Monster Girl Island OOC chat


Tentacle God
Jan 10, 2012
There isn't a demon queen, unless you mean Persephone. Then that's just one of the things you can call her.

To say she owned territory might be implying she was running an even somewhat unified regiment. Not at all. There are some demons just about everywhere. They're very good at hiding and doing demon stuff right next to humans.

Anubis and Pharoah aren't currently fighting. They did fight, long ago. Anubis won out and become ruler supreme. But because of how hard it is to kill something powerful, Pharoah was instead sealed away, and Anubis treated to the same fate by the bunnies later on in her life. She's been awoken now, and is currently seeking the fairest butt in the land.
To be clear, the Pharaoh is the one currently awake right?

Also how is the standard of living in the desert when compared to it's neighbors?

And how 'regular' are tomb robbers human or otherwise that venture into the desert?

Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
Nope, Anubis. The Desert doesn't really have neighbors. It's half of the entire island, a former kingdom, ruined by war and too much manipulation of threads. So, compared to the other half? Pretty shitty.

They're rare. People who venture out into strict mamono territory usually don't return.