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There are two sides to Naznia, the second side having been developed after the first, so the first one, we'll explain first.

Naznia was always known as the 'girl scientist,' and very quickly became infamous for her hijinks. She often made various, helpful inventions, that were ironically more destructive than helpful. She put mechanical wings on a mermaid, trying to grant the fish woman's wish to fly. The mermaid ended up losing control of the wings due to Naznia's clunky design, and went crashing inside the castle she worked inside, causing a few quite angry angels to spend their whole day cleaning up the disastrous mess, and ridding the room from the stench of salty fish...

Later, at an unknown time, Naznia suddenly claimed her next experiment had something to do with demons. And not too long after that, her experiments everyone was starting to get used to (or trying to) suddenly stopped. And right about that time, various people began going missing, abducted by who only could be the demons.

However, no one expected Naznia to be the culprit behind the abductions...

She is an angel, or was, before she mysteriously seemed to have been infected with demonic powers, transforming her into a demon assuming the shape of a pure angel. And thanks to an unnamed human, she was cured of her infection. However, she still had crimes to pay for...

Naznia is young for an angel, 89 years in fact. However, this didn't stop her from becoming the resident mad scientist. Unrestricted by age, both as an angel and a demon, she haunts the residents of the castle with her 'inventions'.

Physical Description
First things you'd likely notice, are her perfectly shaped, curvy body, creamy white skin, sky blue eyes, and her long, straight blond hair... In short, Naznia could pose as a sex idol, if she weren't so involved her research, however.

Naznia secretly has a fetish for anything involving her inventions, whether it be a simple dildo made to put pressure on her special spot, or a complex machine set to automate a fucking motion upon her. This fetish was amplified tenfold when she became a demon. She stole various women of various races, and performed odd, sick experiments on them, breeding them with different monsters from hell, and injecting them with various chemicals to see if the effects varied among races.

Jezebel once approached Naznia with the intent on hiring her as one of her scientists. But, Naznia apparently refused, wanting to, as always, keep to herself. While, not much longer after Naznia's refusal, it's rumored Jezebel found another 'scientist' to fill her place...

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(Bio made in a different format, without categorizations for my own convenience.)

Living within a lone tower protected by magic, in the middle of a vast forest, near the shores where many wrecked ships have come to be, lives a member of the Crow Tengu family by the name of Cynthia. Not very social in nature, Cynthia is often found in her tower, either reading one of the vast collection of books found within the wonder of masonry, or writing one of her own to add to it, for the day that one of her children might pick it up, and read it all the same.

However, in the event she is spotted outside of her protective home, she was always caught spending time, researching anything and everything she could. It is around this time that she takes a turn from her usual unsocial nature, and becomes quite open to asking questions of any intelligent beings she finds, and quietly observes other creatures who possess only primal intellect, all in the effort to write more research material for her ever growing collection of books.

Cynthia always speaks quietly, often annoyingly so, should you find yourself in a noisy environment, and is very gentle, and kind in nature, usually doing favors asked of her, even from someone the Crow Tengus would normally loathe, labeling her as a maverick among her kind, treating even the despicable with respect, and generosity. To this, she claims, that for her to realize, both in heart and in mind, that her pure soul is finer than that of a wicked's, she must be it's opposite in every way; Giving when the wicked would take, mending that which the wicked would sever, aiding when the wicked would harm, and purifying that which the wicked corrupts.

One last thing of note of this crow, is her odd relationship with many of those who she calls 'Those Chosen By Fate.' In one form or another, she seems to have a connection with them, and after their oddly coincidental arrival on the island, all of her previous activities stopped, and she began focusing completely on each of these special individuals, often secretly thwarting malicious efforts made by dark forces to obtain these people, earning her a quick rivalry with a demon named Jezebel, who quickly found Cynthia's small, but heavily deterring efforts to be more of a problem than most would have assumed of the Crow.

A master of illusions, Cynthia relies on her ability to deceive, and control the minds of others in place of her lack of incredible power.​

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The Magi

The Magi are a group of 'half-humans' who were born under a human, and a monster parent. Because of their birth, they are both harassed by either side, human and monster alike. Still hunted by other monsters, they are also rejected by humans due to their nature. It was only after they began to form together as a group, did they become the group known as the Magi.

Due to their ancestry, all Magi have magical talent of some kind. While most of the beasts they may have been born from don't understand the meaning of magic, they do possess strong enough souls to use it. And within the Magi, the use of magic is taught as soon as you enter their ranks, making veterans among the group very powerful foes to be reckoned with, as they would have had plenty of time to master their monstrous talents, combined with their powerful monster souls.

The Magi grew as monsters and humans bred with each other, soon becoming an army. In the mountainous regions, which split the island in half, except for the snowy north, the Magi constructed an underground base within the mountain. Living like moles, they used the power of magic to reinvent things used on the mainland, which used the power of magic to animate things, and act as a source of power to perform things such as provide light, cook food, and heat water. They even went as far as using magic to perform 'science,' using experiments to help build their power even further.

After a time, those who were half-races were not the only ones to join the numbers of the technological giant. Humans who were particularly gifted with magical abilities, were detected by various Magi sentries who scout the island for 'potentials' among the humans. Once they are located, they are often forcibly taken to Magi headquarters, where they are injected with a substance named, "Lust" which alters the human psyche into more of a monster's, immensely increasing the sex drive, and drastically increasing magical power.

However, those who are injected with 'Lust' become highly addicted to it. And their souls quickly become used to it's presence. If they stop taking the drug entirely, death is certain, as neither the body nor the soul understands that they can live without it.

The Magi are highly hostile to anyone who is not one of their own, often battling with monsters and even demons who seek to claim individual members as mates. However, during the time 'Those Chosen By Fate' began revealing themselves, the Magi seem to have made their own plans for these unique individuals...​

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Jezebel, the most lecherous, greedy, and sexually adept demon lord of her era is known for her unparalleled skill in sexual magics, and her constant, immense desire to have intercourse of any sort, even if she herself is not stimulated. While there are other demons who are more attractive than Jezebel, her mother Persephone being one of them, there is no other who could match her ability to satisfy her partner (or partners!) during sex, using any means available to her in order to make her partner feel as much brain twisting pleasure as possible.

Jezebel also makes her appearance as one of the main villains of MGI, although she differs from most villains, in that the destruction of the 'good guys' is not in her best interest... For she desires something much more.

Her race is unknown, other than the fact that she's obviously half-demon, as her mother gave birth to her after the demon who first held the throne was slain, leaving the question up for debate, as to who exactly is Jezebel's father? With a search being pointless, as Persephone (her mother) had an extremely large amount of sex, no one has done anything but spread rumors about the race of the father.

Jezebel's age is anyone's guess. She possesses the body of a mature woman in her prime, without any wrinkles on her body. A form of both youth, and maturity, which makes her look about in her thirties. However, it is believed she is a little over a century old, even though she'd never admit to that, and would most likely have an uproar about it, claiming such a label makes her feel, 'old', which she claims she isn't.

Physical Description
Jezebel stands fairly tall, with no exact measurements of the various shapes of her body. Her hair is a natural dark green, it's long, straight, and suits her purple toned skin strangely well. Her eyes are a bright yellow, and act very similar to a cat's, thinning out when she sees bright light, or gets excited, and widening outwards when in darker areas, or when she becomes mellow. Jezebel's insignificants use the traits of her eyes to judge how to best approach her; calmly walking up, and talking to her when her eyes are wide, so that she's calm, and trying to do their best to pick their words carefully when her eyes are thin, when she's either very horny, or very-very irritated...



Jezebel is a sick, twisted demon with no morals to speak of. Which is a fact she is very proud to boast.​

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Magic: The art of creation

Magic, in most people's minds, is the supernatural act of a wizard, chanting incomprehensible words, and casting fire from his hands for their amusement, and awe. Often, those who possessed magic on the mainland were prosecuted as demons for their nature, and control over the incomprehensible force. Those magicians were often held responsible for both catastrophic, and simple disasters, and thusly, faced the wrath of many townsfolk across the land, who believed that their problems would be remedied once the spell caster was killed.

