See if we can get the problem solved locally. But it's good to know we at least have the option." Seems Azure's going to head back to the tavern to see if the sea bishop is still there. "So, what's going to be your reaction if she asks about marriage?"

RJ: Zidane glances at Azure. "About who marrying who?" Zidane asked bluntly.

Copper: "Well, we are going to see a sea bishop. I'm just going to assume straight out that she's going to think we want to talk about a marriage before we get the chance to tell her what we're actually looking into. I just didn't want you having a fit if she does."

RJ: "Don't assume that I just overreact to everything." Zidane said casually. He looked like he was expecting a different reply from Azure, but decided to ignore it. Then they went to go see the sea bishop at the bar. Zidane hung back a bit, the woman had an intimidating presence, as if she were not one someone would readily wish to trifle with. So Zidane didn't want to be the one to anger her.

Copper: To Azure, the track record seemed to say differently but she kept that to herself. If the woman seemed to still be in a bad mood, the safest way to approach might be breaking the ice first. Getting the bartender's attention, Azure would see if the other woman was eating or drinking anything and, as long as it wasn't exceptionally extravagant, would either order her another drink or opt to take care of her meal "in exchange for a bit of her time."

RJ: The sea bishop seemed to be drinking the lover's poison, meant for someone with relationship problems. It was fairly inexpensive. Delivered her extra drink, the blue-green haired sea bishop looked back at Azure and Zidane. "If it's a wedding, now's a bad time..." she said immediately with a sigh. Zidane flushed a bit, and folded his arms without saying a word. it looked like he was very clearly going to say something if it wasn't for the conversation before.

Copper: And that's exactly why she said somthing to him already. Azure shakes her head. "I gathered." The incline of her head indicates the drink. "But no. I'd hoped to talk to you about a," she thinks for a moment, "love curse, for lack of a better term. But, you do seem to have something on your mind already."

RJ: She cocked an eyebrow. "A love curse?" she inquired, before Azure felt odd for a moment as she was apparently quickly inspected. "Oh, this looks like... Wow, it's my first time seeing something like this."

RJ: For the moment, her prior ails seemed to not matter as she became fascinated with Azure's case.

Copper: It's good to be interesting sometimes. "It's afflicting one of our friends and apparently spreads through physical contact. Original thought was that it only works on the opposite gender but I'm beginning to wonder if it actually affects those who might be attracted to him. There's someone else who might have this hanging about them, too. I'm hoping to see if we can't find someone who can...sever it on us." There's a glance to Zidane. "Or maybe even undo it altogether." She is willing to elaborate, pending on the questions and Zidane is free to jump in with information. She's not giving up everything yet, not wanting to divulge too much if the bishop isn't quite able to help.

RJ: "Him?" the woman seemed seriously interested in the gender selection. "I'll be honest, I was going to ask you if you were into young girls at all, because as far as I know, this is the work of an Alice. A demon that possesses people into becoming obsessed with her."

Copper: There's a brief moment where Azure considers asking Zidane if there's anything about Marth that he'd care to share but she keeps that to herself, especially in front of the bishop. The werecat is getting a curious eyebrow from the lamia, however. "It's a young man," she explains, her attention going back to the bishop. "And he's apparently been afflicted by it for a while now. I'm apparently in the early stages but there's one other that I think might be affected as well. I dont know for certan and it's a little delicate."

RJ: Zidane was looking away. "Well," the bishop began. "I can completely remove the effects from you." To that, Zidane looked back, eyes wide. "And if this is the same as the Alice case, I also know the instant fix to never be controlled."

Copper: "Just what would that entail?"

RJ: "Which?"

Copper: "Both, I suppose. Removing the effects from me and then to keep me from being controlled again."

RJ: "Removing the effects will just take patience on your part. The latter, is a more personal fix." she began. "Three solutions to fix the issue. Kill the source, easiest method-"

RJ: "Flee from the source, can't get you that way, and-"

RJ: "If I have read right, falling in love with the source negates the curse, since what it does is force love anyway. The insanity that follows is just because of the damage it does to your brain."

Copper: "Well, one and two are not an option. Let's talk about removing the effects." Not quite a subject change. In fact, she's a little surprised that Zidane hasn't cut in at this point. "And you did sense it on me. If I were to have you take a look at the other I think is affected, I'd need it to be in confidence."

RJ: "Okay...?" She seemed confused. "Where is the other patient?"

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Part 5:
RJ: Zidane meanwhile was being quiet, glancing at Azure as if paying close attention to what she was saying

Copper: "Not here, I'm afraid. I know he," and that's where the bishop is getting the rather pointed look, likely the reason why the lamia was being hedgy and insisting on it not getting out, "lives in town. I could find out or at least try."

RJ: "Bring him to me. I'm not in the mood to go on a hunt and I'm waiting for a certain dead asshole to show up so I can kill him and make him rue the day he decided to fuck with me." she said calmly, taking a sip of her poison.

Copper: Azure claps a hand over her mouth to stifle the bark of laughter that produces. Coughing to settle herself down, she nods. "I'll see what I can do." Taking Zidane to the side, she'll address him quietly. "I don't suppose you know where to find Bishop, do you? Or are we going to have to ask Marth?"

RJ: "I was just looking at him." he said, noting the reason why he was looking away. "He's buying candy for Marth." he said with a blank face. Looking like he believed her now.

RJ: Evidently, he was looking out of a window onto the street where Bishop was walking. And sure enough, he was outside holding a box of chocolates like some kind of bachelor planning to get lucky.

Copper: "Well, there we are." Azure will return to the sea bishop. "Looks like I've a bit of luck on my side." She'll draw the woman's attention to the elf, hoping she'll be able to tell before they have to try and detain him.

RJ: Trying to make her look outside, she spots him and looks back. "What are you getting at? Just bring him in, what are you on about!?" she asked, sounding annoyed.

Copper: "Just remember that, as far as I know, he's not aware he's affected. Not like me." She'll head for the door and start to head out, hopefully "surprised" to see the elf in the vicinity. "Bishop? Good evening." Best to just get his attention and get this over with.

RJ: Bishop stopped when he saw Azure greet him. "What? You? Are you two stalking me?" he inquired, which made Zidane slightly pissed off. "Oi,-" he looked about ready to start a fight with the elf.

Copper: "No. We're staying nearby." She'll indicate the building the two of them had just come out of. "I happened to notice you." She'll take a moment to take in his appearance, eyes settling on the box of candy. "Were you coming to visit with Marth again?" She'll turn a little and there's an invitation through her body language to follow her back inside, though she will hesitate, seeing if he's inclined.

RJ: "I was." He replied to her question. "Are you going to stop me?"

Copper: "Delay, perhaps. Marth's resting at the moment." She's still going to head inside and hopefully Bishop will follow her. "Why don't you have a drink and Zidane can see if he's up for company?" The question is directed as much to her companion as it is to the elf. She wants to give the sea bishop time enough to study Bishop and she doesn't seem inclined to keep the two men apart but, well, she's not lying. Marth is resting.

RJ: Zidane glanced at Azure, before nodding. "Okay... I'll see how he's doing." he said, before Zidane went upstairs. As Bishop went inside the room, the mermaid in the room made him jump a bit as she analyzed him. "W-what-" he started, before the sea bishop shrugged. "He's fine."

Copper: "Thank you," she tells Zidane before he leaves. Given that Azure felt it, it only stood to reason Bishop would pick up on it, too. Hearing the other woman's words, Azure seems to relax a little, giving her a nod in thanks. Her attention will go to Bishop. "Glass of wine or an ale?" She's fully expecting to be confronted about the situation but for the time being, she seems to be waiting for Zidane to come back downstairs.

RJ: "I'm fine!?" he exclaimed at the magical violation, looking at Azure and the bishop. "What is the meaning of this!? What are you conspiring?!" he accused Azure of foul play. "I ought to call the centaurs and have you arrested!"

RJ: Then, the sea bishop came up to Bishop, and put a hand on his shoulder. "Sit. Down." she said with severe intensity in her voice. Her eyes were like that of bloody murder, as if there was something wrong inside of her head somewhere, and Bishop could see that clearly that this woman was not a sane or safe person to be around. So he sat without more fuss.

Copper: Pity the poor bastard she's looking for, then. Once Bishop sits and is quiet again, Azure will look over at him. "I was worried. Afraid you might have been affected by Marth's condition and I figured if I confronted you about it, you'd deny it, either out of ignorance or defense. She was able to sense it on me so I wanted her to check you as well."

Copper: (Ignorance, in this case, being 'unaware of the situation' not 'hurr de durr')

RJ: "Marth's condition? How did you..." he bit his own tongue, sort of knowing how she realized it sort of. "Either way... I don't know what you've been told, but I'm immune. That makes me the greatest protector for him. I don't know what claims you think you have to him, but give up right now." he insisted.

Copper: Azure completely ignores the statement. "I'm presuming you've been looking into a way to fix it, yes?"

RJ: "No. It's near impossible to fix it unless you had ageless experience and knowledge. His curse runs deeper than you could ever know. Besides, if all else fails, it's his last line of defense that will, and has, saved his life."

Copper: "I have to wonder at the trade-off, but then, I'm not living under it," she remarks. "As for Marth, he seems to want to stay with the others and that means working with me as well. You can ask him again, to stay. I can't stop you from doing so, really, but as his friend, I'd hope that you'd respect his decision, should he refuse you. Then, there's also the alternative."

RJ: "Marth is naive. He needs someone strong to make decisions for him." Bishop declared. "Though, out of curiosity, what is this alternative."

Copper: "You clearly haven't met the others," is half-mumbled as he mentions what Marth needs. Her brows arch just slightly and a ghost of a smile pulls at her lips for a brief instant. "You could always join us, provided you're not afraid of mercenary work."

Copper: ((*sits back, waits for fireworks*))

RJ: Bishop growls a bit. "Again with that..." he sighs. Then takes a moment to look at Azure directly. "Azure, honesty time. It's honest time right now." He declares honesty time. "I'll start us off first with honesty time. Marth is a very special person to me. We've been together almost as long as you've probably been with your mother. During that time, he became the most precious thing in the world to me. I love Marth." he ends bluntly. "Now, your turn. How do you feel about Marth?" he asked, turning in the chair he sat in to give her a hard look back, searching for any hint of lies.

Copper: She finds it a bit difficult to keep a smile away at the way he declares 'honesty time' but manages to settle as he speaks. She lets out a thoughtful sigh at his question, neither answering right away nor taking too long to respond. "I find him very sweet and more clever than I think he gives himself credit for. As his manager and...friend, I've every intention of standing by him, same as any of the others. I'll protect him when he needs it, though I'm afraid I've been hovering a lot lately." She chuckles faintly. "As for what you probably want to hear, no. I'm not in love with him. Could I be? Perhaps. But things like that take time and even if I'm not, it doesn't mean I won't be there for him."

RJ: Bishop leaned back in his chair. "Then the curse will continue to hurt your mind. By it's nature, you can't be around him." he stressed. "The only one who can protect him is someone who loves him. That would make it easier on everyone."

Copper: "So I've been told. But love just doesn't happen. Sometimes, yes, but for the most part, it's something that needs time to grow. Unless you have a hard and fast definition of what constitutes love."

RJ: "Are you defending my point or stating that you wish to fall in love with him?" Bishop inquires.

Copper: "I was talking about the curse. I was told the way to avoid it was to fall in love with the person, since that's what it makes you do anyway." She lets out a soft sigh. "I don't want him to have to be afraid. Marth is sweet." A little smile comes to her lips. "I can't imagine a burden like that on someone like him. Eager to learn. Eager to help. And yet there's this...spectre hanging over him. I certainly couldn't do it, which proves he's a lot stronger than he looks, too." She shakes her head slightly. "Sorry, Bishop. I think that you might have a little competition in the matter of love." She doesn't say it like a true challenge but it's clear the lamia's not about to simply just walk away.

RJ: "That's all well and good. And all the better reason I cannot let this go. If someone like you, who approached me with a man at her side, seeks to defile Marth with your wicked ways, then I will have to stop you." he stated simply. "I don't care what you do to the other cat boy that always looks at you when you look away like some kind of school boy with a crush, but Marth won't be a part of your little harem you seem to desire." he announced, as Zidane came back down the stairs alone. "Marth's completely passed out." Zidane announced.

Copper: She leans forward, elbows propped on the table. Her fingertips lace together and she rests her chin on them. "And I suppose you can sit there and tell me that you're simply going to remain a friend and guardian to him? That no 'wicked thoughts' have ever crossed your mind while you were thinking about him." She gives him a bit of a smile. "And remember, it's still honesty time."

RJ: "Indeed, it's honesty time. You're right." he said. "I will absolutely guard him with my life. You could say I plan to be his best friend ever, and with the Order as my witness we would enter even the golden city and be pure in the Inquisitor's eyes."

RJ: Essentially, a round-about way of telling Azure: "because it's two men, it doesn't count."

Copper: That gets a little chucklegiggle out of the lamia. "I like how you avoided committing to the second statement, Bishop." Her hands drop, arms crossed on the table now. "I already know how you feel about him. Are you more worried about me as Marth's friend or as a potential lover?"
((In case the sentence reads twisty, she's not asking if he's worried about her being a friend or lover but rather if he's worried about her being a rival for Marth's affections. Essentially, she's asking him the same thing Capri asked her earlier.))

RJ: "I didn't avoid it. I just rejected your calling my thoughts wicked. It's only the purest and most beautiful love I have, while you just want to... To-" he waves his hand around in a circle. "... Just want to mess him up."

Copper: "Mess him up? And how, exactly, would I be doing that?" Her brows furrow a little. "You don't think I'm capable of affection? That I just want to claim his innocence and be done with it? Or turn him into a deviant once I've had him? You know, Bishop," she sits back a little, her gaze drawing over him though it's more like taking in his measure. "You're starting to sound as obsessive as the ones you took him away from. You're the only one who can protect him. You're the only one who's capable of loving him. You're the only one he should rely on. If there's anyone whose thoughts are twisted around here, I don't think it's me. At least I'm not trying to take his friends and freedom from him."

RJ: "Tread lightly," Bishop broke in while she started suggesting he was the twisted one. "I might be a man but if you speak ill of my intentions, you just might regret it."

Copper: "But you're allowed to speak ill of mine? Without even knowing them? Or are you afraid I'm bringing up thoughts that are a little too close for comfort?"

Copper: (I'm just pretty much waiting for the "roll for initiative" announcement at this point.)

RJ: "You're a woman. It's in your nature to be wicked. Not your fault." Bishop said. "Trust me, I don't hold it against you. But I still am going to shield him from you and become his sanctuary."

RJ: (roll the dice to see if you're getting drunk)

Copper: "And as men, it's in your nature to not know what's good for you," she throws back at him, though there's actually no venom behind the words. They actually come out flat, more that he's not the only one who can start throwing out gender stereotypes. "You do hold it against me. If you didn't, you wouldn't see a problem with Marth being with me. Tell me, if I weren't part of the equation, would you still try and take him away from the others?"

Copper: (Where are the Cheetos?!)

RJ: "I'd be far more willing to let him stay if he wanted." he replied. "Indeed, you are far too dangerous a presence." he said calmly. "Though Marth already gave me his answer. So there's no point talking about whether I'm going to take him. The only option I have is to make sure you keep yourself clean off him."

RJ: "Me and Marth will get our own private room together. Who's with him now?" he asked. Zidane answered. "Me. And no." Zidane replied. "No?" Bishop inquired. "Yeah, no." Zidane replied. "May I ask why?" Bishop inquired again. "Because I'm trying to decide if Azure is more a threat to Marth, or if you are."

Copper: (Is the sea bishop still here and drunk?)

RJ: (yeh)

Copper: "I'll leave you to decide that, Zidane. I'm going to try and get these beginning tendrils brushed off of me." Since the bishop did say she knew how to remove the curse that was on Azure. Of course, seems a matter of getting her to talk again. And it's likely going to come at a cost, since, well, magic. Maybe. She'll approach the mermaid and, provided she's up for company, will give her a bit of a smile. "Thank you for checking on him for me."

RJ: "No problem. Here, sit. Since payment is a topic, I just need you to do one favor, really. Are you poisonous? If so, I'd like you to spit on one of my knives for personal reasons. Otherwise, pay for my tab."

Copper: (That does bring up the question...*is* Az poisonous?)
Copper: (or is that up to me)
RJ: (Up to you, you decide what breed she is. Either normal lamia or desert/jungle lamia)
Copper: (hmm. I'm actually thinking she might be a normal lamia. For some reason I don't see her coming from either of the other two.)
Copper: (so which is which? so I know how to answer her)
RJ: (normal lamia it is)
RJ: (mountain lamia to be specific)
Copper: (I take it she's nonvenomous, then)
RJ: (correct)
Copper: (allrighty. that and well, I'd feel bad if I got Glenn poisoned.)
RJ: (She wouldn't stab Glenn. Proooobably Isabell or the Elf)
Copper: (either way.)
RJ: (cuz lurv Glenn and fuck those BITCHES)
Copper: (See, my harem gets along with each other already.)
RJ: (secret yandere Zwei)
RJ: (not really)
Copper: (yeah, didn't think so)
Copper: (and before the conversation gets too off track, are they talking payment for checking Bishop out or will it be for taking the curse off, too?)
Copper: (just so we're on the same page)
RJ: (all payment)
Copper: (I shudder to see that tab)

Copper: "I'm not, I'm afraid. Though I'm a little worried at the tab if it's going to handle your services," Azure says with a bit of a chuckle. If she's been downing Lover's poison, she should be fine, but if she's moved on to hard liquor it might be an issue. Still, she will inquire after the other woman's tab since having the curse removed is kinda, sorta important.

RJ: "Rest assured that it'd be nowhere near what anyone else would charge you. It's just a bottle plus what you paid for." she said, which probably ran Azure up fifty coppers. If Azure would remain still for a fair half hour, then the sea bishop would finish

Copper: "That's fair, then." And provided nothing pressing came up, like Bishop and Zidane getting into it or an orc wandering into the bar, she's perfectly content to remain still and let the other woman work. "Thank you," she'll tell her when she's done. "Makes me feel better, knowing I'm back at square one and I've at least got more knowledge of what I'm dealing with at this point. Wish you luck in your own endeavor."

RJ: "Thanks. My current man is... Unfaithful, to say the least." she stated.

Copper: "Given that you're considering lamia poison as a solution, I'd say at the very least." Azure will rap her knuckle lightly on the bar twice. "I haven't had to deal with that yet, but then, circumstances might be a little different for me."

RJ: "Hopefully for the better." She said with a sigh.

Copper: "Time will tell." There's a pause. "Is it something you might wish to talk about?"

RJ: "I'm not sure." she replied honestly. "So, might as well talk about it. Basically... Well, I suppose I'm largely to blame. I was told by Cynthia that a craft would be breaking into the barrier that surrounds the island. Inside it would be one of the fragments of fate. I was told to intercept the craft and obtain the shard. I waited on the beach, and sure enough, the craft came falling from the sky. Inside the craft were human men. The policies on mermaid society is to steer clear of humans and not interact with them in any way. So, when I found out that the shard was inside one man's soul..." she trailed off. "I broke the rules. I made myself into an outcast. I could have just taken the shard out of his soul and left him on the beach to awake. But I didn't. So, I am currently actually no longer a sea bishop. I voided any right to be as much."

Copper: Azure listens, curious, especially at the mention of the shards of fate. There may’ve been stories, perhaps, but to hear that there’s truth behind them? Still, she offers the woman a sympathetic look. “What made you change your mind?” The question comes out gently.

RJ: "He was cute." she replied.

Copper: That gets a soft chuckle out of the lamia. "I can understand that, actually. Sort of like what happened with Capri and I." There's another pause. "Does he know what you gave up?" The question, again, comes out with gentle curiosity, obviously trying to understand the whole situation but the mermaid certainly has her sympathy so far.

RJ: "No. Cynthia and I both agreed it was best to keep quiet about the whole thing. The less he knows, the better. The shard will attract the attention of countless enemies that will inevitably destroy him, seeking the power they hold. I seduced him, and on the night I found him, I stole the shard from him." she announced. "As of right now, I am a chosen of fate, not he. I took the danger upon myself."

RJ: "However, there is a massive problem with what he has just done. He used magic to put me to sleep in order to be captured by some harlot from the Magi who were desiring his plane that crash landed. Like a locket, the 'slot' for the shard is still there. And the shard beckons to it's original owner. Serious problems will arise, eventually. I must figure out a way to go to him, but relations between humans and mermaids are on thin ice."

Copper: Azure sits quietly, listening and taking in the sea bishop's story. "Definitely not an easy path, that's for sure. Why the fissure between the two?" A thoughtful pause. "Is it the looming conflict?"

RJ: "Somewhat. But it's also because the Queen of Atlantis is a fool who thinks that peace can be made still. Even her right hand came to her and declared her desired course of action was foolish. She was banished for speaking out. I personally still sometimes keep in contact with her, she's a very intelligent woman." she claimed.

Copper: "Well, I'd like to believe that she's in the right. The idea of warring with the humans and angels doesn't exactly appeal, you know? But I suppose if it's inevitable, then trying to hold out for peace is just going to cause problems, isn't it?" Another pause. "Have you talked to her about your dilemma? Or, well, I suppose you're trying to keep the whole shard thing under wraps, huh? Maybe just...leave that part out?"

(Az is presuming the 'her' is the right hand, not the queen, since, pronouns.)

RJ: "Oh, she's actively handling things more than I am. She has her own shards of fate to deal with, or so I heard. Over in Undine's temple is where she set up shop. Haven't spoken to her in a year though." she shrugged.

RJ: "If you're headed back to Undine's temple, since I saw you come into town in company of Crystal Claire, and if you see a pink Merrow named Francis, tell her that Aurine wishes her well."

Copper: Blink. Blink. "Francis? Really?" Might be a clue that she knows who she's talking about. "Well, that's a surprise. But I certainly will pass on the message."

RJ: Blink. Blink. "You know of her?"

Copper: (Az isn't so crude as to come out with "Know her? I slept with her!" Especially since that has different connotations here. But it's tempting.)

Copper: "Capri and I ran into her when we first arrived at the temple. Unless there's another pink Merrow named Francis living there. Likes art?"

RJ: "She.... Has a fancy for relationships. She enjoys painting people when they are at their happiest."

Copper: "Then it's definitely the same Francis. I'm fairly certain there's a statement about Fate to be made here, though I'm not entirely sure what," the lamia chuckles.

RJ: The sea bishop giggled as well. "Say, lend me your hand. If you'll trust me for a moment."

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Part 6:
Copper: Given she's already trusted this woman with Bishop's secret, not to mention enough to work magic on her, she'll hold out her hand for the sea bishop to take.

RJ: The sea bishop placed her hand upon Azure's, focusing for a moment as the snake woman would feel a shiver throughout her body. During this process, Azure felt an odd resonation with the sea bishop. As if for just one instance, Azure would feel an odd sort of kinship with the other woman across from her. She removed her hand without too much wait. "I see. Thanks for the clarification." she said with a smile. Though seemed to keep quiet about speaking further. "You're heading back to the temple after this, yes?"

Copper: Given what she feels and the previous conversation, there's a slight narrowing of the lamia's eyes, though more in thought than suspicion. She might even have a few ideas stewing behind that look. "That seems to be the plan. I need to talk to Claire. I'm not fond of the idea of traveling with the orcs, especially with," a slight pause, "my boys traveling with me."

RJ: "Your boys?" the sea bishop inquired with a raised brow, putting some emphasis on the first word. "Just be careful with that. It's a lot for one woman to manage. Good luck keeping them all haappy."

Copper: That gets another soft chuckle out of the lamia. "I'm their manager. They're a bit of a mercenary group," she clarifies. "Although..." She'll trail off with a bit of a faint grin that suggests the woman isn't too far off in her assumption about the relationships. "For now, it's just concentrating on jobs. Though one of them is the one that has the Alice curse as you called it. There's no other way to break the curse other than the ways you mentioned?"

RJ: "Nope. Of course, there's the most common thought: Oh, just remove the curse!" she shook her head. "It'd be like me trying to remove your heart and find a way for you to continue living. Possible? Sure. Do you want me to take out your heart and see if I can keep you going afterwards?"

RJ: "Which is the problem. The curse comes from his very soul, deeply ingrained into him, forming part of the structure holding his soul together. Removing the curse outright could turn him into a vegetable."

Copper: Azure's shoulders droop though they square a little after she lets out a soft sigh. "I'll keep that in mind. As much as it scares me, I like Marth the way he is and I think the others would agree with me. I'll just have to remember to be careful."

RJ: She grinned. "Or be bold." she chuckled.

Copper: "Not too bold, though. If I do that, it might spook him into avoiding me. A delicate balance, this one."

RJ: "Then you should already be on your way. If you're already interested in him, just pursue that and you should be fine." she nodded.

RJ: After that was said, Zidane was walking back upstairs, while Bishop and the cat boy looked to almost be at each other's throats if it weren't for Bishop being angry and Zidane seeming to not care for the other man at all. Despite him also being a pervert of sorts, it seemed Zidane's critical gaze was reserved entirely for Azure.

Copper: (so, zidane is going back upstairs? and just getting sort of the aftermath on that? or what now?)

RJ: (Yes, yes, he's upstairs)

Copper: "I will keep that in mind. Someone already put it in his head that I was interested in him. I just hope it's not the frightening idea he thinks it might be." Watching the scene between the two men, Azure's gaze trails over to Zidane, watching him head up, before turning back to study Bishop. Less critical, likely, because he's not exactly a danger to Marth, unlike her. It certainly wasn't going to be easy. And she would definitely have to be careful. But Marth was just as much hers to look after as the others, curse or no. Nothing was going to change that.

RJ: "And how did he take it?"

Copper: "The idea seemed to scare him a little." A beat. "A lot. I'm a lamia, after all. We have something of a stigma." Another pause, quieter. "And...he's a virgin. I think the idea I might be interested in him confuses him a little, especially since he knows I'm with Capri. That, and he's humble. The idea he's turned my head, I think, is a little foreign to him."

RJ: "Rather, the nature of the condition scared him?" she inquired, as if making Azure consider possibilities that didn't attribute to her having awful chances with the boy. "If he's humble and kind as I'm to believe he is, then he probably is afraid of hurting you. He'll keep you out of arm's reach most likely, to ensure your safety. Not because he fears what you will do when you wrap around his body. Though don't get me wrong, probably a contributing factor." she chuckles.

Copper: That gets a soft chuckle out of Azure as well. "That is possible, too. I suppose it's a matter of, like you said, coming to love him so he doesn't have to be afraid of it affecting me. I do care for him and the thought of what he probably went through because of the curse just makes me want to try and make it better for him. I just...don't know if it's love. I suppose not feeling the curse would be a good indication, but I'd rather not test things and fail. I want to be sure. For him as much as for me."

RJ: "It's not that hard to come to love someone. If you start out liking them then fighting the idea is an uphill battle." she shrugged. "Just don't refuse the desire and you should be perfectly fine."

Copper: "I think the thought of scaring him was what might have been holding me back. Knowing what I know now, though, that might change. Although I have a feeling the others will want to murder me for it," comes out with a chuckle. "At least I might be spared if it's Marth's decision."

RJ: "Oh, right. You're trying to make them into loose men?" she chuckled. "Good luck to you. Don't think it'll be cherry once you succeed either. Look at one man more than the other and murdered you'll still be."

RJ: "After all, men are such high maintenance. Needy little creatures."

RJ: (to be used if ever Azure fails to stop Bishop (Link: )

Copper: (or Zidane does. I'm sort of with the commenters, though. Nice socks.)

Copper: "I've noticed. And so far, I've only taken one of them to bed with me. Still, there's something about them. I know that it won't be easy, but nothing worth it ever is."

Copper: (beds)

RJ: The sea bishop nodded, and realized the last of her drink was gone. "Ah... Well... I'm out of drink. And I'm going to lay down for a while before I think of how I'm going to mutilate my significant other. You take care, Azure, was it? When you return to Francis, do remember to tell her what I said. Aurine wishes her well, and that the tides are coming in." she offered what sounded like code.

Copper: "Maybe something will come to you in a dream." She'll give the other woman a nod. "I will, Aurine. Thank you for your help and the advice." As long as the other woman is steady on her feet, Azure is confident in letting her go. Otherwise, she'll at least accompany her to the door so she gets there safely. She'll glance around to see if the mysterious stranger's made his way in, though he seemed the type who would have cut in on the conversation. Next would be a glance for Bishop, to see if he remained as well, though it was difficult to consider what to do with that one.

RJ: Aurine would indeed need help upstairs, and it seemed there'd be no signs of the stranger or Bishop in the bar, leaving Azure to either find something to do or go to her room to wait and pass the time.

Copper: Azure is happy to provide. She won't help the other woman into her room, unless it really looks like she's not going to make it. If Bishop has deserted and the other man hasn't shown up yet, she's likely going to retire and stretch out and relax until the next crisis.

RJ: Going back into her room, Azure would notice it empty. Capri was out, probably speaking with the other boys, and Tabith must be doing other things.

RJ: (being alone in the room, does Azure still relax?)

Copper: (likely, if there's anything going on. otherwise, she might go back down and chll in the bar or o go looking for something to do)

Copper: ((I know you asked me something after the last send, about Capri and Tabith being out, but my computer shut off, so I lost it.))

RJ: (I asked if Azure decides to relax after seeing Capri was out)

Copper: (for a bit, likely. See if anyone shows up. She's got a lot to think about.)

Copper: Given that the room is currently quiet, she'll settle on the bed. There's a lot for her to consider at the moment and some alone time might help with that. Marth is forefront in her mind, which lends to thinking about Bishop. There's what to do regarding the orcs, since she doesn't exactly like the idea of travelling back to the temple with them. Something to talk to Claire about, since, well, she's currently her charge as well. Then there's the mysterious stranger and whether he's going to pop up again and what he might want when that happens. And then Francis. That's likely going to be a fun conversation when they get back, too.

Copper: (and now bed for me, too)

RJ: Getting some rest, Azure would feel the need for sleep take her. Then, during her sleep and perhaps unsurprisingly so, she'd awake to find that a visitor had come into her room uninvited. Though unlike before, this one had a much different appearance. And should Azure think to immediately move and react, she'd find her body paralyzed by magic, and her voice too weak to cry out in anything but a whisper.

RJ: (Link:

RJ: "Sorry for the rude awakening, my reptilian mistress. But, I simply couldn't wait. Forgive me." he cooed, laying along side of her with a smile, knowing he was in full control.

Copper: (with or without the wings?)

RJ: (with. He's a demon)

RJ: (particularly, an incubus, who is now taking on the old methods of succubi in the past and using stealth, charm and guile to drain the souls of their victims. He's here to nom on her.)

Copper: (though it is the same guy from before, aye? Just with added benefits.)

RJ: (yus, mister stranger)

Copper: Typical instinct does cause her to try and push herself up or get out of bed, given the fact that someone's in her room that shouldn't be. There is that brief moment of panic at the paralysis but still being able to talk, at the very least, is a small comfort. "Come to collect, huh?" is more breathed out than spoken. She's currently trying to subtly test the limits of the spell, seeing what, if anything, she can make move besides her vocal chords.

RJ: She could twist a little bit, seemingly a design intent to allow his victim to squirm a bit. "Yes, indeed~" he cooed, before lifting one hand and smoothing his index finger lightly along Azure's shoulder. "Are you eager to be collected?" he inquired, while peeling the covers slowly down if she wore them, otherwise gently peeling off her garments to reveal her nude form.

Copper: "Depends on who's doing the collecting." There's not much to peel off and she's not exactly squirming at the moment, going still, especially as he starts to strip her. There's more of a cautious wariness to her than anything at the moment.

RJ: "Am I no good?" he inquired. "I'd prefer to think that you're at least a little happy to see me sneak into your bed." he suggested with a sly grin, taking a moment to admire her nude body, while his gaze alone seemed to carry magic, letting her feel an odd heat wherever he looked.

Copper: "That remains to be seen." Her lips curl up just a hair. "I like what I see, no doubt about that. It's the delivery that needs work." Despite her words, his gaze does seem to be having an effect on her, though it's the enchantment in his gaze, not true desire.

RJ: "Should I have started with, hello I'm a demon and I'd like a few sips of your soul if you'd be so kind?" he cooed, working her over until it felt like he looked over every last inch of skin on her body, before rolling his hand gently down her scales, just below her most important part while tickling her lower muscles to cause her pleasure.

Copper: "You did help us out." The motion of his hand gets a huff of a breath out of her, not to mention a brief bite to her lower lip. "A little honesty goes a long way sometimes." He's likely right in line for the rise and fall of her chest, though it's more steady breaths broken up by a brief hold than a quick pant of desire.

RJ: "Well then~" he began, before rolling over Azure, to lay above her as he put his hands down on either side of her head. "Hi~" he cooed, before sinking down, his arms wrapping around the back of her neck as his face got closer. His eyes staring into her own, Azure would find herself almost trapped, unable to avert her eyes as her body disobeyed her. "I am a demon. Mind if I have a few sips?" he inquired with a grin. His eyes glowed yellow as she'd feel her body heat, desire being fueled into her mind, threatening to make her go blank and let herself be swept up in lust if she didn't focus.

Copper: Given the situation isn't exactly a situation she's a fan of, it gives her enough fight to struggle with the induced lust. There might be a response from her body but her mind's struggling past that haze, not letting her get caught up in it. "Actually, yeah." The last word comes out with almost a hiss and since he's getting closer, it makes it easier for her to try and bite him, likely his lower lip, though she'll take what she can get.

Copper: (Because not a fan. Neither her, nor me. So she is seriously going to fight with him until she figures out how to break loose of the spell.)

Copper: (but for the time being, I need to go to bed, so I'll see you later.)

RJ: (mkay)

RJ: Bitten, the man draws back, looking a bit offended. "This won't do, Azure." he stated. "I must feed, and yet you're being difficult. I don't want to resort to the more drastic option, I truly don't. It's always messy. So," Azure would feel her bonds slip free, her body able to move. "What will you do?"

Copper: "Well," She'll stretch her arms and shift her lower body some, hands coming to rest on his forearms, though at the moment, the touch is light. "This is a start. I'm guessing you feed the same way we gain essence? As I said, willing to be willing if you'd been honest up front and you didn't resort to tricks that'd make me want to hurt you. Tell me what to expect."
(By that, she's meaning from the feeding. She's already assuming sex is on the menu. It's more "what's going to make this not ordinary sex?")

RJ: He smiled a bit. "Yes, I do. My very touch can take some of what I need." he explained, his demonic tail tickling her muscles pleasantly while she could feel him just stealing away with a few threads of her being that seemed almost insignificant.

Copper: "You're still avoiding the question. And that brings up another one, which is that you said 'some.' I want to know how much you aim to take." Given that his tail is slipping along her scales, he can feel the tip of her own sliding up the back of his leg, following the line of it upward.

RJ: "I want to take 'enough'. I'm not going to kill you, I already told you that. Honestly, you've a sexy man like me on top of you and this is how you treat him?" he criticized her capabilities of romance.

Copper: "When we're talking about my soul, I don't care how sexy you think you are, thank you very much." He feels the smack of her tail against his backside. Not enough to buffet him, more like a swat to it or a spank. "Given the fact that I'm having concerns, you'd think you'd be doing more to put me at ease. And distracting me is not putting me at ease."

RJ: Her whip at his backside earned Azure a bit of a jump from him in reactionary response. "I 'think' I'm sexy? Sweetheart, I can back up my claims, you name the time and place. Though, right now," his eyes would wander more, his presence lust inducing and his gaze exciting whichever part of her body he looked at. He'd look directly at her folds, particularly at her jewel, causing just a moment of electrifying pleasure as her little sensitive spot heated up. "I think you're good enough of an example. Though I can't do much with my clothes on. Your tail is a bit of a problem for me." he said, looking at the tail curling around his leg.

Copper: "There's a lot more to sexy than sex, 'sweetheart.'" Her breathing will hitch up and he'll actually feel her tail curl tighter around him when he focuses his attention. There's definite reaction to his gaze, no denying that. "Not...for me." He'll feel it slip around his waist and pull him downward. "Should see if you're any good without those tricks of yours."
(Probably not a strong enough jerk for what she's angling for but if she pulls it off, he's probably in line with her tits about now.)

