ACT [サークル暇乞い] 陵辱×タワーディフェンス 種付け中出し雌奴隷化で異世界救済RPG (RJ226905)

Jun 28, 2018
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Edit: Partial Translation by NekoMG2

The title translates to 「Violation x Tower Defense - Saving the Other World through Mating Creampie Enslavement」

Short Desc: The game is a tower defense and RPG mix. AFAIK it contains coercion and brainwashing/mind control. The protag is a fat hikikomori, though.
I haven't played through the whole game, and I don't plan on doing so at the moment.

The protagonist and player character, Futoshi, sees the pinked-haired girl Natalia in a dream. And Natalia says she wants Futoshi to save the world. Futoshi wakes up in the said alternate world.
Upon waking up in the other world, Futoshi is also granted the power to enslave girls he has sex with.
On top of that Natalia is also kind enough to start him off with 4 girls? The event CGs only show him fucking the swordswoman and archer but you have access to healer and mage as well.

Main Menu Screen Options:
2018-09-26 16_17_19-Window.png
1. Start/From the Beginning
2. Continue
3. Circle Website
4. Bug Reports
5. Close

This is a choice at the start of the game of whether to read the opening and tutorial:
1. Necessary information only (Protag intro and tutorial)
2. Skip
3. Don't skip

After the intro and tutorial you can explore the city. Nothing really happens besides meeting Natalia again and meeting the mage Meriri.

Map Screen and Level Selection:
2018-09-26 16_18_06-Window.png
Area selection is on the top left and once you select an area you can select stages within them.
Each stage has a level rating beside it showing how difficult it is. Some stages are freely doable for grinding. Others are one-off story events or quests.
The bottom left takes you to 'Base' where you can see sex scenes and upgrade your units.

Combat Screen:
2018-09-26 16_22_21-Window.png
Top left show your resource, health and enemies killed respectively.
There's also a 3x speed button below it.
Clicking on circles will allow you to place units for a cost. Circles on enemy paths can hold swordswomen and knights and the like. Circles off the path can hold archers, healers, mages, etc...
Units can also be given an in-combat "grade-up" for the duration of the stage by clicking on their circle. The 'grade-up' affects some stats like attack, health and range. Other abilities can be accessed in the same way once your units have them.
Winning gives you gold and mana.

Base Screen:
2018-09-26 16_24_56-Window.png
Top Left Menu:
1. Status
2. Item
3. Quest
4. Save
5. Load

Bottom Left Menu (from top to bottom):
1. Strengthening (full version only?)
2. Violation (Sex Scenes)
3. Adventure (Back to Map screen)

Stat Screen:
2018-09-26 16_37_10-Window.png
Stat List:
  1. Level
  2. Cost
  3. HP
  4. MP
  5. Attack
  6. Defense
  7. Movespeed?
  8. Range

Some equipment boosts stats or lower costs.
Skills are the things make a unit do after they've been placed. The in-stage upgrade is one of them.

Violation Screen:
2018-09-26 16_30_15-Window.png

You can input the mana you get from finishing stages into exp for your comrades.
They gain a bit of stats as they level.
The checkbox lets you skip the H scene.

You can edit the save files to give your units more exp if you don't want to grind.
There are some quests, but I didn't really pay much attention to them.
There's also gold and I don't know what that's for. Perhaps it's only used in the full version.
Some of those quests unlock more skills (H Scenes) for your party members, while other gives equipment... So they are worth doing.


肝臓雅茶 様 ( )
どぅーゆーうぉんとぅー 様 ( )
瀧本ゆかり 様 ( )
BRLL 様 ( )

Pixel Art:
とりあんだー 様 ( )

ツヅル 様 ( )

World Map:
けいまるスタジオ 様 ( )

Logo and Promotional Art:
xanac 様 ( )

Map Design:
猫松 様

Level Design:
オランダ 様
カルビーフ 様
一七八七四 様
tatsuko 様
たかし 様
KumatA 様

サークル暇乞い 吉田 ( )
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Jun 10, 2009
mind telling me where are the saves? and its possible to edit money and hearts? i made a mistke over half game with cheat engine and my points are at minus XD so i cannot buy or level units HAHAHA


Demon Girl
Aug 9, 2016
There are some quests, but I didn't really pay much attention to them.
Some of those quests unlock more skills (H Scenes) for your party members, while other gives equipment... So they are worth doing.
Jun 28, 2018
mind telling me where are the saves? and its possible to edit money and hearts? i made a mistke over half game with cheat engine and my points are at minus XD so i cannot buy or level units HAHAHA
They're in the Table folder


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Mar 26, 2012
If the MC is a fat fuck loser than that could be enough anti-wishfullfillment element to work for me, as long as he is depicted as a digusting piece of shit. Hopefully you can get the girls monster fucked as well though.

What kind of developer in this day and age not have a full-screen mode or allow you to resize the window in any way? Forget it, I'm done, I've got better things to do than deal with this.
Nov 8, 2011
How do you get more CG variations? Only the ice loli chick has all the CG's unlocked for me...


Jungle Girl
Mar 26, 2012
Well here's a quick tip from my experience, don't force this game into a maximized window via task manager, it cuts off the edges of the game within the window itself and there is NO way to return it to a normal sized window unless it is somewhere in the deepest settings of my computer itself because I have tried restarting my computer, removing the game, re-downloading it, extracting it to a new location and nothing will get it back to normal. Anyone have any tips on how to "un-maximize" a window?

Edit: And before you ask yes I tried the alt+enter and other fullscreen shortcuts, none of them did anything at all...