Of the many arguments that erupted, both against, and for the magicians, neither side was correct in their opinion. Those who scorned the magicians were often religious radicals that proclaimed the magic inclined were demons, and were possessed by the will to attack innocent people with any assortment of plagues that caught their fancy. Meanwhile, those who defended the persecuted, tried to explain that those who possessed such power simply had no control over what they did, and could actually use their power to help the people in their day to day lives once they gripped their inner power.

Of course, those who experienced the powers of magic first hand never had a voice of their own.

In a revolt that occurred many years before the events unfolding today, the magicians gathered to fight against those who hunted them. And even those who did not know the art of magic who had been pursued were taken among their ranks. And to their surprise, were taught the ways of magic, so that no member among their soldiers stood without the mystical power in their possession.

"Throw away your definition of magic that the ignorant have preached," instructs a skilled magician to various hopefuls that gather before him, "Magic is simply an art! An art that allows your god given soul to practice the art of creation! The reach of your soul goes beyond just your arms and legs, and far beyond just your mind alone! Your soul has eyes, just as you do! Your soul has hundreds of arms, which have, as of now, gone unused! Do not be afraid to become one with your body and soul! Reach out! Close your eyes, and reach out to others with your souls! Feel your comrades with threads unseen by the eye!"

One by one, people began to discover the awesome power of the soul. And as their perceptions changed, so did their definitions. No longer did people 'cast,' they 'weaved' things into existence. No longer was magic an illustration of power, but an artistic talent you should be proud to possess. And from this pride, came the realization of how different everyone's use of magic was from each other.

While there are some who claim that they are the most powerful magician among them all, just like art, there can never truly be one who is better than all. As the art of magic itself, is an illustration of your own personality. Your habits, your attitude, your patience, and even your emotions impact your weaving traits. Someone who loves rain, might only have the ability to manipulate the sky, and cause a downpour of water. On the other hand, someone who has an insatiable love for combat might only have used her magic to manipulate her own body to become stronger, and tougher. In this way, the soul 'merges' with the body, thus having a direct influence on it's physical traits.

All of this is done, through weaving, the practice of summoning forth threads of magic from your own soul, and shaping them together in the physical world. Like for example, if you were to be the man spoken of before, who entertained those around him with fire, first, you would focus your concentration on your soul, developing a connection between both your physical body, and your inner essence, before reaching out with invisible threads that extend from deep within. These threads, composed from your own soul, act as your tools to create that which you desire. Each thread is an extension of your own consciousness, as such, are manipulated by your mind. Under your command, they weave together like threads of yarn being sown into a blanket, forming into a ball of power within your extended hand. Finally, you give them purpose, willing them to change, and take shape in the real world. Given the purpose of erupting into flame, the crowd around you would gasp in awe, as a ball of fire would miraculously appear in your hand, after you chanted a few words of gibberish for added dramatic affect, of course.

Creation of flame, and the manipulation of wind are the two easiest forces to manipulate with one's soul. After that, much depends on the individual's personality. As you can imagine, the powers any magician you encounter can vary widely. It's up to you to discover your true power, a power you can call unique, that will allow you to stand as one of the many chosen by fate, as you alone will decide the fate of the world.

However, matters are not as simple as knowing what you have to do. There are those who would deter, or assist your cause, depending on what your will was to be. Among the many on the large island, these two were the first to appear, already in conflict with each other, even before those chosen arrived...

Jezebel; Just as her personality is clear, so is her choice manipulation of magic. As some have already seen, this demon is highly sadistic, and thoroughly enjoys witnessing emotions of pain and pleasure on those victims who are attacked by her magic. Using her threads, the black tentacles she calls forth is quite similar to tar. It sticks to the skin of her victim, holding them in place, no matter how strong they are, allowing her to do as she pleases. Soon after, comes her magic based around her liking to humiliate and torture her unfortunate 'lovers.' Learning the nervous system of just about every species, Jezebel seeps her threads inside her victim's body, merging them with their nerves as she increases their sensitivity tenfold. From the massive increase of pleasure, Jezebel enthusiastically proceeds to have sex with her victim, until they can no longer mentally bear the intercourse.

Cynthia; Her blank expression, toneless voice, and lack of outward emotion are each indicators of her true ability. It is nearly impossible to tell what she's thinking, except for moments when her cold demeanor is finally broken by a massive build up of emotion. And from her patient control over emotion, comes her powerful ability of illusion. While Cynthia may not possess great power to rival that of her foe, Jezebel, she has proven far more skilled, and intellectually superior to the Demon Queen.

When Jezebel sent a vassal of her's named Alexia to find and kill Cynthia, she had strangely enough, little trouble at all with finding her, thanks to the help of an oddly placed bunch of witches that gathered to summon her. Cynthia proves that she does not need magic alone to work her wonders of illusion, when it became known to Jezebel that Cynthia bought the witches over to her side, her means unknown, in order to tempt Jezebel, and especially her new vassal, into making a bold move. Just as planned, Alexia appeared, and did not hesitate to breach Cynthia's tower. Cynthia allowed the dragoness entry, and seemingly allowed her to do with the crow tengu as she willed.

As Cynthia secretly meditated in her personal room above, she maintained an illusion of herself, allowing it to talk to Alexia in her place, as her false image proceeded to be violated by the intruder. And after Alexia realized via subtle means that she faced an illusion, Cynthia retracted her threads, and simply remade them elsewhere, like a puppet show, as she continually dangled fake images in front of the battle hardy dragoness. Once the dragoness took to fight, Cynthia broke her concentration once her false image was struck with a fatal blow, and without hesitation, wrapped every thread of magic she could over Alexia, transforming her physical shape into something that could no longer pose a threat to her. Contrary to most means of battle, Cynthia had won her fight, without even fighting at all. Thus matching her cool tempered, non-violent attitude.

What powers will you possess?​
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Note: This is a rip and edit of the translations done in the MGU forums. I agree as many do that the original was great, but due to the fact that I've read this after constructing most of my own world in this RP, I needed to adjust some facts so as not to confuse readers. This is an edit to help players understand the world of MGI. There is the original translation on the MGU forums for those who wish to read the original work.

The Unofficial edit of MGE Settings Translation Part 1

Concerning the fundamentals of the world and the way in which it came to be.

-Fundamentals of the World-

It is a world ruled by swords and sorcery where a variety of races such as humans, monsters, divinities, Elves, and Faeries dwell. It is said that the living things, including humans and monsters, were created by the divinities. (It is not generally known. Humans think that everything except the monsters were created by the gods, and the monsters were created by the Demon Lord as beings that oppose the gods.)

-Fundamentals of the Monsters (Present Situation)-

Omitting the exceptions, the monsters basically have forms like that of human women, and they're almost entirely all female. Male individuals have not been confirmed. Many of the monsters have a habit of attacking human men to try to have sexual intercourse. By copulating with human men, the monsters make children. It is said that children born in this way are fundamentally all monsters.

-The Way the World Came to Be-

In ancient times the monsters were not “monster girls” like they are now. Far in the ancient past, monsters took on a wide variety of forms, from those that were like beasts, to those that possessed hideous, grotesque forms. They were beings that were always fighting and killing humans over dominance of the world, but when the new Demon Lord (Persephone) took the place of the Demon Lord who had ruled the demon realm at that time (Henceforth, former Demon Lord), a change appeared in all the monsters. Because of this, they all transformed into “monster girls” as stated in “Fundamentals of the Monsters.”

-The Demon Lord's Plan-

As stated in “Fundamentals of the World,” monsters are divine creations. The Demon Lord, Persephone, is an existence that is like a relay point between the gods and the monsters. In the age of the former Demon Lord, “monsters were all opposed to humans. They attacked and ate humans. They were beings that were a higher part of the food chain.” It can be said that this was the “configuration” mandated by the gods. The new Demon Lord's Plan is to overwrite this “configuration” with the above written “configuration” of the “monster girls,” and “fuse humanity and monsters into one race.” (In the unified humanity, humans are the males, and monsters are the females.) Even now that they have become monster girls, the problematic issue of the children born from sexual assaults on humans all ending up as monster girls remains. Even now, the power of the gods and the power of the Demon Lord are in a struggle. Given the conditions, it wouldn't be surprising if the balance eventually crumbled. If the present Demon Lord were destroyed, the monster girls would probably immediately revert back into the “monsters” of the former Demon Lord's era. But the power of the Demon Lord's side grows stronger every time the Demon Lord stores up power, every time the monsters increase in number, and every time the demon realm expands. If the Demon Lord's power keeps amplifying at this rate, before long she will have enough power to turn the world into a realm dominated by monster girls as it's largest population.