RJ: Yanked down, with his face staring at her breasts, she'd feel her nipples start to suffer from his gaze. "Hrm, perky." he commented on her erect nipples. "I prefer your body over your lips. One is more honest to me than the other." he said with a grin, a long tongue slipping out of his mouth and flicking against her nipple teasingly.

Copper: "And I still say you're hiding behind tricks, not skill." Since she can reach, he feels the scratch of fingers along his scalp. "You want honesty? Close your eyes and just do."

RJ: Rather than closing his eyes, she simply felt the pleasure beam stop. "If it pleasures you, I normally don't care but... If this will make you more compliant." he grudgingly agreed, before bringing his lips forth to place them around her nipple. The honest truth was that he was a sexual demon. So everywhere he touched felt right, and his lips and tongue applied her to bosom felt without flaw. Every movement carefully made and planned with confidence. All the while, she could feel him sipping happily at her life force, slowly but surely. Meanwhile his tail was wagging, not unlike a canine.

Copper: ((And before we get too far going in this, I'm going to stop right here and tell you I (and Az) don't like this guy. Yes, I get it. He's a demon. He's also a borderline rapist (which I'm getting through actions and dialogue) and the only reason Az hasn't thrown him against the wall is because yes, she does owe him for the orcs. But honestly, I don't like him. Yes, he's cute/pretty but that's about as far as it goes. Personally, I think he's an asshole and I really don't want to draw out the scene with him.))
RJ: (mkay, then timeskip)
Copper: (That's fine. I have to head to bed, so we can talk more on this later, but thanks.)

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Part 7
RJ: And so, after all that happened, the demon left with their payment while Azure was left very tired. Capri would come in after a while, peeking first before coming in. "I saw him a while ago, peeking in." he said. "Figured I'd rush right in and do him right when I noticed you being rather willing. In fact, you look rather pale." he noted, and she did indeed feel rather drained. Capri would come up and dress the covers over her to help keep her warm.

Copper: "More necessity than willingness." She'll settle under the covers as Capri tucks her in. "He helped out with the orcs. I was just paying him back. Though I appreciate the thought of you coming in." She'll shift a little, just trying to get comfortable. "In fact, I wouldn't have minded if you did. He had a spell on me initially. Made protesting very difficult. In fact, let's make that a standing arrangment. If either of us doesn't know the partner the other is with or if we haven't worked it out ahead of time, like if you and Tabith wanted to spend time together, then we check. Does that sound fair?"

RJ: (Link:

RJ: "Yes, indeed it does." he nodded, sounding like it was more in his favor than hers, while also fetching a canteen of water from his pocket and handing it to her.

RJ: ( (Link: )

Copper: She'll shift, sort of rolling over, though it's mostly just her top half. "I'm all right for now. Just want to get some rest."

RJ: She'd find Capri flop into the bed with her, arms behind his head. "In a world like this, it would be surprising to even remotely be refused." he stated. "Though, I'd imagine only something like a demon could really... Violate a mamono. Otherwise any man would just be tied up and probably taste the reverse of his intentions. And come out of it with a sore ass." he said, kicking his shoes off and tickling the end of her tail with his toe.

Copper: "It's possible, it just doesn't happen often. You saw what happened with the orcs. And given that's what he was, there you go." He'll find that her tail flicks when he brushes it, though when it settles, it's away from him.

RJ: "Well, the orcs aren't men. Their their own kind of creature in and of itself." he replied. "Neither man nor woman I'd say, though Tabith seems to be in a similar boat. No idea where to place her. Does she appeal to both genders that way? Is such a thing possible? Is Tabith attractive to you?"

Copper: (there a window in the room? trying to tell if Az can tell what time it is.)

RJ: Looking out of the window, Azure sees that it is now late into the evening.

Copper: "Entirely possible." She answers his first question, possibly the second as well, though after that, all he gets is a rather heavy sigh. It's a bit exasperated and a bit of a huff at the same time. It's very much a non-answer, though she doesn't elaborate, just tucking an arm under her head for a bit of added pillowing.

RJ: Following her huff, Capri seemed distinctly more uncomfortable. Silence followed. "Bishop is an astute chess player." he added unrelatedly.

Copper: "Never played it much. He'd probably have an easy time beating me in a match." She chuckles just a bit. "I take it you two were playing? Or were you watching him?"

RJ: "I wanted to talk with him. I had to make a gentleman's agreement though. We both asked a question, and the loser would have to answer it." he stated. He let that hang for a while. "Then, I lost."

Copper: "On purpose?" He can imagine the arch of her brow. "Or was it a heated battle?"

RJ: "It was a slaughter." he replied.

Copper: "Sorry to hear that. So what did you have to answer for him?"

RJ: "He wanted to know what your true intentions were for Marth. He wanted information."

Copper: "Which, I'm guessing was what you wanted out of him, too. What did you tell him?"

RJ: "Can you imagine what I told him?" he inquired.

Copper: He gets another sigh out of her. "Could you please just tell me? Since I have a feeling he's going to be tagging along with us to keep an eye on Marth and try and seduce him, I'd like to know what to expect."

RJ: "I told him just facts, not how I thought you felt. I told him that you disregarded the danger of Marth's condition in favor of protecting him, knowing Zidane and the rest will kill you if you lost your mind."

RJ: "He wondered if you were truly so selfless, in love, or to quote his words, 'thickheaded'. He didn't seem to want to let me know which one he thought was more true than the other."

Copper: "Well, you're certainly not wrong," she says of his first statement. There seems to be more, but his continuing on seems to answer what she might have been asking next. "I'm guessing the last and he's probably afraid of the other two. What did you ask him? Or were the questions asked after the game?"

RJ: "My question was what he'd be willing to do in order to 'save' Marth, taking the same approach as he and wondering where his interests lie. And I ended up learning my answer as well." he stated. "He asked me, first and foremost, how much of an impression he could make on you. My question was answered during the game itself, so I didn't lose entirely." he chuckled a bit. "He wanted to know if he could sleep with you to convince you to leave Marth alone."

RJ: "My answer was in line with what we talked about before. And I complied." he declared. "I said, 'go for it, and good luck.' "

Copper: "Well, forwarned certainly is forearmed, though admittedly, I'd be suspicious if he suddenly wanted to get into bed with me without any preamble." Another sigh, this one a bit thoughtful. "I have to admit, I can at least admire him for wanting to do whatever it takes to protect Marth."

RJ: "I made sure to warn him of the places your tail might go. It shook him but didn't deter him."

Copper: That gets her to look over her shoulder at him, a slight bit of a grin on her face. "Given what we know about his tastes, I don't know if that would have been much of a deterrent."

RJ: Capri shot up from the bed, rolling in her direction to look at her directly. "No, you're not allowed to make a joke that easy."

Copper: His actions, of course, get a bit of a laugh out of her. "Oh? And why not?" She's trying hard not to smile but it's only partially working. "Don't tell me the thought didn't cross your mind, too."

RJ: "It did, it'd cross anyone's. It's an established truth made no more true by your words, and certainly the easiest thing to make fun of."

Copper: As he chides her, that gets him a roll of her eyes and she turns back around. "I'm certainly not going to make the joke directly to him. Nor do I have any intention of actually bedding him, so just relax. I might see how far he's willing to go, but I'm not going to cross that line."

RJ: Capri leans back. "Oh really. Quite frankly, hearing you say that actually makes me sad. If you seduced him I'd have someone to play chess with."

Copper: "He's not interested in me, Capri, and, quite frankly, I don't think he's interested in women, period. I'm not going to be one of those people who tries to 'correct' that, even if it means having him for a rival for Marth. Besides, like I said, I have a feeling he's going to follow us, if nothing else to keep an eye on Marth, so you'll still have your chess partner, don't worry."

RJ: Capri laughs at her first words. "Oh, she thinks she knows." he said as if talking to a third party. "You have some things to learn about men. Indeed, some men are strictly like that, but just because they are doesn't mean that's all they are. You don't even know if he has no interest. The situation says he doesn't, but times change. What if you became his female knight in shining armor? Show him that he can trust you? You have no idea how he'll react."

Copper: "If it happens, I'll react to it when the time comes. The point of the matter is, right now, if he tries to get into bed with me, it's because of Marth, not because he wants to. I'm not going to rut with him simply because he's a man and he's there. I like to think I've proven that I'm beyond that."

RJ: Capri nodded. "Indeed, most predators don't like being fed, they prefer to hunt. At least, in my experience." he added. "So, clear up the situation with Marth, then you'll make a try? Let's both be honest, Bishop is certainly up there in male quality as I've seen so far. He's smart, good looking, loyal, a good cook from the sounds of it, and..." he bounced his head from side to side. "He's got size. You liked that feature of Zwei, or so Zidane has told me."

Copper: She lets out another sigh, though this one sounds irritated. "You seem a great deal more interested in him that I am at the moment. Why don't you court him?"

RJ: "I tried, he shut me down." he laughed.

Copper: "Are you referring to that farce of yours on the beach?"

RJ: "There was that, too." his grin faded. "Though he made it abundantly clear that it isn't men he likes. It's Marth specifically."

Copper: "And despite what the sea bishop said, I still worry about that curse. Regardless, seducing him isn't going to solve the problem. Or make him like me any better. Admittedly, it might be nice, having another magic-user working with us, especially since I have a feeling Bishop is a bit more skilled at combatative magic than Marth is, but I'd want him to stay because he wants to, not out of a sense of obligation or feeling like he's being made to stay against his will."

RJ: (Link:
Copper: I can see how that might be needed.

RJ: Capri shook his head. "Of course not, Azure. I know you're not a rapist. Though if you are, you're certainly the most convenient one. My choice of position and a free meal with paid rent. If I had known you existed when my parents kicked me out, I'd have walked into your spot of the woods wearing only boxers."

Copper: That gets another soft chuckle out of her, though it sounds a bit tired. "Well, I'm glad you at least seem to think so." She grows thoughtful. "Is that a human thing? Forcing your young out? Marth said something similar. Or Ragna said something like that about Marth. Either way. Though it's not uncommon here but we tend to do it because, well, mamono tend to be territorial. And, well, greedy." She chuckles again. "Humans...aren't like that, are they?"

Copper: (She gets that, likely, they can be, but she doesn't see that as a reason for kicking your kids out, not like mamono, who are like "Mine! Go find your own!" kind of thing. She's more curious as to why humans'd do it.)

RJ: "Hoooo," Capri's cheeks puffed out. "Azure, once you truly get to know men, and humans, you'll find that you'll come to wonder who are greater demons. Humans, or the demons themselves." he said. "Greed, egotism, indifference. Humans often trip each other up to try and excel. My cousin was called a heretic by someone who owed him money, so he wouldn't have to repay him."

RJ: "Cousin Jacob was publicly executed by having his head severed."

RJ: Then, he let out a sad, depressed sigh. The memory hurting him clearly. "I'm not sure if a life of sexual slavery is worse than eternal damnation to oblivion, having your soul eradicated because god doesn't want it, and the demons can't have it."

Copper: She'll roll over, bringing a hand up to comb her fingertips through his hair. "Looks like we're just a bit more up front and honest about our vices. Though I can't quite say we're any less violent about trying to get what we want." Given that it's troubling him, she's willing to let the conversation drop, settling into silence while she continues to scratch her fingers through his hair and brush them lightly against his neck. "I'll watch over you, Capri," she says quietly. "It's the promise I made and I will do all in my power to keep it." He'll feel the light press of a kiss against his forehead.

RJ: Capri rolls over, and returns the kiss directly. "The only reason I stick around is because I trust you. Otherwise, I'd have gone missing the first chance I got."

Copper: "Mmm. Has nothing to do with the fact that you might not run into a mistress who gives you as much leeway as me, hmm?" She gives him another quick peck on the lips.

RJ: "I don't need a map to find the nearest Order town." he replied. "Thuogh, that too."

Copper: "Yes, but could you get there safely enough?" From the sound of the question, she's more curious than trying to bait him into an argument.

RJ: "I'm a fast runner." he countered.

Copper: "Although not quite as fast as me, we determined. Taking speed out of the equation, just...travelling. If you'd fully gotten away from the dark elves, do you think you could have made it?"

RJ: He winced a bit as she brought back that memory. "You know, I'm pretty sure you got lucky. I had no idea a snake was on me until you were... On me." he cleared his throat. "I'd have definitely... Look, you're bragging, aren't you?" he inquired, sounding defensive. "Once I was free of the dark elves, I'd find myself some vegetation to cover my bits and return to a town."

Copper: Jesus loving chrst that looks eyecrossingly frantic.
Copper: (by the by, Capri did have clothes on when Az caught him, so he wouldn't have been naked [or needing to cover the bits] at least as I remember it, if you want to change his statement at all.)
RJ: (He was butt naked)
Copper: (huh. Guess I don't remember him getting clothes afterward. I think that's what threw me. Fair enough then.)
RJ: (Francis)
Copper: (allrighty)

Copper: "I am not," she replies to his accusations of bragging. "I'm just curious, I suppose. Rolling a 'what if' or two around in my head. Hoping you don't regret agreeing to my deal."

RJ: "I don't." he replied. "Like I said, I'd be gone if I did regret it..."

Copper: "That's good to know." Clearly there's another question there, but she perhaps thinks the better of it. Instead of continuing the conversation, she relaxes beside him, fingers idly combing through his hair and giving the shoulder and arm closest to her a rub.

RJ: Capri looked over at Azure, noting how she chose not to speak. "Indeed? Seems like you might think there's something else good to know."

RJ: He says while slyly leaning his head forward to kiss her hand.

Copper: "Mmm, I've forgotten. Must not have been too terribly important." She'll still her hand when he kisses it, then turns and begins combing fingers through his hair again.

RJ: "Look," he seemed not privy to the idea of believing her. "Don't draw conclusions where there aren't any. Me saying that is a good thing. I'm not threatening to disappear."

Copper: "That actually wasn't what crossed my mind. I really don't remember what it was I'd been thinking, but worrying about you leaving wasn't it. I think I was just more curious about the Order towns than anything else."

RJ: "I'm sure you've already had the dangers of being near one pounded into your head already. So why the interest?" he asked, not scolding her, but rather curious himself.

Copper: “Which is why I’m curious. Never been in one. Or near one, for that matter. I suppose they’re not much different than any other town, just lacking in tolerance to my kind, to put it simply.” She chuckles a little bit.

RJ: "In general, it's pretty reserved." he replied. "It's a place where everyone is busy, keeping their minds on their jobs. You're not allowed to enjoy yourself, or look at each other with lustful eyes. Women and men dress in the most business-like and unappealing way possible. The last thing anyone needs is a woman dressing good to distract their eyes and get them hauled off to the church for 'behavior correction'."

Copper: "So how is it humans haven't...non-bred themselves into extinction, if you're not allowed to be attracted to one another?"

RJ: "Marriages are arranged by either the church or the parents, ensuring that the people are not led by lust to breed. According to them, this helps ensure that a man is not seduced by a mamono and chooses to marry her because he was bewitched."

RJ: "Once married, it's a completely new world. They want a child from the couple as much and as often as possible."

Copper: Given her expression, his first sentence might as well have come out in some sort of foreign tongue. In fact, the entire notion of not being able to choose your own spouse seems a concept that, while she comprehends the idea, understanding it is something else entirely. "You might as well be stock, then," comes out and maybe she was thinking before she said it, maybe she wasn't.

RJ: "That's why I wanted to leave my town under the guise of being a missionary. I spoke with the church and through my guile and charms, convinced them I was a devote believer and wished to spread the will of God. In truth I just wanted to leave and explore more of the world than what they wanted to shield me from. Turns out there's quite a bit to be shielded from, given the circumstance I ended up in."

Copper: "And if you went back, would you warn them away from us? Or would you seek a balance like we've found here?" Here encompassing Waymeet rather than the immediate circle of the two of them.

RJ: "If I went back? Hard to imagine that world." he chuckled. "Well... Saying I did go back... I'd either find another reason to leave or just bunker down. The church has a no-nonsense policy against people speaking out too much."

RJ: "It's just, certainly the Order Towns are the second best place to be for me right now. That doesn't mean it's desirable."

Copper: "That doesn't seem very..." She trails off, clearly not quite having a word for what she's thinking. "Nice." She settles on. "What made you want to see the world? Just curiosity or was it something more? A desire to not be married or finding the notion distasteful?"

RJ: "All of the above." he replied. "I wanted out. There wasn't a single reason holding me there, other than pursuit and murder at the hands of the church. Plus, the girl the church wished to marry me to was always threatening me to do as she wished or else she'll taddle to the church that I raped her, or have been seducing other women, watching them get changed in their own homes. Or even raping other women. She was ready to sell me out until I was worth nothing."

Copper: Her brows go up at that. "And they call us the monsters. Though anyone who thinks you would do such a thing is a fool." Her fingers toy in his hair again, almost absently. "They would take her word without proof?"

RJ: "I don't have the luxury of assuming that they wouldn't. You can never assume that just because you're innocent, that you can expect to be treated that way. Men in that world try to abuse the system to get the women they want, and women abuse it to threaten people they don't like. Though both sides sometimes commit the others frequent sins. It's a shame that in such trying times for humanity, we turn on each other."

Copper: "It's very easy for me to lie here and condemn that entire situation, not having been in it. Yet, I still remember you being afraid. Not of me. Not of what I was intending. But of them abandoning you." Her fingers trail from his hair, down along his arm until she holds his hand in hers. "I may make mistakes and I may have others that I turn to, but you are mine, Capri, and I will stand by the promise I made to you."

RJ: "I have nothing to be afraid of right now. And I plan on enjoying your catering to the full extent." He declared, snuggling up to her like a cat wanting more petting while smushing his cheek against her own.

Copper: "Sounds almost like you want to enjoy something right now." She shifts, getting the two of them comfortable and he can feel her fingers playing lightly over his skin, tracing arm and back and down to backside, more of a relaxing pass than deliberately trying to turn him on.

RJ: "Since I know your intentions, I can freely say that you can do whatever you want. To me." he clarified a bit at the end. "If you want to do something... Unusual, with someone else, we must talk first."

Copper: "I've quite had my fill of new partners today, I think," is her reply. Even if he isn't talking about the immediate future, he can feel safe in knowing she will take his words to heart. She has before. Never truly adding an element without his consent first. For the moment, though, he simply feels her sigh, still hugging him. It gives the impression of her body just settling and learning his weight against it once again.

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

And that's what happened between early August and now.
Part 8
RJ: Capri snuggled closer, finding a lack of things to add as he wrapped his arms around her and placed his forehead against her own, closing his eyes. It was beds for Capri.

RJ: Provide they sleep out the night, Azure would find this rest undisturbed. Waking up, she'd find that she subconsciously curled around Capri. The difference in temperature between the cool sea breeze and his warm body made it apparent as to why. Capri already seemed used to it as well, completely slouched inside of her tail wrapped loosely around him. Even being so relaxed as to sport a morning bird from his nether regions.

Copper: Looking at him sleeping as he is brings a smile to her face, that he can trust her enough to sleep within her coils, and a bit beyond that. Despite his words from the previous night, about doing what she wishes with him, she knows better than to surprise him. For the moment, he simply might feel the press of a kiss against his temple and a slightly tighter squeeze, more of a hug than entanglement, since it relaxes when she does. Her fingers play lightly over his shoulder and down his side, just taking in the feel of his skin beneath her fingertips, the warmth of it, compared to how relatively cool she tended to be.

RJ: Slowly, one of his eyes would open, and a smile would cross his lips. "I was wondering how bold you'd be. I gave you the invitation and everything." he said to her, before slipping his arms out and stretching a bit.

Copper: She'll shift a little to accomodate his stretch, not wanting to interrupt that. "You tend to get a bit flustered when I'm bolder than you like. That, and I was comfortable and how I'd have woken you would have meant moving." She pouts just a little but it's undercut by a slight smirk.

RJ: "A bit flustered for good reason. When it comes to sex, mamono are built for it, or so it seems. Each a sexual super power in their own right." he stated. "It must be that succubus magic... Your very touch saps my will and arouses me. Even though you gave me a choice, when you caught me in your tail when we first met, my whole body was quivering. Truly dangerous."

Copper: "Or perhaps you like the idea of a little bit of danger?" She lays a kiss on his shoulder, looking up at him as she does so, eyes a bit mischievous but curious, too, perhaps.

RJ: "A little bit, yes. What I thought was chasing me, was far beyond 'a little bit of danger' in my perspective." he replied. "Rather, it was already too late for me, so danger didn't exist as a threat, just a promise."

Copper: That gets a little chuckle out of her but it's not a mocking sound, to be sure. "I can understand how you'd think that way. Now, though, I hope you don't think yourself in danger when you're with me. The last thing I'd want to do would be to hurt you, Capri." Her fingers come up and dust through his hair. "At least in a way you wouldn't want," she amends, since he seems to like struggling with her a little bit.

RJ: "Speaking of, what 'do' you want? I realize now that all you keep doing is catering. While that's nice for me, it's unhealthy behavior to never do anything for number 1." he said flatly.

Copper: The tip of her tail flicks back and forth slightly. "Are you referring to right now or overall?" Her lips press against his shoulder again, but it seems she's just comfortable doing that, like resting her chin on her arms, rather than something more intimate.

RJ: "Both." he replied flatly once more. Despite the relaxed morning, he seemed serious about getting an answer from her.

Copper: She lets out a thoughtful hum, the tip of her tail thumping against the bed as it flicks. "What do I want?" She seems to almost absently repeat the question. "Well, eventually, I'd like to settle somewhere, preferably warm but maybe near the water. I'd really like it if you lot would chose to settle with me, for obvious reasons." She grins a little. "And, well, it also seems like having somewhere to call home isn't just a dream of mine, either. I'd like to be in charge of the most successful band of mercenaries out there, but that sounds slightly shady, doesn't it?" Another sigh, this one thoughtful. "I'll admit, I wouldnt mind exploring my palatte a little, either, if you want me being completely honest. Which includes exploring the delicacy before me, if we're going to move into my more immediate desires." Her tail drags lightly over his leg, though that's about as lacivious as she's getting at the moment.

RJ: Capri analyzes, but doesn't comment on, her future goals. Though at her more immediate thoughts he would smirk a bit. "Delicacy... You have a certain talent for vocabulary." he observes, before taking her tail in his hand, an act that gives Azure a very slight instinctual shock since being tail grabbed is normally a bad thing. Thuogh Capri just starts to stroke her tail in his hand. Since a lamia's lower body has enough of a nervous system to be considered a lesser erogenous system, his action would feel good. Something Capri seems to be aware of as he held her weakness, and pet it. "Despite moving on it all the time, your tail is responsive in some odd places." Capri observes, moving his hand along the bottom of her snake half, watching her muscles instinctively tense as 'something to be grabbed' graces them.

Copper: As he comments on her choice of words, he gets a playful flick of her tongue in response, her sort of sticking it out at him, but with an upward curl to it. He will feel the wriggle of it as he takes hold initially (I'm sort of thinking almost like when you nab a cat's tail), but she will settle, knowing his touch to be something she can trust. He can feel her twitching again, fighting that instinct to grab him, though she's braced back on her elbows, watching him. "Sort of like tickling yourself. Doesn't bother you when you do it, but let someone else and it makes you react." Her head tips back just a little, clearly enjoying the feeling.

RJ: Her tongue coming out seemed to pique his interest. "Quite an interesting tongue." He'd say. "It's not quite like a normal snake's tongue. It's still more somewhat thinner than my tongue, while being... How exactly can you bend that thing?" he asked, pondering it's... Uses.

RJ: Meanwhile, the true answer is that lamia are infamous for their ability to use their tongue not so differently than their tail. Though due to it's size, it's used for smaller things.

Copper: "Not exactly something I've ever thought about, really. I I mean, how do you use your tongue? You don't really think about it much, right?" Explaining the physicality behind it was a little beyond her. It would likely be easier to show than tell or just try to figure out by example.

RJ: "Well, I can show you the nerves and bits of flesh that prevent me from doing what your tongue can do." Capri replied. "Honestly... I wonder about the succubus curse. I wonder if it made your tongue like that for... Just that one reason."

RJ: Capri meanwhile was in a bit of a flushed state. The mental imagery having an impact on him no doubt.

Copper: "I think I've felt them.” Her fingertips will brush along his jaw. “Though who can say? I don’t really think about my body being cursed. It just is. I was born this way, you know, so it isn’t like I saw changes happen, except as I was maturing.” She shoots him a sly look at that one, obviously teasing at this point. “Though you seem to like imagining what that reason might be.”

RJ: ( (Link: )

RJ: "What would you think of me if I was imagining the reason?" he asked. "What would you do?"

Copper: "I would think it natural curiosity. And desire. And think nothing wrong with it." Her fingers comb through his hair. "As for what I'd do, I'd ask if you'd like me to show you, since I think just doing it would fluster you some."

RJ: "I'm not fragile." he stated. "Like I said... You can do whatever you want." he said. "So... Show me, in the best way you can." he said with invitation, smiling and running his hand along her side, going down along flesh and soon to pet over scales.

Copper: "Fragility is one thing, the fact that you prefer I not simply pounce on you is another." She seems to like the petting, but since he did ask, she'll shift slightly, bracing her hands on either side of his shoulders, leaning down and giving him a kiss before drawing away and shifting downward, the tip of her tongue slipping out to trail down his chest, sliding over to tease at his nipple, mostly with little flicks and the occasional scrape of teeth. After a few heartbeats on one side, she'll switch to the other, bringing her hand up to toy with the one she left, making certain they're firm before continuing to move down his body, that drag of her tongue slipping over the skin of his stomach as she scoots a little further down, fingers skimming light over his hip bones and kneading slightly at his thighs.

RJ: "... The nipples?" Capri inquired, while still moving and squirming a bit under her touch, kiss, and tongue. He quietly leaned back, onto his back, letting Azure have full access to his body to show him what she can do. Traveling her way down, Azure would notice that even her lightest touch was extremely effective, as his manhood stood on attention and completely vulnerable to any teasing any snake wished to do.

Copper: He can feel her smile, that being the only answer she seems willing to give to his question at the moment. Once he's settled, he can feel her lips following the line of his hip and then a nuzzle at the root of his shaft before a line of kisses trails up toward the tip. He can feel her tongue playing against the head for several heartbeats and then the kisses trail back down. She starts to flick her tongue against his length and, whether he's watching her or not, he becomes aware of the feeling of something not her hand curling around his shaft, starting at the base and working around to the tip. The next thing that he feels is a slight constriction of what's gripping him, a slight rub of it against his flesh.

RJ: Capri's face was a mix between suspense and intrigue. Though when the constriction started to happen, his eyes went wide with attention, watching her tongue start to come out, and curl around his length. Immediately she starts to get a reaction. The more her tongue twists down, the more he squirms. His hands grip the bedsheets, and his feet dig in. Though the motions of his body only direct his length more into the grasp of her mouth and tongue. His body scent became more apparent. He was already starting to sweat as his heart rate quickened, as Azure could tell by the way his lower half was twitching in her grasp. Azure might be doing a job perhaps too good, as Capri was looking like what she was doing was feeling immensely good to him.

RJ: Though before she can say or do anything, he managed to call out. "What... Else can you do?" he inquired, as if perhaps acting like he could withstand her pleasurable assault.

Copper: Seeing the statement as something of a challenge, he can feel her shifting just a little, perhaps there being a little bit more of her tongue moving around and up his length until there's some "overlap" at the top. Her attention slows at the moment and, should he be paying any attention to her expression, she seems to be concentrating on what she's doing, which, at the moment, is teasing at his head with the tip of her tongue, letting the forked sides slip against it and tease at the sensitive flesh. At the same time, he can feel more of a constriction around the shaft, particularly at the base, which is comparable to the squeeze that he might feel when being made to stave off his release.

RJ: ( Bad End if Azure was beaten by the orcs: (Link: )

RJ: Taking a deep breath as Azure began to answer his challenge, suddenly she'd find his hands moving around on the bed, searching. Leaning if he had to, Azure would find the end tip of her tail suddenly grabbed gently, yet insistently. Capri leaned back with the captured tail, his grip still human and weak in comparison to her own strength, and suddenly began licking it. The end of the lamia's tail has the highest concentration of nerves, and as such, Capri's gesture felt ten times better than it reasonably should. It felt so good that she could feel in detail, his tongue gracing her tail while he stroked it with his hand, petting it. Capri showing that he was hardly one to sit back and be teased without pushing back a little. Even so, his hips were bucking, and a sour taste graced her tongue. She was already pushing him to the brink.

Copper: He might feel a flick as he takes hold of her tail initially, just a natural reaction to having it gripped, though she will relax, especially as she feels the first flick of his tongue. The sensations hitch her breathing, which does some very interesting things to what he can feel around him. In addition to her tongue, he can feel her lips wrapped around him, allowing her to let him hear and feel the pleased hums that he’s causing, that only adding to the sensations that she’s teasing him with. Her hands will move to help steady his hips, though not pin them completely, since she does enjoy feeling him shifting against her body. With him being close, though, he’ll find her hand gripping at him as her tongue starts to uncoil, trailing around his shaft instead and up toward his navel as she starts to boost herself up. Her tongue trails up his chest and he finds her settled on top him, not getting in the way of what he’s doing but making it a little more difficult. Her tongue flicks the tip about the same time he does and he feels another squeeze at the same time. “You know,” she states, leaning a little closer to him and flicking her tongue against his lips, “teasing me might not be the best idea, especially when I’ve got you so handily.” He’ll feel another squeeze, firm but not bruising.

RJ: With Azure climbing up, Capri shifts as she continues to tease him while ascending to his level. His length twitches with every pulse of his heartbeat as an indication of his arousal. His eyes are fixated on her face, watching her facial expressions as if that's what excited him the most. Then, when she reached him, and licked his lips, he grinned wide as if brimming with confidence. "Not the best idea? I was thinking a frustrated Azure might be sexy too." he cooed, tickling his fingers along her tail on some sensitive points he found.

Copper: Her expression is actually staying neutral, though controlled might be a more apt description, there being that hint of hunger behind her steady gaze. "That may be true, but the more you tease me," a groan just touches on the edge of her voice, "the more I'm of a mind to tease you." She leans against him, her weight supported by her free hand while her other seems to be mirroring his touch at her tail. Her upper half presses against him, which puts her at an angle to nibble at his neck.

RJ: Capri would gasp, before squirming a bit as she attacked his neck and mirrored his motions. "Then... Shall I tease you until the end of time?" he inquired. "I can't imagine ever growing tired of it. Can you?" he inquired, clearly setting her up for a situation where she admits he loves her more than she loves him. His hand smoothed up, letting go of her tip, before sliding up along her side and going up to her breast, and snatching her nipple. He pulled and played with it a little, before taking his hand up to her head, running his fingers along her scalp and through her hair, making a motion to silence the talk with a kiss.

Copper: “Well, we might need to stop and eat once and a while. And sleep,” she teases, letting her tongue play against his neck and flick at his earlobe. As he pinches her nipple, he can feel her gasp against his skin, that only prompting her to more aggressively tease at his ear, at least until he urges her into a kiss. Happy purrs roll in the back of her throat and while they’re close like this, he can feel her lower half rocking against his and unless he makes a move to stop her, he’ll find himself eased into her folds, her hand having drifted to his hip to both encourage him to move and to urge the two of them closer together.

RJ: Once they were joined, Capri chuckled, and let the talk be over as they began to make love in bed. Instead the only noises he made were groans and lustful pants. Unlike before, the tight grip of her body seemed to be something he was getting used to. So he was dramatically more comfortable than the first time they made love. Capri would move his hips as much as he could as well, thrusting into Azure as she thrusted down onto him. His hands would roam her back, rubbing her all over to give her every pleasant feeling he could, including placing light kisses on her neck...

RJ: Some time later, Capri and Azure would be laying together in the afterglow of sex. Azure would be a bit messy after bringing Capri to climax, as was Capri after having had sex with Azure. "I gave you a present while you weren't looking." he announced. Should Azure look, she'd see that tied a red bow with blue frills onto her tail, as if to make her tail look more cute. She couldn't tell it was there initially because it just felt like he had his hand around it the whole time.

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Azure Enjoys her lil' ribbon.
Copper: And given, too, they're not coming together at a furious pace, it's likely easier on him as well and probably with less of her coiling around him. His kisses are returned, her own moving to nibble on his ears and along his jawline. An easy, pleasant way to start the day, to be sure, and she seems to enjoy lazing in the bed with him. "Hmm?" She'll look to see where he indicated and laughs a little as she sees the ribbon, flicking the tip of her tail on the bed. "It's cute. Thank you." She gives him a kiss. "Though I may take it off while we travel. I'd hate for it to get dirty or ruined."

RJ: Capri shrugged. "You can't just lift your tail up a little bit. I saw you subconsciously doing it before, and I wouldn't mind if it got a little dirty. I know it's an awful thing to say but it's made of cheaper material. I wanted something that would last instead of something precious but easily destroyed."

RJ: "So, I can wash it easily, and it'll be like new."

Copper: That makes her laugh a little. "All right. As long as you don't mind." She flicks her tailtip again. "Speaking of washing, shall we see about getting clean and then some breakfast?"

RJ: "If you wore it all the time, I'd be quite happy." he said, before nodding to her. There was a mamono knocking on various doors and delivering bath water. When it was their turn, Azure and Capri would be greeted by a kikimora. "Good morning. Would you like some hot bath water?" she inquired with a sincere smile. It lacked any business-like etiquette or neutral tone. Her voice carried what seemed to be pure intentions of wanting to be helpful to others. Her appearance was plain, and unlike most mamono, she didn't seem to have as attractive an appearance as others. Even so, it would be ironic that Capri's gaze would linger a bit on her. Not with lust, but perhaps with nostalgia as he seemed to be a bit relaxed by her very normal appearance, minus the obviously unusual parts that made her obviously not human. "We would, thank you." Capri replied, as the maid made a polite bow. She entered the room, and focused her energies on the tub. Azure could faintly detect simple magic. The moisture in the room seemed to vanish, and energy gathered in the tub, with more energy gathering as time went on.

RJ: Eventually, they had a full, steaming hot bath at the ready. The plain mamono girl would make a bow to them before leaving. "Enjoy your bath, and if you need anything else, I'll be in the building." she said, before leaving Capri and Azure to their peace.

Copper: “Then I’ll see about doing so.” So long as they’re aware of the maid, she’s content to wait for the other mamono to arrive, finding her magic interesting. Her gaze also lingers on Capri, a slight bit of amusement playing over her features as she watches him watch the other girl. “Thank you,” she states as the girl exits, slipping over to trail fingertips along the surface of the water. “Just about right. Want to share? Or would you prefer to bathe alone?” There might just be a touch of tease in her voice and gaze as she asks that, but for the time being, that’s all it is: a tease.

RJ: "If there is enough room for me, what with your tail." he quickly added the second part, realizing how she might take it the very, very wrong way. "... It's a big tail. Very strong, and flexible..." he seemed unable to stop trying to redirect attention to her tail.

Copper: "Capri," she laughs, moving over to press a finger to his lips to silence his sputtering. "I know how much space I can take up. Relax." Her laughing expression changes to a fond one and her hand slips over his shoulder, drawing him closer to her for a kiss. "Let's get cleaned up and see what's in store for us today."

RJ: "Sorry, it's a habit from the Order towns. Insulting a woman is a death sentence, they turn right around and tell the Church that you are mingling with monsters and the cult and your head is sliced clean off before you can even understand the steps she took to kill you." he explained. Getting into the tub with her, Azure was allowed to continue the conversation, or let it end whenever she liked to continue the day.

Copper: "Well, I could say that some women here might take offense to an insult and take matters into their own hands, but I'm not one of them, especially since I know you. That, and, well, look at the way Ragna and Zidane talk to me. If I took offense to things like that, I think you'd have seen me reacting to it before now." She'll draw him close and embrace him briefly, something warm to help quell his nerves, even holding him until they settle before she'll part and join him in getting into the tub. She certainly enjoys the heat and getting to rub soapy hands all over him, encouraging him to do the same, though since the purpose of the bath right now is to get clean, things stay more on the tame end of the spectrum.

