Dec 6, 2009
The Radiated Beaver Hunting Lodge(Aust Nalio & Mirchie)

The Lodge was busy and noisy as usual, many hunters and logmen discussing their latest kills trophies, and day's work; when suddenly the usual activity and peace was shartered when a rather dishelveled looking caravaneer came stumblin through the doors of the lodge looking as wjite as the snow and if he had just seen a ghost. "I seen it! I seen it! It was nearly 10 feet tall, as white as chalk, covered in fur and two nasty Deathclaw looking horns sprouting up from its head! It took out ny entire troop! I barely managed to escape! It was only due to the freak encounter of a pair of deathclaws distracting him! It.... It was..... The Wendigo!!!! He really does exist!!!! He was on the northern border of Manitoba!!!"

"Someones got RAD poisonin' 'eh!?" One of the many patrons chimed in.
"Calm down, mate! We dont beed you spookin people with ghost stories, okay?" A mountie spoke up.
"How do ya know it wasnt mutants, Parkas, or Legionarries!?" Another added.
"If the beast does exist, Ill have its head on my wall!" A burly looking Norn boasted.

And quickly afterwards the lodge was much more busy and noisy then it had been with people debating the creatures existince, Mounties trying to keep the peace, and Hunters arguing over who was going to kill it."
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Sep 7, 2010
Re: Ottawa

A solitary figure, sitting in a far enough corner of the room, scribbled down various notes as she listened to the loud blustering and bragging of the various men in the room. Alexia finished writing her notes before placing the battered notebook on a table in front of her. The wandering scholar drew some measure of enjoyment out of studying people. So many different types of people that, when mixed together, led to an interesting experience.

The day got more interesting however with the appearance of the caravaneer. The man was spouting wild tales of a beast, enormous in size and the source of many other tall tales. This was not the first time Alexia had heard of the Wendigo. All throughout her travels, she heard more and more wild stories about the creature. Some said it froze it's prey with it's icy breath. Others said it bled acid. One particular man said he saw it fly into the mountains. Each new story Alexia heard, the beast gained more and more outlandish powers.

As was usually the case, the mans claims were met with insults, skepticism, a boast or two and even a warning. Following in the wake of the mans ravings, the hall burst with more activity then ever. Her eyes however, were drawn to the Mounties trying to keep the peace. While Alexia looked to be a mere traveler, she once wore the uniform of the Mounties. However, she cut her ties with them a good while ago, and they were none too happy. Sure she still was friends with a fair few of the Mounties, but many of them did not look kindly on her. The scholar kept her head down and eyes down towards the notebook, praying to whoever would listen, that they didn't see her. Worst case scenario, they had a bounty on her head and would try to kill her. But she'd worry about that when the time came.


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Oct 18, 2009
Re: Ottawa

Rebecca was near the middle of the hall, though she was not sat 'with' anyone so to speak. Her battered old trench coat cascaded to the floor of the lodge, and she was bent over a platter of 200-year-old food, separating it out before forcing it down with a bottle of relatively clean water. She turned though in surprise as the figure burst in, and like most of the rest of the room, she raised her eyebrows incredulously, setting down her cutlery and covering her mouth with her hand, to hide the laughter that rose unbidden in her throat. Sneering slightly, she shook her head though, and turned away. These stories were getting much more frequent. Did they really believe noone had heard them before? It lost it's scare factor when you got so many different versions of the same story.