-Present Relationship between Monsters and Humans-

Human society on the island is dominated by the “church” which performs activities based upon the teachings of the divinities. Because monsters are regarded as evil according to those teachings, many humans are hostile to monsters. It's not as bad as in the age of the former Demon Lord, but looking at the big picture of the relationships between many humans and monsters, and omitting part, we can say that it isn't very good (Humans are unilaterally in opposition.). Under the guidance of the Church, frequent incursions into monster territory and the like are being done.

Concerning the races that live in the world.


Humans. They are beings close to the “humans” that exist in our world. In this world they are the most numerous intelligent life-form. There are extremely huge individual differences in temperament and disposition, but it is said that in general they are mostly rational and gentle. The common folk who have not trained their bodies fundamentally have lower physical abilities than the monsters, but those who have trained for battle, those who have survived actual combat, and those who receive special protection from divinities, ect., are not limited. There are also humans called “heroes,” and “chosen souls” who possess far more strength than monsters. Compared with monsters, their lifespans are also short. Normally it is said that even a long life would last only 80 years, but many of those who possess a lot of magical power within their bodies also live longer than that. (Because humans who live with monsters receive their magical power on a daily basis, their lifespans naturally grow longer.) There are even some who possess lifespans equal to those of monsters due to “mermaid's blood,” or “transforming into incubi.”

Among humans there is a religious organization called “The Order” which many people have faith in (The Inquisition is a sub branch of the Order). Due to the teachings of the order, many people are hostile towards monsters. But in recent years, those who try to coexist with monsters have also been increasing. It is said that there are even entire kingdoms that try to coexist with monsters, though they are very rare.


Monsters. Many of them are under the Demon Lord's command. They're all lumped together as monsters, but there exist various races with various forms and traits. They're almost all entirely having a form like that of a human woman, and only the existence of females has been confirmed. Their temperaments and dispositions vary dramatically depending on the race, but fundamentally, they are more instinctual than humans, and many of them are consumed by lust and pleasure. Since only females exist, they need to copulate with human men in order to make children. Since some of the monsters feed on what humans, especially men, possess within their bodies, a vital energy known as “Spirit Energy,” they need to copulate with human men to get it. In this way, human men are essential to them. They possess a variety of abilities to get human men. Most of the monsters have an instinct to attack human men and forcibly have intercourse. For the sake of their own lust and desires, they'll often use coercive measures especially if it's something involving human men. Even if a man they've personally targeted tries to reject them, they will probably use various means such as coercive sex, seduction, spells, and drugs to try and get him. Compared to humans, they possess long lifespans (Depending on the race, it varies significantly, with some living just a little longer than humans, and others living for thousands of years.). Generally, they possess higher physical and magical abilities compared to humans.

They are regarded as “the enemy of humanity” by humans, mainly by followers of “the Order.” Humans taken away by monsters never return (Because many of them start living with them in their homes.) It is sometimes said that the monsters “kill and eat humans,” but in actuality most of them are generally friendly towards people. Since they can't live without human men, to them, eating people or killing people is unthinkable.

Also, some monsters have the power to change the women of humans and other races into monsters. In order to increase their allies, they also aggressively assault women.


Those labeled as gods by the humans. They live in a world called the realm of heaven. There are the higher divinities, “gods,” and their subordinates, the lesser divinities, “Valkyries,” and “Angels.” “The Order” of humans is an organization that has faith in the gods. Through “the Order” the gods reveal their own teachings to the humans, and sometimes issues commandments. The “chief god” which is said to be the highest among the gods, believes it is right to be abstemious, and that she hates monsters. She frequently uses the church and her subordinates, the lesser divinities, to attack the Demon Lord and the monsters. As they are called “divinities,” there is not just one god. There also exist gods who were corrupted by the demonic power of the succubi and became monsters, “fallen gods,” gods who chose to ally themselves with the monsters, and neutral gods. Divinities aren't all the same either. Also, depending on which higher divinity they work for, the dispositions of the subordinate lesser divinities also vary dramatically. (If it's the subordinates of the chief god who hates the monsters, then they will hate monsters in the way. If it's the subordinates of a fallen god, they are fallen in the same way and are addicted to pleasure. )


At the present, “elves” and “dark elves” have been confirmed. They're a race of people that have beautiful forms and long ears. Compared with humans, they have high magical power. “Elves” look down on humans and monsters, and are extremely hostile. They make quaint villages in the forests and live there. Because of how bad relations are between them, they hardly ever intermingle with humans or monsters. They are extremely abstemious, and especially strongly reject sexuality. For that reason, they are harsh even to those of their own kind who become monsters. When an individual appears who has been corrupted by the magical power of a succubus and become a monster, they are banished from the village. There is also a race of “dark elves” who are subservient to the Demon Lord that have themselves become monsters. They look a lot like elves, but they have brown colored skin, they're positive about sex, and extremely lustful. Since they attack human men, they are treated as monsters.


Faeries. A race distinguished by their tiny, young bodies and beautiful insect-like wings. “Faeries”, “leanan sidhe,” ect. are part of this race. Just like their bodies, their personalities are mostly like those of innocent little girls. Aside from living in the “Kingdom of Faeries,” they also appear often in forests in the human world. They are friendly towards humans, and mostly never cause any harm to humans, but some individuals have become monsters under the influence of the succubi, and they attack humans in almost the same way as monsters. Furthermore, whether or not they have been changed into monsters, they often take the man of their liking back to the “Kingdom of Faeries.” They also aren't hostile towards monsters. They often get along well with childlike monsters such as “Imps” and “Pixies.” It seems that's also part of what's spurring their conversion into monsters.


Succubus. A kind of monster that is also called a demon. A general name for the “Succubus,” “Amazoness,” and “Alice”, as well as “faeries” and “elves" who were changed into monsters. Presently, the Demon Lord who rules the monsters is also a kind of succubus. The succubus family forms the core of the monsters. They feed on the spirit energy of human males, and they are especially lustful, even among the monsters. One can even say that having sex is everything to them. Their bodies, gestures, and voices are all made to seduce men. Plus they possess high magical power, so there are probably very few humans who can resist their power. During sex, they can change men into “incubi” and women into “succubi,” the same as themselves, by letting their own magical power flow into their partners.

-Incubus (human)-

Human men whose nature has changed dramatically after being twisted by the succubus' magical power. Their form is almost no different from that of a human. No matter what, they're just humans that are close to monsters. They are essentially human, but they're treated as monsters. They feed on the peculiar magical power that all of the monsters possess, and they get it through having sex with monsters. They have extremely long lifespans compared with when they were human. Their vigor and lust are on the same level as the monsters, and they are extremely convenient beings for monsters. Among the monsters, there's a medicine going around that is the condensed magical power of the succubus, the “ succubus' secret elixir.” Many of the monsters besides the succubi have their husbands drink it to change them into incubi.

-Mermaids (monsters)-

A general name for monsters of the “mermaid family” which live in the ocean and have the lower body of a fish. They are some of the most rational of the monsters. Most of them have quiet personalities. Their blood has the effect of extending the lifespan of humans. It is used to make their husbands as long lived as they are. It is said that all the monsters want it too, so they can extend the lifespans of their husbands. Since it's in extremely high demand like this, there are even some among them who sell their own blood to monsters.

-Elementals ( non-monsters)-

Elementals are beings formed from a gathering of highly concentrated elements that exist in the natural world such as fire, water, wind, earth, ect. Elementals are said to be a manifestation of the elements themselves; thus, the lands must be rich in their corresponding elements where they exist. “Water elementals” are born from “water elements,” “fire elementals” are born from “fire elements,” and so on, and so forth. Originally “elementals” were not monsters. The ones called monsters are created from these “elementals” fused with the “monsters' demonic energy.”