RJ: Capri raised his brow when she spoke of Ragna. "Well, I wouldn't put Ragna and Zidane in the same boat. Ragna speaks sarcastically, meaning no harm. Zidane... Says things that aren't true to try and get the goat of others." he stated, returning the embrace. "I asked Ragna what he thought of you as well. His response was interesting... He said that he was pretty sure that you are going to be punched by his mother, and if you survive he will be obligated to go out with you."

Copper: "Still, if I were the more sensitive sort, I might not see it that way. He also tends to speak frankly, which I can appreciate as well." She arches a brow as he reveals his conversation with the half-demon. "She does seem to take offense to people potentially getting handsy with her boy, doesn't she? Then again, I suppose I feel the same way toward all of you but I can't suplex people into the ground," she chuckles. "Though with that knowledge, maybe I ought to start stacking the deck. Not necessarily for the date but, well, I sort of like surviving." Another chuckle.

RJ: "Considering it's a Dullahan, I heard that their reproductive systems don't function like normal biology anymore." he stated. "I don't know how demons give birth. For Ragna to be half demon, he had to be conceived after she became a demon. Ergo, after she was decapitated. Given how few demons are actually born, one has to wonder how hard it must be." he stated.

Copper: "You do have a point, so that would make him rather precious, wouldn't it? At least she isn't keeping him locked away somewhere, afraid of what might happen. Though with his personality, I can't see him taking to that very well." She does seem to be giving some thought to the notion of the circumstances behind his birth but it is a little difficult, it seems, for her to fully wrap her head around. Not to say she can't comprehend it, just more of a lack of understanding of dullahan biology.

RJ: "Well, the best explanation I think I could muster is that magic was afoot with his creation. It's the only possible way considering she lacks a functioning womb." he theorized. "Indeed, if she went to great lengths to have something she normally could not, if someone else comes in and tries to stake claim on that... Well, I'd probably punch you too... If I was as strong as a dullahan and feared not your capital punishment. It's just how precious things go. I was ready to punch Zidane for not dodging that kiss, speaking of."

Copper: “Definitely makes sense,” she agrees, a little smile playing on her lips at his admission. “You were, hmm? So I’m precious to you?” It’s not a baiting question, though it’s not completely innocent, either. More an opportunity for him to speak his mind.

RJ: "Don't get me wrong, I'd throw even a pure diamond into the ocean if it's ego grew big enough." he replied. "You're precious at the moment. Times change and people change too. Even if you stop being precious to me later, the you right now will always be precious." he said calmly, a neutral expression on his face.

Copper: "That's an interesting way to look at things. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about a statement like that. I understand it, but I'm still not sure how to feel about it."

RJ: "Basically, Azure. If you never change for the worse, I will always love you." he replied simply, smiling a bit at how easy he found it to say.

RJ: Silence would hang for a minute. Capri would realize that Azure perhaps still didn't know how to feel. "So, how you should feel... Well, if I were you, I'd pamper the man in front of you and never betray him. In addition to not squeezing too hard during hugs and sex. And were I you, I'd feel happy knowing that I'd never change, and so the man in front of me would love me forever. Forgive my use of the word 'me' there. I'm not in love with myself, please believe me."

Copper: "Well, that gives me a good idea on what you consider 'for the worse,'" she replies with a bit of a smile. "And if I desire another but still desire you the same? Is that betrayal?" She cocks her head to the side slightly, curious as to his feelings on the matter and, well, if they're being frank with one another at the moment...

RJ: "Betrayal is dishonesty's sibling. It's kind of hard to betray anyone if you tell the truth all the time, though not impossible." he replied with a shrug. "I'd say intent is the real problem. If you ever do something and know I would hate you for it, and do it anyway. I'd call that a form of betrayal. Though, this is all assuming that avoiding betrayal is hard. It's truly not. Besides, why even ask that when I can't get the mental image of you having clear view of Tabith on top of me? You can trust me not to be a hypocrit, Azure." he stated simply. As Azure would notice from the bath, the subject of Tabith awoke the demon below. Dark Elves still true to their nature of inciting lust. "On that note... I want to be there when you lay with your next man. I thought about it with that demon boy, but now I feel I know what I want." he said. "I don't know if I will be in the mood, but I want to understand what it was like from your perspective, watching you make love to another. Because, I have no idea what might have been going through your head. It bothers me."

RJ: He dunked his head under the water, before bringing his head out, starting to scrub the soap into his hair to clean it of it's oils. "If there's anything I'm proud of, it's understanding the psychology of others. Being unable to do it in that moment is a hit to my pride."

Copper: He might catch a brief clench of her jaw at the mention of the demon. "That wasn't love-making. That was business." If he's intent on scrubbing up, she'll do the same, dunking under and lathering her hair and torso for the time being. "And if the next man isn't comfortable with the idea of you being there?"

RJ: Capri seemed to note her distaste, though didn't seem keen on dropping the subject. Rather, his face was full of curiosity. "Twas he a man you didn't wish to make yours? Zidane will never believe me." he chuckled. "I will find a way to make the next man comfortable." he said with absolute confidence.

Copper: "Given his personality and methods, no." She'll ease back down to rinse the soap from her hair. "If he's comfortable with the idea, then I've no issue with you being there, though if you can't get him to change his mind, then I ask you respect his decision." She doesn't seem to try to be getting out of his request but he knows, at least she hopes, she tries not to put her partners in situations they don't want to be in.

RJ: "When do I make people do things against their will, Azure? I mean, sure you've only known me for a week or so, but it feels longer than that, right?" he shrugged with a grin, winking at her. "No, I don't force people, I convince people. A negotiator can be a powerful thing."

Copper: “It does, doesn’t it?” she agrees with a bit of a chuckle, turning her attention to washing other places. She finds his words interesting, especially looking back over that week or so. “Point taken,” she finally says after mulling over her thoughts for a few heartbeats. “Given that’s my preferred method of settling issues I might have.”

RJ: Capri grinned, but didn't have much to say afterwards. So the two of them were left to clean up, dry off, and get dressed. Capri would head out after Azure, as contary to the human world, Mamono typically wear less and have far more convenient clothing. Going downstairs, the food was ready, and the rest of the men were coming downstairs to eat. Marth would walk past Azure in the hallway as well. Upon spotting her, he gave a start, before lowering his head and avoiding eye contact. "Well, that's not good." Observed Capri from behind.

RJ: Meanwhile, everyone else was below. A Ragna with a mouth full of food mumbled a good morning in her direction while Zidane scolded him for his crude behavior.

Copper: "Heavy conversation between us last night. I'm not surprised," she remarks about Marth's behaviour, not thinking much wrong with it for the time being. "Care to try that again, Ragna?" she chuckles, setting about getting herself some breakfast as well, moving to join the rest of them at the table.

RJ: Ragna swallowed. "Since I think I was told you didn't really know the date you were born, we decided to celebrate your birthday and also welcome you as a group to our gig and celebrate our first mission. So, long and short." he began. "What you want for your birthday, toots?"

Copper: Azure's brows raise and she chuckles again, though the sound is a little more disbelieving this time. "What? That's...a bit sudden, isn't it? Also, don't call me 'toots.'" She doesn't sound offended by the nickname, but, well, she is supposed to be their manager. "Is this something all of you decided on?" She glances around the table.

RJ: "How about sugar noodle?" he asked, playing like an imp would. Capri submitted to the urge to chuckle at the nickname and immediately Ranga pointed a hand at him like a pretend gun, as if he shot Capri with laughter. "It's something I decided on, actually. Zwei was the one who thought calling it a birthday party was important. After hearing that you don't celebrate birthdays, he kind of made it his mission." said Ragna, while Zwei gave no reaction, not making a single sound as he ate his breakfast in peace.

RJ: Zidane too was trying to act like he had no interest, though if Azure even remotely spoke of what she desired for her pseudo birthday, she'd find one ear directed at her.

Copper: "How about keep trying," she counters, just shaking her head at him. Catching Capri's chuckle, she nudges him lightly with her elbow. "Well, like I said, it's rather sudden. I like jewelry, but it seems rather impractical right now, especially with us just getting started. I suppose I more to day things, given I left most of my things back at my old dwelling. I probably should go back and make sure someone hasn't taken up residence in my absence." The last is made more as an afterthought. "See if I can't retrieve my things."

RJ: "Seems like the present you already got isn't jewelry." Ragna said, noting Capri's bowtie on her tail. "Guess that gift sucked?" he asked. "So, jewelry and practical things. How about food?"

RJ: "I can cook a mean steak." he informed Azure.

Copper: "It does not," she counters, as he makes remarks about Capri's present to her, curling her tail around a little and glancing at it with a slight smile. "You just asked for suggestions. I gave them. This one was a surprise." She gives some thought to his suggestion. "That's fine, too, though I prefer my steaks a little less cooked." Lamia, after all.

RJ: "Rare then. I gotta cook it a little so the seasonings go in." he replied with a shrug. "So, who gave you that present? Nevermind, actually. I just realized I'm asking that because I have nothing else to say." he announced. Just then Azure would notice Bishop sitting across the room at his own table. A couple of elves were flirting with him, though were cast off when he replied to them, "Sorry, I already have someone." and didn't bother to watch them as they left the building looking disappointed. It was obvious the angle he was sitting at was meant to peek over the book he was reading to watch Marth from afar, who was just focusing on eating his food and all too aware that a troublesome lamia and a troublesome manelf was in the room with him.

Copper: "That, and I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out, especially given the limited choices for answers." Seeing Marth would remind her and she'll lay a hand lightly on her arm, feeling if the weave were still there or she did seem to recall that there was possibly a time limit on it. She doesn't seem inclined to bother the mage, at least not right now. "After breakfast, I'm going to see if I can't find Claire and see what her plans are for heading back to the temple. I'm hoping the orcs are heading there on their own and we're not going to be traveling with her and them when we return."

RJ: She could feel the weave was still there. One wrong move of her arm and she'd be zapping everyone at the table. Such was the dangers of magic. "Claire is waiting for us to finish eating. The orcs are apparently going to head after us since it seems they all came down with a case of massive fatigue overnight." Ragna declared.

Copper: Which is why she'll move her hand away without grasping at it. "All right, then. One more order of business I need to take care of after breakfast and then we'll see about getting ready to go." And regarding said buiness, she'll glance around to see if Tabith is downstairs or if she's going to have to go find the dark elf.

RJ: It seemed she wasn't downstairs. Though if Azure waited a while, the dark elf would come in through the main doors. "Sorry I didn't join you last night, Azure. I was ambushed during the night by some pretty boy with bat wings. I had to teach him some respect."

Copper: She at least wants to finish her meal before going and looking for the elf, though it seems she won't need to. "Someone was definitely busy last night," the lamia mutters over the lip of her cup. "Surprised he's not the reason the orcs are all worn out but he strikes me as having better taste than that." She'll gesture to the table. "This is Tabith," she'll inform the boys. "Provided she hasn't changed her mind, she's going to be accompanying us when we head back to the temple. A little extra muscle and something of an assistant to me. Ragna, Zidane, Zwei, Marth, and you know Capri." She'll motion to each during the introduction.

RJ: "Oh, great. Of course she'd make friends with a dark elf." Zidane groaned. "Nice to meet you too, boy." she greeted Zidane. "My name isn't boy, elf." Zidane quipped. Tabith frowned. "And mine isn't elf, 'boy'." Tabith replied sternly, instantly not wanting to tolerate Zidane's prejudice and daring him to test her tolerance further. Zidane went quiet. "I know you have an issue with women, Zidane." Capri spoke up. "But I don't think the best course of action is angering them." he stated. Ranga gave a sage nod. "That's how you got raped in the first place, man. You see, Azure, Zidane used to belong to-" Ragna seemed about to tell Azure the whole story of how Zidane never learned the lessons life gave him, before Zidane reached over the table and silenced him. "Asshole, shut up! She must never know." he stated, indirectly meaning towards Azure. "N-Nice to meet you, Tabith." Marth said meekly. Tabith cooed, "Aw, you're a cute one, Marth," she said, reaching over to pet his head before he backed away. Tabith looked a bit shocked, before retracting her hand.

Copper: "You two settle down," she orders. "Ragna, much as I know you love to gig Zidane, there's a line. Zidane, Capri's right, and Tabith, these are my partners." Seems her chiding isn't reserved for strictly the men alone. In addition to Marth ducking away, she'll also reach a hand out and try and catch Tabith before she can come in contact with the mage. "Don't." It comes out simply, not quite sounding like an order but there's just a touch in her tone that brooks no argument. "Don't lay hands on Marth," she continues, her voice a touch quieter. "Trust me." The 'no argument' is back in those last two words. She won't discuss the curse at the table, so if Tabith decides to push the issue, it's going to have to wait.

RJ: "Goodness, I'm stepping on every landmine imaginable today." Tabith hums, her arm slipping out of Azure's grasp rather easily even if it was tight, as if her arm was coated in oil, despite it not being so. "I apologize, Marth." she apologized explicitly to Marth. "N-no, it's fine. It's not you..." Marth said, his look was apologetic, knowing he was causing Tabith to be in a very awkward situation and feeling horrible about it.

Copper: Not tight, just enough to get her to stop and to make sure she doesn't touch the mage. In fact, she'll find no resistance as she tries to pull away. "Information I didn't have for you before this." It's both explanation and apology, since she last saw the elf before she knew about the curse herself. "Will you be needing breakfast?" It's a deflection to help Tabith back out of the minefield, if she's so inclined. "We're to meet up with Claire afterward. I don't want to delay too long but I'm not about to sacrifice breakfast before a hike."

RJ: "I already ate." she said with a wink. Then she'd happily wait until everyone was done eating. Ragna, meanwhile, was looking between Zwei and Tabith the entire time. As if seeing the similarity between the two of them (dark skin) and deciding to speak up. "So, Tabith..." he began, but Zwei cut him off. "She is not an amazon." Zwei said, as if reading his mind. "Oh... Right, the ears." he chuckled. Marth just looked embarrassed to be sitting next to him. "Ragna... That's really awful." he scolded his friend for his blatantly racist thoughts.

Copper: Zwei and Marth seem on top of policing Ragna's comments, so Azure doesn't see a reason to add to the conversation. "Anything any of you need to do before we pack up and head out?" She'll glance around the table, taking stock of how ready they are to get back on the road.

RJ: The boys shook their head, they seemed ready to go. Tabith meanwhile was keeping an eye on Marth, while Marth was avoiding her eyes. Like many others, she seemed drawn to the influence that seemed to release from his aura

Copper: "Tabith, I'm guessing you might have some packing to do, since this was sprung on you somewhat suddenly." There's just enough in the lamia's tone that suggests, well, suggestion.

RJ: "I'm a world traveler, if you couldn't tell by me being a dark elf that isn't in a dark elven village." she giggled. "I'll wait be waiting with Claire."

RJ: When Azure put a little more emphasis on her meaning, she hummed. "Actually, I might have lost track of an earring. Want to help me look for it in your room, Azure?"

Copper: The empahsis comes across more through subtle expression, though she's glad the elf picks up on it. "Aye, we can check while we get our things together. Not that much got unpacked, but didn't bring the bags to breakfast. Though that begs the question, given what I know about your armor. Can you do simpler things, too? Like, say, an earring? Or is it limited to protection only?"

RJ: "Easily." she laughed. "You'd be surprised how magic can be used for useless things. Like... Growing two penises." she declared, both Ragna and Marth started choking on their food, both for different reasons.

RJ: "Useless...?" Capri wondered about that. Tabith merely tickled his chin off-handedly. "Useless, but fun."

RJ: "Are you two going to go do useless things?" he asked. Tabith winked at Azure, as if leaving that ball in her pack to deal with.

Copper: Instinct dictates she reach out and rub one or both of them on the back while they inhale their breakfast but she can't reach Ragna and she won't touch Marth at this point so it's up to the others. "Yes, because I'm going to delay our setting off just for that," Azure replies drolly. "Do you have any packing that needs done or shall I just toss your bag down to you when I find it?"

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Azure unleashes a facefull of bags
RJ: "I'm done packing, dear." he replied.

Copper: "Faceful of bag it is, then." She'll polish off her breakfast and then head upstairs with a "Meet you outside" to the others. Providing Tabith follows, she'll head to her room and see about getting her things together for the journey home. It doesn't take very long but it at least gives the two of them a few minutes alone. "I'm telling you this for his sake as much as your own, Tabith: Don't touch Marth. He's ensorcelled and the nature of the spell has the potential to make folk like us," she pauses, letting out what might actually constitute a playful hum, "crazy. The others know what to look for and I do, at least in part but it's easier if you just keep your distance. I trust that won't be a problem?"

RJ: She shook her head. "I didn't know that he was afflicted with a spell. I shant bother him, Azure. It was peculiar though. He is... Alluringly cute. I normally don't touch people when I first meet them either. Yet..." she hummed.

Copper: "I didn't either until recently but given the potential damage it can do, if you're going to be traveling with us, it's something you need to know. Though you're not wrong about Marth. How much of that is natural and how much of it is the spell, that I'm not sure of, but he's also incredibly shy and the others are very protective of him. Just keep that in mind." She'll sling her bag over her shoulder and gather up Capri's, making one last sweep of the room before she heads back downstairs, provided Tabith doesn't have more to add to the topic.

RJ: "He's the child of an alice?" she asks as Azure was about to leave.

Copper: She'll pause to answer. "The magic's been compared to as such, but near as all of us know, Marth's human, which apparently makes this very strange."

RJ: "If he is an Alice, falling in love with him might be the way... If so... Am I forbidden?" she inquired, a lecherous grin appearing on her face. "Because I think I'm starting for all of you, in some way or another."

Copper: "Far be it from me to tell you who to fall in love with, Tabith, but as it stands right now, I think you might be a bit much for Marth to handle. He gets flustered around the notion of women. You're that and then some." There's a brief flick of her gaze to the elf's crotch and then back up. "That, and if you happened to notice the other elf downstairs, the one who was trying not to look to interested in us, that's Bishop. He may or may not be tagging along with us because he feels its his duty to protect Marth from the corruptive influences of all things female. He doesn't like me." There's a beat. "He's really not going to like you."

RJ: She giggled, coming up to Az and hugging her around the waist. "I'm joking, sweetie." she declared. "I can tell the territory that you mark. You want to get busy with all these men. Because of that, I saw a lot of kinship with you. We're not that different. That, and..." she leans in to peck Azure on the mouth with a gentle kiss. "I wanted to fuck you~" she admitted, before Azure could feel Tabith's cock hardening against her just as soon as she was sliding past Azure to go downstairs. "And I hope to do so again~" she said as she left.

Copper: The kiss prompts a little noise out of the lamia but it’s not unwelcome. “Maybe when we get back,” she calls after the dark elf. “If we’re not at war.” She gathers up her bag and Capri’s, doing a final sweep of the room before heading back downstairs to join the others.

RJ: Tabith was already on her way out, but spared a moment to look back and smile at Azure's reply before disappearing downstairs. When Azure followed, she'd find it was Ragna and Tabith speaking, instead of no one speaking to her at all. "So, Dark Elves worship demons, right?" he asked. Tabith shrugged. "It might not be best to bring up religion, Ragna." she responded, but he waved his hand. "Yeah but, I'm a demon. So... Does that mean you have to respect me?" he asked. Tabith gave him a serious look, while also smiling with amusement. "If you were a female demon, maybe." she declared. "Woah, what does that mean?" he asked, sounding left out. "It means it truly wasn't a good idea to bring up religion, my boy. You're better off not knowing where I desire my soul to go upon my death."

Copper: Which may or may not be a good thing, given the way Ragna tends to direct conversation. “Ragna, aren’t most of you fond of saying that respect should be something earned, not something you’re entitled to?” She drapes Capri’s bag on the back of his chair and takes her seat again. “That, and don’t let him play that card, Tabith, dear. He may have almost all of the temperament but only half of the blood.”

RJ: "I did, but religion is a different bag of cats altogether. Sorry Zidane." he replied. Tabith merely waved her hand. "It's fine, Azure. He can't play that card. Even if it's a demon... The society of dark elves treats men as slaves. I have no intention of doing that to these boys, of course." she giggled. Zidane meanwhile was busy keeping Tabith in the corner of his eye. It seemed her rather highly sexual nature was intimidating him. "Are we prepared to leave, Azure?" Zwei inquired. Showing a bit of impatience.

Copper: Which is moderately out of character for Zwei, but she'll nod. "I think so." She'll adjust her bag and join the others in heading out to meet Claire. Her main concern at the moment was keeping an eye on Marth, to see how he was handling his bag, and waiting to see if Bishop intended to make a move.

RJ: For his uncharacteristic action, Azure may find that there was a reason for it. Marth would try to handle his bag again, and be very strained in doing so. Zwei, moving quickly, easily grabbed his back and his own and carried them both. "H-hey! What's the rush, Zwei?" Marth inquired, noticing the odd behavior as well. "We are being watched." Zwei declared. Marth seemed to look at Bishop when Zwei said that as the dark skinned man made way for the door, passing right by Bishop as if he wasn't a factor at all in Zwei's mind. "Well, trust Zwei to know if you're trying to look at him without his knowing." Ragna shrugged, before coming up close to whisper into Azure's earfin. Perhaps trying to tease her with whispers on purpose. "Classic strat, move quick, force the leering eyes to try and catch up. Then we bounce on them." He said, before backing up. With everyone quickly looking to leave, Zwei already approaching Claire outside, causing her to fluster as well as he seemed to be in a hurry, Bishop was quickly finishing his meal and leaving money on the table as if planning to follow them.

Copper: The whisper might get a bit of a shiver out of the lamia but it won't bother her overmuch or for very long. Given the information and that this was a strategy that seems to have worked for them before, she's willing to follow their lead on it, though it was good to know that Bishop did seem to intend on following them. She had a few things in mind in that regard anyway, but for now, a little passive aggressiveness in forcing him to keep up with them might prove amusing and at the very least, interesting.

RJ: Moving quickly, with Clare keeping pace, and Bishop following along about twenty feet back and easily keeping stride (especially when he seemed to just float like a genie with his legs crossed after a while), it seemed like nobody was really focusing on Bishop. Or rather, they had no intentions of dealing with him at all. Rather, there was another on their minds. This mysterious other person soon made themselves known, just as the boys expected. In front of their path, swords suddenly beamed down from above like spears from the heavens. They struck the ground instead of the traveling group, as if making it evident that they wanted the chase to stop. Azure heard someone dashing through the forest to the side, the only glimpse she could catch of the person was their beautiful long black hair. "So, I guess you noticed me?" she heard a feminine voice call out.

RJ: Stepping out to stand amidst all her weapons, the stalker was grinning while holding a blade of her own. "I guess this is as close to stealth as I get." she stated.

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Harem Queen vs. The Hero

RJ: Their left eye seemed to glow, as if with supernatural magic. What little Azure could understand about magic allowed her to feel that whoever stood before her meant serious business. "I wish I could have just smashed the crystal woman into pieces with one blow, but I found out that won't work. Would you guys mind stepping aside? Only one among you has to die."

Copper: If they're keeping to how they were before, then Ragna's likely in the lead with Azure able to come up quickly to the front from the side, though she doesn't get too far from the three in the middle. Still, she'll straighten a bit and move up. "I'm presuming you mean Claire and sorry, can't let you. She's under our protection. Besides, if you know attacking her won't work, why try again?" At the moment, she's angling to get the woman's attention so the others can prepare themselves. It's clear this woman's fast, likely strong, and wields magic. If they did get into a fight, this was going to be tricky.

RJ: "Just need to hit her a lot." she declared, before Zidane, who Azure wouldn't have even realized went missing, jumped out from the trees, apparently having been stalking their stalker. He drew his blades over head, to strike the thin woman down in one blow, before one of her swords moved up, held up defensively like a spear while the girl's eyes never even looked at him. Zidane's face paled, and he reacted a moment in time to clap his hands and feet on the blade, just barely avoiding being impaled. "Not a chance, pint size." she declared, another sword coming in to slice Zidane in half, which Ragna quickly blocked. Zwei stepped forward slowly, eyes focused. "I sense no malice from you, yet no mercy either." he declared. Their attacker chuckled. "Well, it's not like I WANT to kill you! You're just getting in my way, capiche?" she announced.

RJ: Bishop as well, was rushing in, to stand next to Marth. "Back away Marth, her magical skill isn't a joke!" he declared. Marth didn't seem swayed. "But, having to move those blades at once... She's distracted!" Marth followed up, unleashing a spell as if seeing an opportunity while she dealt with Ragna and Zidane. Though the spell missed completely as a sword nearly came down on Marth's head, deflected by Bishop just barely.

RJ: "Nope." was the girl's reply to Marth.

Copper: (How many swords does she have?)

RJ: (Six, not counting the one she's holding.)

Copper: (okay)

RJ: One odd thing Azure would note, was that each sword seemed to have an odd "eye". Her limited magical sense detected that they were beaming with immeasurable power.

Copper: So it was entirely possible she's 'seeing' through the blades, which would explain her being able to sense Zidane's attack. Though she was also capable of moving the blades at will, which was problematic. It also meant flanking her wouldn't do much good either. "Well, we've no real reason to kill you, either, so call it a draw and be on our respective ways?" She was definitely going to have to talk to Marth about not announcing his intentions and just doing, though it's likely the woman saw him casting and reacted. At least she hoped she could count on Bishop watching over Marth, not that she was going to completely ignore the mage's protection, but having someone help in that regard would be beneficial.

RJ: Tabith stepped up to Azure's side. "Attack from all angles, each one of us distracts one blade each, while one of us attacks the girl directly. Do you feel up to it, Azure? Or shall I handle her?" she inquired.

Copper: "I'll do it," she replies. "If I can get around her, keep your distance." Hopefully Marth's weave would be enough. Even if all it would do would knock her out, it would afford them the advantage. And keep those swords from doing any serious damage.

RJ: Tabith spoke no more, charging forth, and drawing her sword and whip, grabbing a blade that came in to block them and yanking it to the side, slamming the blade over and giving Azure an opening to the girl. "Keep distance, huh? Why, you gonna explode?" she chuckled. "You think I'm so stupid that I can't see it?" she asked Azure, staring right at her. Blade primed at the ready as chaos erupted from around them. It seemed the lack of sword bearer to strike was making it very difficult for any of the others to do more than defend. It looked like they were fighting a losing battle. "Though, your offer kind of falls through. You must be really high if you think you can kill me."

RJ: Azure's opponent seemed composed, standing in place with her blade in one hand, the tip dragging along the ground in a line, as if an unspoken dare for Azure to try and cross said line.

Copper: (I'm hoping I can descripe Az's idea properly. Might write it out, then translate my brain.)

Copper: Then time was of the essence. As long as she had the opening, Azure would take it. Even if she knew what was coming, the aim was to neutralize her. Granted, wrapping her up would normally be enough, but if she could then direct those swords toward the lamia, that'd be bad, hence the addition of the weave. The blade at the ready would mean that she'd have to expect a cut from that at the very least, something she'd like to avoid if she could, but she was prepared for the inevitable. The aim was something of a double feint with her lunge, faking enough of a lead in one direction to make her think the opposite and anticipate that feint, when in actuality, she would be going with the direction of the feint. Aim then was to get arms and body around her, pin the swordswoman's arms, and go from there, likely with the weave.
(To try and make sense of that, Az wants to feint enough to fake her into going left when she wants to attack from the right, but she figures just a simple feint won't cut it with this chick, so it's something of a double-cross.)

RJ: Az came in one way, but the woman didn't move. The girl merely pointed her blade at Azure, and as Azure came close enough to threaten, the blade was suddenly chasing at her while spinning like a saw horizontally! Az would find herself able to dodge it, thankfully. Otherwise she would have simply died right there. Fainting didn't seem to cause the girl to react at all after slipping past the blade. Rather, the girl just shrugged. As Azure drew near to pin her, she felt a sense of dread. The hairs on her neck rose as a sheen rung through the air.

RJ: The blade was coming back, aimed for her spine.

Copper: (The blade is loose, I'm presuming)

RJ: (It's acting like the others, flying around)

Copper: (And it is possible to deflect those blades, yes? You mentioned Bishop did it and I'm presuming so are the boys and Tabith)

RJ: (Bishop deflected it with magic Azure wasn't able to make out. Gotta use something capable of reflecting a blade)

Copper: (How about a massive amoung of snake tail slamming into the side of it? An object in motion remains in motion until acted upon by an outside force.)

RJ: (Could do that. Just remember that using a tail as a whip and as a movement option at the same time is awkward to say the least)

Copper: (True, but it's better than getting impaled.)

RJ: (Just letting you know to not try to accomplish too much at the same time.)

Copper: (Main focus is the deflect. Once the blade's not going to stab her in the back, then she'll keep going to grab ahold of the girl. Also, that weave has a bit of range, doesn't it? Or do they have to be touching the 'caster'? Since Marth did knock an awful lot of orcs on their asses.)

RJ: (Tis a blast. Based on what Azure saw, the explosion is at it's best within 3 feet.)

Copper: (So she needs to be that close or closer. Range of her people?)

RJ: (10+)

Copper: (so she won't hit them. Continuing on with the plan, then, slightly revised to add in the 'anti-impalement slap')

Copper: Not good, but at least initially, she could keep the blade from striking home, arching her tail upward and slamming it into the blade as it streaked down, looking to knock it off course (and into the ground temporarily, if she were lucky). All she had to do was get in close enough to their opponent to make sure she'd catch her in the blast of the weave.

RJ: One quick tail whack, and Azure found herself distracted long enough for the woman to fire. Her flesh felt ready to burn off the bone when the fires came out, leaving Azure just enough time to activate the weave to interact with the fire before it truly wrapped her and cooked her alive. Lightning mixed with fire, creating a massive explosion that sent both girls flying through the air. Azure landed on the ground with a thud after experiencing that tingly feeling of being airborne for the long while that was just a second, but seemed to be more. Getting back up, she'd find her opponent doing the same. The flying blade returned to her hand as she stood up. "Well... Aren't you cute?" she chuckled. Meanwhile, behind Azure, she heard loud pounding, repeating endlessly. Bishop was using his powers to try and control the blade fighting him and destroy the crystal, managing to hold it in place while it gave him an intense struggle. All the while, Marth formed a shield around himself and was crouching, blood coming out of his nose and ears. >>

RJ: The sword was relentlessly assaulting the barrier he had, before finally it cracked, Marth seemed ready to pass out, before Claire stepped in the way of the blade, which hit her hard, but didn't seem to do more than scratch her. Protecting Marth, Claire began to withstand the punishment. "Jeez, she's tough." the girl sighed. "And you're pretty persistent too. Where are you pulling this determination from, eh? I can't understand why you're willing to die." she said with a shrug. "But then again, empathy was never my thing." she declared. The fight with Ragna was taking it's toll as well, the blade he fought swiping and hitting his blade so hard that the sweat from his hand caused it to slip. His sword flew, and the girl pulled it out of the air, drawing it to her, and catching it. "Fuck you, that's mine!" he growled, forced to fight her blade unarmed.

RJ: "Azure. That's your name, right? I got a question for you." she began. "Do you want this sword? I feel kind of bad, since I know I'll kill you unarmed."

Copper: (You mentioned Az being able to sense enchantments and the like. Can she sense anything about Ragna's sword...specifically the one Marth put on it from the fight with the four mamono?)

RJ: (Yus. It can shoot sword beams if one handles it correctly.)

Copper: (Which was using the flat for the flash and hitting it, iirc)

RJ: (mmm)

Copper: (Because she can't toss the blade back to Ragna. Chicky'll just steal it again. Might as well make use of it.)

Copper: Shaking her head to clear it, Azure frowned briefly, seeing her opponent getting up. Magic user and swordswoman. Grand. And now she had to worry about Claire getting cracked while she protected Marth and short of handing it to him outright, there was no getting the sword back to Ragna. Still, she wasn't about to leave it in their opponent's hands. "Present it to me and I'll use it." The last thing she wanted was having to dodge Ragna's sword, too, since it was clear the woman was capable of manipulating other blades as well as her own.

RJ: "Catch," she declared, throwing it into the air. It twirled rapidly, the hilt coming full circle until it was coming straight at Azure. The blunt hilt aimed right for her for her to catch. Once she did, the girl grinned. "You clearly thought you were the most capable out of all your friends, Azure. Otherwise you wouldn't have tried to fight me. I'm giving you the chance to prove your point. So, now you can die knowing you gave it your best shot." she declared, before Azure noticed all of the girl's blades move in unison. Everyone was either on their knees or on the ground. Defeated, but not dead. A clean sweep, everyone was beaten, held hostage now by her blades, even Tabith, who was clutching her arm as it bled. "My name is Bellezza Felutia. I figure you might as well know the name of your killer." she said calmly, before charging at Azure, now on full offense.

Copper: (Name mean anything to her?)

RJ: (Order Noble. Typically a very evil person)

Copper: (k)

RJ: (The name in general, I mean. Stylization. The actual name, Azure doesn't know. It just sounds like a Noble's name.)

Copper: (kk. works into my send.)

Copper: Azure will snatch up the blade once it gets close enough, for now bringing it to what would look like a defensive position. "Huh. Never heard of you." Of course, she's going to have to vault in the middle of that charge, because there's a lamia tail whipping right for her legs.

RJ: With her tail whipping, the girl does indeed jump, coming full circle with her blade leaving her hands, and as she makes a flip in mid-air, the blade spins around her, coming down towards Azure's head, along with a kick. Suddenly, Azure felt like she was fighting two people at once. The sword would dart in and out of her grip, often splitting off to attack her from another angle while Bellezza changes her fighting style completely from swordswoman to unarmed combat. "Do you want to wrap around me, and crush me, Azure? I guess it's a good thing I don't need arms~" she chuckled, waiting for Azure's response.

Copper: "But you clearly need your mouth. Don't you ever shut up?" Given that she's not overly proficient with a blade, Ranga's sword is mostly used to deflect the incoming attacks while the lamia swings and jabs with her tail, at times almost using that more like a blade than the sword in her hands.

RJ: Being swung at, Bellezza returns Azure's attacks in turn, moving almost as if dancing with Azure, encouraging the lamia to get in the groove as well lest she miss a step. She did it to such a degree that it almost seemed like she was having a lot of fun. Her grin only became more wide the more fight Azure gave. "Hahaha, I like it. That's the closest you've come to wounding me so far!" she replied to Azure's question. It wasn't a lie either, Azure wouldn't be blamed if she called the fight unfair. Fighting both a person and a sword at the same time was like being double teamed. Most of the fight was spent on the defensive. Azure could barely strike whenever she did see an opening. Minor cuts, blunt blows from the girl's legs. It was only through sheer mamono durability and Azure's own willpower that she endured the punishment. In fact, it seemed Bellezza was actually getting tired from her inability to take Azure down.

RJ: Panting, Bellezza took a step back. "That being said... What the fuck are you made of?" she asked Azure, who could feel many lingering pains all over her body. "I'm apparently really bad at killing people if I can't even kill a snake like you."

Copper: Maybe her running her mouth wasn't such a bad thing. The more she'd talk, the more out of breath she was likely to get. There's determination in the lamia's attacks but she's doing her best to keep things controlled and not get frustrated with herself, doing her best to ignore the wounds she was getting. If stamina was what was going to win this fight, she certainly had that in spades. "Apparently." She flashed the girl a grin. "Come on, then. Surely you're not getting tired already?"

RJ: Bellezza seemed to almost burst out laughing. "Go to hell!" she shouted at Azure, before she seemed to summon her second wind. She devoted all of her energy to fighting Azure and trying to strike her down. Mind the fact that she ended up using her arms to strike Azure because her legs got tired. One particular strike hit Azure's sword arm, causing a sharp pain and nerve damage, while also drawing a wince of pain from Bellezza, who seemed to hurt her wrist. Despite the pain, Azure saw one wide open chance. A split second opportunity. If she fought through the pain, she could swing her arm, and cleave right through her opponent's mid-section, killing her outright.

Copper: (Oh, I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.)

Which likely has her legs dancing to avoid Azure's tail. If Bellezza could make this a two-fold fight, so could Azure. The blow to her arm is likely the first one that draws an actual pained hiss from the lamia and her grip on Ragna's sword goes almost white-knuckle to keep from dropping it. Catching sight of her chance, Azure takes it, at the last second, twisting the blade to turn it from a killing blow to one that strikes hard and firm. It lacks finesse and, as such, might still wound the girl, but she's not dead. And if she's as seasoned a swordswoman as she appears, she knows it, too. If the opportunity's there for a follow up attack, she goes in with her tail again, looking to put Bellezza off balance and on the ground.