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Sep 14, 2014
Anyone know how to get Meriri's (the first girl) 5th scene? I completed every quest I have and beat the game but nada. I have every other scene unlocked.


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May 1, 2018
Anyone know how to get Meriri's (the first girl) 5th scene? I completed every quest I have and beat the game but nada. I have every other scene unlocked.
Maybe, your game ver is old one


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Sep 14, 2014
Nah, it's 1.02. I guess it was a bug because I edited the CHAR_SAVE_DATA.csv to get the 5th scene. It's the handjob scene I saw way earlier in the game but it never got unlocked.

If anyone else has this issue just edit the last 5 boolean values to TRUE to unlock the scenes. There is a set of rows for each save file. 2 = 2nd slot.
Meriri,2,2017/7/29 5:09,9841500,19,16,-1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,9650747,190901,0,0,0,TRUE


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Feb 15, 2012
Doing my first time translation for this game, done it with what I can translate in Table Folder...
Just extract and overwrite the data, your save still gonna safe
List for what translated is....
-Characters Data, Status, Profile (got cut, not enough space) and some heroines quotes (still don't understand what Helmina said, her language just weird)
-Name of stages and cities (Translating City name from the map)
-All Quest List
-All Item List
-All Equipment List
-All Item Shop name (Actually it's Dragon Sacred Treasure (Ruby,etc) but not enough space, so need to cut it)
-Ui Scene
-All skill name and explanation
(Need to change some name 'cause the small UI box)

EDIT: a typo make the game stuck, fixing the attachment, sorry for the trouble


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Aug 12, 2017
here beginning save with edit money and lust work for me h:)ope work for ya



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May 4, 2018
Ok, so, let me get this straight. The game was the following:
-5 scenes for the first three Unique Named girls. 2 scenes for the last two Unique Named girls, and 1 scene each for the Unnamed units.
-1 scene where the protagonist dicks the succubus that starts this mess.
-No actual recollection mode, so you can't check the variations for each scene as you progress through them as you add "EXP" to the girls.

Did I miss anything, or is that all of the H content?

Also, is it me, or are the activation conditions for the girl's skills inconsistent as all hell? Not that it matters much, it's trivially easy to cheat in this game if you feel like it. Just go to the EQIPMENT.csv and edit stuff you want to use to give overpowered stats, and you're pretty much done.

...Which I honestly did once I hit the last two levels because damn if the things in there don't hit like 2 ton trucks on steroids...

Also, they really should have worked more on the Reinforcement Mechanic. Gold becomes pretty much useless super fast once you get all the items, and you only have the first two to repeatedly use.

All in all though, I really did like the game idea. The whole Tower defense thing was pretty fun.


Sex Demon
Feb 15, 2012
Actually you can even mess up with the stages level too, I edit the last two level with the mobs from tutorial level :LOL: (so damn cheap isn't it?)
But actually can handle it after known and translating the whole skill and items

....and yup, that's all H content there for me too, unless I'm miss something too...


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May 4, 2018
Haha, I didn't think of that one, but yeah, you're right, it would be possible to mess with the monster composition as well. I guess it's a matter of what you prefer in the end.

In any case, part of the reason why I was surprised that the last two girls seem to only have two scenes, is because if you go into the list of skills, there's signs there that indicate that there's more than just two skills that the two of them could have unlocked. As such, I wonder if there weren't supposed to be more scenes, but they got cut for some reason.

Regardless, I also checked out the circle's blog, and from what I saw, there were two more patched planned out. 1.03, which will supposedly fix more of the bugs, like the one with the hand-job scene, and another one with the tropical island quests, and possibly more... but it might also add extra content. I can't be sure, as I'm relying on google translate, and we all know how "accurate" that is. There didn't seem to be a date listed for this potential 1.03. Then there's a 2.03 version that might come, and they seem to want this one out around mid-December, which has the primary purpose of adding in voice acting to the scenes. Again, Google translate, so dunno how accurate that is.

I guess we'll see. Plenty of other stuff to keep me busy until more updates roll around, IF they roll around.

Oh, and, thank you VERY much for the partial, NekoMG2, it made my life infinitely easier. Forgot to write that earlier.
Oct 17, 2013
Okay, there is one really wrong thing with Hanna, the green swordswoman. I actually tried to see what the movespeed really is, so I tried editing the cashmere boots movespeed like crazy, turns out that Meriri, the Red Magician, shoot fast like hell, but when I tired equipping it to Hanna, she attack slow as sloth. Then I tried decreasing the attack speed to a few negative value, only then she attacked really fast.

Anyway, a really great game (considering the mid-size H-game and all), what I would like from the developer would be:
1. Add some more stages with higher starting recruitment points, recruitment slot (archer tower), and tons more waves.
2. Voice acting during battle (at least during Normal Speed, or cast skill, or during-summon)
3. Perhaps an eye-candy, a standing character picture on the right-side of the screen based on any selected characters, with clothing damage and minor movement (like breathing motion and breathing sound).
4. Enemies movement route to be defined clearer (the forest, for example, I can't tell where the enemies will circle around with the floor and hills like that).

Thanks for the great game and translation
P.S.: Even without cheats, there is one cheat in the game, thought it wouldn't be available not until later in the game. It is tedious, quite dangerous, and time consuming:
White Mage + Merchant, equip White Mage with cost reduction item(s) and unlocked the Merchant second skill.
During the start of battle, recruit vanguards and merchant, then recruit White Mage and summon her elemental, then remove her and recruit her again to summon elemental, repeat removing her and summon elementals on the front or mid-lanes until satisfied. Make sure you have enough money and time so that the enemies wave wouldn't plough through your defences early.
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