Elementals form covenants with humans. A human who has formed a covenant with an elemental is called a “covenanter.” Elementals are always near their covenanters, and they can grant them the use of power corresponding to their own element. Those called “elementalists” can borrow the power of elementals unleashing magic that is vastly more powerful than ordinary magic; however, since an elemental uses the power of the elements contained within a land, it may be weakened accordingly if the elements of a land are few, or weak ( if fire, snow country and areas near water, if wind, enclosed dungeons where the wind doesn't blow, ect. ), or if they are contaminated ( if water, polluted water, if earth, barren lands, ect). When the power of an elemental weakens, so does the power of the corresponding magic usable by the covenanter, so it is quite unstable.

Elementals take on forms such as those of the flickering flames themselves, masses of water that look vaguely human shaped, ect, extremely unstable and indefinite. Their wit and intelligence are comparatively high, and they can converse with humans. They also have emotions similar to those of humans. They have no bodies and are unable to touch other objects. They have no way of interfering with the physical world except through lending their power to humans. Also, elementals have no gender. They are neither male, nor female. Perhaps for that reason, many of them take an interest in and yearn for the romance and sexual relations of men and women who possess the bodies and genders that they do not. It is said that many of them even view their covenanter as a lover.

Because they are the magical energy of the elemental attributes incarnate, so to speak, it is extremely easy for them to become fused with the “monsters' demonic energy.” If they visit the demon realm, get showered with demonic energy by a monster, or any such thing, they would probably soon transform into one of the elementals (monsters) that I'm going to introduce below.

ELEMENTALS (Monster Girls)

NOTE: Do understand that Elementals (non Monsters) are your pure elementals. They're not monster girls. After being affected by magic, however, they become Elementals (MG). There is a big difference.

This encyclopedia categorizes the Undine, Ignis, Sylph, Gnome et cetera.

They are Elementals (non Monsters) turned into monster girls by Demonic Energy. (It can be said to be a kind of elemental + magical fusion.)

Elementals (non Monsters) did not have female forms to begin with, or concrete forms at all for that matter, but by interactions with Demonic Energy they have managed to materialize and obtain a material body, hence being able to touch other objects even by themselves, without the aid of a contractor.

Elementals (non Monsters) often used to harbor interest in human love and sexual relations when they were not yet Monster girls. Their interests and desires blossom upon becoming monster girls, and as with all Monster girls they develop a desire for human males.

They fulfill this desire by their original Elementals (non Monsters) means, by offering contracts to human males who catch their fancy. The contractee hence gains elemental magic of the Elemental he has formed a contract with, and is able to use it.

However, unlike their original Elemental (non Monsters) states, contracts now require intercourse to fulfill. And further, intercourse is also necessary before use (of their elemental power), they must receive power through one another's bodies. This process strongly boosts the Elemental's power, and the magical ability generated is on a totally different level from what they had originally as Elementals (non Monsters).

Also, while Elementals (non Monsters) Energy (Think of it as their mana) is drawn from their surrounding environments, when they become Monster girls they draw energy from their contractee instead, so even when the Elementals are in areas which would normally be disadvantageous to them, they are not affected. (Think about a place where no winds go for Sylphs, no water for Undines, etc).

They are monsters, but amongst the humans, there are many who treat them as "High Elementals" because their forms are close to human and they are far more powerful than ordinary elementals.

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

The Unofficial edit of MGE Settings Translation Part 2

Concerning the Organizations and Their Structures

-The Order (Organization / Human)-

An organization that reveres the being known as the “Chief God” of the divinities.
Its influence forms the basis of common knowledge and culture throughout most of the human world.
Its doctrine preaches about the right way to live as a human being. Clean living without drowning in pleasure or other desires is regarded as virtue. For that reason, they are fiercely hostile towards the monsters which drown in pleasure and corrupt humans. They claim that “The monsters are evil.”
and in many of the churches, they hide the truth about the monsters and are spreading the lie, “Monsters kill and eat people,” among the humans.

Also, that isn't the only reason why they are hostile towards the monsters. One of the reasons is also that they feel a sense of impending crisis. Since the children born between humans and monsters always end up being monsters, it could lead to the decline of humanity.

On rare occasions, lesser divinities such as angels appear to convey the word of God, or to join in assaults against the monsters.

From the standpoint of the monsters and those who love them The Order seems like the great evil in the world, but most of its members follow the doctrine and lead virtuous lives, such as priests, holy knights who have a sense of justice, and benevolent sisters.

Also, most of the humans revere the “Chief God,” but it is said that other religious organizations exist that revere other gods.

-Hero (official position / human)-

Human warriors appointed by the order whose mission is to slay the Demon Lord. They have been granted strength by the “chief god,” and possess far more fighting abilities than an average human.

It is said that up till now, many heroes have set out on the journey with comrades, but almost none have ever safely returned. Perhaps because the majority of them are charmed by monsters and choose the path of living with a monster.

-Chosen Soul (Person / Human & Monster)-

Seemingly selected at random, with no discrimination between monster and human, there are individuals born with an oddly high amount of power. Other than their extremely high potential, those who happen to be chosen souls appear completely normal, acting as any of their race would. These souls are regarded by divinities as blessed by the mysterious force of fate, as many events seem to revolve around them.

Though despite being revered as bringers of fate, they are not immortal. As such, their immense power is often targeted by monsters and humans alike that either seek to destroy, or capture them. Chosen humans especially catch the fancy of monsters, as their spiritual energy is quite attractive. Ever since their discovery, every major force of the island has begun to seek out these individuals, before their potential develops. Humans, so that they can employ their power against monsters, monsters, so that they can have mates that take much more time to tire, and demons, so that they can absorb their powerful energy as their own, quickly rising ranks in demonic society.

-The Demon Lord's Army (organization / monster )-

The Demon Lord and her subordinates reside in the demon realm with the demon lord's castle as their citadel. Perhaps because the Demon Lord herself is a succubus, the succubus family forms the core of the Demon Lord's army. Many other families of monsters are also part of the Demon Lord's army. The monsters that live in each region of the world outside of the demon realm are also generally under the Demon Lord's command.

Also, it's not just monsters that are under the Demon Lord's command. It also includes humans who were charmed by monsters. They are assaulted by heroes, knights of the order, and divinities, but since every time it happens, men are charmed and women are converted into monsters, not only are they surviving, it seems their forces continue to grow stronger day by day. Just as the monsters are wild, uninhibited, and given to lust, the rules inside the army are said to be extremely lenient.

-Demon Lord ( person / monster)-

The Demon Lord, Persephone. The one who presently rules over the monsters is a kind of succubus who possesses extremely strong power, even rivaling that of a god. Previously an angel, she has retained her love for humankind, and started having the ambition to merge humans and monsters into one (Reference “Concerning the fundamentals of the world and the way in which it came to be.”). Her vast magical power is being used to maintain the principles of the world, and she makes great efforts day and night to further increase it.

Though she is a succubus, she has no husband, nor has intercourse with humans as often as a member of her race does. Her vast power comes from those under her command, as the length of her power allows her to actually absorb energy into herself without even requiring physical contact. Thus, her power comes from the powerful demons around her that can survive the pressure of her power, as well as any humans that happen to come near her. The effect of a human getting close to Persephone results in the human losing every ounce of their spirit energy in a single instant, before their lost energy is replaced with demon energy, transforming them into an incubus. Those who transform this way describe the experience as 'a pleasant death.'

-Demon Lord's Army / Order of Knights (Organization / Monster)-

An order of knights that belongs to the Demon Lord's army. There are many monsters that excel at combat skills such as the “dullahan.” It's their duty to intercept the invading forces of the order and the divinities. “Dullahans” ect. are loyal to the Demon Lord, but it is said that most of the members are not fighting out of loyalty, but simply because “Those who capture a man in battle may do with him as they please.” For that reason, most of them retreat from battle just as soon as they get a husband. It seems people come and go very quickly.

-Demon Lord's Army / Hero Unit (Organization / Monster)-

A unit made up of fallen heroes who were charmed by the hands of the monsters that exist in the Demon Lord's army. For some reason, most of the heroes who come to the Demon Lord's castle tend to be accompanied by women. The hero's female partner also becomes a succubus, and serves together with him in the unit. Since they were originally heroes, it is an extremely powerful unit, but it seems the heroes are very busy screwing the so-called heroines, so unless it's a really big deal, this unit probably won't be doing much moving.