RJ: (hitting with blunt side?)

Copper: (yeah.)

RJ: The blunt edge struck Bellezza, who quickly backed off, and jumped over the tail swipe. The next moment Azure saw her face, it wasn't pained, it was in a fury. "What the hell was that, Azure!?" she exclaimed. "You strike me with the blunt end!? Is that some kind of fucking joke that I didn't understand!? In what world do you live in where you actually spare the life of someone trying to kill you!?" she questioned. It seemed like something broke inside her head, enraging her. Though she didn't attack Azure, instead demanding answers. "I'm trying to kill you, your friends, and that animate crystal you're escorting! Did I not make myself fucking clear the first time!?"

Copper: Azure's eyes flick around to her party and then settle back on the other woman. "They'd be dead already if that was your aim. And killing Order warriors isn't what Claire is after." Her lips twist into a wry smile. "Even monsters are capable of mercy." Her head cocks to the side. "Or would you rather have died?"

RJ: "I'd have killed them the moment I killed you." She declared. "I wanted you to fight with every ounce you had, knowing your friends were going to die. Instead of becoming desperate, what...? I don't even know how to begin to describe your behavior." she stated. "You're going to regret this, Azure. You never grew up and realized the kind of world we all live in. Here, it's Kill or Be Killed." she stated coldly. "Because of you, my mission is failed. There's no way I can kill her under these circumstances. And failure was never, ever an option for me." she stated, lifting her sword, wearily. "Finish me off."

RJ: Covered in scratches, which were slowly healing, Claire shook her head, "She's wrong..." she replied weakly.

Copper: (I won't do it, but the only thing going through my head right now is Az lifting her blade toward Belle going "Drop. Your. Sword.")

RJ: "Do you think I'm fucking joking!?" Bellezza exclaimed, before one blade lifted, zoning in on Zidane's throat. "I'm going to chop them all into little bits! Ground them up into meat cubes and feed them to rabid dogs! And then I'm going to kill more people! I'll find wherever you came from, and kill the lamia that birthed you! Everyone you hold dear is going to die if you don't do it!" she shouted.

RJ: Her gaze lowered. "You're a monster. Time to act like it, and stop fucking hesitating!"

Copper: "I already have," comes from the lamia at the girl's request to be finished off. At the threats, Azure raises the blade once more. "So be it." She starts taking swings at Bellezza, controlled strikes that are meant to both distract her from her other blades and put her on the defensive with almost a stalk. "Listen to yourself. I showed you mercy!" A hard swing. "And now you," another swing, "are the one," another, "making threats," another, "to unarmed," another, "unconscious opponents." Never once does her voice truly raise, more a deep hiss, and her strikes never swing wild, always as controlled as she can make them. "So you tell me, little girl, who's the monster here?" At that, she turns the blade again and strikes it with her other hand, hoping that what she remembered will cause the blade to flash. If it works, she strikes out at Bellezza again, putting as much strength as she can muster into a blow that's meant to render her unconscious.

RJ: As Azure came in to strike, she saw Bellezza actually move into the blade. It cut clean across her body, as Bellezza dropped to the ground, bleeding. Laughing on the ground, she was shaking from the pain she half inflicted on herself. "Hehehe... I knew you had it in you..." she said, while Claire let a cry out. Controlled strike as it was though, it didn't have enough power to be a killing blow.

RJ: The blades around the other companions fell. Almost immediately, Marth came forth, placing his hands on Bellezza. Healing magic surged forth, and Azure would see her wounds closing. Bellezza actually looked at Marth as if afraid of what he was doing. Bishop, showing a defeated expression, approached and did the same thing. "What are you doing..." Bellezza inquired weakly. "Azure... Tell them... To stop..."

Copper: Azure pulls back as Bellezza falls. "I still don't." Her main concern at the moment are the other blades. Seeing them hit the ground, she's about to go over to the two mages when she sees them coming, resisting the urge to reach out and steady Marth as he approaches. "Claire? You're the truly aggrieved party here." She'll allow it to be her call, since there's a chance, if they do heal the other woman, she'll just up and try and attack them again. While her wounds are being tended to, Azure approaches the others, checking to see if they're going to need healing as well and how much of it. She'll start with whoever's closest and work her way around.

RJ: Despite it all, everyone had minor wounds. They were mostly just beaten and rendered incapable of fighting anymore. Tabith had it the worst, probably because she put up the most fight. "I'll say what I said before... I believe in peace. The kill or be killed philosophy that the Order preaches is thousands of years old, before the succubus curse. Times have changed, and now monsters and humans can live in peace." she declared. Healed, Bellezza weakly stands up, actually pushing Marth away, which came as a shock to everyone as she seemed to ignore his aura. "What the hell do you mean... you still don't!?" She shouted in inquiry to Azure. With an angry growl, she brought her swords together, and everyone backed away as she slammed them down in a circle around her to force them away. "... This is a fucking joke... So I don't really get why no one's laughing." she decided to laugh on her own. She seemed to realize, and think about how she could now completely annihilate Azure and the others... But, her blades merely floated around her.

RJ: "I'm done. I thought for once, I could be taken seriously. If I just lost my mind, and decide to kill someone everyone loved. Then someone like you comes, and decides someone like me is worth letting live." she chuckled. "You're even more insane than I am, and that's humbling." she said, before turning, and heading down the road, towards Undine's temple.

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Everybody wants a rematch except the victor
Copper: Better to let her figure it out on her own than to argue the point with her further, especially if she wasn't going to get it. As she realizes which direction she's going, Azure pinches the bridge of her nose. "This is not going to end well," she mutters. For the time being, she puts her attention on tending to her boys. "Bishop? If you have it in you, could you see to Tabith, please?" Better to have him do it than to tempt fate with Marth. She'll move over to Ragna and hold his sword out to him. "Thanks for the loan, even if it was unintended."

RJ: "I want a rematch." Ragna grumbled, while Bishop tended to everyone's wounds. Ragna then looked to the path ahead. Seeing that certain someone also walking on it. "So... Are we camping with her or what?" he inquired.

Copper: "Maybe later," she tells him. "As for that, I don't know. Camping right now seems like a very good idea, but that could just be the trauma talking." Especially since they're not exceptionally far from Waymeet and they still have daylight left to travel by. "Claire, who was that? She obviously tried attacking you before, if her words were to be believed."

RJ: "I never met her before, on a social meeting that is." she admitted. "I did get attacked before, but we never exchanged words. She just kind of hit me and ran." she said with a shrug. And if Azure had nothing else to say, they'd soon find themselves camping, with Bellezza at her own campsite further away from the others, seemingly out of respect due to recent events.

Copper: "She did imply as much. Sounds like she wants to make a name for herself by taking you out, though that doesn't exactly seem like a possibility right now. "She doesn't exactly strike me as the type, but if she's nearby, definite watches tonight. Would that igloo of yours withstand her hits, Claire, or is it weaker due to being an extension?"

RJ: "Call me crazy, but I think she gave up, Azure." Ragna declared. Claire nodded. "I don't feel she will trouble me any longer."

RJ: "In fact..." Claire rose up, and began to actively approach Bellezza, moving to sit next to her own campfire away from the main group.

Copper: The lamia shakes her head. "I'm not inclined to think you crazy on that end. Maybe it's just good to hear that someone else sees it, too." She blinks a bit as Claire gets up and heads for the other fire but it's already been proven Bellezza can't hurt their charge, so she isn't too worried about it. Presuming the elf is with the group of them, Azure will put her attention on him. "Thank you for your help earlier, too, Bishop. All that healing would've been a bit much to put on Marth, especially after the fight."

RJ: "I know. That's why I did it." he said flatly, as if it should have been in question whether they'd do that.

RJ: Though, after a moment, Marth would give Bishop a whack. He'd wince, then sigh. "You're welcome. Though I don't know why I'm saying that to you when," another whack, Marth seemed rather angry. "... Happy to be of use."

Copper: Azure does her best to hold in a smile at Marth's reaction to his friend. She's content to let it go for now, simply inclining her head in response. If Marth is feisty enough to smack Bishop around, he's likely well into recovery. "Thank you, too, Marth. That weave of yours is likely what helped me stay up as long as I did." Knowing things like that tend to fluster him some, after her compliment, she'll excuse herself and ease over to Capri, since he likely had the worst of it during the fight, being strictly human and without abilities to draw on. She'll lay a hand carefully on his arm. "How are you faring?"

RJ: "I'm pretty good. I stayed out of the fight." he admitted. "What? There's no way I can compete with the likes of Ragna and the others. I'm an artist and a scholar, not a warrior."

Copper: "I know, which is why I wanted to make certain you were okay." She leans in, bumping her head lightly against his own. "Maybe we ought to see about teaching you a little? Or expanding on what you might already know? Enough that you can defend yourself if the need arises." She'll catch his hand and play her fingers at his palm and the backside of it. "Maybe I'll learn along with you. I can hold my own but that was mostly on stubborn determination rather than skill."

RJ: "I don't know, you had good reactions to her attacks. Even though you were being overwhelmed, you stopped the blade from cutting through you." he said. "I'd say you can hold your own much better with a weapon. Maybe you can get closer to Ragna while learning some sword techniques from him?"

Copper: "Listen to you. Matchmaker." It's a gentle tease but she's smiling. "I'm just glad that all of you are all right. I just kept thinking that I had to beat her to get the swords away from the rest of you."

RJ: He chuckled, encouraging her that he's fine. "Indeed. You train with Ragna while I train with Tabith." he declared his own intentions with a wink.

Copper: "Ah, now I see." She smiles, there still that bit of playful tease in her voice. "As long as they both agree, I think that's an acceptable arrangement. We'll see about weapons when we get back to the temple, provided there's money left over from our pay." She'll give him a kiss on the cheek, as well as a hug around the shoulders. "Going to check on the others."

RJ: Capri turned and kissed her right on the lips, giving a passionate moan. "You were amazing, love." he said before she departed.

Copper: She returns the kiss, hugging him a little tighter. By her smile, she appreciates the compliment. She'll actually check in with Tabith first, since she got the next worse of it. "All parts accounted for?" comes out with a touch of a chuckle.

RJ: Tabith showed her arm, which had a thin scar along the outer flesh in a horizontal line. "A sign that I survived."

RJ: "Then again, it's quite easy to survive when your opponent merely threatens your life in order to get a certain someone angry."

RJ: "Hey," Zidane spoke up, seemingly following some nudging from Ragna. "... When she threatened to kill me... Thanks." Zidane said with seemingly great effort on his part, forcing himself to acknowledge Azure when instinct told him not to.

RJ: "Yup, turns out, Azure was a good pick by Francis. We'd all be dead protecting Claire." Ragna said flatly, getting some cooked rabbit out of the pot.

Copper: Azure nods. "That's...what I was hoping. She hadn't done it, even with all of you at her mercy. If she did want you dead, you wouldn't be here. Not that I'm complaining, but I still wonder why. It was almost like she was going into the fight wanting to end her life. Part of why I didn't do it." Her attention will go to Zidane as he speaks and she gives him a smile. "Well, I won't stand for anyone threatening any of you. I just...apparently need to find a more effective way to do it."

RJ: "Clearly with swords and mercy." Ragna chuckled. Marth pondered at that though. "Maybe she just wanted a really good fight? She seemed full of pride, but you holding back really made her angry. As if you hurt her feelings by not trying one-hundred percent." he offered. Zwei nodded. "It is common among warriors to desire a good fight. She was full of a warrior's spirit. If your opponent holds back their skill, it is an unspoken rule to not kill them. It is a disgrace to your honor to strike down someone who does not respect your desire to die in combat."

RJ: "That sounds needlessly complicated, Zwei." Zidane groaned. "Combat is a way of life for many." Zwei replied.

Copper: That gets a chuckle out of her. "Don't tell her, but that was my one-hundred-percent. I'm not very good with a sword. I was mostly trying to keep her from stabbing me and keep her distracted enough that she wouldn't think to do anything to any of you. I was actually sort of hoping that she'd realized I'd pulled my strike. That I could have killed her but didn't, especially with her going on and on about mamono being monsters and all." She mulls over Zwei's words as well. "I suppose I wasn't," she'll agree as they talk about Bellezza's desire to die. "After I pulled back and she got mad, that's when I realized it, which is why I was pulling my strikes, even after she threatened you. I just wanted to stop her."

RJ: "Hrm," Capri hummed, joining the group with a bit of firewood. "I think I finally remember her name. Which is strange." he said. Everyone looked at him since he seemed to know about the strange attacker. "The family Felutia, a noble family, is actually somewhat significant to where I grew up. Only thing is, I don't remember them ever having a child, and she's got to be at the very least eightteen years old to be allowed outside the safety of the military."

Copper: "So either she's lying about the name, she snuck off, or she's not alone." The first one doesn't seem to bother Azure too much but the other two would be cause for concern.

RJ: "Possibly lying, but she's packing some serious power to take all of you down. Not even the witch you fought before could handle all of you on her own, and witches are said to be extremely powerful." Capri stated. "Half a dozen witches can kill a fully grown kitsune. And kitsune are revered as gods in Zippangu for their sheer power alone." Marth explained. "Nerd." Ragna observed, Marth rolled his eyes. Capri continued however. "So, could she have faked the name? Possibly. However, I've a feeling that she's been bestowed the power of a Hero by an angel. Nobody has to be incognito when receiving such an honor."

Copper: "So her title enables her to travel without escort but would that also mean that somewhere there's an angel that wants Claire out of the picture? Though from what Bellezza said, it seemed more her idea. She said she wanted to take out someone everyone loved. Claire's just too indestructible."

RJ: "Considering Claire's fame, not even a group of heroes could take her out." Ragna stated. "So, if an angel did send this girl to kill her, they must have been a total asshole."

Copper: "With regards to Claire or Bellezza?" is asked with a chuckle, though she has a feeling she knows which way that question tumbles.

RJ: Marth blinked in total confusion. Then, he tried to play it cool with his interpretation. "Uh... Claire never did anything wrong, Azure..." he said in defense of the crystal advocate for peace.

Copper: "I was questioning whether the angel was intending to be an asshole toward Claire, by sending someone to try and kill her, because they don't want peace." Not to mention Claire's past as a former angel. "Or if they were being an asshole if they directed Bellezza to Claire, knowing she'd fail, which is a rotten move, if you ask me."

RJ: "The latter. She'd basically be telling Bellezza to bang her head against a wall." Ragna stated.

Copper: Azure's quiet for a moment. "Or maybe she didn't want her to succeed. Though for all intents and purposes, I think Bellezza just picked her target poorly. Lucky us."

RJ: "With regards to you or Claire?" Ragna inquired with a grin and wink.

Copper: "Yes." She grins back at him. "Though I have to wonder what she's going to do now. I'm guessing Claire's trying to talk some sense into her because if she wanders into Undine's temple the way she is now, things are going to go sideways real fast."

RJ: Speaking of, Claire was coming back. Her hand on Bellezza's back. "Pardon me, everyone. I'd like to invite a guest to the fire." she said. Bellezza was looking to the side, staring at nothing to avoid everyone's eyes. "You would?" Ragna inquired.

RJ: Everyone looked rather dumbfounded and shocked that Claire would invite a recent attempt at murder into their company.

Copper: Azure had to keep from chuckling at the girl's behavior and Ragna's blunt question. Clearly she was there at Claire's suggestion but she didn't exactly seem to want to be. She seems willing to trust their charge, however, especially since Bellezza seemed only interested in Claire, not to mention she had managed to be bested already. "She's welcome as your guest, then, Claire. Or was there to be more discussion?" She'll arch a brow at the other woman.

RJ: Feeling Azure's eyes on her, the girl averted her eyes even more. "Yes, Bellezza wished to say something to you, Azure." she said. After an awkward moment, the girl turned just a bit her way, but quickly looked away again when it seemed looking Azure in the eye was too much. "I wanted to say... Our fight isn't over." she began. "Azure, you humiliated me. So, upon my... Claire's suggestion... I will spare the lives of her and your friends, and others, if you agree to fight me again, one more time. After your business is done and your wounds have healed. I won't accept no for an answer." she stated with determination. "So, you want a rematch? Huh." Ragna hummed.

Copper: Azure was quiet for a bit after Bellezza’s declaration. “I think it should be plain by now that I’d rather not get into a fight with you, but,” she interjects before the other girl can dispute that statement, “if you’re going to be persistent, then I suppose I don’t have a choice.” The lamia shifts and settles a bit, her gaze settling on the human. “Firstly, by your own statement, your grudge is with me. Claire and the others now have nothing to do with it, so they’re no longer a factor in the match.” She crosses her arms and sits up a little straighter. “And, given that it is a match and you’re challenging me, I’m setting a few terms of my own, namely with regard to weapons and the location.” There’s a very brief pause. “And the fact that I’m not going to kill you the second time, either.”

RJ: Bellezza frowned at the last bit. "Again with that... It's my god given objective to kill monsters like you, and yet you have the audacity to tell me you'll once again hold back from dealing a mortal blow?" Bellezza stared at the fire, bewildered. "What are you trying to prove by being so reckless?" she inquired, her eyes fixated on Azure. "It can't be that you're trying to sell me on the fact that nice monsters exist, because that's not even a factor. By letting you live, you will breed with men, and further the mamono races, while no more humans will be born. Allowing mamono to do as they please will cause humanity to go extinct. There's no avoiding that, no matter how naive you try to sound."

RJ: Of course, what Bellezza spoke of was how mamono almost never bear human children, only members of their own race.

Copper: "You're cutting yourself off by your own logic. If you're so concerned with furthering the human race, why are you out trying to get yourself killed instead of..." Azure waves her hand in a circle, looking for the right words, "finding yourself a husband and making human babies?"

RJ: "Because if we were all at home making babies instead of culling mamono numbers then all of the order would be overrun. Mamono kidnap men, and breed with them. Your logic is just to let it happen? Granted, I can tell you think that sounds just fine with the company you keep." she gestured at all the attractive men around her.

Copper: (Okay, history time here for me. Yes, I get the whole 'mamono want husbands' thing but how interested is the average mamono in raiding the human lands and making off with all the men and the horses?)

RJ: (it varies, but there's a lot of reasons for them to do so. Without a man, you are forever alone with no one to cuddle, you have no status or pride since all the other mamono with mates are seen as successful, and mamono are generally far more sexuality active. They don't go through moods like normal human women. Their switch is always on, and so not having someone to help relieve that need is yet another helping factor.)

RJ: (different mamono have different methods, but their end goal is the same. Capture the D and cuddle it and call it George.)

RJ: (In general, mamono who don't get mates are seen as victims of natural selection removing them from the gene pool. Successful mamono pass on their genes, where mamono who fail either never breed or are killed trying to get a mate, either from a human settlement or from another mamono.)

Copper: (fair enough. just wondering if it was an instance of 'you're just being stereotypical' or if there was a grain of truth behind it.)

RJ: (Yup, it's true. Azure herself is a fine example, someone who stole a mate from another group of mamono.)

Copper: (to be fair, they stole them first. she was just stealing him back. sorta.)

RJ: (I'm sure Capri saw her as his romantic gallant white knight while running for his life.)

Copper: (Better Az, who gives him choices, than a bunch of pervy dark elves who might not? *innocent look*

Copper: "Well, of course I'm interested in furthering mamono numbers. I am one, after all. Just as you're interested in furthering human numbers. I understand why you're so hells bent on killing me but what I'm still trying to figure out is why you want me to kill you."

RJ: Bellezza started to get red in the face with frustration. "It's not that I have a death wish, damn you! It's a matter of honor and respect! I was just spared, as if I'm not even worth killing! Or not considered a big enough threat to be killed! Do you get it!?"

Copper: Warrior's logic. Not entirely lost on Azure, being as she's not a warrior, but there'd be no changing Bellezza's mind from her path. "Well, forgive me for thinking that mercy just might change your mind. If you're going to insist on the rematch, then let's settle terms. You've already determined time. I want to determine place and weapons."

RJ: "Weapons? I'm not going to be disallowed from using my full power!" She declared. "I'll decide when and where, Azure! No advantages, no special rules! Just plain combat!"

Copper: "And you using all of those blades is like me fighting against six or seven different opponents, which would give you the advantage. I hardly think that's fair, do you?" The lamia arches a brow.

RJ: "Oh? Are you admitting to my superior skill?" she suddenly looked haughty. It seemed like Bellezza proving she was better than Azure was a huge deal.

RJ: "Indeed, I didn't fight with my full strength, did I? But neither did you, as you weren't aiming to kill. I do wonder, are you scared of my maximum power?"

Copper: There's the sound of the lamia sucking on a tooth and it's clear she's getting the slightest bit irritated with the girl, given the fact that the tip of her tail is tapping on the ground. "Well, if you think you need all of those swords to beat me, then I guess I'll just have to figure out what I'm going to do about them. I still maintain that negates it being a one-on-one duel."

RJ: "Nonsense! Why can't you use your magical talent to control your own bunch of swords?" she argued. "Do you want me to teach you? Can you not do something so simple?" she inquired. Marth rose his hand. "It's actually not simple at all, it requires a lot of concentration, and not to mention there's mana orbs engraved in each of the swords to make it eas-" Marth was cut off by Bellezza. "Why does he talk so much!?"

Copper: (Oh, let's just throw some more oil on this fire)

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

It's only getting more complicated
Copper: Azure shoots a bit of a grin in Marth's direction then puts her attention back on Bellezza. "Maybe it's because I'm not a warrior and don't have my own bunch of swords?" She arches her brows again. Granted, this might be something that she could learn with slightly greater ease compared to humans, but that wasn't exactly the point.

RJ: "You're not a warrior?" Bellezza inquired with an astonished expression. "Oh... Ha-ha!" she grinned, finding what Azure said funny. "Not a warrior, she says... Almost defeated a hero, and yet oh no! I'm just a big old softie!" she chuckled, before looking enraged. "DO YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT!?"

Copper: Given the fact that Bellezza's raising her voice, Azure rocks up a little. "The way you keep acting, yes!" she finally snaps. "Did I have a weapon before you gave me Ragna's sword? And in case you didn't notice, I wasn't attacking you with it but keeping your own sword from stabbing me. By all the powers, girl, I didn't even hit you until you decided you wanted me to kill you. So do I think you're an idiot? Yes." she reiterates with a snap in her tone.

RJ: "And you're full of shit." Bellezza snaps back. "Look at you. Why are you sitting here, trying to pretend like you're some kind of pacifist non-combatant when your whole body screams with power? When blow after blow I landed upon you did not strike you down? Your unending endurance, your power of strength to block even the heaviest of my blows. You have a warrior's body, so maybe you're just lying to me, but maybe you're lying to yourself as well. You have all this power and you're trying to insinuate to me that you do not use it? Who's the real idiot here? Or maybe you're just trying to pass off as wasteful. Either way, I won't have it. You're not going to pretend to be someone so pathetic when I've trained my entire life for combat. You're getting training, or bad things are going to happen. Are we in an understanding with each other?"

Copper: "Well, it's not going to come from you, who got herself bested by an amateur," Azure hisses. "Fine. If you want to have your ass handed to you again, so be it. Just remember that I beat you without training. Imagine what I'll do to you with it." Azure stares unblinking at Bellezza, her tail swishing back and forth on the ground behind her, the lamia able to hold the stare for what's probably an uncomfortably long time for the girl. It's not even a predatory stare, either. It's annoyance.

RJ: Claire decided to rise and let that be that. "Okay, now! See, we can all reach an agreement even if we have problems, right? Now, until this fight or whatever happens, we can all relax and be friends, alright?" she offered. Bellezza sat down near the fire. "If I win, I'll be on my way with my honor intact. What are your terms if you win?" she inquired, not looking at Azure.

Copper: There's that sound of Azure sucking on her tooth again. "I thought you wanted me to kill you, so what's it matter? Or have you changed your mind about fighting to the death?" Those looking at her see her brow arch, though her expression's a bit more...devil's advocate in this instance than anything else.

RJ: "You're just going to spare me again. Naturally, if you wizen up, you can just take my swords when you kill me. Though, if you do bring out this amazing power you're promising, that's probably exactly what you're going to do. Spare me." she stated. "Why would you even do that? Do you think I'll just go away? Do you believe we wouldn't meet again under the same circumstances, given who I serve? What are you after?"

Copper: "I'm not after anything. You're the aggressor here." Azure lets out a sigh. "Fine. If it will keep you from becoming a reoccuring pain in my ass, if I win, then you renounce the Order and you serve me."

RJ: Ragna and Zidane both gave an audible gasp. "So, it's not just men you're after!" Ragna declared, though based on his trollish expression, complete with a grin he was trying to hold back very hard, he wasn't entirely serious. However, his intent came through when Zidane looked at him as if he didn't even think of that, before his face blushed heavily as he backed up a bit from Azure as if intimidated by her. All while Ragna looked very pleased with his companion's fear.

RJ: Meanwhile, Bellezza was quiet, still facing the fire. Eyes wide like a deer in torchlight.

RJ: Capri scooted over closer to Bellezza. "Don't wory, if she beds you while under her service, she's very gentle." he reassured Bellezza and patted her back. Bellezza only lost more color in her face. It was extremely evident that Capri was pounding in the regret she was feeling right now.

RJ: "What's everyone talking about?" Marth was the only one who didn't get it.

Copper: After glancing at Ragna, Azure does her best to keep her expression passive. "Think of it as incentive," she tells the other woman with a very serpentine smile. "Marth? Would you talk with me?" She's got no desire to get him involved in this conversation and since Bellezza cut him off, she was now curious about what he'd noticed regarding her swords. Easing away from the fire, she'll move off, not too far away from the others so as to cause them worry but clearly the conversation isn't meant to be overheard.

RJ: After leading him away, Marth seemed to want to get right to the chase. "You know it's dangerous to get close to me... Also, what did they mean about you being after the men and being very gentle? What would it mean if you were rough? Does this have something to do with Zidane calling you a man eater? I've done my research and lamia don't eat men, so what does that mean?" he assaulted her with questions.

Copper: Azure holds up a hand to slow his stream of questions. "I wanted to talk to you about Bellezza's swords and those orbs you mentioned. I think we can be close enough to just talk, right?" Given they've done so in the past and she's got no intention of initiating contact with him, she's not worried about the curse at the moment.

(Also pausing there to see if that doesn't reroute Marth. Distraction of magical discussion over Azure's personal life.)

RJ: Marth looked rather upset that she dodged the question. "Ngh... Fine... What did you want to talk about?"

Copper: (If he's going to persist, let him persist. He doesn't have to switch gears on my account.)

RJ: (he's not persisting because she's not answering him)

Copper: She'll settle back, relaxing a little. "I'd gather they're not something that can be easily removed, if at all, but is there a way to counter what it is they do? Or to block it somehow? I'm figuring you were going to tell us that they make it easier for her to control the swords without as much concentration before she cut you off."

RJ: "They do make it easier to control. She merely needs to exert the command while the power within the orbs does the grunt work. It's an effort in mechanism that the magi use all the time so that pilots can command big golems with ease. And if you got your hands on the swords, I can't imagine it'd be too hard to just remove them, or destroy them."

Copper: "I'm not sure I'd be able to do that in the middle of a fight, though. Maybe, if I were lucky." She's quiet a moment, perhaps processing his explanation on how the orbs work. "Not something that's possible to...disrupt, though, is it? Not without knocking her out?"

RJ: "If you caused a lot of magical interference, I'm sure that her threads controlling the swords would get thrown out of whack." he theorized. "Or, if you just cut the threads directly, the swords would flop to the ground before she grabbed them again."

RJ: "She's so skilled at weaving though, that cutting the threads is a super temporary solution..."

RJ: "But, if you caused a big explosion, or a lot of wind magic, I'm sure it'd be difficult to control them. Also, she was standing still when using all of her blades at once. Just like me, I'm sure that if she's distracted, she can't control many of them at once."

RJ: "It's a bit dirty, but... Emotional distress also counts as a distraction. Whatever you said bothered her before. So... If you do something like that again..." he cleared his throat.

Copper: "Even if they're just disrupted for the duration of the fight, that would be temporary enough. The only explosion I managed is when her spell collided with your protection weave, but I suppose I'll have time to learn other things before I have to fight her again." She smiles as he mentions his observation about her keeping still. "I'm glad you spotted that and during the fight, too. That's helpful." Whether it's his meaning behind it or not, the clearing of his throat at the comment that takes them back to his questions isn't lost on her. "What Ragna was teasing at and Capri was trying to..." She pauses, considering her choice of words, "comfort her about was the notion of my bedding her, Marth. It's not something forefront in my mind, but if she wants to think that, then I'm more than willing to let her." There's a pause. "And we used to, you know. Eat men. It's not something we do much of any more. I certainly don't."

RJ: Marth listens attentively when she tries to explain, however, Marth only seems more insistent. "What does bedding mean!? You mean sleeping with someone? Zidane and I do that all the time, why is it a big deal?" he inquires, as if he has no idea the weight of the implications of his words.

RJ: Zidane, with good ears, shouts from the camp. "THAT DOESN'T MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS!"

copperpayn: "I know!" she shouts back, though there's a touch of laughter in her voice. Her attention goes back to Marth, her expression softening from the humor from Zidane's statement. "'Bedding' usually implies sleeping with someone with the intent to mate or simply have sex, Marth. What you and Zidane do, sleeping in the same bed, is different. Very different," she adds after a heartbeat of a pause.

RJ: Marth spends what's about a minute to process what he was told. "... But mating with another girl is impossible?" is his conclusion.

RJ: Meanwhile, Azure could hear Ragna interrogating Zidane on what he heard.

copperpayn: Which is fine, so long as Zidane realizes Azure took the conversation away from the camp for a reason. "Mating, yes," she agrees. "That doesn't mean two women can't give each other pleasure, though. Babies don't always have to be the end result of sex, Marth." She's keeping her tone gentle, not talking down to him but at the same time, trying to help him understand without shocking him too much.

RJ: Marth blinked several times, before his face turned red. The connection that his eyes drew between Azure and Bellezza giving indication as to what was going through his head, as his face turned even deeper red. "... T-that's... Weird..." he said with uncertainty.

copperpayn: (uncertainty as in "don't yell at me for putting down your orientation" or "I'm thinking about this and I probably shouldn't be"?)

RJ: (Kinda sorta the latter)

RJ: (It's more, "Why does thinking about this make me feel weird")

copperpayn: (that was actually going to be my other way of wording it "as in 'now I feel funny in my bathing suit area')

RJ: (aka "I was very sheltered when I was growing up")

copperpayn: "To some it is," she agrees again. "What's unusual about it?" The question is gently prompting but by her body language, if he's not comfortable with answering, she's not going to press. She's simply turning it into a casual discussion the two of them can have, not an interrogation.

RJ: This generates some awkward body movements from Marth, as if he doesn't know where to go or what to do. "I-I don't know... If I could explain it, it wouldn't be unusual..." he tried to explain while still looking confused.

copperpayn: "You have a point." He'll catch her hand raising and then her fingers curling back as she remembers contact isn't good. "A conversation for another day, then," she offers as a way for him to bow out but also letting him know she's willing to talk with him. "More important things to discuss anyway. Like possibly teaching me some magic. Or maybe, at the very least, how to resist it better."

RJ: He gave it some more thought, then looked up at Azure with a face of honesty. "Azure... If you loved me, and the curse didn't affect you... Would you want to do those things with me?" he inquired. His face wasn't lustful or intentful, it seemed born of true curiosity, and from pondering just what it was that Azure wanted.

copperpayn: Her own expression after he asks that is tender and just as free of lust or intent. "I would, Marth. Were something you wanted as well." There's a heartbeat of a pause. "Though I'm beginning to feel that 'if' isn't so big as it might seem."

copperpayn: (Were *it* something...)

RJ: Looking up at Azure, he was looking directly into her eyes as she said that. Silence followed as her words fell on his ears. One thought led to another, it seemed, and Marth's face went blood red. Suddenly, he was ducking and heading back to the camp with rushed steps. "A-A conversation for another day, then!" he declared, running away.

RJ: "Did she touch you?" Ragna inquired with a chuckle. "I wasn't thinking about that!" Marth said defensively, Ragna merely went still in shock, and blinked a few times. "What." he replied flatly. "I'm tired, goodnight everyone!" he declared, finding his bedroll and curling up in it.

RJ: "Man, what did she DO to him?" Ragna inquired with a bit more seriousness this time.

copperpayn: Azure's willing to give him his space, waiting a few seconds before working her way back to camp herself, taking in stock of who's where (mostly seeing if Bellezza's still at their fire) and, if she managed to catch the tail end of the conversation, expecting some questions from Ragna, Zidane, Bishop, or a combination of all three.

RJ: Rather, all parties glance at Azure and turn their heads away from her. Bellezza is next to Claire, their bedrolls close together ironically. To the side, Ragna and Zidane are the buns of the sandwich around Marth who is between them. Zwei is on his own opposite them, and Capri is sitting down on his bedroll, which is gigantic enough to accommodate Azure, and himself. Bishop was off a ways, but still close by.

RJ: It seemed as if instead of asking, everyone drew their own conclusions, for the worst in the case of Azure and whatever she did to Marth.

RJ: Zidane, instead of criticizing her, seemed eager to vanish from her sight, as if in fear that he was next.

copperpayn: (where's tabith? I'm only asking because they did watches the last time they camped and right now, seems like everyone's bedding down.)

RJ: (Oh, forgot her in my mental headcount.)

RJ: Tabith is sitting on a log nearby, keeping an eye on the woods.

copperpayn: So long as none of them, particularly Bishop, seem inclined to murder her in her sleep over it, she's fine. She'll either be confronted about it later or they'll go to Marth for an explanation or accusations they can throw in her direction. "I recommend Zwei or Capri if you need relief on watch, Tabith," the lamia suggests. "The mages need their rest and Ragna doesn't wake up easy." She also indicates Zidane with her gaze, but given his body language at the moment, being woken up in the middle of the night might get Tabith stabbed.

RJ: "How about you sit and join me." she declared. There wasn't much question in her voice, as if it was more a direction rather than suggestion.

copperpayn: There's a roll of her shoulders and she'll give Capri's arm a rub before she heads over to join the elf. "Something on your mind?"

RJ: "My ears work better than the cat boy's." she declared. "Are you honestly going to play that risky game with the mage? Despite everything we've learned?" she questioned. "You had the chance to disarm any danger, but you invited it. You planted the seed in his mind. Do you truly believe you can come to love him enough to break through that barrier? Granted, his heart will be yours alone if you succeed, and there's temptation in that, but it can also end in your death."

copperpayn: Azure settles, her hands resting lightly on what constitutes as her lap when she sits like that. "It's only risky if I weren't speaking the truth, Tabith. I wouldn't have said anything to him if I didn't mean it."

RJ: Tabith chuckled, one arm moving to wrap around one of Azure's arms as she scooted closer, her smooth, dark hand gracing along the skin of Azure's arm. "Oh? You think you can do it? Or is it the lust in your heart speaking for you? I'm really good at differentiating love from lust, you know. Shall I test you?"

RJ: As Azure might note in this situation, Dark Elves, as well as many mamono, Azure included, are often in a state of various degrees of constant lust. So Tabith being flirtatious here is not abnormal behavior.

RJ: That being said, refusal of various flirtations compared to acceptances is a ratio that highly favors refusal.

copperpayn: (come again on that last one?)

RJ: (Basically, mamono are often being sexual all the time. So very often, people may not want to indulge in their lusts, and refuse them without making a bit deal about it. It's a fundamental difference from normal, real society, where flirtation followed by refusal is often a huge thing.)

copperpayn: (so saying "not tonight, I've got a headache" isn't going to make Tabith pissed)

RJ: (Rather, just treating it as normal conversation. "It's a test I'd pass," or, "I have faith in myself." will just as easily not lead to sex. What Tabith is saying can easily just be treated as conversation.)

RJ: (Because it's that normal)

copperpayn: (gotcha)

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

The Second Dark Elf sex scene part 1
Copper: "I've no doubt you could." Azure doesn't seem inclined to brush the other woman off, but she's not encouraging her, either. "But when I made my admission to him, there wasn't lust in my heart." She does gently pat Tabith's hand where it rests on her arm, just a familiar gesture, given how close the two of them are.

