Newlywed Life (Jenna;TiffTiff)

Jan 8, 2011
Re: Newlywed Life (Jenna;TiffTiff)

The start of their "duel" was pretty familiar to Jenna... in fact, it was very familiar by now. Her husband's every attack followed a pattern set by their training together, almost motion for motion. She found herself not needing to use her control over him at all, actually, because of the way he she had memorized those moves. It was surely pretty convincing from the outside, perhaps even impressive with the amount of movement taking place, the back and forth nature of it... after a while, though, Griffin went off-script and began a brand new assault, first blocking one of her blows and then slicing upward to score the first hit of the match, cutting her just above the cleavage.

The lizardgirl was really on the back foot from there, taking everything she had just to block the blows that rained down on her, the clash of swords ringing out against the nearby rocks and trees. Her husband matched her retreat step for step until she felt the stout trunk of a tree at her back, and she prepared to use her magic to slow him for the first time. If she didn't, surely their duel would come to an end here, and she would lose him... Instead something she really hadn't expected came to pass before that was necessary. She hadn't had time to notice before, but her dress had been pretty badly damaged by the attack that had wounded her ever so slightly, and rather unceremoniously it split further, slipping over to bare one of her breasts. The sight was apparently genuinely too much for Griffin, and he hesitated just enough for her to lash out at his blade, sweeping it aside and sending it flying across the clearing.

Jenna's heart was thudding. It was sort of like cheating again, of course, but she had beaten him nonetheless. Surely the outcome couldn't be sensibly disputed by an outsider... She had won! Not everyone was as happy about it as she was, of course. Griffin's father broke into a string of angry curses, saying some pretty horrible things about his son, at least to the lizardgirl's ears. He seemed really quite upset at the way his son had lost... to which Griffin quickly and angrily retorted, criticizing his training priorities. The older man left without a word after that, seemingly accepting the outcome for what it was. Jenna had worried it might not be so easy, but apparently his son's admonishment was all it took after the fight.

With him gone Griffin turned to Jenna and spoke about their duel, about his own weaknesses, and she listening to him quietly, stepping up to him and wrapping her arms around him. "I hadn't realized your will was such a problem" she said, a little bit teasingly. "I hadn't thought so before, but it seems the two of us have different training we can offer each other. You can help me to be a better warrior, and I can do my best to train you to resist the wiles of women. At least, women who aren't me" she continued, winking a little bit at the last bit before leaning in to give him a little kiss. "I'm very glad to have you as my husband, you should know that. That I love you, very much. Now let's go home, shall we? I need to change out of this dress at the least."

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: Newlywed Life (Jenna;TiffTiff)

Pressing up against him to hold him, Jenna would feel the familiar huge girth against her lower half that was growing inside his pants. "Well..." Griffin cleared his throat. "I half feel like the more... Training... You and I do, the weaker I become to it." he stated, before walking along with Jenna back into the cave in each other's embrace, returning home.

It seemed like that was the end. A week passed without incident after that. Jenna and Griffin worked together to create their own little spot in the cave in that mean time, making it into their very own living space. Though on the side Griffin made a small shack on the mountainside to call his own space since he didn't always want to be cooped up inside the den. So he made his space the way he wanted, spartan and only essentials were ever inside, mind a hammock. And Jenna could make the Den however she wanted.

During that time however, Jenna quickly found herself getting round with a child. Who the father was, there could only be one of two. Griffin, or a dead orc. Griffin had no illusions of what happened in that camp. As such, when seeing her pregnant stomach, he looked conflicted. He was in his shack, using the blacksmith tools he had constructed with the help of Jenna's friends to sharpen his sword while he wore an apron and glasses to shield his eyes and skin from the sparks. He was so focused on his task that he looked to be trying not to think about the child Jenna was carrying, having now gotten used to the idea that they were married now.

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