-Sabbath (organization / monster)-

A religious group lead by Baphomet who is one of the main leaders of the Demon Lord's army. Its doctrine is to be given to lust just like a monster, and to acknowledge it's members with their youthful bodies as supreme. They preach about the wonderfulness of youth day and night. All of the monsters in it, including Baphomet and her underlings the “witches” have the forms of young girls. Other types of monsters belonging to the group also have their forms changed to look like youthful women, and special magic is used to stop them from aging. Besides the monsters, human men that love them are also part of the group.

They're always soliciting human men day and night to get them to become brothers of the Sabbath. They tempt women by offering eternal youth and great magical power, transforming them into “witches,” though some witches prefer to keep a mature form. They periodically have a gathering called “black mass.” It is said that they do various things there such as thoroughly indoctrinating the men and women who have gathered into their ideology and educating them, having witches unveil their familiars, holding feasts for witches without familiars and monsters without husbands, and unveiling newly developed lewd items and spells.

They have branches in every region of the world. The founder of every group is “Baphomet.” Furthermore, to put it more accurately, they are the “spell casting unit of the demon lord's army.” It seems the original duties they were charged with by the Demon Lord were engaging in magical combat, and developing and testing new spells and magical items.

-The Order of the Fallen God (organization / monster)-

A group of monsters ruled by the corrupted divinity that is called “the fallen god” who have Pandemonium as their citadel. At present, only the “dark angels” and "dark priests" are in the encyclopedia.

They were originally divinities, but they were changed into monsters after being attacked by corrupted monsters. It's an organization of those who have fallen and drown in pleasure. Although they are divinities who were changed into monsters, they're a force that's neither grouped with the “divinities” nor grouped with the “monsters.” In the same way as with the other gods,
it is comprised of a greater divinity “the fallen god” at the top, and her subordinates, the lesser divinities “dark angels," "dark valkyries," etc. and the "dark priests" who are human women converted into monsters by them.

Rather than the domination of human kind, a configuration that most monsters and demons hold, the fallen god is the main believer in co-existence between humans and monsters. Dark Priests who arrive in a town and spread their religion, do not cause it's human inhabitants to become incubi. In fact, most human towns with a Dark Church continue on with their lives, often holding a much brighter outlook on life than they did before, as even the loneliest of men find the comfort and care of the Fallen God a much welcome change to their otherwise bleak lives.

Concerning Unique Lands

-Demon Realm-

Note: The Demon Realm exists on a different dimensional plane, known as hell. Any existence of the demon realm on Earth is the effect of demons spreading the infectious landscape by magical means.

The world of monsters where the Demon Lord resides. It's always dark and gloomy, and flowers and plants that look ominous to humans grow in profusion. The ominous scenery stretches on, but it seems that to the monsters, it is beautiful and an easy place to live. The demonic energy of the succubi floats through the air, and perhaps because of its influence, the monsters of the demon realm become more lustful and ferocious than usual. They have potent abilities. Little by little, humans become tainted by the demonic energy and their lust increases. It is said that in the case of women, they will eventually transform into succubi. Since monsters won't take any interest in them, women essentially have an easier time actually making the journey to the demon realm compared with men who will be attacked along the way. However, in the demon realm, there are many monsters that possess the ability to convert humans into monsters, such as the “succubus”, “dark slime”, ect. So supposedly even once they do make it to the demon realm, they will end up being converted into monsters shortly. The demon realm expands little by little as the monsters increase in number and the Demon Lord's power grows. The women of human villages that are swallowed by the demon realm are converted into monsters, and new monster villages are formed based on those.

Also, what is meant by "demon realm" is the lands that are teeming with a high concentration of the magical energy released by demons. Even in the lands where humans live, when the number of demons skyrockets depending on invasions or coexistence, the land becomes teaming with their magical energy, and eventually it becomes apart of the demon realm.

-Demon Lord's Castle-

The castle of the Demon Lord that exists within the demon realm. The monsters' base. The castle is more enormous than anything to be seen in the human realm. There are parts that extend underground besides the parts that can be seen from above ground. The Demon Lord and many monsters live there. From a human standpoint, its decorations and statues look sinister, but of course it seems as far as the monsters are concerned the castle is beautiful. It is often invaded by the forces of the divinities and humans from the order, but it is an impregnable fortress that has been able to withstand any attack no matter what. The castle is pretty much equipped with most of the necessary facilities, but it is said that there is an extremely high number of bedrooms, perhaps because of the monsters' nature.

-Castle Town of the Succubi-

A monster town that exists near the Demon Lord's castle. It was created by the Demon Lord's subordinates, the succubi, as a place to bring back men, and it looks almost like an entertainment district. The streets are lined with everything from the residential areas that were designed to make it easy to live with human men, to shops that deal in magical items used for lewd acts, and clothing and accessories for pleasing men. Many are stunned by the array of merchandise, and monster tourists and peddlers even come visit from outside the demon realm. It is extremely bustling.

-Forest of Tentacles-

An evil forest of ominous, moving plants that exists in the demon realm. When they spot a female, regardless of her race, the vine shaped plants that live in this forest will coil around her body, bind her in place, tease her, and penetrate every single orifice in order to suck out magical energy. In the outskirts of the forest, the plants are comparatively docile. It is said that human and monster couples and married pairs also come to play with the goal of using the tentacles during sex. But when a human woman who lacks the proper resistance enters the forest, the plants just keep violating her. She'll probably end up becoming a succubus or roper with nothing but thoughts of pleasure in her head before going back to the human realm. Also the deeper into the forest one goes, the more ferocious the plants become. It's supposed to be so extreme in the deepest part that even a monster would hesitate to go there.

-Realm of Heaven-

The world ruled by the divinities. It is said to exist far above the sky, and it's supposed to be a wondrous and beautiful place. In front of the palaces where the gods who are the greater divinities live, the lesser divinities who are servants of a particular god have castle towns, and they number as many as the gods themselves. Only divinities dwell within the realm of heaven, and since only the divinities themselves know the means of traveling between the realm of heaven and the human world, humans and monsters are unable to invade it. However, on rare occasions, lesser divinities who were converted into monsters while visiting the human realm do return there. In that case, it is said that the lesser divinity is banished from the realm of heaven and dropped into the human world.

-Kingdom of Faeries-

Its location is unknown. It is supposed that it exists in a different dimension than the human world. The fairy queen rules over it. It is a land bountiful in nature where wondrous scenery stretches on and on. Various types of fairies such as “Fairy” “Leanan Sidhe” ect. live there. They take the men they like back to the kingdom of faeries. Since faeries who were converted into succubi bring back men and enjoy themselves, it seem it has been eaten away quite a bit by demonic energy of the monsters. It is said that the kingdom of faeries is enveloped by happiness. Perhaps for that reason, it seem that “Kesaran Pasaran” grow in mass. Also, for some reason it seems they are intermingling with “Sabbath” from the demon lord's army...


A palace where “the fallen god” rules that is said to exist in a different dimension than the human world. In the same way as the palaces of other gods, it is comprised of the fallen god's palace, and a castle town where her servants the lesser divinities reside. Fallen angels such as“Dark Angel” ect. live here. In Pandemonium, space-time is warped by the power of the fallen god, and the same moment continues on forever. In this place, there is no starving or growing old. The only thing that dark angels do once they've brought back the human man they like is to keep having sex with the man. In this place, no one ever runs out of stamina or gets tired out. It is said that the men and dark angels just keep doing nothing but have sex. As they can't fully sate their lust here, their desire to continue to drown in pleasure never ends.

-Zipangu Region-

Note: Given the locations of monsters that apply to this culture, the entire island of MGI can be considered the Zipangu Region, since Cynthia was in the south, Yuki was in the north, and Ink slimes are in the east. The most important bit of this part pretty much is the fact that these 'yokai' are not allied with the demons, and generally can get along with humans quite well.

It exists within the human realm. It is a land with an extremely different, peculiar culture. It's a place almost exactly like the ancient Japan of our world. Humans with peculiar dress and culture live there. The monsters that live there also have peculiar appearances, and dispositions. Unlike the west, from time immemorial, humans and monsters have nestled closely together. It is a land where humans and monsters have made a compromise to live together. Monsters such as “Kappa” ect. are mostly treated as neighbors by people. In general, monsters are seldom regarded as evil. Also, it is said that there exist some extremely powerful monsters who are even revered as gods. In this way, a peculiar faith that is different from “the order” has taken root. As previously mentioned, many of the targets of worship are also monsters. Also, on the other hand, monsters also devote themselves to humans. There are many races that have progressed to being loved, and the monsters are not part of the “Demon Lord's army.” They've built up their own forces. Also, in Zipangu, monsters are called “yokai.”