RJ: Tabith takes to leaning on Azure's shoulder with a sigh. "There was, just a little bit. How could there not be? The boy asked you if you wanted to fuck him and you said yes." she chuckled, before turning and kissing Azure's cheek and letting her go. "I heard a man once overcame the alice influence by wanting to have sex with her a lot. His legendary lust actually was enough to pass as love. So, don't think for a moment that lust won't help you. Lust goes with love, after all." she said, before rubbing Azure's back. "You look cold. Go curl around that man in the blanket and warm up." she said, urging Azure to scoot away.

Copper: Azure inclines her head slightly in agreement with Tabith's comment about lust. "Hard not to feel that way, but then, it wasn't the only feeling." At the comment of the one who overcame the curse, she laughs softly. "That might be a little counter-productive to us getting anything else done, though. Fun as it could be." She'll return the rub. "Feel free to join us if you don't stay on watch all night. Or if you pick Capri to replace you, then you can replace him." She gives the dark elf a light swat on the backside with her tail before she heads over to curl under the bedroll.

Copper: Before she gets too far, though, she pauses and turns around. "Actually, why don't you join us? Cuddling with you will be a nice bonus but, uh," her gaze trails over to the 'hero' in their midst, "having you beside me in the morning, I think, will be an even better treat." There's something calculating in the look that she gives, especially with Bellezza being a factor. A sneaky smile curls the corner of her lips before she resumes heading for bed.

RJ: Tabith giggled. "I shant refuse." she indicated with a wink, bringing her hands behind her light purple hair and adjusting her ponytail as the binding had become a little loose as the day's events wore on. In the moonlight, Tabith in her armor looked to be in her element, her purple armor and red cape almost glowing in the soft light from the moon. As if she were a child of the night, much befitting the nature of her species, with even her unnatural high seeming to glow. It was no magic though, just a play on the eye. And like that, she'd stand guard for her post as Azure and Capri got together. Capri would chuckle as she crawled in, happily getting wrapped in her tail if she willed it, and kissing her as well as embracing her with affection. Meanwhile, Azure's ear would twitch from hearing soft whispers. From Marth, it seemed. "Ragna... Ragna...!" he whispered. "Sup buddy." Ragna replied, apparently not asleep. "Are they having... sex?" Marth inquired.

RJ: Silence followed. Then Ragna replied. "Yeah, man. Totally. Go back to sleep." Ragna whispered back. Then, Ragna would stand up as Tabith approached the camp. "I got next shift." he said, before taking Tabith's place. "Oh, warm." he said as he sat where she was sitting. Meanwhile, Tabith came up to Azure's bed. Light metallic sounds were heard. Tabith undressed from her armor, leaving her in naught but her stockings and 'very' adventurous dark purple underwear that left little to the imagination while covering just enough to allow the imagination to flow. She crawled into the bed, while Marth let out a gasp. If Azure peeked, Bellezza was also peeking out from under her covers, staring wide eyed at what both she and Marth thought was a very subtle three-way going on right in front of them.

RJ: Interestingly enough, when Azure felt Tabith's stockings, it didn't feel like the usual uncomfortable affair of material one would prefer to have off. Instead, it felt like finely woven arachne silk. Her scales brushing against the dark elf's stockings was a surprisingly pleasant and smooth feeling.

RJ: Tabith indeed snuggled closer, and from where she was, Azure felt nice and warm due to the two heat sources sandwiching her. In addition, she could feel both parties right up on her body, to the point that she could feel Capri's excitement patiently pressing against her, and Tabith's as well, which was large enough to escape her perhaps poorly chosen underwear given what she was. Both of their genitals would rub against her at the slightest movement. Something that Tabith seemed to keep right under control, giving no reaction, while Capri loved to wriggle in pleasure at any movement Azure made. "I thought he'd gasp at the sight of my penis." Tabith replied honestly.

Copper: "Just you getting nearly naked was enough, I think. That might have just been extra," the lamia replies with a slight chuckle. "I wonder if he'll be full of questions tomorrow or if he'll be to flustered to ask." She keeps her motions casual, not restraining herself from moving but also not teasing either one with extra movements, either. Still, she's a little encouraged by Capri and he'll feel her fingers playing at his back and side while they snuggle.

RJ: "His poor little mind wouldn't be suffering those fantasies if 'someone' didn't tell him about the wonderful world of bisexuals. Now poor thing is wondering just how far the three of us are going~" she cooed, as Azure could feel a light massage at her side turn into a gentle brush over her breasts, fingers gently bumping over her nipple as Capri's excited rising and falling chest gently teased the other. With her extra senses, she could 'feel' how fast Capri's heart was beating. It was almost like a drum playing in her head. Her fingers along his back made him snuggle close, hugging Azure as his length was sandwiched between him, the hottest part of his body currently, and flowing with so much blood that it was rock solid. Meanwhile, in the state of her own arousal, Azure could feel Tabith's erect nipples pushing against her back if she were facing Capri, or against her arm otherwise. However, considering she was horny very often, Tabith still seemed completely composed, her heartrate very much calm and collected.

Copper: "I plead not guilty on that one. Or at the very least, I had help with it from outside sources." Rather than act on what it is she's feeling, she seems content to let things happen as they are, enjoying the slow build that's coming from the myriad of sources. Her hand on Capri would move a little lower, kneading the small of his back, near his hip, and just the beginning curve of his backside. It's slightly harder for her to reciprocate for Tabith but she will with subtle shifts, making nice friction for the other woman. Overall, though, she's also not trying to disturb the others, though she does want the two with her to feel good, too.

RJ: "The dark elven court finds you guilty." Tabith chuckled, a sort of play on their lore, as in the dark elves eyes, everyone is always guilty of naughty behavior in some way or another. Giving friction to Tabith, the elf coos in such a way that Azure would find that she was stirring the cage of a beast within Tabith, as the elf embraced the gestures and moved closer, her mouth inches away from the side of Azure's face. A subtle giggle came from the elf, before she let out a most gentle, slow, and warm sigh against Azure's ear fin. The gentle breeze felt like it was a supernatural touch that made Azure quiver in a way she never quivered before. The hot, lust induced breath of the fallen elf sharing its influence while making Azure feel like her ear fin was melting for a moment. Then, a light touch against her folds, a brief inspection, and Tabith brought her hand up to show that with a simple suggestion, she induced lust within the lamia. Almost like a warning to the lamia of what she was enticing from the elf.

RJ: Then, she brought her fingers to Capri's lips. Knowing it was Azure's liquids, he hardly hesitated to suck on Tabith's fingers, cleaning them of Azure's lust.

RJ: While all that was going on beneath the giant bedroll, Ragna hummed to himself. "Hearing noises and guessing what they are... Pretty nice way to entertain yourself when keeping watch all alone at night." he said quietly to himself, barely audible to Azure.

Copper: Feeling the tickle of Tabith's breath against her ear causes Azure to let out a low rumble of a groan, the sound broked by a shuddered exhale as she feels the brush of Tabith's fingers. Given how all three of them seem to be feeling, Azure's hips rock subtly between the two on either side of her. Even before Ragna's words, she's doing her best to not be overly disruptive to those camping around them, the notion of keeping quiet adding a little something to what she's doing.

RJ: Deciding to excite her two partners further, Azure would find that half the camp was already awake due to their own wild imaginations running amok inside their heads thanks to the three cuddle mates inside one sleeping bag. Moving back and forth, Azure would find that her fluids weren't the only ones to be added to the mix. They were together in such a way that Capri wasn't that far away from Azure's certain place. Once she enticed him, it wasn't too long before she'd feel his length grinding against her sex, stimulating her as she did to him before he realized he had to silence the moans she was starting to elicit from him. To do this, he came forth, putting his lips upon her neck and moaning into her skin while holding back as much as possible. This created a most gentle vibration on her neck that even she would barely hear. Meanwhile, as Azure used her shapely rump to excite Tabith, the elf angled her fingers, and drew along Azure's skin with her nails, teasing her.

RJ: Soon, the way she was moving her hands didn't make sense with where Azure thought or might remember the elf to be. As if an expert in movement under tight situations, Tabith had completely flipped herself over. Her length now near Azure's mouth but not obnoxiously so. It was merely vulnerable if Azure wished to attack it. Meanwhile, Tabith's touch might have been fair to call corrupt or filled with magic. Even though Azure couldn't detect a single thread of magic, she became at the mercy of a wave of pleasure as Tabith placed her hands just below her special place, and slowly moved her hand up, along her inner scales, her fingers accurately touching the most exposed nerves that had Azure finding a moan trying to erupt from her lips, all while she lifted her head, made Capri take a breath as she cupped his sack into her mouth, and then gave Azure's jewel a single lick that send a bolt of pleasure through her spine.

RJ: If such like this continued, Azure would understand what Tabith's victims must have felt like when they began begging for release. If Dark Elven rumors were to be believed.

Copper: (Refresh my memory on Tabith's anatomy again. She has balls, shaft, and a slit, yes? Her penis is essentially her clit?)

RJ: (Yes, she be a full-package futanari with a slit underneath her balls)

Copper: (okay)

RJ: (She also possesses ovaries, but you didn't ask that :3)

Copper: (I don't think Az is going to be doing anything that will affect them at the moment, but good to know.)

RJ: (Since we're on the topic of reminders, Tabith, or rather Dark Elves, are incapable of impregnating most mamono, including each other. They can efficiently impregnate humans though. The same can't be said about other mamono. Orcs especially, are capable of impregnating almost everything, excluding rocks. As well, if Azure gets pregnant, she could, in theory, lay her eggs inside of Tabith. Azure is of a species that can lay her eggs in any suitable creature with a womb.)

Copper: (I think we discussed that briefly, at least the notion of siring spawn. Explains the whole thing with the orcs earlier, too. And that would be interesting, though Az isn't planning on getting pregnant. Planning, anyway.)

Copper: Let them think. If they were missing sleep because of the three of them, then that was through no fault of hers. Sort of. As Capri presses closer to her, he feels her hugging him against her and with his lips pressed to her neck, he likely feels the happy groans she’s stifling as she continues to writhe against him, catching a slight little whine as Tabith began her attentions as well. Her attention starts to alternate between kissing Capri and letting her tongue flick and trail along the shell of his ear and letting her tongue tease along and around Tabith’s length, tickling at her slit and teasing mostly around the head. If she can reach, Tabith will find Azure’s fingers teasing along the inside of her thigh to her sac, starting a massage there and letting her fingers tease behind at the sensitive skin there before tracing lightly around her slit until she can coax a finger or two inside of her.

RJ: (Azure has full control over her ovulation. Most mamono need to find selective environments to get pregnant, and it's not always convenient in the middle of the battlefield, when subduing a male. Especially when it comes to egg layers, forcing unwanted pregnancy is completely impossible unless you do something like brainwash or mind control them.)

Copper: (MUST BE NICE I mean *cough* good to know.)

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Part 2
RJ: Finding Azure interested in antagonizing Tabith's lust even further, Azure heard a giggle that seemed perhaps amazed. Without speaking, Azure could tell that Tabith was pondering if Azure truly wished to awaken her true self in such a situation. Scooting closer, she made her length available, one leg propped up to allow Azure total access as if daring her to continue. All while her hips gyrated at her touch. Smooth, and casual motions. Azure could tell that she was making Tabith feel good, but there was a huge difference between her and Capri. Her first man, who would twitch and react so powerfully to everything she did, versus Tabith, who never seemed surprised at what she did and always seemed completely composed and in control of herself even when Azure had her deep inside of her body. Perhaps an added addition of her sexual nature, Tabith's sexuality carried with it a scent like a plant or flower. If she concentrated she could tell that Tabith actually emitted pheromones that, when Azure breathed in, felt her mind empty and her heart race.

RJ: Azure actually lost track of time for a moment, the pheromones catching her off guard and leaving her licking Tabith's length and fingering her soaking wet folds without a single thought going through her mind to such a degree that she didn't even realize that she and Capri were inches away from becoming one once more. Ever in control, Tabith's hands found them just as his tip pressed against her entrance. With one little poke, a weave of magic left their hips paralyzed. The need to move forward, to take him inside, assaulted Azure's mind. It was like true denial torture. She felt like she was under assault by a supernatural force, even though she couldn't prove it with her third eye able to see only the slightest weave of paralyzing magic from Tabith. That's when she might realize that just Tabith's mere presence was driving both of them crazy.

RJ: She was like a living, breathing aphrodisiac. Holding both of them on the cusp of penetration, Azure saw Tabith grip Capri's cock, and stroke it, very, very, slowly. Meanwhile, she placed her fingers upon Azure's jewel, and slowly... Slowly rotated her fingers. Teasing her in the worst way. All while Azure could feel Capri whine, his hip control just barely present enough that he was moving his hips with such need and yet she could only barely feel him moving back and forth, trying to get the tip inside. His face was red, and he started to whisper and beg while clinging to Azure desperately.

Copper: Once the initial shock started wearing off, Azure does her best to move along with the sensation rather than trying to fight it. Capri's getting reassuring croons from the lamia, her hand rubbing up and down his back, partially to help calm him and partially to distract him with sensations elsewhere. Though Tabith seemed immune to it, if denial was the name of the game, Azure plays along, drawing out her strokes and working her lips and tongue along the dark elf's length more purposely than simply assaulting her with them.

RJ: Tabith cooed, one hand moving along to gently, soothingly, pet along Azure's head as she found her length taken by the snake's lips. Slowly, she began to move her body. Her lower hips moved in a wave that matched Azure's slow head motions, and her upper body pushed forward. She could feel Tabith's nipples pressing into her lower body as she felt herself ever so slightly pushed forward. In a few, gentle waves of her body, Azure slowly moved forward. Steadily, her lower lips began to take him. As he twitched, as he tried with all his might to suppress his suffering need, he found only small purchase in the fact that Azure was being teasingly moved to take his tip inside. Though once the tip was in, gradually, Tabith eased them together, until they were fully attached. Connected. Tabith crawled over them, her movements like water, such that it was doubtful anyone would notice the shuffle under the sheets. With her length still in Azure's mouth, the dark elf positioned her legs and arms to hover right over them. Capri's eyes went wide at the sight of her impressive genitalia.

RJ: Like Azure, Capri also seemed to get to work. His face moved forward, and he found her slit, licking it in such a way that her cock throbbed with excitement in Azure's mouth. He dug into her womanhood, before perhaps doing something unexpected. Before Azure's very eyes, Capri opened his mouth, and took Tabith's sack into his mouth. It was large enough that he had to open his mouth fully, but it was there and then it was gone, before he began to suck on her balls. Finally, Tabith showed her own weakness as she let out a small whine. "He learns... So fast..." Tabith whispered, apparently noting that Capri was using the same technique she used on him to great effect. Leaning forward, she kissed Capri's length, and Azure's jewel. They both felt the effects of paralyzation vanish as Capri reached down and took hold of Tabith's breast, gently pulling on her nipple while his tongue flicked at her genitals.

RJ: Tabith was now the one squirming. As Capri began to work his hips, moving back and forth inside Azure, Capri seemed to be on a missing to dominate the dominater. Working together with Azure seemed to be enough to get Tabith on the ropes. While Azure sucked her off and Capri toyed with her most vulnerable areas that the two shared despite being different gender, Azure felt Tabith trembling. Suppressing a whine while trailing her lips and tongue along Capri's length and moving to run circles with her tongue around Azure's clit, Tabith became their cleaner as her tongue gathered all their leaking juices from getting all over the sleeping bag. Her face was glistening from all their fluids, and for the first time since Azure met her, Tabith looked like the submissive one. Capri drew his lips back with her balls caught in his lips, drawing Tabith's hips down while bringing his other hand up to start fingering Tabith's asshole.

RJ: That's when Tabith truly seemed to start losing her mind. Azure saw Tabith tapping Capri's ass, not in a playful manner, but a begging one. "Capri... I... Can't hold... My voice..." she whispered weakly, her attention fully on Capri, kissing, licking, cleaning his cock. Trying to convince him to have some mercy. But when he popped her balls out of his mouth to go dig his tongue into her slit, Azure saw Capri with a most sadistic grin on his face, fueled by some sense of justice as he delivered karma to the dark elf. Tabith covered her mouth with one hand, before Azure found the elf gushing into her mouth, releasing so much seed, and so quickly thanks to her combined efforts with Capri. Moving forth, Tabith's cock slipped out of Azure's mouth as Capri took Azure's lips in for a kiss as Tabith's cum was still in her mouth. His tongue darted into her mouth, Tabith's seed mixing in both of their lips as Capri's motions grew faster, soon releasing his own load into Azure's depths.

RJ: Everyone was panting, perhaps even Azure as well. Tabith rolled off of the two of them and got herself flipped back over so that Tabith's face was close to Azure's. "How embarrassing..." she murmured. "That damned boy... Actually made me beg." she said, shamefully. Capri just chuckled, embracing Azure and smoothing a hand down along her side. "I wasn't going to just let you walk all over my wife to be, Tabith. It's my duty to stand by her side. Though to be fair..." Azure saw him reach over and grab a handful of Tabith's ass. "You were delicious~" he cooed, almost tauntingly. It was hard to tell who was the true sexual deviant in that moment. In terms of competition, Capri had Tabith on the ropes. After a moment, Tabith let out a most evil chuckle. "Oh really... Is that how it's going to be? Oh-ho-ho... This is going to be fun~" she cooed. With Azure in the middle, the two seemed to lock horns metaphorically. All while Capri embraced Azure, knowing Tabith was outmatched whenever they worked together.

Copper: Tabith gets to feel a bit of another assault, too, since a purr rolls in Azure's throat as she feels Capri being eased inside of her, the lamia making certain that the dark elf gets to feel it. As Capri moves to assault Tabith, her hand shifts away, giving him room and moving to tease fingers along the elf's skin as she can reach, playing with more intimate locations as she can. At the other woman's amazement, she can feel a laugh rumble around her and a break in the lamia's attentions as she pulls back briefly. "Why do you think I adore him so much?" Not giving Tabith time to answer the rhetorical question, she plunges her mouth around her once again, the motions of her hips seeming to move in counterpoint with her bobs, alternately pleasing both of her partners. When Capri moves to attack Tabith's slit, she pulls back a little herself, using her tongue more than her lips, that being coiled around the elf's length, slipping and squeezing while Azure's lips were wrapped firmly around the head, submitting her to little squeezes there as well as the rumble of more groans.

At her release, Tabith feels herself being milked further by the contraction of Azure's tongue until it slips away and begins dueling with Capri's, her hand dragging down his back and squeezing at his ass as she feels him throbbing inside of her.

Drawing back as they start to come down, she is, indeed, trying to catch her breath, though she's also wearing a very pleased smile on her face. Her arm slips around Tabith's back, allowing her to cuddle close again, fingers cording lightly in the hair at the back of her neck to help soothe her down, Capri receiving something of a similar treatment. At his taunt, she does her best to keep her chuckle in, though at Tabith's words, she does laugh. "Why do I have a feeling this rivalry of yours is going to wear me out?" she asks with a bit of a smirk. Capri, though, gets a bit of a squeeze. "Or, who knows? Maybe we'll manage to teach even Tabith here a thing or two."

RJ: Before their combined release and satisfaction, Azure's tight tongue squeeze gets an actual moan out of Tabith. One she could not hold in. And based on Marth's, Bellezza's, and Ragna's reaction... Everyone seemed to vividly hear Tabith's orgasmic voice. Because of this, when Azure had Capri deep inside of her, erotic back and forth motions engaged between the two of them, she caught the presence of one, singular prying thread. Like a little spy, it peeped on the events inside of the sleeping back, and quickly Azure identified the source. It seemed Marth couldn't contain his lack of knowledge. His lack of understanding, and wanted to know. What he got for his efforts, was a direct sight of Capri's length passionately vanishing in and out of Azure's pussy, and his balls pressing up against her scales every time it did, while Tabith's long cock was deep in Azure's mouth, and her balls being sloshed around inside Capri's mouth. As soon as it was there, it was gone. Marth retreated immediately, and an audible thud was heard as he twisted, and curled up, and dived into his bedroll.

RJ: Once together, Capri chuckled. "Azure, my love." Capri embraced Azure from behind as she now cuddled the defeated Tabith. "You don't have to worry about Tabith wearing you out, I'll be carrying half of her erotic burden." he cooed. As Azure embraced her, she still felt that the erotic dark elf was as hard as she was before. Though once again, had plenty of self control. However, seemingly limitless libido. "My lust is a burden now?" she inquired. Capri reached over to grab Tabith's ass firmly. "Your cock is still hard, isn't it?" he seemed to direct that question more at Azure, who could feel Tabith's length against her belly. "That doesn't mean it's a burden." Tabith said defensively. "It is to me, because whenever I see you excited I feel like I need to quench your thirst." Capri said erotically. "Between me and your wife, we will suck you dry." Tabith warned him. That's when Capri giggled very knowingly, kissing Azure's neck. "I decided, let's get married when we get back, Azure... Then, I'll have the libido to match both you and this toy of ours, won't I?" he inquired.

RJ: Tabith lowered her head and rose her gaze, looking at Capri with wide eyes as if she wanted to say, "I'M the toy here?"

Copper: (Query: I gather that polyamory is likely a given with mamono but what about polygamy? Like, if Az and Capri get married, what will be the situation regarding the rest of the harem?)

RJ: (Polygamy is considered when a mamono is particularly successful in life. It's a dream to be loved by many men, so it's very much allowed. If Azure creates a polygamy, she's probably going to earn a lot of jealous hatred from mamono that will wish they were her.)

Copper: (So there are likely several that see her that way right now, even if she's just working with the boys and not boffing them.)

RJ: (Yes)

Copper: (noted.)

Copper: Despite the desire to keep quiet, hearing Tabith moan does get a smile out of Azure and the pleased feeling carries over into her coupling with Capri, which seems to make being with him more pleasurable for her if her own quiet moans were any indication. The presence of the magic is a fleeting distraction and the source amuses her and while part of her thinks to playfully, subtly call him out the next morning, she knows Marth and that this will be better handled with more tact.

Capri’s reassurances make her chuckle. “And I’ll have Tabith to help carry yours, is that it?” She playfully wriggles her backside against him. Her attention goes back to Tabith, especially at her question and Capri’s answer. “He does have a point.” Azure brings a hand up, tucking the elf’s hair behind her ear, letting a finger trail along the length of it. “You really shouldn’t be left wanting, especially after all you’ve done.” Her hand slips down to Tabith’s hip and the dark elf will feel a rather inviting grind against her length. Provided her response is positive and not simply instinctual, she’ll feel another more deliberate slide, a bit of rhythm in it. “Don’t say that,” Azure says when Capri calls Tabith a toy. “You wouldn’t like it either.” She turns her head slightly to give his neck a little flick with her tongue. “New partner,” comes out with just enough question for Tabith to make it invitation. “Although,” and there’s a faint, devilish smile on the lamia’s lips, “ the one does have its perks as well.”

Copper: Provided Tabith’s fine with Azure’s invitations, the elf will find herself slowly drawn into the lamia’s folds, not quite teasing, but deliberately slow, one of her hands kneading at the dark elf’s ass while she eases her in. Once fully sheathed, Tabith would find herself urged to roll with Azure, winding up on top of the lamia and with her lower regions within easier reach of Capri’s hands. Even if he doesn’t take the invitation, she’s still subject to the grind and squeeze of Azure’s own warmth as well as a very insistent tongue and pair of lips that play at her neck and ear and will slip over to help stifle her moans with deep kisses.

RJ: Tabith grins, as does Capri. "My lust is unending, Azure." she whispered, before embracing her in turn, inserting her length into Azure's folds as the lamia wanted. Indeed, it was like Azure and Capri barely did any damage to her passion at all. They merely shamed her for a moment. The lustful dark elf wrapped arms and legs around Azure, moving her hips with gusto as Capri's semen left behind began to leak out from around Tabith's length as her long rod filled up Azure's pussy and pushed out his seed. Tabith moaned, leaning forth and licking Azure's ear fin, causing a shudder from the lamia. All the while, her movements were accurate and skilled. Between the two, a better lover than Capri. So much so that soon Azure felt herself building up, and cumming on Tabith's length. The dark elf only giggled as Azure made a mess, bouncing herself up and down wildly, doing little to hide the light sounds of sex as Capri couldn't help but follow suit. Capri, on top of Tabith, on top of Azure, with hips moving and filled with need.

RJ: Soon, Tabith was moaning, and Capri was moaning. Azure felt a singular, powerful throb from the dark elf that poured into her while Capri's cum dripped from Tabith's pussy onto Azure's scales. Capri pulled out, collapsing with a sigh. Meanwhile, Tabith giggled, gyrating her hips, mixing herself around inside Azure.

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

RJ: After Azure enjoyed her two partners to her fullest, they'd sleep together. Azure would awake in the morning to the smell of breakfast. Marth was cooking again, though she'd quickly notice the bags under his eyes. It seemed he didn't get a wink of sleep. In fact, everyone but Zwei had bags under their eyes. Ragna, Zidane, Bellezza, Marth, even Bishop. And every single one of them, when a sweaty, sticky Azure would arise from her bed with her two partners. Tabith rising without much shame, dressed in her underwear, soon using magic to reassemble her armor onto her body until she looked covered again.

Copper: Sated, and with her two lovers seeming to be as well, Azure will finally settle down between them, not rousing until Marth's cooking starts to tease folks from slumber. Or lack of. If there’s no stream or such readily available, she’ll approach Claire about the subject of some means of cleaning up, not so crass as to ask Marth or Bishop for the favor. Other than that, she treats the morning as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened the night before. If anyone wants to make comments, it’s up to them, but she doesn’t go out of her way to flaunt the nightly activities (unless Bellezza is paying attention), nor does she seem at all apologetic for them, either.

RJ: Azure would feel Bellezza's eyes on her as she rose out of bed. They were burning into her back whenever she was looking, and when Azure had Bellezza in her eyesight, Bellezza completely turned around to pretend she wasn't looking. ZIdane however, kept a flat stare. Looking at Azure as if a member of a jury that already decided she was guilty of every crime known and really, really wanted to lock her away forever. Azure would find a stream nearby that led to the ocean nearby. Meanwhile, Capri was humming a happy tune and walking with a skip in his step to go clean up. Tabith seemed to follow, while ignoring what everyone else was doing. "Where are you going to wash up, Tabith?" Capri inquired. "You're going to follow me anyway." she replied. "Maybe." he replied. "What a good dog you are, but I am not your master." she stated. "My 'master' is coming with us." he stated, glancing back at Azure. Zidane was holding his feline ears down, trying not to hear anything. "Dinner will be... Ready in a moment... I mean breakfast, hahaha..." Marth said, as if he had a lot on his mind, and was sleepy.

Copper: If Bellezza's watching her rise, then she gets to watch a very exaggerated stretch from the lamia, one that holds contentment and probably a few satisfying pops of shoulders and back, too. If they're playing the 'not looking at you' game, if she does manage to catch the girl, she gets the tiniest curls of a smile when they're in that moment of 'looking/not looking.' She certainly doesn't strive to antagonize the werecat, knowing he'll eventually get out of his system what's stewing around in his head. "Thank you, Marth." Best to save the conversation regarding magic for later, since he's going to be much too distracted to carry on any type of serious conversation. Back at the temple, perhaps. Once at the stream, and provided the dark elf is with them, Azure will wash up but also pose a question to her companion. "Tabith? Can you manifest things other than your armor?"

RJ: "Yes indeed." She chuckles, before lifting a hand, as slowly, over the course of ten seconds, a jet black, shadowy clone of Tabith slowly materialized on the other side of Azure. "Yes indeed~" the clone spoke with no tone, only a whisper, and merely had the shape of Tabith, lacking eyes or any other features. Then, the clone proceeded to step up and begin using a sponge to clean Tabith while the dark elf merely stood there, moving her arms and legs as she saw fit to let her clone do the work.

RJ: "That's quite a frightening ability." Capri muttered.

Copper: (Okay, lore time. The manifestation thing. Is that a magic thing or a dark elf thing? Like, would Az be able to do something like that?)

RJ: (Anybody can use any kind of magic)

Copper: (okay then)

RJ: (I often compare it to art because it's exactly like that. Whatever you paint, sculpt, or weave, all that matters is your supplies (power of your soul) and your skill.)

Copper: "Well, aren't we just showing off," Azure chuckles. "I was actually thinking about a sword. Something that, if I were to use it against Bellezza. If she grabbed it like she did Ragna's, then, poof!" She makes a 'disappear' motion with her hands. Her attention goes to Capri at his comment. "Frightening but also full of possibilities. Though she's not very...animated, is she?"

RJ: "Controlling your own body is a more complicated task than you realize. So when you must control two at once, it's enough to put massive strain on your mind." Tabith explained. "And yes, making a sword is easy. The quality of that sword is up for debate. If you wanted to match what that Bellezza did, you would need to take a lot of time crafting the swords beforehand. On the fly, I doubt you will make a notable weapon."

Copper: "Mmm, so the potential is a bit limited there." She listens as Tabith explains about crafting a sword. "Oh, I don't know that I'd want to do something that complex. Mostly just enough to keep the other blades off my back. Literally and figuratively. And again, something I could simply dispel if she got ahold of it rather than use my own weapon against me."

RJ: "Why not have a trump card?" Capri inquired. "I don't know anything about magic, but what if you asked Marth to make something contained that requires no effort to use, and disrupts however she's holding those swords?" he inquired. Tabith grinned. "Ah, that's not a bad idea. Something like a powerful shockwave should interfere greatly. I see that mouth of yours is good for many things." she chuckled.

Copper: She cocks her head to the side. "That's not a bad idea. Marth and I were talking about something similar. Cutting the strings between her and the swords, as it were. I just don't intend to talk too much about it with her still with us. That's the whole point of a trump card, after all. He also said it takes concentration, so I figure, the more little perverted seeds I can plant in that head of hers that I can draw on during the fight will be something of a distraction as well. Part of the reason I wanted her to see Tabith and I together. Let her know how varied my tastes can be."

RJ: Tabith laughed. "Varied tastes indeed. Though I'm not entirely sure if that approach will work. I'm certain that the direct approach will do just fine to someone so clearly a virgin."

RJ: Capri actually nodded. "Before I met you, Azure, the finer details would have been lost on me. In fact, you could just tease her and threaten her with just the idea, and they'll no doubt be worrying over it should they lose."

Copper: "That's the point, really. Let her think that her virtue is in jeopardy and all of the evil, nasty, perverted, deviant things the awful, awful snake-lady is going to do to her once she has her in her cluches." If the other two are finished washing up as well, she'll gather anything that might need brought back from the stream and start back toward camp. "Though I still need to learn how to defend myself better. That being one of the top things on my list to do when we get back to the temple."

RJ: "That, and I think you need to learn a thing or two about your greatest strength." Tabith declared, and while Capri was bending over to grab his clothes and get dressed, Tabith suddenly hooked his left arm and grabbed the wrist of his other arm, securing him before her tongue found the inside of his ear and her teeth his earlobe. She seemed to bite just hard enough that if he struggled, he'd injure himself. So, Capri didn't seem to move at all, twitching and only offering token and surprised resistance to her ear torture. His legs began to shake, before Tabith released him and let his naked form drop to his hands and knees. "Men, when aggressive sexually, are quite active. But, when you advance on them, they start to become filled with the desire to give in. Women aren't that different." she explained. "Your true victory, Azure, will be achieved when you have completely dominated Bellezza's willpower."

RJ: Tabith flashed Azure a malicious, yet also very excited grin. "If you want to be trained, I can teach you how to 'break' a hero."

Copper: "I love the emphasis you put on 'trained,' Tabith," she says with a bit of a chuckle. "Basics first. And defense. Then we'll see about yours. I at least have the luxury of putting off this ridiculous rematch until I'm 'at my fullest.' I think that girl truly does have a death wish."

Copper: It's not said boastfully but more questioning the wisdom of taking on a mamono who's prepared for a fight.

RJ: "Even if she does, the plan is not to give her death. Someone with potential like that shouldn't be squandered. Better off as a slave, though you're probably expecting to hear that from me, right?" simply because she's a dark elf, one could expect a tendency towards slavery. "A willing slave like that. Surely you should always remind her of her agreement, toy with her silly little code of honor until she isn't sure if she's seeking pleasure from you because you told her so, or if she wants it herself."

Copper: "That I'll have to think about. I don't consider myself exceptionally manipulative in that way." She adds the last bit because, well, she can be if she puts her mind to it. For now, we need to get Claire back to the temple and I need to see about getting a training schedule going. If, y'know, war doesn't break out in the meantime."

RJ: "Yes..." Tabith looks to the sky, and notes how it looks like there was a second sun in the sky behind distant clouds. Or if one wanted to sound like an Order Preacher, it looked like the gates of Heaven were preparing to open, as the angels were no doubt busting a massive hole in the universe just to fit their army through.

RJ: "It will, eventually."

Copper: That gets a sigh from the lamia as well. Provided her companions are both ready to head back, she'll adjust her garments and gather up any of the cleaning articles they brought with them and head back to breakfast. "Something else to discuss with them, I suppose. Where they stand on that situation." She'll brush Capri's fingers with her own, twining their hands together. "What about you, love? What's your thoughts on that?"

RJ: "My thoughts? I think, if an angel attacked me, I'd die." he said flatly. "I love you, and I think you're strong, but I believe you'd die too."

Copper: "Oh, I don't think I'd be a match for an angel. Not alone, anyway. I'd say 'maybe a little one' but that's just the gallows humor talking. I mean, I barely beat Bellezza and, well, human." She frowns a bit.

RJ: "Well, Bellezza's power is somewhat comparable." Capri noted. "Heroes are those blessed with angelic power. So you could say that she'd be the little angel." he chuckled. "They're powerful in their own right, though obviously the angels only gift a fraction of their power."

RJ: "Well, this is a prime time to *become* manipulative, Azure." Tabiith announced after Capri finished. "Capri is right, she packs a lot of power, but she's not skilled. She'd be far more useful under the guidance of a teacher. If you're not up to the task, then give Bell to me. I cannot simply watch you throw that potential away."

Copper: "That makes sense." She lets out a soft noise. "To think, an honest-to-goodness Hero. Defeated." Another noise, this one more of a snort. "Won't be letting that go to my head, what with the barely making it through and all." And Azure may not be manipulative, but shes certainly not one to pass up opportunity. She makes no reply to Tabith's statement until they're within earshot of the camp. Or, more specifially, a certain swordswoman in the camp. "Oh, there's definitely potential there, Tabith, I won't deny that. But we'll have to see how open to direction she is. If I can't get anywhere with her, then you're most certainly welcome to take a turn or two yourself." Azure puts just enough of a purr into her tone to suggest naughty things are being discussed rather than combat skill because, well, let's unsettle the little Hero even more.

RJ: Approaching everyone at the camp, who were all ready to go, Bellezza cocks an eyebrow. "What... What the hell are you on about? Talking about more lewd nonsense? Is that all that's ever on your mind? Oh Gods above, mamono are so simple minded." she spoke, less with a directly insulting voice and more a voice that seemed to imply that Bellezza was simply of a superior race.

RJ: From appearances, it didn't seem she fully assumed Azure was talking about her

Copper: "We were discussing instruction and how Tabith and I both appreciate the idea of having potential beneath us." Double-entendre? Yup. "It's also good to know that if my particular methods don't produce results, there's someone close to me that I can defer to. For help. Or to take over completely if I'm not satisfied." She's keeping it subtle, watching to see what sort of reactions Belle's own thoughts produce for her. For all appearances, she doesn't think Azure is talking about her but it's hard not to see oneself as the subject when you've got the lingering gaze of a lamia dragging along your body.

RJ: Bellezza cocked her head to the side, wincing one eye at Azure. A genuine attempt to understand what she was talking about was there, however it seemed to vanish. "Whatever, just keep it to yourselves." she stated, while Tabith giggled as Bellezza turned to walk ahead towards the temple. "A direct method, Azure. Only a direct method." she chuckled again. "Poor thing can't picture the scene you painted so discreetly because they've never been exposed to such heretical things."

RJ: Ragna saw this as a chance, as he darted forth to walk beside Bellezza. "Yo, Belly!" he called out. "Fuck off." Bell replied. "Did you have any idea what they were talking about? I was kinda confused, and you seem like a smart girl." he said. Bell shrugged. "Potential beneath us obvious alludes to mining the precious resources under the ground." she explained. Ragna stopped walking and just let her continue, putting both his hands over his mouth and looking to the moon still lingering in the morning sky, as if he was observing how far off her guess was.

Copper: "So it would seem. That only means there's a lot more potential there, doesn't it?" she replies to the elf conspiratorially but at the same time, clearly intending Bellezza to hear her. As they're both ahead of them, hopefully they miss Azure pressing her fist to her lips to stiffle a giggle at Ragna's nickname. That's definitely going to stick, if she knows the half-demon. And the lamia isn't one to miss the opportunity from Belle's own words. "Precious indeed," Azure purrs. "Nothing quite like plundering unexplored territory, don't you agree, Tabith? Finding somewhere...untouched...that you know you're the first one to claim the treasures contained within. Yours for the taking." She pays careful attention to the girl's reaction. She's hoping that even the most pious of the followers of Order have to at least have heard such metaphors. Whether Belle chooses to acknowledge that fact will likely determine how much fun Azure has with the idea.

RJ: As Azure spoke, it was Marth who gave a reaction. "Since when did you like treasure so much, Azure?" he inquired, while Ragna simply closed his eyes and begin to lean back while either breathing at an erratic rate, or containing laughter. "You're disgusting." Zidane said in passing to Azure and Tabith. "Wait, what did she do?" Marth inquired, confused. Zwei followed at the back, arms folded and simply staring forward while he ignored the converation completely.

Copper: "Who doesn't like treasure, Marth?" She gives him a little grin, playing off the statement and not really feeling like having to explain it to the mage at the moment. Ragna's making it hard for her not to giggle, though. She's going to leave that one to Zidane, provided he keeps it civil. And, well, disgust is something she's aiming for. Mostly on Bellezza's part, but Zidane's always a good foil for that, too. As they start to set out, though, it takes a moment for it to dawn on her that Bellezza is tagging along with them. "Wait, you're not actually going to stick with us, are you?"

RJ: Bellezza glances at Azure. "Why are you getting so uppity? You're my target. Killing small fry doesn't do me any favors."

Copper: "You're a hero, heading smack dab into the middle of a mamono settlement. If you start trouble in the temple and you're going to have an awful lot of small fries to deal with. Ever see a swarm take down something bigger than itself?" She arches a brow. "Besides, you going in there is going to be like catnip for the mamono there. No offense, Zidane."

RJ: "No, it'll be fine, I mean, I took all kinds of precautions... I mean-look, it's none of your business where I go! If you want to fight about it, we can do it right now! If not... Then we'll do it later."

Copper: "That's true, but if you wander into that temple, blissfully unaware of how," She drew in an exaggerated sniff of a breath, lips curling into a smirk, "appetizing you are, then you're probably going to get yourself assaulted and then," she continued with a despondent sigh, "you won't be half as appealing to me as you are now." At the last bit, she let her tongue slip over her lips.

RJ: A huge blush appears on her cheeks. "I-I'm a woman! I'm fine! I can just pretend to be a witch and they won't know the difference!"

Copper: That gets a throaty chuckle out of the lamia. "You smell different. The way you carry yourself is different." She leans in very close, voice dropping to a playful whisper. "We monsters know our prey."

RJ: Belluzza nearly takes a jump backwards. Her hands move down to fold in front of her. "M-my smell is just fine! Just fine!" she declares, then proceeds to apparently double check and motion her hands over her own body to inspect something. "JUST FINE! YOU LIAR!" she shouted.

Copper: "Can you be so sure of that? There are a lot of us in residence. And you blush too easily to be one of us. Oh, and there's no fighting in the temple. So how do you intend to spurn unwanted advances?" Azure snakes herself behind the girl's legs, letting scales brush against the backs of her calves, twisting around so that she's facing her again afterward.

RJ: Just a touch, and Az felt an insane amount of weaving put onto Bellezza. It was like the most intricate spider's web in the world. The immediate reaction was Bellezza quickly using a burst of power to break free and jump away, as if the mere touch and proximity spooked her. "I'll be fine..." she said, serious. "Do not ever touch me. For any reason." she deadpanned.

Copper: "At least not until I've beaten you, hmm?" There's still that predatory gaze in the lamia's eyes. "Because we do have our agreement, after all." The twist of her lips seems to match the wicked thoughts the other girl can likely imagine running through the mamono's head.

RJ: She began to visibly sweat while trying to keep her cool. "Why... Why would you do that? I'm not a man." she shrugged, as if it was obvious.

Copper: "I thought you already noticed that my tastes are quite...varied." Her gaze trails over to Tabith before returning to the other girl." There's that lean toward her again. "And because it will be ever so much fun." There's a quick, snake-like flicker of her tongue before it retreats behind smirking lips again.

RJ: There was a moment of silence. "Isn't that not possible though?" she said, fear gone, replaced with genuine confusion.

Copper: Another chuckle. "You Order folk have no imagination. I could always go get Tabith and you could watch."

RJ: It took a moment. "I DON'T HAVE A PENIS!" she declared with a heavy blush.

Copper: Azure barks a laugh at that. "Of course not, silly. You're a girl." It turns into more of a giggle. "But that doesn't mean we can't have fun." There's a rather heavy thump as the tip of Azure's tail bumps against the ground, drawing attention to the fact that while the lamia didn't have one either, she had a pretty good substitute.

RJ: Bellezza seemed at first relieved that Azure came to that revelation, then the tail thumping occurred. Two and two came together. "But that's... Too thick..." she said, a bit nervous, but looking more awkward than anything. "It's actually not." Capri replied. "WHY ARE YOU ANSWERING!?" she exclaimed.

Copper: "Oh, I am going to have so much fun teaching you." Azure lets out another laugh, the sound very much akin to a child being promised a new toy. "But, business first. Do keep me in your thoughts, Bellezza." She blows the girl a kiss and wraps an arm around Capri's waist, escorting him off with her for the time being.

RJ: "Did you realize it?" he inquired.

Copper: "Hmm? Realize what?" She arches a brow, as though she might have some idea but she's willing to hear his theory first.

RJ: He smiled. "It's nothing." He replied while adjusting his hat.

Copper: "Liar." She smirks.

RJ: "Much like our friend."

Copper: "She's not a girl, is she?" There's that smirk again.

RJ: His eyebrows raised at her declaration. "Oh? That's an interesting question. Where did it come from?" he inquired with a grin.

Copper: "You." He feels the light tweak of a tickle-pinch on his side. "You didn't remember her family having a daughter. I highly doubt the Order would let a woman come here alone. And she was much too interested in her crotch when I started talking about scent and doing things to her nether regions."

RJ: "I agree on everything but the woman part. Women are actually preferred since a man lost means countless mamono born. A female loss is almost nothing."

Copper: "I suppose you have a point there. One girl converted doesn't match us breeding with one of you men. So the question remains whether or not sh-he is doing this to keep interest off of sh-him or if there's something else behind the cross-dressing. Not that it matters to me."

RJ: "It doesn't matter? Boy, there I go, assuming. I was thinking you spared their life so that you could play with them." he chuckled. "After all, that agreement was made." He grinned more wide. "Boy or girl, I can't say I'm not interested either." he winked.

Copper: "Well, the flustering is making things more interesting, but right at the moment, I want to put the idea of becoming a plaything in their head so I'll have an advantage during the fight. Marth said the magic used needs concentration and thinking about having my tail wriggling around somewhere intimate is probably distracting, especially for a virgin."

RJ: "Mind if I help?" he inquired. "She looks so cute that I feel myself compelled to flirt with *her* as she is quite pretty. I'm confident that they'll lose to you, once you know what you're doing. After all, the only problem was her thrashing the blades around. I'm certain she has no skill."

Copper: She chuckles. "We are turning you into a deviant, aren't we?" Catching his cheek with her hand, she draws him into a warm kiss. "Go ahead. The more rattled 'she' is during our fight, the better." There's a pause and he's getting a slightly assessing look. "Though you sure you're not interested in what's under the skirts, too?"

RJ: "Ha-ha-ha! It's a boy for sure." he chuckled. "Though, I know of a way we can find out for certain, and just think, if there's some kind of deep seeded secret about that... And you found out directly..." he chuckled deviously. "How much of a threat do you think they'd be if you had the power to dispel that illusion?" He gave her another kiss. "Well, how many boys is too many, Azure?" With that, Capri seemed to be painting Bellezza in the same light as the others. A potential target for the harem. And a removed threat against mamono-kind.
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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

((My turn to take up the posting mantle for the moment.))
Copper: "What's your thoughts on that?" she asks as he mentions 'outing' Bellezza. For the moment, her just knowing is probably going to be enough to rattle the Hero. Possibly exposing him (and other things) can come later. Likely during the fight. At his question, she gives a thoughtful hum. "I don't know yet. Suppose I'll know when it happens." She chuckles. It's not said with arrogance. "Besides, if Bellezza is on my leash, that's less trouble sh-he'll be making for others. And I didn't spare shim to have things screwed up--or over--by someone else."
RJ: Capri finally tilts his head to the side to regard Azure with a twist of the lip. "Alright, enough of the double gender pronouns. It's not fun to listen to." he said. "The simplest way is to determine it during bath time. In specific, I'm going to call upon the powers of our Dear Francis to rig a situation for us to split the baths between male and female. Our friend will have to choose between one of them, or remain filthy." he stated.
Copper: "And hard to say." She sticks her tongue out briefly. "Thought that might be where you were going with that. You think outing Bellezza will help prior to the fight? Shatter the illusion and some of the power goes with it?" Seems she's trying to follow the logic.
RJ: "Basically, she fought hard to keep her secret from us." he explained. "If their secret was to be exposed... Who else do they want their secret kept from? It's a metaphorical rope we could tie them down with, promising to keep their secret if... They're obedient." he indicated, showing a facial expression he doubtlessly learned from Tabith.
Copper: "About every mamono on the island for a start," Azure replies with a bit of a chuckle. "But I understand your point. Also, if you want to flirt with her, go ahead. From the way you were explaining things, Order women are used to...non-aggressive men. Not too hard." She gives him a pointed look. "But enough to unsettle her. Put forth that notion of sharing and all."
RJ: Capri chuckled back. "And what if, by some chance, they fall for my charms? You have no idea which way they swing. I won't be able to help it if the heroic Bellezza gives their heart and soul to me." he declared, saying it as if it was 'almost' tantamount to loving the devil.
Copper: "One more thing I can use to my advantage," is her reply. "As for which way the heart swings, let's burn that bridge when we get there." He can tell by her expression she's not outright dismissing the idea, but for the time being, it's a matter of fighting the right battle and when.
RJ: "Why burn it?" He inquired, before slipping one arm around her shoulders, and the other locks fingers with her right hand. "We both like our bridges to go both ways, right?" he inquired in such a way that Azure would no doubt see that Capri was acting a lot more lustful as of late, in comparison to his previously reserved demanor. He was getting bolder, and more fascinated with Azure and sex as time went on. Though the evidence for that would perhaps be obvious. If Azure focused, she'd see that he was swarming with a mixture of her own and Tabith's auras, creating a dangerous combination that no doubt is fueling his sex drive. Their frequent copulation and play time was gradually affecting Capri, even if he didn't know it. A power not unlike Marth's, though not the same either.
Copper: "Though I prefer some bridges over others," is her reply to that. She certainly was no slouch when it came to female partners, but her core preferences ran decidedly male. And while it was good that he was starting to shed inhibitions, she decides it might be a good idea to keep an eye on him, not wanting him to cross a threshold irrevokably. Hard to have that angel on your shoulder when he's also the devil.
RJ: "As do I." He cooed, his meaning seemingly directed at her, before he leaned in, as if teasing her with a kiss, before simply tickling his nose against hers and withdrawing to keep walking proper.
Copper: She tips her head, ready to receive the kiss, but when he nuzzles her instead, she just giggles and gives his hand a squeeze. On the trip back, she's more content to listen to the various conversations that are happening around her rather than start anything up, at least at the moment, mostly due to their new addition. She doesn't want to talk to Claire about her plans in front of the Order member. She doesn't want to talk to the others about training in front of Belle either. So she'll settle for listening, if there is, indeed, conversation to be had, keeping an eye on the road to make sure no one else is stupid enough to attack them while they travel.
RJ: They made it back safely. Though when they reached the cavernous entrance, the two sahuagins on duty locked their polearms together in a cross to deny them entry. The silent creatures pointed at the boys of the group, and at Bellezza, before shaking their heads.
Copper: Azure sighs. "This again? They live here." She gestures back toward her small band and then toward the temple. "And they're with me." Bellezza might have a moment of discomfort as the lamia's gaze drifts over to her, less that Az is going to take 'ownership' of her and more that the lamia seems to be debating whether or not to even try and convince the guards to let her through. "And this one has business inside. With me." She crosses her arms and straightens her posture a bit, waiting to see if they're going to budge.
RJ: "You don't seem to understand." announced a woman's voice from within. Out from the cave walked a figure similarly small to the sahuagin, even with some similar features, though her human skin tone and lack of any other defining traits had her tantamount to a cross breed, what usually results for males, but when a female results, creating a mamono-human hybrid. "You must not have been here for the attack on the Peace Hall. Humans are no longer allowed inside due to a human blowing themselves up to destroy the Peace Hall and kill many innocent people. Order Humans took advantage of our open door policy, and we cannot suffer another great loss, just in case one of these humans here might be with the Order." she declares, and Bellezza begins to visibly sweat.
"What? I won't stand for this!" Claire declared, stepping forth. "This couldn't have been Undine's decision! Let us through, you are being unreasonable for suspecting all humans and throwing them out like this!" she criticized the girl before her. "Crystal Claire... I'm sorry, but in our current trying times, we can't afford to take risks like allowing the enemy into our fold, especially demons as well as humans." The girl declared, with Ragna folding his arms as he counted as both. "The public outcry was against Undine's forgiving policies. We simply cannot allow her to be so peaceful against our enemies. She's locked herself in the temple, and hasn't come out. Perhaps that's for the best." she stated. Claire was understandably outraged. "No, that's not for the best! She is your guardian! Let me inside!" she demanded. The girl shook her head. "I can only allow you and the other two mamono in." she replied. To which, Claire growled, then sighed, turning to Azure. "I'm so sorry... But can your payment wait? I truly need to sort this awful situation out... Undine desperately needs my assistance right now, and I must attempt to quell this awful stance on humans. We mustn't become like Atlantis!" she insisted, hoping Azure would understand. "And while Kala is out too... This is the worst timing..." she mumbled under her breath of a name Azure wasn't familiar with.
Copper: Azure listens, not exactly having a point of reference to the attack but, well, someone blowing themselves up isn't exactly the best of news to come home to. Though not getting paid yet wasn't exactly something she wanted to hear, she waved the other woman off. "Go do what you need to do, Claire. I'll...figure something out. Maybe we can use Francis as a go-between." She then puts her attention on the other woman. "Okay, I can understand you wanting to protect the temple, but they," and she gestures again to her crew, "live here. They were out on a job, with Claire and I. He," she hooks Capri around the waist, "is my mate. This one's oathbound not to do anything stupid until she and I settle a debt," she jabs a thumb in Belle's direction, "and I'm willing to vouch for him." She'll indicate Bishop. "Look, if you don't trust them, fine. Send a guard with us. But I have business inside, I'm not leaving them alone in this atmosphere, and I'll not see them kicked out of their home because of further prejudice."
RJ: Claire turned. "I'll contact Francis, Azure." she promised, while the guards outside were adamant about refusing them. Soon, Francis came walking out, with a rather displeased look on her face. "Azure, I apologize for the shotgun request, but before I can help you, I need to know one thing... Considering this place is about to be attacked, are you willing to protect it? Once you agree, you are not allowed to leave until our temple is safe once more."
Copper: The request does, indeed, make the lamia frown. "Not my decision to make alone," she replies. It's clear she's going to discuss the situation with others before giving the merrow her answer. "Though, apparently I'm supposed to tell you Aurine wishes you well and the tides are coming in. Though I have a feeling they've already hit." She gives the merrow a wry smile and turns, indicating to the others she wants to confer.
RJ: Francis' eyes, in this rare moment, open slightly more than they usually are, which is almost closed to the point of looking like she was blind. A moment longer, and her eyes were wide open, as if what Azure said struck a deep chord inside of the merrow. "I assumed it would be the case... But I never wanted to hear the truth of it." she said in response, before looking to the boys, who all nodded. "I live here, so I'm gonna defend it." Ragna declared. "Yeah!" Marth followed. "Agreed." Zwei followed. The boys were in full agreement with defending their home.
Copper: She looks between the four of them, somehow expecting that reply. Capri will get a look, slightly questioning. Though she feels she might know his answer, it's still clear he has a voice in this. "Tabith? This isn't exactly your fight." Bishop, she guesses, may stay to protect Marth, but she's not going to assume. Like Capri, he has a voice in this. It's all a matter of if he chooses to use it.
RJ: "My services are always for hire, if you're interested~" she cooes, while Capri just chuckles. "Why even bother asking, darling? You have nothing but friends here."
Copper: "Not entirely true." She fixes her gaze on Belle. "You heard the woman," she tells the girl. "You go in, you don't leave until the fighting stops. And I have a feeling you're not going to like who we're fighting against." In this instance, it seems she's calling Belle's loyalty to the Order into question. Because the last thing Az wants to do is bring an insurgent into the temple.
RJ: "I'm aware..." she nodded, seeming to think for a moment. "I agree to the conditions." she said off-handedly, knowing that she had to agree to go in, but apparently lying to continue to pay interest in Azure's rematch with her.
Copper: "And if it comes down to needing to use your blades?" Seems Azure still isn't about to trust the Order Hero to not do something stupid, like, say, attack some of the mamono when the fighting starts.
RJ: "I-I'm not even supposed to be here, so..." she whispers back, trying not to let the others hear. "If my Guardian Angel sees me here, I'm in deep trouble...So... I was thinking I'd just... Hide somewhere when the attack starts."
Copper: Of course, half of the others have good ears, but Azure isn't going to let in on that. "I'm fairly sure they'll have somewhere safe for non-combatants. At least I'd think there'd be." She cocks her head to the side slightly, reaching out to briefly catch Bellezza under the chin. "Though it makes me wonder what else you're hiding from." The touch is brief but the look given is pointed. "I think I can at least trust you not to do something stupid that'll jeopardize our duel," Azure states a little louder, having turned away from Bellezza to put her attention on the others. She gives a bit of a sigh, then looks to Francis. "Looks like we're in for the haul."
RJ: Bellezza jumps back five feet when Azure touches her, looking like a startled squirrel. "Good," Francis declared, before her posture returned to normal. "I can only get you in if I say you're apart of the defense forces. Right now, no one is going to argue more combatants. Besides, I've already said my piece to the paranoid fools." she stated with a cold smile as she briefly held an aura of malice. "Come, Azure, and...." Francis directed her finger to Bell. "Uh... I'm Bellezza..." she replied hesitantly. "Bellezza, you have nowhere to stay, right?" Francis inquired. "You're going to stay with us." she stated. "Uh... I'm fine, I can-" Bellezza tried to interject, before Francis' eyes opened, and when they did, it was like medusa opened her eyes, Bellezza went completely still in shock at the way she was looked at. "............. Thank you for the hospitality....."
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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Copper: Either Francis is being her usual perceptive self or there is something in the merrow's gaze. "Makes sense. I can keep a better eye on you if you stay with us." Assuming the guards are now going to let them in, Azure will, for the time being, follow Francis. "So what, exactly, are we walking into? I knew from Claire this was coming. How bad is it? The...guard? She mentioned an explosion?"
RJ: "The entirety of the peace maker group, that goes out and maintains peaceful lives for aquatic mamono and surrounding mamono near Undine's Temple, were all killed in a single day. Each of them were friends and heroes to countless mamono, and after their deaths, everyone is heartbroken and bitter." Francis replied. Meanwihle Bellezza seemed to be showing a bit of guilt in the back, knowing who's side she's on.
Copper: "Which is why they're all the more eager to go to war, I suppose." There's a pause. "You don't think that was the plan, do you? Get folk so they're not thinking straight?" She shakes her head. "Or, they could just be, y'know, blowing up those who are only trying to keep people safe and happy." Let's throw a little salt into Belle's wound.
RJ: Bell looked ready to fall over, as she was shot with emotional arrows. "Their plan was to divide us. Humans make up a great deal of our population. They want us to lose morale and support. If we push away all our help under suspicion, then we will falter, and I have proposed evidence to say that it wasn't the Order that did it. It was a Demon Agent trying to pin the blame on the Order." Francis declared, Belle suddenly looked relieved. "Although, this evidence only made things worse, I'm sure they meant for this to happen... As we ended up pushing out the supernatural entities in our realm as well." Francis said, finally looking really upset as she began to bite at her fingernails. "Someone... Is fucking with me... They wanted me to snoop around..." she said with great anger, with just about everyone staying one step further back from her just in case she explodes. "I've never seen miss Francis this angry before." said Marth, who was looking a bit worried.
Copper: Azure seems willing to keep her talking. She'd get a new perspective on the problem, maybe, by sharing it with them. “So, it was a two-fold trap where we’d wind up losing allies either way. So maybe the question remains is who’d benefit the most from it. Seems like,” she says, after a few moments of thought, “we’re going to be looking at a two-fold battle. The demons came in to weaken us against our fight with the Order and then, most fortuitously for them, they’re going to be looking at one side or the other being weakened after the upcoming fight. I hate to say it, but we’re probably going to be looking at another battle provided we’re victorious over the Order.” She pauses. "It's what I'd do, if I were a demon, looking to take out the temple."
RJ: "No, there's no reason demons would have any interest in us... Or, there shouldn't be." Francis fretted. "Azure," she turned to the serpent woman. "Is there anything that happened that I should know about? Anything at all? If anything unusual happened, no matter what it is, tell me right now."
Copper: She lets out a breath, allowing it to rattle her lips some. "Well, getting there was fairly uneventful. We had a bit of trouble with the orcs, but as far as I know, we're square." She frowns. "There was an incubus that...helped convince them we didn't need to pay them in men, far as I know." Her tone seems a bit flat at that. "We ran into that friend of yours. And then we met Belle on the way home." There's something in the lamia's expression that tells the merrow she's not going to talk about the other girl out here on the street. After all, if you're going to be talking about a Hero being in the temple, you really don't want to go just blurting that out.
RJ: Francis' eyes opened again, and Azure could feel a fraction of the tension Bell felt. "It was the demon." she concluded. "What did he do? There is something you're not telling me, something more, isn't there?"
Copper: "I don't know what he did to the orcs. I just know that they were pretty...complacent afterward. As for him, he apparently needed energy to do it. Or just wanted it in payment for taking care of the orcs. He took some of mine. And almost got himself put through a wall for it."
RJ: Francis almost seemed enraged when Azure spoke of giving him energy. She gripped Azure's shoulders, a lot of Francis' true personality showing in the form of a malicious expression. "You FOOL!" she cursed, though when she realized people were staring, she let her go and turned towards their home. "Inside, right now. Your life is in danger." she declared.
Copper: "When isn't it?" Azure massaged her temples. "Tabith, keep an eye on things, would you? I'm probably going to be busy." She'll follow Francis in, trusting the others to take care of their own business now that they were back home. If the others were needed, fine, but for now, it looked like it was just her needed.
RJ: As well as Capri and Bell, it seemed, both of which were nearly standing on their toes from the tension Francis was giving off. Once they were alone inside her home, Francis went to closing every window, and the blinds, before pulling out a chair, and sitting in it, looking at Azure like she should sit down too. Her eyes seemed rather open now, a fact that always seemed to carry a heavy meaning to it compared to her usual demeanor. "They want the shards. Your shard included. Stop me when you're confused." she said, her hands folded in her lap with her left leg folded over her right.
Copper: Azure settles, not quite enjoying chairs. "Aurine mentioned something about them. There was a human she helped who'd had one. She looked at my palm and seemed to see something there. She also mentioned you had your own shard to deal with. Did she mean me?"
RJ: "Yes. It was no coincidence that I took you in. I wanted to keep an eye on you, and figure you out. Get you to use that shard for our purposes. But now the cats out of the FUCKING BAG!" she roared, her fist hitting the table. "They know, and they want it. Given her proximity, it has to be none other than Baphomet who is pulling the strings. She's been making a habit of eating people like you. With others in my collective, we've counted three so far that she's gotten her infected little paws on. It's obvious to me now that you're to be her fourth meal."
Copper: There's a bit of a flinch as Francis smacks the table, though she remains seated as she is, clearly refusing to be cowed by the outburst. "Well, then, what do we do to prevent that?"
RJ: Francis heaved a sigh, a frown remaining, but her eyes closing as she seems to let out some steam. "I don't know. I wish I could have prevented this, but I didn't think you'd be so careless as to let a demon taste your soul and discover its make. Their attack on our foundation of peace is because you and two other shards are here that they know about. In one swoop they plan to collect all three of you. However, the only trump card is that there is a fourth in this room. You at least did that, Azure. Very well done." she declared. "I wasn't sure if you'd do it, but I'm happy at least that you lived up to my expectations, with one downside." she announced, while Capri and Belllezza looked confused. After some silence, and thought, Francis looked at Azure, picking her own head up. "We cannot take this slowly any longer. Azure, rest for tonight. Tomorrow, you're going to depart to meet my superior, North of Waymeet."
Copper: "It was either that or let the orcs run rampant in Waymeet, Francis. Believe me, if there'd been an alternative that I'd have had time to figure out, I wouldn't have gone through with it." At the mention of the fourth shard, Azure's attention goes to Belle, briefly, then back to Francis with an arched brow, since if it were Capri, she had a feeling something would have been said before. "North of Waymeet? Cynthia?"
RJ: Francis cocked an eyebrow. "How do you know about her?"
Copper: "Aurine. She came from her tower. Zidane mentioned she lived outside of Waymeet. I guessed."
RJ: "Hmph, I guess Cynthia isn't keeping herself hidden anymore... Yes, indeed. You are to meet her. I can think of no better instructor to give you a crash course in weaving. Tell Marth to assist you as well along the way. I assume you know about his condition as well? Since you seem oh-so-well informed."
Copper: "It came up. It's also something Aurine helped me with." She can't help but a slight smirk, though it's not meant to be completely smartass. "Are they going to let us leave? I mean, we just had to fight to get back in here and now we're telling them we need to go?"
RJ: "Frankly, I don't give a single shit about the paranoid idiots that surround me. I'm so done with their nonsense that if they give us trouble on the way out, I will blast through them." Francis stated, irritation showing again. Capri gave her a look. "I didn't say kill them. Wipe that judgmental look off of your face."
Copper: "All right. I'll go talk to the boys. I'm presuming you want time with this one?" She nods her head in Bellezza's direction.
RJ: Bellezza paled when Azure gave indication to her. "No." Francis replied. "I need to take care of a few things still. I will have things to do when the prodigy creation of Undine returns. I won't have time to keep this creature leashed." To that, Bellezza almost looked offended that she was called a creature, but kept her mouth shut on the matter. "Well, a crash course in weaving sounds like you'll become a better opponent, Azure. Your superior is correct to think you need such corrections." Bellezza said confidently. Francis' eye twitched. "I don't have a muzzle either."
Copper: "That's a damn shame. What about a gag?" She flashes Francis a smile and then sighs. "I'm going to have to hit Claire up for our pay. We're going to need supplies to head back out on the road and I have a feeling things are getting into 'arm and leg' territory." She puts her attention on the merrow. "Anything else you need or have to tell me or should I just gather up and go?"
RJ: "Will you stoooop!?" Bellezza demanded with a bit of a blush. "Yes," Francis replied, ignoring Bell. "You didn't understand when I said we. I'm going with you. We will leave tomorrow, get yourself a worthwhile weapon. I know what your fighting style is, but I trust by venturing into the wide and dangerous world, you found that it isn't sound." she declared.
Copper: Azure ignores the girl’s outburst, arching a brow slightly. Francis hadn’t exactly been clear in her intentions to go with them but she wasn’t about to tell her no. Given the upheaval, they’d likely need her help gaining an audience with Cynthia, fate or no fate. “Seems most definitely worse off than it’s been, that’s for sure. Well, business to attend to. We’ll see you later, Francis. Anything you need while we’re out?” The last question isn’t meant to be flippant, it’s a legitimate inquiry, but there’s just a touch of snark in it, possibly the only outward cue to the lamia’s nerves at the moment.
RJ: "Yes, stop by Law's house, mind the cold. I asked him to make something for me. It was going to be a gift for you, but I've been quite busy. So by now I'm sure it's done." she revealed.
Copper: "The cold from the house or from him?" Azure chuckles. "But all right. I'll go see him before I check in with the others." There's a pause. "Direct me to his house again? I've only been there the once."
RJ: "It's the house with the blue roof and... Ice on the windows." Francis chuckled, the smile on her face making her look like her old self. Though it seemed none of them could forget 'the look that could kill you'.
Copper: "Appreciate it." Azure gives her a nod. "And, well, even though I haven't seen the gift yet, thank you, Francis. I'll hold off on more gratitude for when I've actually seen it," she teases. If there is nothing else, then Azure will herd her companions out and head for Law's workshop.
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

RJ: Arriving there, she felt cold just by being nearby. Even though she laughed, Bellezza suddenly threw her coat over Azure to allow her to keep some of her heat inside of her reptilian body. "So, a man that can make you hibernate? I definitely would like to meet him~" she said, almost as if she were plotting to toy with Azure before their fight just as much as she was to them.
Copper: Tempted as she is to shrug off the garment, might as well get some use out of it, after all. And if that was Bellezza's aim, she was definitely going to have to be a lot more subtle about it. Knowing how much Law loves being disturbed, she'll simply knock on the door, hard, and give him a few moments to extract himself from his work.
RJ: It took a whole minute, and when the noise stopped, Azure and the others would realize that the noise in the background of the temple was actually coming from his house the moment it wasn't there. Then, he opened the door to just peek his head through. "Oh." he noted, before slipping out and closing the door behind him, while a rush of chilling cold followed him and made Azure feel slightly faint. "That wine that you gave me was ridiculously strong. It's hard to find something with that level of alcohol in it. I appreciate it... So... What do you want?" He then observes Bell, and notes her size. "Are you related to Marth?" he inquires. Bellezza was confused. "... No? Why?" she asks. Law just looks away. "No reason." "I wonder how Marth would look in a skirt..." Capri hummed so quietly only Azure could hear.
Copper: The lamia wraps her arms around her midsection, hugging them together to chafe at them and work up a little bit more heat until the feeling passes. "Francis sent me over to pick up something she had commissioned for me," she informs him. "Though I'm glad you liked the wine. I'll try and keep an eye out for more like it in our travels." She watches the exchange between the two, though Capri's remark gets a bit of a chuckle out of her. "Not sure he has the legs for it."
RJ: "Have you 'seen' his legs? Or his butt for that matter?" Capri counters. And no, she hasn't. Surprisingly enough, not even his legs. Law didn't know what was being said, but he seemed like he didn't want to be apart of it. "Hmm..." Law hums at her offer. At first he looked like he was going to make like usual and reject the thought of her ever coming back. Yet, for some reason, he looked like he had a change of heart. "Maybe, if you have the spare time." he said off-handedly. Something about the way he moved his body would remind her of Zidane. A way that gave the opposite meaning as the words that it came with. In translation, he almost seemed to be saying, "I would like that" but his demeanor didn't wish to give that kind of response. "I have what she asked for. She said it was for someone who would find it impossible to take the Zwei route. I don't know what that is, I just fulfilled the order." he declared, going back into his house and coming back out with a pair of short swords. "I added a bit of custom finish. I was finished sooner than I realized, so I decided to have a little fun with their design." he said.