-Desert Region-

It exists on the Western side of the island. A ruined land where desert stretches on and on. Many monsters that live there are subordinates focused around a monster called “pharaoh” including “anubis” “sphinx” and “mummy.” It is dotted with the ruins of a kingdom that was destroyed in the era of the former demon lord. Many adventurers and thieves visit the land seeking the many treasures that rest there. But there are a lot of monsters who go after the adventurers, and it's a dangerous land where most of them end up disappearing and being taken away. One would think that it would be an extremely harsh environment to survive in, but every place has been outfitted by the monsters. Every place is dotted with many caves to stave off the heat and for bringing back men, and ruins. Plus, there are many monster villages centered around oases.

Though recently, the ruler of the deserts, the pharaoh, has been said to have risen up once more, to take revenge upon the current demon lord, for the previous demon lord's destruction of her homeland. Given the power that the current demon lord provided, the pharoah has found a chosen soul as a husband, and is currently using his power to fuel her own, and strike back at the demon society.
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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

The Order: Humans and Angels

The relationship between humans and angels is one that has remained the same ever since history was first recorded. The angels had always watched over, offered guidance and protection to the human race so long as they had faced the constant threat of demons and monsters. From this relationship, there was nary a single human being who didn't view the angels as anything but divine. Through the blessings of god, humanity was allowed to thrive. Humans prayed for healthy crops, and the angels made rain fall, and the sun shine just right. Under the care of the higher beings that were, humanity as a whole saw no reason not to worship the angels. With such care, the realms of humans were allowed to thrive, while the other lands of monsters were left to fend for themselves. The assistance from the angels balanced out the disadvantages human beings had as a species against that of monsters, who were often far more powerful than humans. Even elves and dwarves were given protection from the angels, so long as they remained faithful, and peaceful with all those under God's light. Those few who chose not to be at peace were abandoned, if not smote by God's wrath.

The most skilled and devoted of God's followers were blessed with angelic power, and named heroes. These men and women would venture out of the safety of God's light, and extend humanity's influence by slaughtering monsters as well as the enemies of God. Mankind rejoiced in celebration, and were at their happiest under the angel's divine protection; however, when humankind began to dabble in technology, attempting to increase their power and military ability, the angels above strictly denied mankind of that kind of power, forbidding any creation of weapons beyond that of swords and bows. The angels knew, that if mankind were to advance and prosper to such lengths, that they would eventually not require the aid of God, and would forsake their Lord, naming themselves independent from the heavens.

But there were those who rebelled. Many human beings began to forsake the angel's grace despite god's warnings, and started to learn dangerous magics as well as craft deadly weapons of gunpowder. This independent group named themselves as the Magi, and made into reality, the angel's fears. Using their magic, they made their crops healthy, and their lives even more convenient than ever before. They became spoiled on their own earnings. They laughed in the face of God, calling the one they previously called their Lord, "Unnecessary". This made God and all the angels furious at the Magi, who were quick to remind these rebellious men and women who took care of them, and allowed them to reach this point of power. When the Magi simply scoffed at the angel's, their divine punishment was swift. Entire crops were burned, men who dared to raise their weapons against the furious angels would find their bullets and magics useless. All of the power they had obtained could not compare with that of their previous guardians. And like that, the Magi was a faction thought to be destroyed...

After the Magi were destroyed, the humans who did not side with them created their own organization known as The Order. They based all of their rules on what the angels had taught them. They swore not to become spoiled as the Magi were. They swore to see God as their only means of finding true happiness, and they swore to never again allow their fellows to stray from the path of god. The creation and destruction of the Magi itself was proof enough to most that their angelic guardians were serious about the consequences of betraying them. From that experience, mankind continued on their previous path. The angels thought from this that their troubles were over, and that humanity would behave for a time; however, they couldn't have been more wrong.

The planet itself and the lands were laid out in a near-perfect ring, as if the lands above the ocean were the globe's halo. Exploration out to sea was a very dangerous idea, as from what few brilliant minds could understand, it would be extremely easy for sailors to become lost in the great sea beyond, so ships only traveled on sea within the halo, so that even if a storm did throw them off course, they could still find land easily enough; although, those brilliant minds were baffled when they were receiving news that ships were still being lost out to sea. Many simply believed that it was merely the incompetence of the sailors that caused them to become lost, but as even some of the most experienced of sailors strangely began to vanish, it didn't take long before they pinpointed the location all of those ships traveled through. Further investigation lead to news being brought that there was an island in that location that was surrounded by strange storms. When they had found the cause, they named the island, "The Island of No Return." and warned sailors not to travel near that location.

The Heavens saw things differently. God and her angels knew that the island was strange, contrary to what the humans thought, told their followers to go to the island to investigate it. And since they were accompanied by fellow angels, no one could truly refuse. As well, neither could the Dwarves, Elves, or Orcs when they thought there might be competition over the land. So all four major races raced to the island despite the obvious dangers... And found themselves trapped on the island as well.

The races settled on the island, and by means of magic, managed to communicate with the lands outside. Competition quickly raged between the four races when territories came into question, and the Order stood strong even while the angels remained indifferent about the race's squabbling. After a time, though, the Heavens began to notice why the island was so strange... It was an entry point that demons were planning to use to invade their world, and the Angels knew as well as the demons that the ancient war between light and darkness was about to rage once more. Wasting no time, God commanded that the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves unite against their common enemy, while the Orcs themselves ended up siding with the demons. War raged, and with the help of the Angels, the vastly superior forces of light easily pushed the Demons back into their own world. Instead of leaving that as their victory, God commanded that they continue to push into the Demon's lands as everyone, even the angels were left in awe with their Lord's announcement.

"I will lead the charge into Hell," said Persephone, Lord of Heaven.

Morale was at an all time high. With God on their side, the forces of Light fought fearlessly even in the frightening darkness of Hell. They pushed, and pushed, until they reached the Demon Lord's gates, facing their final battle. As the forces of light fought against the last of the Demon Lord's armies, Persephone charged forth, and announced that she was going to vanquish the Demon Lord... However, little did the forces of light know, Persephone was previously infected by demonic magic. Because of this, Persephone made such a daring attack against the Demon Lord, to end him, before she herself was lost to corruption. The battle waged on, with the forces of light seeing victory before their very eyes. With a loud roar, Demons, Angels, Humans, Elves, and Dwarves all heard the deafening sound of the Demon Lord's death, as Persephone was successful in slaying him...

The battle only stopped for a moment, before suddenly, the Angels felt a terrible sensation come over them.

Their Lord, their God, had become a Demon.

The demons before them began to change as a sudden darkness came forth from the Demon Lord's castle. A suffocating magic presence suddenly attacked the forces of light as the angels realized that they were being attacked by their own Lord's power. Things went grim in a matter of a few seconds. Their own forces were turning against them, glowing with evil magic, and turning into monsters. Even Angels were turning on their own kind. Most crushing of all was the fact that the angels who were turning against their own, were the ones most loyal and respecting towards Persephone. All of the military power they had built, and all that they had destroyed from the Demons was lost. The Demons had power with a vengeance, and the forces of light knew that they had to retreat from this battle that they could now not possibly win.

"My Lord, why have you forsaken us!?" cried the angels, and all they heard in reply was Persephone asking them to join her. The angels who refused quickly fled from the hellish lands, and back into the lands of Gaia. The Order was crushed, and so were the angels who had followed their Lord so far, only to watch her become what she had taught them to hate. The Demons, who enslaved humans, who killed humans, the very humans she loved so dearly. She was now one of them. Her power, and her influence spread all across Hell, and through the portals into the human world. The demons, and the monsters of the land changed into seductive shaped, to try and allure human men into abandoning The Order, and many did. With Persephone, their God, calling to them, many humans, distraught, answered her, and lost themselves to her dark magics. The Dwarves, true to their word, followed Persephone to the end, and accepted her influence into their bodies, becoming monsters themselves. Many elves did too, becoming outcasts from their societies.

Persephone's magic threatened to overtake the entire world, but before it could, Heaven quickly found a new God to take Persephone's position, the most powerful angel they had, and she formed a barrier over the island, preventing Persephone's influence from spreading any further. Watching with horror, the Magi rose up once again within the Island, embracing the power Persephone was offering, and becoming half monsters themselves. Faith in God, faith in Angels... Waned considerably. In response to this disaster, the new God and her most loyal angels gathered, and decided that humanity was their last hope for winning this war, as when truly faithful humans pass on, and hold God's light true to their hearts, angels will take their souls to Heaven, and they will become angels themselves. But shout mankind lend their hearts to darkness, and give in to Persephone's seduction, then Angels will likely become an extinct species.

Appearing before mankind once more, the angels told their remaining followers that nothing had changed. Though Persephone's magic had changed their appearance, they were still monsters that threatened their prosperity. As such, it was God's will that they be destroyed. They continued to give the same teachings as they always had, teaching the humans that monsters killed humans without mercy. The angels themselves knew that what they taught were lies, but for the safety of mankind, they viewed it as necessary lies. Their nerves shaken... Heaven knew that in the end, all they could do was watch mankind, and ironically pray for their continued devotion.​

Written by Cynthia Fyre,
May Fate guide us.​

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Pandemonium - Other Hell

Pandemonium is true to it's name, a refuge for demons. However, despite the teachings of The Order, it is not Hell itself. Rather, it is like the middle ground between Heaven and Hell. Demons who did not want to serve Persephone, nor take any other side, were left on their own. These demons were the rare few who wanted peace, and separated as they were, they stood no chance between every hostile force around them, including their previous allies. While, in such a situation, it would have been inevitable for these rebellious demons to face certain doom, a very unique individual appeared before them, and promised to lead them to their own realm, where they can enjoy their peace. This individual was a woman with both a holy, and a fallen wing on her back. Her halo was crooked, and she possessed both an aura of divinity and corruption. This half-fallen angel named herself Pandora, and made good on her promise, creating a realm for those who wanted to abandon the conflict, called Pandemonium. Those of Pandemonium call themselves 'fallen demons,' in light of how angels who become demons themselves are called fallen.

These 'fallen demons' do not attack humans as they have been purified by Pandora's own corrupt magics, and now simply lust after humans using religion, offering human beings a chance of finding peace from all their troubles provided they seek Pandora's protection. The crowd they attracted were the most miserable and depressed of human beings. Lonely men who are not even loved by their mothers, those who lost their families, and women who were hideously ugly flocked to Pandora and her followers, among many others who were sick of life. In a matter of a few days, all of these people were suddenly seen, happier than ever. Even those who were thinking about suicide were nearly skipping to the Church of Pandora as spending time with their new god made life worth living. More surprising, women who come into contact with these fallen demons don't always become demons themselves. Every priestess of Pandemonium became a demon willingly, because she wanted to serve Pandora. These interactions, as well as letting their human followers roam free unlike many other mamono, led to their religion spreading via word of mouth. Thus, in no time at all, Pandora and her kingdom of Pandemonium quickly became terrifyingly powerful in the face of the other gods.

Pandemonium's very realm, as Pandora made it, represents her teachings. The air you breathe smells of something pleasant, and relaxes your body due to Pandora's magics hanging in the air, similar to Hell and Persephone's magics that amplify your sex drive. Just like in hell, the effects grow stronger, the more you inhale. So, staying in Pandemonium will eventually leave you completely relaxed, no matter how tensed you may have been previously. It becomes impossible to think negatively or hold any powerful emotion inside the realm after prolonged exposure. Because of this, it's known both as 'The Realm of Neutrality' and 'The Realm of No Return,' as those inside, especially the weak humans who somehow venture into this realm, often become too relaxed and lazy to actually consider making the effort to leave, simply letting themselves be taken care of by Pandora's followers. Their fate often ends up as eternal residents of Pandemonium, having sex and enjoying relaxing luxury without end. It's difficult to say whether this is an ill fate or not, as there is no evidence that anything specifically bad happens to those who lose themselves to Pandora's influence. At the same time, nothing good comes out of it either. Truly a neutral way to conclude your existence...

The disposition of those from Pandemonium are often kind, and calm. They never attack unless forcefully provoked into doing so. This disposition of all followers of Pandora matches the personality of Pandora herself, who often appears in person to welcome anyone and everyone into Pandemonium. Pandora herself is rather energetic despite the magic of her realm, but her interactions with humans usually leads to her doting on them and trying to spoil them. This has shown true as well even for other mamono who meet her. Eventually, though, Pandora was met with resistance. Those of both the Order and of Hell did not take kindly to their respective religions being threatened with takeover by Pandemonium. It was when Pandemonium's churches began to fall under attack that Pandora and her followers showed their true powers, easily pushing back the initial attempts at forcing Pandora's influence back, and with surprising help from their human followers.

Though they have such strength and power, it doesn't seem at all like they're going to win, nor lose any struggle with Heaven or Hell... Truly neutral.​

Written by Isabell Queen
Head Magi Researcher

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Heaven - The Holy War

The Kingdom of Heaven. It is the ideal. It is where the souls of the faithful and holy go to live eternal lives. Across the world, it is a kingdom worshiped by those who hold true to the religion that favors the stoic and punishes the selfish. There is no land more beautiful to the human eye as this place. There is no land known for it's power as much as this place. When you think of Heaven, a million different things come to mind. To those true to God, they think of the kingdom as the savior of mankind, and it's angels the providers of life and justice; however, those without faith to the white winged warriors who sail through the sky find themselves shuddering in absolute terror. Before God herself, those who would be called villains have been known to die on the spot without the Lord lifting a finger. It is said they die of guilt, and others say that they die from sheer terror. The Lord is a figure of great power, so great that the insignificant human being presence is easily crushed by even the slightest movement the Lord makes. She is considered mighty. She is considered holy. She is considered loving, because she actively guards those insignificant humans from damnation, and the scourge of monsters.

She is the Lord.
She is Mighty.
She is Holy.

This is the kingdom of Heaven. It is ruled by her, our Lord. Her influence reaches the faithful, even across the dimensional plain of existence that acts as a barrier between worlds. Those who question miracles find themselves without them. Her subjects learn not to question faith. Her subjects pray to her, giving their stoic lives to her, and their lives are blessed with happiness without sin. Those who curse Her, and damn her with hatred find themselves struck with lightning. Whether they live or die depends on the lord's mercy. Those who live often quickly become followers. To fear the Lord is not wrong. Fear her. Fear her power. That fear will summon respect, and through that you will find yourself in her graces. Once you become her devote follower, you will no longer fear her. Bask in her Holy Light. Spread the word of God to your children so that they may drift to Heaven when they die, carried to the golden kingdom by the angels.

When you next see your dearly departed, they will be wearing beautiful white wings. They will be servants of the Lord.

She is the Lord.
She is Mighty.
She is Holy.

Do not dare to raise an army against the Lord. Do not dare to ally with the Devil to challenge her. Her armies will annihilate you. The wicked would believe that the pure and holy warriors of Heaven are limited, but they are wrong. Fear is what mankind responds to best, and through that fear, even the most unintelligent or wicked human learns to change their ways. Should you think you dare stand a chance against the Lord, let me tell you of how little chance you have... The Kingdom of Heaven is guarded by seven Angel Lords who answer directly to God, and only to God. They rule and govern the various aspects of Heaven to make it into a perfect harmony without imperfection. They are...

Jupiter, the father of the other six Angel Lords, and the Lord's right hand. He once fought against the Cardinal Sin Pride, and defeated her in a display that showed that Heaven's pride is unmatched.

Diana, the huntress who purges the monsters of the world with deadly efficiency. Against the insatiable Cardinal Sin of Lust, Diana heroically wounded the demon as she was feeding on the fallen angel warriors and forced her to retreat.

Apollo, the angel of art and music. Her songs are so divine that they can manipulate human or devil in any way she pleases. She is known for soothing the fiery hatred of the Cardinal Sin Envy, and banishing her back to Hell.