Copper: "We'll continue this debate when both of us have." Best to end the conversation before they bothered their host or had Belle making remarks again. She will, though, incline her head at his statement. When he returns with the blades, she lets out a soft sound. It's appreciative, but there's also a touch of disbelief in it, too. "I find it hard to believe you finished these in a matter of days. They’re beautiful.” She gives him a half-smile. “I just hope I can do them justice. Thank you, Law.”
RJ: His eyes widen a bit. "They're for you!?" he exclaimed. "Well..." he calmed down immediately. "I suppose it's not unnatural... I didn't know who I was making them for, so you don't need to thank me as the thought wasn't initially directed your way anyway, it was more just an act of hobby than anything else, nothing special to consider or-" he went on a bit of a tangent. The moment she smiled he actually looked away, as if it affected him somewhat.
Copper: "I'm just as surprised about it as you are." As he babbles slightly about the blades, she chuckles with a wider smile this time. "Still, it's telling that you would put so much work into something, especially without knowing the recipient. I kind of like that, since I get to see your unbiased work. But, we probably shouldn't keep you, especially since we have business as well. Again, thank you for these. I hope I won't have to use them overmuch." She gives him a little wink at that.
RJ: Hit with so much apparent flirting, Law simply touched on his thick and fuzzy cap and pulled it down to try and play it cool. "... Yeah, no problem." he said finally, before turning and leaving to the inside of his home again. "I wonder how big his dick is." Capri said once Law was gone. Bellezza simply gave him an astonished look. "I wonder if I'll be seeing his dick soon." he pondered.
Copper: "Not in there, you won't." Azure makes it a point to retreat from the cold, shrugging off Belle's coat as she goes and holding it out to her. "Besides, I though men didn't like the cold," she comments as she heads off. He'd recognize the path they were on, as she's obviously heading for the boy's house to take care of the next bit of business. She's also keeping an eye out for Claire, though hopefully, if they can't find each other again soon, she'll send word, and pay, through Francis.
RJ: Capri gave her an inquisitive look. "Not all men dislike the cold." he replied. "But, I like how you didn't deny it." he chuckled in regards to Law's dick. Bellezza simply grimaced. "At this point, why would she?" she sighed. Capri simply grinned. "I know. Azure's fun like that. I figure she already has a demon, a werecat, an amazonian male, and a male alice, with me as the poster child human. Would it hurt to add to the party? Oh, and a dark elf too if you want to count half a woman." he noted. Bellezza glanced at Capri as if he was being bizarre. "Oh... well good thing she has a human then." she said for obvious reasons. "Not a hero though." Capri countered, and Bell simply shook her head.
Copper: Azure shrugs. "Regardless, I have more going on right now than trying to curl around another man. I'm only going to worry about it if it comes up. Besides, I don't see Law giving up his work to join us on our travels." She listens to the two banter back and forth. "True, but humans aren't as sturdy as those of us with mamono blood. I can't very well wear poor Capri out all the time. It'll be nice to have some variety." If she could saunter away with her hands clasped behind her back, whistling, that's definitely the impression the two are getting from Azure right now. As it stands, she simply hums as she continues to work her way to where the rest of the group resides.
RJ: "He probably won't, but we live here, and so does he." Capri reminds her. "Plus, there's the problem of him being of yuki-onna lineage. It'll be a prime blockade given that you're a lamia with no cold resistance. Though, I'm sure if you learn some magic, you can weave up a warm blanket around yourself to counter the cold so that you're warm even in his direct presence." he declares, being extremely helpful with the idea of Azure fucking another man, despite his earlier resistance. Though soon after he said that, an elf girl with black hair done into two pigtails walked by and smiled at him. Capri gave a very flirtatious wave back at her, before resuming the conversation. "So, the moral of the story is, learn magic. Bellezza, it's your job to help with that." he declared. Bellezza rounded on him. "Why!?" she exclaimed in shock. "Because you want a good duel, you had your life spared, and now you're living at Francis' house for free. You're going to do as your told or else we will literally take your fancy clothes as payment." he stated. Bellezza wanted to argue, but observed the situation and decided not to.
Copper: "Given what I've come to understand about magic, that certainly might be possible." Though there was also the matter of whether or not she had interest in Law, outside of the fact that he was a man, albiet a talented one. She rolled the thought around in her mind, watching Capri and finding his 'loosening up' something of a relief, though she'd definitely have to keep an eye on him at the same time. While she doubted he'd stray, at least not without dragging her along with him, the last thing they needed was to get too sidetracked. The notion of Belle helping with her magic lessons didn't exactly appeal, but if she was going to learn defense and counter-magic, Marth probably wasn't the best for that and she likely couldn't trust Bishop to pull punches, at least right now. Since Belle was insisting on a repeat of the duel, she could at least be counted on to not try and kill her prematurely, not to mention if they got her worked up enough, she probably wouldn't hold back, either.
RJ: As far as facial features went, Law and Capri had a similar look going about them. If someone declared that they were brothers it might be believed with the way their faces were chisled. It seemed like Law was also treating Azure a bit differently ever since she met him. At first, much like Zidane still does, he thought she was just there to use him. But as it turned out Azure showing disinterest had the opposite effect on him, according to Capri as he went on. "Also, Law is starting to like you." Capri commented. "He looked like a school boy with a crush that he didn't want to declare for fear of not looking cool anymore." he chuckled. "I'm guessing because the way you're treating him isn't what he expects every other woman to do, so he's showing natural interest. Honestly, he's a bit naive. Probably why he was taken advantage of." he hummed.
Returning to where the group resides, Azure found the group in some kind of intensive training session. Marth was sitting with Zwei, apparently both of them meditating, but Marth had his eyes closed and was trying to solve a rubix cube purely with magic, which apparently was taking all of his concentration. However, he was also focusing on Zwei's breathing on the side, apparently his meditation practice helping Marth to focus. Ragna and Zidane were practicing their martial combat skills, and both teams of two were just about finished when Azure walked in. Marth, Ragna, and Zidane were all sweaty, while Zwei looked perfectly fine. "Belly!" Ragna called out, approaching Bellezza, who was repulsed and holding her nose. "Ugh! Get away from me! You're sweaty and you stink!" she cursed at him. "Don't be that way! Give uncle Ragna a biiiig hug!" Ragna declared, chasing after Bellezza a bit.
Copper: Azure arches a brow. "How do you know he was taken advantage of?" There's likely a broad, encompassing answer to that, but they haven't interacted with Law all that much, so she's curious. And if something develops naturally between the two of them, then that's fine. She's certainly not going to push any sort of relationship, since now's not exactly the best time for it, really. Azure lingers in the door, watching the foursome as they wrap up their training. Ragna's nickname for their newest tag-a-long surprises her and she snickers before she can catch herself. "Oh, sure, I see who your favorite is now. Wanting a hug from her but ignoring me. Fine." She huffs an exagerated sigh, though she doesn't stop Ragna from teasing the hero.
RJ: "Remember when we first met Law? We were warned he had difficulty with people because of his past. His power, and his genius inventions caused people to try and take advantage of him. He had trust issues, and as I can see now, he's easily fooled. A bit of lack of interest on your part and suddenly it seems like he's opening up to you. I honestly thought he'd deny you more than that." Capri said honestly. "For a multitude of reasons, I think you should consider Law. I mean, he's as sexy as any other guy out there, and he's a genius as well. He could be very useful for the team." Capri said with a very statistical approach. Once Azure teased, Ragna looked right at her as if Azure just said something she shouldn't have. "You just said something you shouldn't have." Capri confirmed that thought. That's when the big, sweaty, smelly, tired Ragna had Azure in a big hug. "Heh, your nipples hurt a little against where Zidane hit me." he chuckled, before letting go, as it did seem to hurt. "... Why." Zidane said from the side line.
Copper: "We'll see about that. I already have my hands full as it is and we're going to be away for a while. Might have to see if absence makes the heart grow fonder or not." As she's hugged, Azure lets out a little bit of a playful squeal, especially since Ragna is sweaty and smelly, but he's also solid and after a little hand-flailing, he will feel the hug returned, though as he requests to be let go, she doesn't hold him longer than necessary. She’ll give him and Zidane a minute to cool down from their sparing and Marth time to finish up what he’s doing as well. Zwei, she hopes, can either listen while he meditates or is, at the very least, in the best position to be immediately ready to listen. “I know that we just got back but it would seem I, at the very least, will be turning around and heading out again.”
RJ: When she returned the hug, Ragna's attitude seemed to change instantly. "Well, that makes sense." he said, seemingly to himself as it likely didn't make sense for him to say that to Azure. It was as if he came to an understanding about Azure, and when they parted, he hummed. "If you're really serious, then you'll need to get stronger," he said to her. "I'm guessing you're heading out to do just that, aren't you?" he inquired, and everyone seemed half understanding and half lost as to what conclusions Ragna was drawing. "I was never against you being here with us, Azure. But, the bar is high. If you meet it when the time comes, I'm all yours." he said flatly. Only Zidane seemed to understand as he gave a wild expression and a blush.
Copper: "So you've warned me." She gives him a careful pat on the shoulder, though it doesn't seem like he might be injured there but just in case. "I hope I can. Probably won't be much left of me if I can't," she chuckles, though she recalls his remarks from before about his mother. "But yes, that is why I'm headed out. Short explanation is 'magic lessons.' Not that I'm opposed to learning from Marth but it's becoming clearer that I'll be needing, well, I hesitate to say 'more' but it's seeming like it especially in light of recent events."
RJ: "He has a bit to learn himself. So... Marth, why don't you go with?" Ragna suggested, and Marth gave a surprised start. "Uh... Wouldn't I just slow Azure's progress?" he inquired. Though Ragna just chuckled, looking over to Azure. "Take him with you. Our little magician saw his first real fight soon after you showed up. He needs some practice." Then, Zidane chirped in. "You better not be trying to run away, Azure. If you do flee, I'll personally find you and kick your ass." he informed her. "She will not flee." Zwei replied. "However, she may not return." Zwei continued, before he broke his meditation fully to look at her. "You quickly made many enemies, Azure. Metal especially. I sensed her hostile aura as we came in, directed at you. Be careful."
Copper: "As long as the one teaching me doesn't mind another pupil, I'm happy to have you come with me, Marth. Although that might mean we'll have another tag-along as well. Where's Bishop?" Because she'll leaving. With Marth. At Zidane's comments, she clucks her tongue at him. "Because if I were running away, telling you would be the first thing I'd do." As Zwei mentions the witch, the lamia rubs her temples. "I don't have time to deal with her bullshit. Probably too much to hope they're still enforcing that 'no fighting in the temple' rule that got us in trouble the last time, is it?" She sighs. "I appreciate the warning, Zwei. Might mean a crash course in defensive magic might be in order before we set out. Or while we're traveling. I might not be her match, but so long as she doesn't incapaciate me, I might stand a chance."
RJ: Marth smiled when she mentioned Bishop. "Oh! I'm sure he'd be happy to come along! After all, he really likes you, Azure!" Marth claimed. "He says all sorts of things about you, like how he wishes the two of you could be alone together for just five minutes, and how he wishes he could take you out into the sea to just disappear! He really likes you!" he insisted, oblivious to the fact that Bishop was having murder fantasies. Ragna merely chuckled. "Well, your hands are gonna be full." Ragna declared with a laugh. "Don't worry about Metal, Azure. You already showed us that you're the strongest one here. You haven't even yet actually fought Metal for real, I bet. So, think about it this way, if you're really the one for all of us, then knocking out that rapist should be no sweat. Otherwise, guess you were never cut out for it!" he declared nonchalantly. Having said that Zidane gave a bit of an odd reaction. Their previous relations with the nefarious group had his blood boiling, enough for him to say: "Even Azure can handle that shark tooth freak. You'd better knock her teeth out." Zidane said, actually giving Azure his vote of confidence, an act that everyone reacted to. Even Zwei glanced at him. Ragna meanwhile looked like his eyes were shining with a chance to be chaotic. "Is that kiss finally getting to you?" he inquired, bringing back that memory. Zidane went deep red. "I'm not rooting for Azure! I'm rooting against Metal!" he insisted.
Copper: Azure arches a brow, her lips quirking a bit as she's trying hard not to smile, fully understanding the meaning behind Bishop's words but not wanting to utterly ruin Marth's opinion of his friend. "Little bit," she agrees with Ragna, a touch of a chuckle in her voice. "Guess we'll have to see. At least I know a few of her tricks already and I'm not going to be going against her unarmed this time. At Zidane's remark, she chuckles again. "If I manage to, want one or two for a necklace?" The tip of her tail twitched back and forth a little bit.
RJ: His eyes turned to her with a bloody vengeance. "The whole fucking set." he declared. Everyone else, mind Zwei, just smiled. Ragna cocked an eyebrow. "Wow, vicious." he said with amusement. He also noticed the bow on Azure's tail Capri gave her. "Nice bow. It doesn't look like something you picked out yourself, given your taste in clothing, but it also looks like someone wanted it to compliment your red scales." he said. He observed it before in waymeet, though now he was choosing to observe it more deeply. Capri blushed a bit at his words. Capri also looked a bit surprised. One of his opinions of Ragna was that he was just a carefree fool who was good with a blade. Shocked now to find Ragna also had an eye for observation akin to his own. So, he adjusted his cap with a bit of a fidget.
Copper: "We'll see how many I manage to get." She does find the response exceptionally violent but given what she's coming to know of Zidane, there's a reason for it. Azure will flick her tail again as he mentions the bow. "True, it was a gift. I'm a little worried, wearing it all the time. I'd hate for it to get frayed, but for now, I like the look of it." She 'wags' her tail a little after showing off the ribbon. "Plan is to head out as soon as possible," she informs them. "Though if you need to take time to get ready or if there's anything further you might need, we'll see about getting it." The statement seems more directed toward Marth, since he'll be going with her. The invitation is still open for the others, but she won't force them to come with her.
RJ: Excited, Marth starts going to pack his things, when Zidane stops the young mage. "Hold it. You're not pulling a stunt like last time. You're leaving your one-hundred pound bookbag here." he scolds his friend. Marth looks a bit sad, before thinking for a moment. Something seems to go through his mind as he looks at Azure, before he seemed like he really wanted to say something, but couldn't find a way to. He just shuffled about awkwardly, moving to start packing his things, albeit very slowly because of whatever he was thinking about.
Meanwhile, Capri just grimaced. "Oh, stop griping about the bow. Even if you destroy it every day, I will just get you a new one. I don't give gifts to people so they may ignore them."
Copper: Likely it had to do with her carrying his books for him like she did on the way to Waymeet, but it was definitely going to be an instance of him mustering up enough courage to ask her. "Well, then, I'll either have to keep wearing it or I'll just have to find another use for it." Azure's tail flicks back and forth a little, not elaborating because of Marth and Zidane being in proximity. Capri can probably tell what she's thinking just by the crooked smirk on her face as she glances at him. "We'll leave Marth to pack." There's a pause. "If you think it's wise, inform Bishop, too." That's more for the others. She's not about to tell him but at the same time, she doesn't want him tearing after her for 'kidnapping' Marth. "I'm going to see if I can't find Claire and get us paid before I leave. We're going to need supplies and, well, you did do your job, so that's only fair."
RJ: Her thought case didn't seem to be so. Marth didn't seem to be packing light, he seemed to be acting very picky about what he wanted to bring. He seemed like he was having trouble choosing an option. Though, as she gave her crooked smile, a definite conclusion didn't seem to strike Capri. Instead, it seemed he came to multiple conclusions. Finally, as she spoke of it being wise to inform Bishop, Marth gave a questioning look at her. "Why wouldn't it be wise? I think it's the perfect chance for you two to become even better friends!" he said enthusiastically. Then he looked at a book Azure couldn't see the title of because the back was facing her, before putting it away, discarding it to search for a better option. Soon after, a knock came to the door, before Francis pardoned herself in. "If it's payment you're looking for, I took the liberty of claiming it from Claire's funds myself." she said as she presented a wooden box that jingled when moved. "She's a bit... Occupied. So, feel free to split the money however you like, she was rather generous. And of course, as your manager, I deducted my own portion~" she giggled, revealing her role as the one who lazily monitors the group while taking her cut. Or in Azure's case, monitors the shard that somehow got implanted into Azure's soul, as well as Bellezza's. A powerful thing indeed, if it made Bellezza such an intimidating foe.
Copper: Regardless, Azure isn't going to go out of her way to find Bishop and tell him of the impending trip. "If it will help in your packing, Marth, I would like to at least start some magical instruction before we get there, so I can have some basics down before charging into anything else." She'll accept the box from Francis and examine the contents, looking to see how best to divide it up. It's an instance of possibly wanting to replace Marth's cape, but they also still need supplies and the boys are going to need to eat while they're gone. And travel money. Either way, she'll work it out. There's also the matter of whether or not Tabith is going to go with them or not.
RJ: With that, Marth thought to himself, before seeming to get an idea. He held up a book that was appropriately titled, Understanding Art: The Book of Weaves. "This is what I read when I was studying to become a weaver! We can read this together, right Azure!" he declared with a smile. Seeming like he was wanting to find a book not just for him, but for Azure as well. Looking inside the box, the contents seemed smaller than what the box would hold, but that was likely thanks to Francis. The small box had fifteen silver daggers inside. A large sum of money to get all at once, but considering the time they took and number of people it was to be divided too, it wasn't that much.
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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

Copper: She smiles. "Sounds like a plan, Marth." Once her attention is back on the box, she'll look to the others. "Is there rent that you pay for this place?" She almost cringes at the thought, given how ramshackle it is, but, well, it's a possibility. Best to make sure the ones staying here have enough to take care of themselves while she and the others are gone. Then it's going to be a matter of seeing the money divided up to get the most use out of it.
RJ: "No." Ragna replies. "It's just a rundown building that suffered the passage of time and the conflict that's been constantly about. Undine developed a sympathy for men suffering the world of mamono and offers shelter to men without cost." he said. "One of the only decent women in the world..." Zidane sighs as he sits against the wall.
Copper: "That's good to hear then." She seems a little relieved at that fact, actually. "All right, let's see about getting this split up then I can get to supply shopping for the trip." And she'll discuss the division of the money frankly with them, clearly not feeling like she should get a lion's share simply by virtue of her gender. She'll see it split between what they likely need for a budget, some to simply be kept there since it will (hopefully) be safer than carrying it with them on the road and inviting bandits. Once it's settled, if there's nothing else, then she'll see about getting supplies for the upcoming trip. If any of them want to come with, they're welcome.
(I'm thinking, at this juncture, since I'm not 100% on the economy, she's probably allocating 500 for the trip, at least for right now, and leaving 1000 with the boys, more to possibly be put back in the bank, so to speak, after she shops.)
RJ: Zwei rose his hand to grab Azure's attention, but only chest high while maintaining his relaxed pose. "We have, and shall continue to support ourselves. If you think about what is behind you, Azure, you will not see what is to come. Focus on bettering yourself, that is what you can do for us."
Copper: She sighs with a bit of a smile. "I know. But part of this money is yours, too. You earned it on the job." She huffs out another breath. "I will see to the journey ahead. Make sure we're taken care of and hopefully I can give you guys a little while that you can just relax. I think you've earned it and you might not get the chance with what's looming on the horizon."
RJ: "No can do." Zidane replied, standing up. "I'm not going to relax and be some house hubby for you while you 'take care of everything.' That's not my style. Don't be shocked if you waste your energy hurrying back here only to find we're doing just fine." he said with determination. Ragna just grinned and waved his hand. "That's his way of saying, don't worry about me, take care~" Ragna mimicked Zidane while putting on a cute display. "Ragna... I tolerate you." Zidane pursed his lips as his face went red a bit.
Copper: She shakes her head at the two of them. "I never said anything about being idle, but a little time off is good for the spirit." Her lips quirk up a bit. "Besides, if I were any other kind of woman, I'd probably be telling you to rest up for my return." There's a bit of tease in her tone, fully intending them to take that in a suggestive direction. "All right, I'm going shopping for the trip. Is there anything I should pick up for around here while I'm out?" That's more of a grocery/immediate necessity request than for anything frivilous.
RJ: The boys list their basic needs for Azure to get, with Ragna smiling and adding in at the end, "A collar/bell for Zidane." Thus, Azure was free to leave whenever she wished.
Copper: She won't embarrass him in that way. For the time being, she'll take Capri with her. Knowing Belle, she's probably going to tag along. If not, and if Francis doesn't come with them, she'll leave the girl with the merrow. If Francis does stay behind and is going with them to Cynthia's, she'll make sure to take requests from her, too. On to shopping.
RJ: They arrived at the store, where a mermaid resting in a wheelchair was at the counter with her lower half in fish form. "Welcome! How may I help you?" she greeted her when she entered. Francis decided to tag along, and when she was spotted by the mermaid, the mermaid bowed her head with respect. Giving Francis a whole world of different treatment than Azure.
Copper: Not surprising, since Francis seems to be a bit of a deal around here. "Heading off on a trip and going to be camping for a few days, so we'll need some things for that," Azure replies with a friendly smile. She'll browse around, food being the most important, but possibly for other little things that might make travel easier, not to mention so they might not have to rely on weaving overmuch, even if it might be good practice. Bit of a trade-off that.
RJ: Azure found the food she needed, and warm wraps for lamia that her kind often made to retain some heat during the night. It didn't help over all, but it made getting cold a little more slow going. Francis, on the other side, was already done with her purchase. She had in her hand a black glove with multicolored jewels on it. "That will be 2 daggers and fifty anchors." the mermaid said. An impressively pricey expense. One which she quickly handed to Azure. "It's a glove for beginner weavers. It draws out your soul and weaves for you, taking the process of trying to learn how to bring your soul out yourself less of a hassle."
Copper: Having the wrap might not be a bad idea, especially if, for some reason, they have to forego a fire. And if she doesn't have Capri and Tabith with her to help with body heat, especially since it would likely be doubtful Bellezza would willingly snuggle with her and, despite her feelings, Marth would probably be reluctant. Nor would he probably be permitted if Bishop tags along. She blinks at the sight of the accessory. "Well, it's certainly lovely." She'll study the pattern the jewels make, turning it over a couple of times in her hands. "Here's hoping I won't need it for very long, at least for its intended purpose, that is." She smiles. "Thank you, Francis." She knows the merrow isn't doing it solely to be nice; Azure does need to learn to weave, after all, but still, to have something this helpful
RJ: Francis waves, "Don't worry! You can repay me whenever you want." she giggles, before putting her hand to Azure's shoulder, gently rubbing her damp, soft skin against Azure's skin. "And... However you want~" she cooed, before leaving Azure to make her purchase and leave.
Copper: "Appreciated, since it will likely be later. You're the one insisting I get training after all." The lamia shoots the other woman a teasing wink. Knowing Francis, the 'however' is going to be limited to a few options. Since she's going with them, might possibly be while they're on the road or after the get to Cynthia's or even after that. Not going to be right now or in the immediate future. In the meantime, she'll settle up with the mermaid, taking a few moments to pack up while in the shop, separating the supplies from the items that the boys requested. If there's nothing else pressing at the moment, she'll head back there with the intention of dropping off their requests. She's also putting on the glove so she gets used to the feel of it on her hand.
RJ: The glove was soft, and cozy. Albeit a bit warm given the weather. Azure made her purchase while Francis cooed. "We can work training into many environments in life." she said, grinning. "The more distracting, the better the focus training~"
Copper: Given that there is the potential for trouble in the form of a bothersome witch, she's going to leave it on for the time being. Despite it being warm, she'd rather deal with that than be caught unaware. Not that she'd have much of an idea of what to do with it, but it's a start. "And I'm pretty sure I have an idea of what you'd consider a couple of good distractions. Let me get the basics down first before we start looking to see how good I am at not being distracted," she chuckles.
RJ: "Focus is actually where you start with weaving. There's no point in using a power you've never touched unless you can ignore the sensations of the body to adhere to the soul." Francis spoke calmly. "Granted, the distractions I have in mind are for when you learn a thing or two, so we'll have to start with your concentration. Even I've lost a weave because of a sudden urge to sneeze."

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)

The loooong travel scenes

copperpayn: "Well, I like to think I'm fairly good at concentrating on things. If we're not going to distract me right out of the gate, I can hopefully grasp the basics and we can build from there." She is part snake, after all, and they can be rather intent at times. Unnervingly so.
RJ: Francis giggled. "The basics are the easy part. That's why the more serious types tend to become weavers very quickly." she revealed. "In fact, we can cover the basics right here... And right now." she indicated. "Make fire. All you have to do is raise your hand, the gloved one, and imagine the properties of a flame. Using your fingers, draw out your soul and form a ball of energy, before giving it the 'idea' of fire. If you do it right..." As Azure was likely following directions, she'd notice she caused a spark of fire to shoot out from her palm. Francis grinned. "Basics, complete."
copperpayn: Probably up from her palm, since letting the fire spark outward might not be too safe, especially if they're around people. Or things. It takes her a moment, but the fire will bloom as she puts together what Francis was explaining. "Though, with what the magic draws on, I'm going to need more company, aren't I?"
RJ: Francis rose two fingers. "You have two choices of energy... Suppliers." she giggled, taking Azure by the shoulder outside. She pointed at Law's house. "Seduce him." She offered, before pointing at a nearby cafe where they saw Bishop eating an elven salad. "Or him... Or both, if you're up to it. Either way, they're your candidates, unless you feel up to testing the limits of Capri's limited reserves. I've felt around, he doesn't have much to offer."
copperpayn: Azure cocks her head to the side. "Why those two in particular?" At the moment, neither seemed exceptionally viable. Being around Law made her uncomfortable and she wasn't exactly Bishop's favorite person at the moment. Although things might change on the trip, especially if he were tagging along to "keep an eye on Marth."
RJ: Francis rose an eyebrow. "Because these two have the healthiest souls. Both have problems, but if it's Law... Why not just coat yourself in heat to ignore his cold? Easy enough, right? Then you can add him to your stable~"
copperpayn: "I'd be more inclined to bundle up instead. Kind of defeats the purpose of replentishing if I have to spend to get it." She chuckles. "We'll see. I can likely spend more time focusing on Bishop at the moment. And I've a feeling he's going to be coming with us. He wouldn't be able to stand my being alone with Marth."
RJ: Francis giggled. "Nonsense. All magical predators have to spend to catch prey." she said, before wrapping her arm around Azure. "I'll be frank. This is your chance to get close to Law. He's going to be leaving in light of the angelic attack since he's not a fighter. He's sticking around for a few things and then leaving. If you want to make love to him, this is your last chance to make him yours." Francis said with finality, and a grin.
RJ: Azure, deciding finally, would have Francis nodding in acknowledgment. "Ah, it's fine to be picky." she chuckled. "To be fair, you probably will find many more you do actually like. Quite wise, to not fill your plate so quickly." Francis decided to acknowledge the other way to look at it. "Have Bishop come along then. The only issue is... You must find a way to touch him long enough to gain energy from him. Doing that to Marth will obviously lead to ill tidings, and Capri... Well, he can sustain you."
copperpayn: Azure shakes her head. "A chance I may have to let pass. Getting Law to open up to me would likely take more time than we have, especially given what you've told me about him. And, well, there's that whole 'always cold' thing." She gestures to herself, knowing the merrow knows how much she dislikes the cold. "Not that I wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him, nor having his skills available..." She shakes her head. "I'd want him with me for that, not as a bedwarmer." Yes, she seems aware of the irony in that statement.
RJ: Francis just snorted, before walking forth to go greet Bishop. He seemed to just be done eating his food before Francis announced that they'd be leaving soon. Bishop stoically nodded and agreed to meet at the eastern exit to head to the tengu's tower north of waymeet, the place they came from before. After a bit of prep and luggage gathering, everyone was ready to travel quickly, thanks to the fact that they didn't really unpack. Rather, restock. Marth was beaming, looking excited. "I get to be a tutor!" Marth said happily. "Don't be lenient on her. Before you know it she'll be skipping class." Bishop advised. "If she is bad, let me know, I'll punish her privately." Capri said seriously, though Francis caught the undertone and giggled.
copperpayn: (Is everyone going? Was under the impression it was going to be a slightly smaller group this time around. Makes sense, I mean, with the fight looming, but still.)
RJ: (No, just those mentioned. Marth to be tutor, Bishop to be stalker, Capri to be husbando, Francis to find Cynthia's tower, and Azure to be protag)
copperpayn: (We're leaving Belle here?)
RJ: (Oh, you can bring him too.)
RJ: (Forgot he was an option. Yeah, Francis will tell Az she can drain the shit out of him)
copperpayn: (Only asking because, well, soul bit. Hero. Don't think Francis would want her out of her sight. And, well, need to beat the ever loving crap out of her first. Then draining's an option.)
RJ: (Yup. Up to az in the end tho)
copperpayn: "Which is going to be the tricky part. I'm not his favorite person right now. I'll have to see what I can do." At the remark about Marth, she inclines her head. "Not planning on anything too soon with Marth. He's going to require a lot of patience. He needs to know he doesn't have to be afraid around me. That, and I'm fairly sure the others have it in his head that I'm going to ravish him at the first opportunity." She shakes her head. She doesn't mind Francis inviting Bishop along, figuring better to have him among them than tagging along behind. "Could always have you help with the lessons, Bishop." Magic, at least, would give them something to talk about. At Capri's remark, she snorts, giving him a light spank with her tail. "You can try." Provided they're all ready to go, it'd be time to head out. If Bellezza thinks she's staying, Az gets that notion out of her head, handily, if need be. Reason being that she's not leaving the *hero* here unsupervised. As funny as it would be to have Ragna watch out for Belly.
RJ: "I don't wanna." Bellezza replied. Then the appropriate response came with the Hero wrapped in Azure's tail as she slithered along, easily pulling the Hero with her. "Ah, that brings back memories." Capri looked at Bellezza being dragged around with a longing expression. Marth chuckled. "That looks like fun!"
copperpayn: "It's a little awkward, actually," she'll admit to the mage, though she also doesn't seem to be having much trouble hauling the hero along with them. "And do stop squirming, Belle. You're not going to like what's going to happen if I have to drop you." Because an overstimulated lamia is a pouncy lamia and, well, they have ground to cover. To distract herself, or perhaps to work on concentration, she'll start discussing weaving with Marth. And Bishop, if he's inclined to join the conversation.
RJ: Amidst the squirming, just one slight sensation of a bump over Bellezza's crotch, possibly a hidden weapon, and she curled up and went still. Secrets were more important than escape it seemed. That, and Azure may perhaps be thankful for the cease of squirming, as the wonderful sensations had her excited to the point of Marth glancing in greatly spared and distanced peeks at her chest, pointed as it now was. And distracting. Though Marth kept up the conversation. Bishop just nodded and agreed. Weaving as it seemed, was true to the name. Weaving with ones own soul. Attacking with weaving was actually extremely simple and easy to do. However, more complicated functions required knowledge of how assets of life functioned. Making a bird required knowledge of weight, feathers, and wind currents.
RJ: So, the true challenge of weaving was understanding how the world works, rather than knowing how to give power to your creation. It was truly both an engineer and an artist's craft, lending to its complexity. As Marth floated in the air, Azure would find such a task impossible, only throwing herself in an odd direction as the currents straight up seemed to throw her sideways, or any which way excluding up.
copperpayn: Hidden weapon indeed. If Belle proves she can behave once they're well enough away from the Temple, Az will let her down to walk on her own. Azure seems most interested in offensive and defensive weaving, though learning the other aspects seem just as important. Given the difficulty she's having with the notion of floating, rather than try and bully her way through it, she'll settle and talk with Marth about it, try and find out what he's doing differently than her or think about it another way, rather than simply letting the air push her around. Keeping with the basics of weaving but also trying to think outside as far as comprehension goes.
RJ: Marth just chuckled. "It'll take a while before you get used to it." he said. "Don't sweat falling over now. It took me a lot of training to be able to balance, and it doesn't take a little amount either! It's quite stressful to use that much power to lift your entire body." he declared. Bellezza, who'd have submitted to walking, will add. "The best weaving you can do is preemptive weaving instead of in-combat weaving. If you have to weave something to save your ass in combat then you've made a mistake."
copperpayn: "Especially when I have a lot to lift. I don't forsee me using that casually. Just when needed. "Because, well, snake. Lots of snake. "Depends on what you're weaving, I suppose, but that makes sense." Which might prompt a discussion with Marth about something similar to what he put on her before, only it'd be Azure doing it. Of course, it took a lot out of him, so before she commits to doing that, it might be worth looking into a means to replentish her energy before using it up.
RJ: The days went on as Azure trained, learning how to weave, how to create basic elements and learning the importance of their structure. Making steel required you to make it very dense, otherwise it turns to powder. Though as she did all this... Azure felt herself growing tired. That night, Francis would approach Azure as the boys rested in the camp, and the two girls came out to collect wood. "Feeling weak?" Francis inquired. "It's high time you think about feeding."
copperpayn: "Was beginning to feel it. You mentioned Capri being able to sustain me. Would that be true? At least for now? I haven't exactly had much time to devote attention to Bishop and I'm not a fan of snacking by surprise. Though it's tempting in Belle's case."
RJ: Francis nodded. "Capri would help. But it would mean we'd have to put your training on halt." she stated. "If you cannot seduce either the elf or the hero, then you will simply have to recover energy the slow and natural way."
copperpayn: "Bit of an either or, really. I'll need time either way. And right now, I've probably got a better chance with Bishop than I do with Belle. If I were inclined to have our duel again, well, then that'd be that but I'm not fully ready. In the meantime, I'll see if I can't turn Bishop's head my way."
RJ: Francis smiled. "Ah, it's good to see you take initiative. I was worried you'd continue to fuss when matters were dire. Hopefully Bishop understands that too."
copperpayn: "What worries me about him is that I'm not entirely certain he's into women. But then again, he could just be fixated on Marth. Initially, I thought he was under the curse, too, but your friend didn't see any of it lingering on him." She'll pause, tucking some of the wood into the crook of her arm. "I'd say I'd just appeal to his practical side but I think he'd take any opportunity to make me look bad. Or himself better."
RJ: Francis giggled. "Azure... Do you think I don't do my due diligence? I wouldn't tell you to seduce him ignorantly."
copperpayn: "'Diligence' she calls it. You're just a pervert," she teases, lightly catching Francis' bottom with her tail. "So, what have you got for me?"
RJ: Francis smiles, letting out a delighted hum at the whap. "Oh contraire, Azure... I'm very dedicated to my desires, in the most professional way~" she claimed. "Bishop is very protective of Marth due to their past, but he still isn't against the idea of a woman. Lucky you, his fetishes include being wrapped and entangled. Though he has a fancy for breast pleasure. As far as the best way to do this? Well, tell him the truth. He's a very straight forward person. If you being strong means Marth won't be in danger... I'm sure he'll open up to you~"
copperpayn: "That, I'd gathered," she remarks about the past the two of them share. "Though I'm curious how you learned about that," she remarks with regard to the elf's fetishes. "Well, I do try to be honest. Like I said, I just hope he doesn't try and laud the notion over me. Might get annoying. I'll talk with him tonight about it. Work something out."
RJ: When she pondered how she knew that, Francis just gave Azure a very, very wide grin. That's all. "I'll support you. Remove the nuisances." she said. Francis went to camp first, and spoke to everyone. They all nodded, and Bishop stood up on his lonesome for some reason, and headed to the river, holding a change of clothes. Francis sat down by the fire to start cooking, while glancing at Azure, grinning.
RJ: Meanwhile, Capri just looked at Francis, looked at Bishop, and saw Azure in the distance. His mind put the dots together, and simply gave Azure a thumbs up. Wishing her good luck.
copperpayn: Azure is, of course, curious as to what annoucement Francis makes. Can't be anything too risque or Bella and Marth's ears would be pink. Azure enters the camp, depositing the wood she's gathered close to the merrow, so she can bank up the fire if need be. "Not subtle, are you?" she asks with an arched brow. She'll give Capri a wink at the gesture and for the time being, head off toward the river as well. She'll probably gather something to change into as well. Two birds, one stone.
RJ: Francis rose her head. "Hmm? What could you mean?" she inquired. Marth looked confused too. "What's wrong, Azure? Francis only said that his shift was over and he could take his bath." Marth declared. Francis had set up shifts to weave protections around the camp in case of invaders. The way the timing went, it seemed Francis had planned on Azure feeding since the moment they made camp. Francis only grinned with curiosity. "It's my watch, Azure. You go bathe, but don't you go near Bishop, you naughty girl~" she cooed knowingly. Marth chuckled. "Azure wouldn't do something like that." Marth said with absolute faith. A sentence that made Capri puff his cheeks and blow out gently.
RJ: Down by the river, Bishop was already naked, standing tall in the river as he cupped water and ran it through his hair. Being elven, his hair was strikingly clean and beautiful. His figure thin and fit. True to the elven stereotype, he was a beautiful man.
copperpayn: "You lot hold down the fort, then." For a brief moment, she debating inviting Bella to go with her, more looking to call out the disguised hero and watch her squirm than anything but, problem was, if she accepted, it might screw things up with Bishop. Another time with regard to that. Maybe after she and Bishop have settled on things. While it was possible for her to move silently up to the water's edge, she chose to make enough noise to alert him to her presence. Startling a mage was generally a bad idea.
RJ: Even though she didn't mean to, startle the mage she did. Though startling a mage was probably not as bad as she thought it would be, as an unprepared mage is a defeated mage. Bishop whipped his head around, covering his chest and crotch with his arms as he heard someone. To compare, a momono probably wouldn't give two cares what you saw, unless she had something to be ashamed of. "W-who's there!?" Bishop exclaimed. Upon seeing Azure, he blushed and looked to panic. "Azure!? What is the meaning of this!?" he questioned. He looked like he really wanted a good reason from her for her peeping.
copperpayn: "Well, eventually, I'm going to take a bath but I came out here to talk to you. Ask a favor, really." She makes it a point to keep her gaze up and on his face, not wanting him to think she's leering while she's talking to him. "I'm not sure if it's the same for you, but weaving, at least as much as I've been doing lately, takes a lot out of me. Literally. And I need help getting it back. Capri's not enough or I'd ask him. I have to ask you."
RJ: Bishop's face twisted into a complex expression. When she began speaking of energy, he seemed to know where she was going. "And you chose me, huh? Well, between me and the hero, I understand your choice." he stated plainly. "But, if you think I'll give it up just like that, you're out of your right mind. Though, you expected that, so what's next? How are you going to convince me to cheat on my Marth?"
copperpayn: "Well, I don't think you have to worry about Marth seeing it that way." She'll approach the shore, casually shedding her garments as she does so, the action being something of a languid strip-tease; sexy, but on almost an unconscious level. "You have to know I'm doing this so I can get stronger. And the stronger I am, the better I can keep Marth and the others safe. You're a powerful mage, Bishop, I won't deny that. But just imagine what I could do with your help."
RJ: Bishop stared her down, and stood his ground, not intimidated by the advance of the monster girl. "How forward." he commented. "Catering to my interests so directly, I wonder how much of that you actually mean. Or if it's just power you seek to drain from me." he stated, before lowering his hands, letting her see his body in the full moonlight. A sight that a woman would sculpt. A body seemingly made from art. Elven beauty. "I hope you know who you're dealing with. I don't treat ill mannered women kindly. The ones who prey upon men and abuse them for all they've got... I've murdered such women. Tortured the ones who did Marth wrong, purely out of justice. Marth seems to see something else in you, but if you do anything wicked, I swear, Azure, you will meet your reckoning a thousand times over."
copperpayn: "Mine, too," she replies. "I did promise to look out for them when I became their manager." She'll pause at the shore, stop, and twist her tail around so that she can undo the ribbon, not wanting it to get wet either. "Have I been ill-mannered, Bishop?" She puts her attention back on him. "Here I am, asking for your help rather than simply taking what I need." She'll ease into the water, drawing in a breath through her nose at the change in temperature. "I've no intention of 'using up' anyone." She pauses, clearly thinking about something. "In fact, it's my hope that I get strong enough to make sure no one can do that to them. Or you. Not that you seem to need it, but wouldn't it be a weight off your shoulders to know there's at least one other you can trust?" When she's close enough to him, at her words, she'll reach out a hand, allowing the choice to remain his and letting him initiate their first contact.
RJ: Bishop tensed up as she got close. His stoic statue shook, just a little bit. Azure's nude form had an aura that reached him when she got close. "... Not enough to demand retribution, but you are a little rude." he stated. "You're also lewd out of your mind. Say what you will, you wear your true intentions on your sleeves. You wish to lay with each and every one of those men. You're no different from Francis." he stated. "And... You apparently have your eyes on me, too." he said, raising his chin. He looked at her hand, before putting his hand on the top of it, and bringing it in to touch his hip. "I don't trust you yet. Give me a reason."
copperpayn: A little smile comes to her lips as he mentions bedding her charges, one that doesn't seem to argue with him. "On their terms. When they're ready. I've no intention of forcing myself on them." As he brings up her having eyes for him as well, her head cants to the side a little. "Well, you are handsome, Bishop. A girl would have to be blind to not see that." Her brows arch slightly as he settles her hand, her free one moving to take his other one, drawing it to mirror the gesture on her own 'hip.' He can feel the gentle chafe of her thumb moving in a circle near the bone. "Tell me what's off limits, Bishop. Anything that frightens you or would be too much right away."
copperpayn: ((First rule of bdsm. Set boundaries.))
RJ: "Don't choke me." he replied flatly. Seems like he had that problem before. Then, just looked at her normally. He seemed to be one that knew how attractive he was. "There's other features about me other than my beauty. You're going to have to try flattery a little less plain if you want to impress me. Do you want an example?" he inquired, before giving one without waiting for an answer. He leaned in, and whispered into her ear fin. "Your gallant defense against the hero made you look like a glowing savior, you were never more beautiful than when you had your sword raised to defend them. The real hero..." he placed his finger lightly to her nose. "Was you."
RJ: Then, he grinned. "That is how you compliment someone." he cooed at her, trying to one up her even in that moment.
copperpayn: "All right," she agrees at his request. His lips being close to her ear does make her shiver a little, but it's more of a tickle than a reaction to his words. The tap of his finger makes her wrinkle her nose in response, a little chuckle passing her lips at his final statement. "Ah but I'm still learning about you. All I have to go on are your own words about yourself and how I've seen you act toward Marth. Though I was grateful to have you with us when Belle attacked. I couldn't have protected everyone on my own." Her free hand moves up, the back of her finger dusting along his jaw. "Which is why I need your help. And I'm grateful you're taking a chance with me." The trace continues very lightly down the column of his throat, curving to follow his collarbone, her hand turning to rest her palm against his chest, seeking to feel his heartbeat, it seems like. "Would my being around you be too close to feeling choked? Or is it simply having hands around your throat?"
RJ: "Denied oxygen, specifically." he said. "Honestly, as much as you say these things, I do feel like my hand here is forced. You certainly didn't force me, but you left me with no rational reason to refuse you. If you didn't have this excuse, I would have shot you down. So, don't get too caught up in the moment." he lectured her. "Though, Capri wasn't lying, you do like to admire your food before you eat it." he mentioned, revealing that he learned a thing or two from Azure's closest.
copperpayn: He'll get another nod at his clarification. "Well, you're not the only one. If I didn't need to, I wouldn't put you in this position. I know I'm not your favorite person. Not your first choice." At those words, she pauses, a thought coming to her, a question if her expression is any indication. While she's been talking, he'd have been able to feel her tail shifting around to settle behind his legs. "I'm...not your first, am I, Bishop?" Her tone doesn't seem to think so but seems someone wants to make sure.
RJ: Bishop goes silent at that, before shifting his face to the side. "In a way, yes." was all he'd say on the matter. "And in a way, no. What does it matter? Do you want the glory of saying you were the first?" he inquired. It seemed he'd need some work. He was only slightly hard, and his focus seemed more on judging her instead of doing her, observing her words and watching her expressions. "So, are you in the same boat then? If you didn't need the energy, would you not be here?"

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Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)


copperpayn: Clearly she's curious about the 'yes and no' to his answer, one brow arching slightly, but it doesn't seem like she's going to call him out on it. "It means I handle things a little differently." And with regard to hands, hers are starting to roam some, moving from shoulder and hip to soothe up the plane of his chest, a touch of massage in it to help him get used to the feel of her. "I'd likely be curling up with Capri. Or possibly Francis," she'll admit. "I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about something like this." Her hands slip up to knead gently at his shoulders and bisceps. "It's just happening sooner than I would have imagined."
RJ: Bishop chuckled at that, seemingly amused. "Oh, so this was already a done deal in your mind, sorry for coming sooner than expected. No pun intended." he said. He twisted and groaned a bit, lifting his arms and turning his back to her, showing off his shaped back down to his waist and butt. "By all means, take it all in. Enjoy it while you can. I'll make sure that you make use of every last drop you take from me. Every inch you gain will earn you a mile in my personal Torture Tutorship." he chuckled. "You had better believe it, snake. By the end of this trip, I will make a weaver out of you."
copperpayn: "Not necessarily, but, again, the thought was there." She does chuckle at his non-pun. As he turns around, her hands draw back from him, letting him move unhindered. "You do realize that the more you make me use, the more I'll have to take back, right?" She doesn't seem exceptionally daunted by his notion of torture. If he's glancing back, he might catch the grin. Otherwise, he feels hands skim up his back, gripping at his shoulders to pull him back against her. "Or are you saying that because the idea appeals?" she purrs close to his ear.
RJ: "Going to milk me by the day?" he asked, Azure felt him shudder when her nipples pressed into his back. At that, he started to grow hard. "Tonight's a freebie. If you fail to keep up in my lessons, you will starve."
copperpayn: "Is that what you'd want?" She uses the opportunity his words provide, letting her arms slip around his waist, one holding the two of them together, the other skimming over his hip to wrap around his erection, starting a lazy stroke. "For me to stroke and suck," here he'll feel the graze of her tongue along the line of his throat, "and fuck you every night? See which one of us is the better torturer?" He'll feel a light nip at his earlobe, that easy stroke growing firmer. At the same time, he can feel her breasts pressed against his back, rubbing and moving there in time with the motion of her hand.
RJ: Bishop strained a bit, moaning as she touched him and gasping when her tongue touched his neck. One lick of his neck and Azure found his cock almost instantly become rock hard in her hand. "Your true colors..." he murmured, before Azure felt his firm posture lax a bit, her movements making him sink back, his hips moving just slightly beyond his control to the motions of her hand. All the while, Azure could feel it. From the places she touched, an invigorating feeling seeped into her. What was empty became full, ever so slowly. Bishop's weakness became apparent, if Azure used her third eye to see that the places she kissed and touched, had succubus tethers attaching on their own like fangs. Anchoring her soul to his. Feeding.
copperpayn: Part of her wants to dispute the remark but at the same time, she's not going to. She respects him as a mage and doesn't just see him as a source but he needs a reminder of who's in charge. Feeling him go lax coaxes a purr from her, her tail starting to coil around his feet and shins. His hips moving prompts her to change her grip on him slightly, allowing for that thrust of him into her hand, giving him enough resistance to keep him firm. If the tension starts to build too much, though, he'll find her fingers wrapped around him, close to the base, staving off that final tumble over the edge. She is, though, trying to be careful, given this is the first time she's truly fed. She's doing her best to 'sip' while she's feeding rather than letting it pour through her, taking in a little at a time instead of drawing it out of him all at once.
RJ: Holding him and taking the slow, and arguably much more gentle approach, she'd find the energy ever so slowly trickling in. A comfortable pace, one that she got lost in before she felt Bishop's finger stealthily touch her folds, his middle brushing her clit. She had a split second to register the fact before an immense burst of pleasure shot through her. A shock that melted her concentration and broke the tethers in an instant. "You're still wet behind the ears." he commented. "Or perhaps you're trying to make this display a cute attempt at showing me how you take charge?" he chuckled, making just gentle motions with his hands while his magical threads manipulated her senses just at the end of her nervous system, teasing her clit and making it so she had to lean against his back for support.
RJ: "It'd take a real woman to handle me that easily." he stated. "Feeling your grip loosen?" he inquired, gently rubbing still, coaxing so much pleasure that Azure was already drenched. "Welcome to lesson number one. Earning your meal. Mamono who need to feed to survive do not get to live by being nice. What are you going to do, Azure? I'm not just going to give you my energy from my very soul. You have to... Take it." he instructed her.
copperpayn: The sudden burst of energy will get a gasp from her and he'll feel her laxing into the sensations for a heartbeat or so. After she's caught her breath, however, he'll feel her forehead lift from his shoulder, that grip around him tightening into a sharp pull at his shaft. "You wanted my true colors, mage?" In addition to the grip of her hand, he can feel her tail slithering further up around him, binding his legs in place to the knee while the tip of it slides around, taking the place of her hand. That now free, he'll find both of her hands at his wrists, forcing them away from her and together at the small of his back. Any more manipulation on his part is going to have to come solely from his magic since she's seeing to it his extremities are rather thoroughly bound. "You asked for my trust and this is what it gets me?" comes out in a rather displeased hiss. While one hand continues to hold his wrists, the other twists into his hair, jerking his head back enough to give her tongue the line of his throat again, continuing up to let her teeth pinch his earlobe. "Fine." Her mouth drops to his neck and while he can feel her fangs graze his skin, she's not biting, though with how hard she's sucking and nipping at his skin, someone's going to have a nice little love bite. On top of that, her tail wrings around his shaft, twisting some and allowing the very tip of it to cup around his balls at the same time, mostly squeezing in counterpoint to the pressure he can feel while he's getting milked. Not to mention he's feeling her actively drawing from him at the same time.
RJ: Based on his expression, not even Bishop seemed to know Azure had this side. At some point or another, he doubted his own words that Azure could be this way. Though in her current state, his expression was complete shock. His arms were locked and straining tight. But now that she was serious, the difference in power was extraordinarily clear. A man stood no chance once a mamono was wrapped around him, and serious. This was evidence of that, as Azure felt she had the power to do anything she wished with Bishop at that point. The elf couldn't stop her. The elf's energy was gushing into her with each pump of his length, though only in considerable spurts. When the demon milked her the same, he took it in vast quantities. Bishop would last for a long while this way. She could feel his heart beating. Each throb like the pounding of a drum to inspire the predator within, making her heart beat in unison, instincts flaring with the thrill of captured prey. All while his scent filled her nostrils. The scent of fear.
RJ: Bishop began caving in. The stoic bravado vanishing to lusty gasps and moans. She'd only catch a glimpse of defiance in his eyes that vanished instantly following her question. His body twitched and squirmed, his hips moving with need to cum. "Please... Let..." he grit his teeth. "Allow me to cum..." he replied, still trying to cling to the threads of his tattered pride with his wording, begging while trying not to sound like he's begging.
copperpayn: The request gets a bit of a purr out of her and he can feel her smile against his shoulder. "My," she whispers. "Still able to think straight?" A trail of kisses moves from his shoulder to his neck once again. "And could you weave like this? Like before? Or shall I give you a little of your freedom back?" The grip at his wrists loosens just the slightest bit. Seems if he wants his release, he's going to have to give her something in exchange.
RJ: Bishop's face was blood red. He squirmed in such a way that made Azure swoon with delight. Something squirming in her scales would no doubt never get old. Arms freed a bit, Bishop would turn a bit, before gently placing his hand to her crotch. Magics would flow, but more subdued and gentle this time. Azure would get a gentle massage to her clit, more delightful perhaps, as Bishop tenderly moved his hand, certainly trying a different attempt than the one that seemed to bring out the beast within. "... Don't do this to Marth..." he said his request.
copperpayn: He'll pull another gasp out of her, this one sounding more delighted than surprised like before. With how worked up she'd already been, it isn't long before he can feel the writhe of her own hips, rocking in time with the motion of his hand. The stroke of her tail changes to match the new pace, working that last build-up in time with the approach of her own crest. He'll hear a "Mm-mmm" from her as he makes his request about Marth, there being a negative sound to it. "I wouldn't," she assures him. There's something of an unspoken 'unless he wanted me to' but unless the young mage has an exceptionally kinky side he's been hiding from all of them, Bishop doesn't have to worry. He can feel the tremor in her scales as the tension starts to build up even more and one of her hands will drop down, wrapping around both him and the tip of her tail. The coil around his sac starts to loosen and when she finally starts to shudder from her own orgasm, he can feel it in the pull along his length, something of a seize along with the tug, drawing him into the throes of it just on her heels.
RJ: With her climax came the allowance of his own. His finger went still, both hands instead moving to hold her waist behind him as he released impressive ropes into the river water as if he were truly backed up thanks to her. All the while in the throes of his climax, Azure felt his energy overflowing and being rapidly sucked up into Azure, leaving her previously hollow feeling suddenly replaced with overflowing pleasant emotion. It was as if all the good, sexual feelings Bishop was experiencing was being eaten and given to Azure, making her feel light headed and giddy all while explaining perhaps why succubi did what they did. It was like a drug without side effects. One passionate romp of sex and she's left with an afterglow that left her feeling full of energy and like everything was right in the world. The consequence? It seemed Bishop was unable to walk. His spirit was weak.
RJ: However, Azure could sense it. She took a fair bit out of him, but he still had more. The succubus entity that lurked within her soul seemed to have granted itself onto Bishop. The result was a very pacified man. Similar things happened to Capri, lending to the notion that intercourse of any kind with a man will cause him to become helpless and very receptive to further mingling. As it stood, literally in one sense, Bishop's voice carried a needy pant and he was completely erect still. If Azure wished, she'd find Bishop receptive to going the rest of the way.
copperpayn: Her arms remain around his waist, the coils around his feet loosening so that she can shift and let him brace back against the more solid part of her tail. Once she's sure she has him, she starts rubbing his arms, working a bit of a massage into it, easing his muscles and letting some warmth ease back into them, eventually moving down to his hips and giving him the same treatment there. Hearing him so needful does cause a bit of a purr in the back of her throat. Anything now would simply be for pleasure's sake, given how full she felt. And it would be so very simple to just ease into it. Here he was. Ready. Needy. Easy prey. But he had asked for trust, despite how that had backfired the first time. "Do you want more, Bishop?" Of course, she was skewing the field slightly, her lips pressing against his skin between her words. "Do you want to feel me around you?"
RJ: Bishop trembled. Azure could see that for as much as she was giving in the form of questions and options, the succubus curse was filling him with sex drive. It seemed to be attacking his soul, filling him with need to the point that he wasn't allowed to refuse. Instead, he just offered the next best thing, a very indirect acceptance. "... Do whatever you wish..." he said, trying to look proud, though failing as she could feel his length press the long end against her folds, ever so slooowly grinding against her petals. Resisting, but failing to deny the need to pleasure himself against Azure.
copperpayn: Now a phrase like that, that was something she could really abuse if she were so inclined. But Bishop had been tortured enough tonight, though a little teasing might yet be in order. One of her hands settles on his shoulder, the other resting on his hip and he can feel her body starting to move with the rock of his hips, her own eagerness starting to slick him up. Shifting the angle of her hips, he'll feel his own pulled closer as she sheathes herself around him, the action pulling a low cry from the back of her throat. It'll be a heartbeat or two while she grows used to the feel of him inside of her, but once she does, her hips start to rock, her touch encouraging him to match the motion. As best he can, anyway, since her tail is starting to coil around his legs once again.
RJ: Bishop's moans match her own, combining together to form a single note until they were sheathed together. Bishop seemed much like Capri in that moment, overwhelmed by the squeezing folds. His hips moved with her own, now seemingly in earnest as the sensations overwhelmed him and his sensitive length was even more so following his climax. He seemed like he had so much to say in that moment, but the pleasure was overwhelming, causing him onto to tip his head back and moan at the sky while her pussy stroked his length. Every few thrusts his hips would suddenly drive into her, bubbles of lust coming forth, breaking through the barriers of resistance until Bishop seemed to give into the pleasure entirely. His eagerness and sudden lust only meaning one thing, as Azure once again had the choice of taking his male seed for procreation, or just fun.
copperpayn: And with trouble looming on the horizon, not to mention training, pregnancy is the last thing on Azure's mind, so this is strickly for fun. In addition to the feelings coming from her and Bishop moving together, she's taking a great deal of pleasure in watching him, enjoying that he's getting so lost in the sensations. Another thing that's helping her is being wrapped around him, feeling his lower body writhing back and forth in her coils. Another sensation that he'll be treated to is her tail skimming up between his legs, the tip of it sliding along the crease of his ass. Her hands shift lower and while she still manages to support him, her fingers grip his cheeks, parting them and allowing him to feel a press at the ring of muscle there.
RJ: No real chance for conversation or questions, Bishop would feel the tail and her hands grip, and the moment she pressed the tip against his ass Azure would find him feverishly thrusting his length in deep inside of her and cumming so hard she could feel him filling her up liberally, though there'd be no egg waiting for all the seed she'd just taken in. What she did apparently made him cum quite hard, as she could actually feel his cock and body tremble mid climax as he released seed like a hose. His eyes rolled back, shocking himself with how hard he was cumming.
copperpayn: Feeling his own release and given how ferverently he's thrusting inside of her, she's not long after him when it comes to orgasming, especially coupled with her underscales feeling him writhing against them. That's the moment she'll let herself get lost in, letting the pleasure of it run through her. As she starts coming down, given how intense it was for Bishop, he finds himself drawn against her, her hold supporting him, allowing him to go boneless while he eases down.
RJ: Easing into her, Azure would feel all his body weight against her. Though this didn't do much to upset her balance. She was more than strong enough to hold himself, and herself up with her might alone. Panting, Bishop gasped. "You... There was no warning for that..." he complained weakly. "Suddenly going for my ass... How the hell does that man deal with you...?" he questioned, speaking of Capri, who gave a surprising answer and appearance. "I lube myself preemptively when I think she'll get frisky." he answered, shocking Bishop so much he just let his mouth hang open.

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Competition (Azure;Copper)


copperpayn: She holds him while he catches his breath, cocking her head slightly at his complaint, especially when it was more him going for her tail, since she hadn't planned on 'going for his ass' as enthusiastically. "And I do try to be careful. Pain's only fun in certain situations," she remarks, glancing between the two men. "What brings you here, sweetness? Checking up? Spying?" she teases. "Or time for a bath of your own?" There's also dinner, but, well, she was feeling rather full at the moment, even if it was a different sort of feeling.
RJ: "Yes, yes, yes, and dinner." Capri replied. "You two, come eat dinner." he declared. "Clean that tail before you use it on me again, honey. As well... I suppose this makes Bishop the third? Or is he the second in your mind?" he asked Azure, grinning.
copperpayn: "Well, we are in the middle of a bath. Sort of." If Bishop's got bone back in his legs, she'll release him to see about washing up. "Are you talking about Tabith?" She glances over at Capri while lathering up her hands to see about scrubbing up before heading back to camp.
RJ: Capri shrugged. "Is there anyone else?" he asked a loaded question, grinning knowingly as he does so.
RJ: Bishop let out an overwhelmed gasp. "Capri... Have you nothing to say about this?" he questioned, and Capri just shrugged. "What's there to say? Do you want a compliment?" he asked. "Or do you think I should be jealous. I got over that a while ago. I got over it right about when I saw the benefits. Yes, I'm talking about Tabith." he nodded at Azure.
copperpayn: She chuckled at the question. "Not at present." She'll help Bishop wash up, should he need--or want--it, but mostly she just cleans up, making herself presentable for the campfire. "Marth's probably about the only one who doesn't know what we were up to, so I'll leave it up to you whether we say anything or not. He already knows I enjoy more than one partner, so I don't think that will scandalize him. Knowing it's you..."
RJ: Bishop grumbled. "If he knows... I doubt his reaction will be good towards me." He thought specifically of himself. Capri just chuckled. "I talked with him while you two were having fun. I told him that with the way things are going, getting Azure to fall in love with him solves all issues. He didn't look confident in how he'd do it, but he seemed very determined to do it when I said it could save your life, Azure."
copperpayn: That gives her a slight bit of pause and she'll arch a brow. "Oh? Why is that? He actually seemed rather keen on the notion of us becoming better friends." Capri's talk about the mage makes her chuckle slightly. "And things like that only make him more endearing. And makes me curious as to how he's going to act." Never minding that she already did have feelings for the young mage, but him having that knowledge might be interesting. Providing the conversation doesn't need her input further, she'll make her way back toward the fire.
RJ: Going back to camp with the others, Azure would find Marth had laid out her large futon, fluffed it so she could slip in, and warmed it by carefully putting it near the fire and warming the ground with magic. It seemed like something he'd do, but a bit too far for one person. Though, instead of taking credit for any of it, like he seemed to want to do as Azure approached. When he looked at her, it seems the words in his head fell out of his ears as he just stuttered. "W-welcome back..." he said shyly. It seemed like he hit a brick wall of things he could think to say. He just ended up glancing at the others and staring at the fire intently.
copperpayn: She gives him a smile. "Thank you, Marth," seems to be both for the welcome and what she's seen that he's done. Dinner seems to be the priority, though while she settles and eats, she'll bring up the notion of protection magics, much like the one the two of them did before. A refresher on that so she can, perhaps, weave her own, especially now that she's sated with energy (though she doesn't bring up that part to him so blatantly.)
RJ: Dinner was well prepared, Marth even seeming to forget he had prepared them and meant to give them before he became flustered. Somehow, trying to be flattering has only impeded his speech. He grabs the food, puts it into one of their light clay plates, and hands it to her. Seemed to be a snake's delight. Eggs and rabbit meat. "H-here, um... I hope you'll like it. I don't... Uh. I don't know if you prefer them alive." he fidgeted. "I cooked it without thinking. B-but I do hope you like it!" he insisted, flustered.
copperpayn: Azure will take the plate from him and is trying very hard to resist the urge to pat his hand, especially as he starts stuttering. "It's fine, Marth. Either way is fine. Given the company, I'm sure 'cooked' is preferred all around." She's had the mage's cooking before and doesn't doubt this is just as well prepared. Once she has her meal, she'll settle and dig in, waiting on the others to get back and for Marth to be a little less...jumpy so they can have a proper conversation.
RJ: Settling into her bed, Azure would find it nice and cozy. In addition, she'd feel a pair of interested eyes staring her down from Marth's bed roll. It was large enough, and Marth small enough, to hide inside, head and all. So all she saw were a pair of light brown eyes looking at her. Then, Marth said something that made the two men and single woman all raise their brow. "Azure... What kind of man do you like?"
copperpayn: Azure will actually settle down into her bed before answering, mostly because she's thinking of an honest answer to that question. While not exactly loaded, she can tell it holds a lot of weight for the mage. "That's not an easy question for me to answer," she'll admit to him. "There's lots of different things about men that attract me to them. I can't say that there's just one 'kind' that I like." A pause. "Though someone who's honest and trusting, I think, is someone I could like." Because her boys have been that, thus far, there's no doubt about that. From being willing to follow her to not being afraid to speak their minds.
RJ: Marth shuffled a bit. He hid a little more in his bedroll. "... I trust you." was his reply. Though for some reason it was embarrassing for him to say given the context. Though, just like Capri said, he was determined to say it
copperpayn: Whether he can see it or not, that causes her to smile. Her gaze is settled on him, at least for a little bit. "I'm glad," he hears in response to the statement, her tone more gentle than anything else, especially given the context of the conversation.
RJ: Silence followed, giving everyone a moment to rest. Meanwhile, Azure would feel like this morning was the best morning she ever had. The energy from Bishop was devoured by the curse and fueled her own soul with overflowing power. She felt light, she felt strong, she felt so pleasant that there was no reason not to feel happy. "You're in a good mood." Francis stated. "The curse is nice when you indulge it, isn't it? The boys are out taking another bath." she stated. Before looking at Azure with another sly smile. "How about we do that lesson we talked about~ See how you handle under pressure. You can make a basic fire, so lets see you maintain it under stress."
copperpayn: "It can be," is the lamia's reply, though the suggestion gets a thoughtful hum. "Was considering using that bit of extra to weave a few magical protections but I suppose that lesson was going to have to happen eventually." The thought had crossed her mind, when she'd been with Bishop, especially given the 'turnabout' he'd pulled on her. Knowing that she'd earned the ire of Metal, too, meant being able to concentrate when things got rough. Shifting out of her bedroll, Azure will turn her hand, creating first about a candle's worth of flame to get started and then allowing the blaze to increase to a point where it would be noticable if she slacked off on her concentration.
RJ: Francis looked to the flame, and admired it, before gently wrapping her arms around Azure's waist, and sticking her tongue out. Gently, and slowly, she moved her tongue from the bottom of her breast, up, and up slowly, reaching her areola... And delivering a decisive flick to her tip that wasn't just a tongue flick, but was fueled with sudden power that she'd remember from Bishop. The burst of pleasure from the lead up cause the weaves she was weaving outwards to go haywire, unleashing a spark instead of a blast, and the flame was gone. It wasn't even that much of a disturbance, as Francis revealed how easily concentration can be broken.
copperpayn: She lets out a bit of a noise as Francis gets close, moving her arm out and away from the merrow, just in case. She certainly is trying to keep the flame going but the added surge gets a bit of a gasp out of her, which is when the flame goes out. That gets a bit of a snort out of her but instead of complaining, she'll simply start concentrating on making another flame.
copperpayn: (I'm sure mamono biology is a bit different, but speaking from a female perspective, yes, there eventually comes a point where it's 'how do brain?' but the cb and I have held conversations whilst my drawers were being rummaged around in, so in defense of Az, I'd say some concentration is possible up to a point.))
RJ: (Yeah, you're not wrong, and it's like that way for dudes too. However, it's different for weaving. It's like asking you to balance the hilt of a knife on your finger while someone's toying with you)
copperpayn: (Which I still contend could be done, up to a point. *chuckles* Ever seen, what was it called? Hysterical literature?)
RJ: Francis chuckled. "It's easy to lose your weave, right? Like I said, just a sneeze, just one blink, and you lost your weave." she giggled. Then, Francis went and began licking Azure's ear. More prepared for the sensation, Azure held it, but the flame went every which way, even got bigger for some reason as the twinge of pleasure caused her to make the fire bigger. When the boys returned, they'd see Azure managing to hold two flames out on Francis' order while her tongue was in Azure's ear, and her fingers were tweaking her breasts. All three men just stared.
copperpayn: Later time to think and she'll have a theory on why the flame grew bigger. Azure doesn't quite notice, or care, that they're staring, maybe even testing the theory and trying to direct the pleasure that she's feeling into the magic. If one little twinge made the flame bigger, then rolling pleasure into the weave might help her maintain it.
copperpayn: (You also keep forgetting Belle's there, methinks)
RJ: Francis didn't seem to care either, if anything she became more passionate, showing them how her breasts moved when she pulled on them. Marth averted his eyes, as did Bellezza. "Could you two not." Capri stated. "There's innocent virgin eyes amongst us."
copperpayn: Who've heard and likely imagined worse, but he has a point. Azure will let the flames snuff out and Francis will feel a tweak at her hip. "C'mon, sweet. We can pick this up later. We do need to get moving."
RJ: Francis groaned. "Darn, I was going to work you up to that special peak." she mumbled, before she glanced at Capri, and winked, causing the man to fidget and grab his hat.
copperpayn: "And there, likely, would have went my weaving. I'm not that good yet." Nor might she ever be, but testing the theories was certainly interesting. She was, at least partially, pleased with herself. Yes, she had a long way to go but at least the first steps weren't so terribly rocky. If breakfast is in order, she'll begin to see to that, neither apologizing for what they walked in on or bringing it up at all, really. If they've already had breakfast, then it's packing up camp, given they still need to reach Cynthia's.
RJ: After what happened, it seemed Francis was being especially kind to Capri, staying close to him and even giving him a hug at the hips for a prolonged amount of time. Meanwhile, Capri seemed content. While Francis looked very pleased. That night, when they were so close to the tower that they'd be there by noon tomorrow, Azure would note Capri and Francis step off on their own, claiming to be going to get fire wood. Though both Francis and Capri looked at Azure before they left, a shine of invitation was in their eyes in unison. Though her company was not required for them to venture off together in the woods.
RJ: Letting the two go off on their own, Azure would certainly hear the two going at it was they weren't quiet. Francis did plenty of giggling, while Capri did a lot of talking. Nothing was distinguishable though. When they returned, Capri had a different air about him and Francis had her same plotting smile, but now with a bit of a limp.
RJ: Capri held his head a bit higher, looking a bit more confident. He also looked a lot less put off by Francis' nature. Rather, the two seemed to stick together, the plotter found a plotter.
RJ: As if truly in sync, the two of them looked to Azure as they drew near, and grinned at her with seemingly equal smiles. They both seemed to be having very entertaining thoughts together about Azure.
copperpayn: "And what have you two been up to?" Her gaze goes between the two of them, noting Capri's change and brow furrowing a bit at Francis' limp, though she'll relax if it's something of a telling limp and not that she's done something to hurt herself. (ie, after vigorous sex limp as opposed to 'got a cramp')
RJ: Indirectly, Francis answered Azure's inquisitive glare as she rubbed her own butt a bit, smiling as she did so. "Something I wish you were apart of." Capri replied. "For multiple reasons."
copperpayn: The action gets a bit of a knowing nod out of the lamia. Whatever she might have been thinking to say, Capri's comment makes her grin a little. "Multiple reasons, hmm?" Seems she's not going to pursue that train of thought fully but it's there and she's mildly amused by it.
RJ: Capri nodded, looking slightly upset. "One among them is that I love you and want to do everything with you." he said, brushing her hair and whispering into her ear. "Including make love to some of the men you like. So... I wished you were there, is what I'm trying to say." he whispered. "Take that how you will." he said, walking back to camp and to collect his things.
copperpayn: Before he can get there, she heads him off, slipping around in front of him. "Capri, do you prefer men? Is that why you had some of the problems you did in the Order city?" There's no accusation in the question, she simply seems curious. "Or was it simply...deviant thoughts?" That seems the best way she can think to phrase it.
RJ: Capri, when asked that question, stood there. His lips hung open a bit, before they contorted into a hysterical grin as he burst out into laughter. Perhaps no one knew the subject, but they knew he was mad with hilarity. "Goodness, Azure! You come to the strangest conclusions." he laughed. "I had problems in the Order city because my views about mamono didn't match theirs. I met one mamono while doing some artwork, a sketch of outdoor beauty, when she appeared. Instead of doing anything, she just sat there and remained still, becoming apart of my drawing. Well, any drawing with a nude mamono in it is heretical, you can imagine."
RJ: Then, he kissed her lips. "I prefer beauty. And large breasts." he stated, and if she'd let him, he'd continue to get his things together.
copperpayn: Her brows arch a bit as he starts laughing and there is, perhaps, a slight frown as he calls her conclusion strange but she doesn't argue the point further. She'll let him go after the kiss, moving off herself to see about getting things packed up so that they can continue on their journey. “This drawing…it was before you came here?” she asks after a moment’s thought on the matter.
RJ: Capri nodded. "Yes. It was... Well, it was the original cause for my journey that led me into your hands." he declared. "I was a fairly carefree youth, things like consequence and what not didn't concern me. Until it very much so DID concern me."
RJ: Overhearing a bit of this, Marth decided to add his input. "The Order have nothing but a bad reputation, but I think Capri is proof that they can't all be bad. Even if many of those good people might be killed off as heretics. I think that, even if we come across someone that's Order, we shouldn't judge them harshly." Marth stated, and Capri chuckled. "Well... Thank you, as someone formerly Order. Nice to know I'd have been spared at your hands." he said with a smirk.
copperpayn: "So it was that, on top of not wanting to get married, at least to your original intended," she amends. "And that was outside of our lands, then? There was a mamono there?" That seems to intrigue her as well. To Marth's remarks, she chuckles. "Well, we've seen one extreme and the other." Her gaze trails over to Belle. As Capri makes the remark about being spared, her attention goes back to him. "I'd say that remark has a touch of your Order teachings in it," she remarks. "But then, I'm beginning to think the way I think deviates a bit from the norm. Though you'd probably have been fine if the boys had found you. I would think, anyway."
RJ: Marth paled. "N-no, if it was Zidane..." the mage said hesitantly, wanting to speak truth while also trying not to bad mouth his friend. "I know," Capri sighed. "That one's a killer. Quick to make judgement. Not unlike our latest addition to the party." Capri motioned to Bishop, who squinted an eye at him. "Are you trying to start a fight you can't win, human?" Bishop inquired. "A fight would imply there was any contest to my statement." Capri replied cooly, smirking at the frowning elf.
copperpayn: Though she agrees with Capri, she doesn't feel like adding to the conversation and possibly risking instigating Bishop, even accidentally. "So, this mamono you sketched..." she prompts, looking to turn the conversation back for the time being.
RJ: Capri hummed. "You keep asking about that... You really are in love with me to be this jealous~" he smirked. "It was a dryad." he said. "... Though I hesitate to show you what I drew. I'd like for you not to ask the followup question." he said, despite being playful, he also wished to retreat.
RJ: Francis rose her hand. "Capri, why not show it to me?" she asked. Capri seemed to sweat nervously. "Because... I feel no good intent from you." he answered. Francis hummed. "Even if Azure is the one you don't want to see it, if you deny me as well, you will regret it one-hundred times more." she stated. Though she didn't seem to imply physical threats at all. Just mental. She seemed to have such a deep rooted impact that she immediately got the sketch from him. She put one hand to her mouth. "Oh my, it's colored too." she cooed, smirking and stealing a glance at Azure that said, 'if I was him, I wouldn't want you to see this either~'
copperpayn: "Not jealous. Curious. I've not really heard tell of mamono outside of our lands. Probably because Order folk don't take to kindly to us." At the merrow's comment, Azure gives a bit of a snort. "You don't have to threaten my husband-to-be." She won't stop Frances from looking at the picture, though, mostly because she knows they won't hear the end of it if Capri doesn't fess up. "It's a dryad. I can imagine," is Azure's comment to Frances' teasing, not at all seeming worked up about the picture, actually. "Though now I'm curious, if only to see your skill at art, Capri." If that prompts him to share, that's fine. If he'd rather put the thing away, she won't press.
RJ: "Ugh..." Capri grunted. Then, a gust of wind came, unnaturally so, and took the paper right out of Francis' hand, that didn't seem to grip it too hard. "Oh no, butterfingers~" Francis cooed. Capri only stared at her with an expression that begged her to have more mercy in the future, while Francis stared back with an expression that said, 'this is for denying me in the first place.' Then, the artwork landed right in Azure's bosom.
copperpayn: Because of course it did. Lifting the paper up, Azure will study the drawing for a moment and then a smile will come to her lips as she hands it back to Capri to put away. "She's very lovely," is her reply to the whole situation, perhaps a bit of assurance to Capri that she's not jealous of someone from his past, nor a drawing. "And you're very talented. I can see you causing a bit of a stir if you add your drawings to that book of yours." She gives him a playful wink.
RJ: Francis chuckled. "I wonder where this dryad is? Dryads are normally not pushovers in terms of magic. So I half imagine we could make use of finding out what happened to her and recruiting her for the temple's defense." Francis theorized. Capri hummed. "She seemed down to earth... Mind the pun. She might be reasonable. Only problem is that I have no idea where she might have gone." Capri said, and Francis, Marth, and Bishop all laughed together. "It's a dryad you fool!" Bishop said. "They don't roam."
RJ: Capri grumbled a bit at how the three of them, four counting Azure, knew something he didn't. "Still, I saw her near a body of water near my town, it'd be a detour coming or going from the tower." he said. Francis perked up. "A perfect opportunity to give Azure's skills a test is to have her interact with a powerful weaver. The more techniques she witnesses, the better. How about it, Azure?" Francis inquired. "Shall we go meet Capri's unrequited love?"
RJ: "Please stop making me sound pathetic." Capri said calmly.
copperpayn: "Do you think she'd agree to it?" Azure doesn't sound so convinced, especially if it would mean uprooting herself, possibly literally. "And how close to your town?" Two mamono, traveling with three men, not to mention Belle being with them. They'd definitely have to make sure they didn't draw more attention to themselves. "Admittedly, it would give me an idea on how to use my magic, though I'd hope it wouldn't come to dueling her. Dryads don't quite seem the type where it's 'You hit harder than I can--let's be friends!'"
RJ: Francis giggled. "Skilled weavers can manipulate the world and it's people to solve any conundrum. Whatever issues the dryad may have, you will have to solve to get her allegiance. And if you fail, who cares? There will be more leaves in the forest." she announced with a chuckle. "So, I want you to put forth the basic knowledge you've earned. Bell will assist you." she said. Bellezza blinked. "I will?" he asked. "You will." Francis replied.
RJ: "W-why do I have to help this sex fiend?" Bell inquired with shock. "Because if you don't... Well, we can find other uses for you." Francis chuckled. "Azure does need to keep warm at night, after all, and you seem handy for heat what with that attitude of yours~" she cooed. Bellezza growled. "Ugh, fine... Why am I being threatened with sexual assault every day..."
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