Vulcan, the angel of fire and destruction. Warriors of God, be they human or angle, pray to Vulcan before they lay waste to the heretics who insult the Lord, honoring her by burning their corrupt land. It was Vulcan herself who led her devote followers to burn the religious constructions of worship to the Cardinal Sin Sloth, the very demon who stands as the biggest insult to God.

Mars, the angel of war. She is the undefeated warrior among all Angels, who's skill in combat is so mighty that she is said to have engaged in combat against the Cardinal Sin, Wrath, and emerged victorious. She is responsible for the thousands of elite angel warriors who are ready to lay waste to the unholy.

Minerva, the angel of wisdom. She possesses intellect beyond any other living thing besides God herself. She is the undefeated strategist who protected an entire village from being swallowed up by the disgusting Cardinal Sin of Gluttony.

Mercury, the angel of trade. She is the direct counter to the Cardinal Sin of Avarice, made by Jupiter and God herself, born of the Lord's womb. The greed of Avarice is something that so easily slips into the minds of humans, and allows the Sin to control them. With Mercury's aid, she devised a system to punish the overly wealthy, resulting in human society converting from a sort of Capitalism to Communism, where human beings share with one another without greed, aiding those less fortunate, but only if they worshiped the lord. Creating a society where indulgence in greed was punished, she removed Avarice's influence almost entirely.

These seven Angel Lords guard Heaven, and combat with the seven Cardinal Sins. With them active in the Lord's kingdom, Heaven will never fall. They regulate the kingdom as often as they fight against the demons, welcoming human souls who drift to Heaven, and adopting those who fit into the mold of the Angel Lord. Angels are born under a Lord, to obey them and worship God. It is these angels that together, safe guard the mightiest kingdom of all. A grand golden castle that covers all land in sight from the center, a giant mountain where, on it's peak, God herself resides.

Praise the Lord.


Angels were the beginning, and they shall be the end. Angels were the first form of life to appear, Heaven eventually becoming their kingdom. These beautiful white winged creatures appeared everywhere, through many different worlds. They were all different, but they were all the same, at their core. The differences of ideals led to the angels separating from one another. The only kingdom we know is the kingdom of Heaven, where our God resides. However... There are most certainly other angels out there.​

Written by Xavier
Grand Pope of The Order


It has been revealed by my ancestors that the reason why the Cardinal Sins lost at every turn against the Angel Lords is due to the lack of organization that the forces of Hell possess. When the battles took place, it was the Angels who were attacking. One must not mistake the Angel's victories as shows of superior power, as Hell has more powerful forces in comparison.
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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

List of All Factions in MGI
(In no particular order, and I may have missed a few.)


The Order
(Monster hating humans)

(Strict and intolerant overseers of the human race. Their strength comes from humans who are loyal to them until death)

(The gray area in the angel's eyes. They both don't consider mamono as allies while still remaining in contact with them, for science)

(She and her followers are betrayers of the old Pharoah)

The Pharoah
(Really pissed at Anubis, wants her western kingdom restored)

(Get off my lawn, I hate everyone)


Undead Legion
(Led by Valdis)

(Currently dealing with a rebellion)

(Neutral, friends with Lizardkin)

(As good as demons come)

Black Sabbath
(Witches led by Baphomet, somewhat like mercenaries for Hell)

(Mamono who have kept the succubus curse filtered out to stop them from becoming corrupted whores. Leader is a UNICORN)

(Mostly centaurs. Mamono who travel from place to place. Mostly mercenaries)

(Only known member is Cynthia the crow tengu, but some will say there is more hidden, covertly directing the chosen souls of fate.)

(Jade gets her own faction. She owns a mountain.)

Oval Serpents
(Faction led by an Echidna. Completely eradicated by Jezebel, Sin of Lust. Only remaining member is the prince, Grave.)

(Attempting to establish peace with the recent chaos in Atlantis. Houses refugees of war)

(Hates everyone, destroyed her own kingdom.)

(During the Plant Pandemic 500 years ago, she was apart of the Great Movement that saved her kind and a great deal of the forest. She hasn't done anything since.)

(Worse than the most random slot machine in any video game. Slyph has no domain, she appears everywhere, and does anything. When you see Slyph, your deathly illness might get swept away in the wind, like magic. Or a tornado might kill you)

(Ice elemental that acts as the first elemental that numbers beyond just one. Created from the Ice Queen)

(Dig. Dig. Dig.)

Slime Empire
(Led by the Slime Queen. Of all the factions, owns the most territory.)

(Highly incompetent and without directional leadership, yet they seem impossible to actually get rid of.)

Bees & Hornets
(Two factions wrapped up in their own war.)

(Possibly the most powerful faction, but it's members are so self-abosrbed that they don't work together.)

(Live in the Great Hollow. Don't go out of their way to lead grand assaults.)

(Mercenary assassins turned mamono.)

(Rivals of the Shinobi, fellow warriors of stealth)

(A more normal, village based faction, similar to Amazons)

(Mushroom people oh god run)


(Composed of humans, mamono, demons, and sometimes even rogue angels.)

(Consists of the Seven Deadly Cardinal Sins that act as sub-factions. The demons are divided into these sub-factions because the demons often fight amongst one another.)

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Heaven - The Seven Angelic Virtues

The Seven Virtues were originally created as a response to Hell's Seven Sins, and is a unit of seven angels who were selected by god herself to personally destroy the Sins. Their abilities and talents were carefully judged and calculated in comparison to each of the sins to create the most reasonable shape that would be the bane of the opposing Sin they are made to face. While they are paraded and regarded as upholders of the virtues they are meant to uphold in the human world, that is only regarded as their secondary purpose at best. In the case of the angel chosen to fight Wrath, it can easily be said that she is just as bloodthirsty as that nightmare herself. However, the creation of this unit of seven angels is a rather scary announcement, as that means the angels are declaring that they're going to join the war for this land in full force. Things are already chaotic as it is, and the arrival of the angels will make things even more chaotic, especially for the Magi who dabble so closely to mamono. Though, the reason for their creation goes a little beyond just for the sake of defeating the Cardinals. When the fragments of fate began appearing, their movement and purpose is also to capture those fragments, presumably dead or alive, given how many fragments were mamono. While they have a few objectives, the creation of the Seven Virtues is Heaven's own method of declaring war on mamono and demon alike.

To list them, Asmodel is the Virtue of Patience, meant to combat Wrath. She is Heaven's strongest warrior short of God herself. There need be no explanation as to why she was the first chosen Virtue given her divine power. She wields an odd weapon, a crowbar, to fight her enemies. It's rather brutal when she fights a demon as well, as that weapon seems to do something awful to their soul. Those hit by Asmodel, she immediately ignores. Not too much later, her victim she attacked dies mysteriously, even if it's a spiritual being like a demon, meaning her weapon hits right down to the center of your soul and does something awful to it. As to what, that is a mystery best left as such.

Shushien is the Angel of Chastity, and the angel's front line leader into battle. She was picked to fight against the Sin of Lust due to her talents at ranged combat. The choice proved to be rather effective, as Shushien quickly had an encounter with one of Lust's own phantoms, and proved extremely effective at defeating her.

Muriel is the Angel of Diligence, and Heaven's answer to Sloth. It was actually a curious debate when they selected her, as they addressed the most important fact regarding whether Sloth was actually a threat or not. Of course she is, being a Cardinal Sin, but Muriel was selected mostly due to her charismatic abilities. Down in the human world, Muriel is adept at getting villages and towns to work together and harder than ever before. It's even said that Muriel managed to humble Cleska, that twisted looking leader of the Magi, with her sweet words.

Kakabel is the Angel of Humility, yet she's still the proud and powerful leader of Heaven's main military force. She was picked obviously to fight against Pride, who almost always responds to taunts. Kakabel wasn't picked for her ability to taunt, mind, but she has the manpower to catch Pride and her forces in a trap and follow up on it. Normally this would be considered a ridiculous strategy, but it's generally agreed that the other demons wouldn't help her if she got herself into a bad situation.

Then, there's Maion, Angel of Temperance. There was no explanation given by the Chief God as to why she was selected as a response to Gluttony, and there's no information known to show how capable or strong she is. She is someone isolated, never speaking or seemingly doing anything worthwhile or fun. She's a bizarre mystery.

And then there's Hael, the Angel of Kindness. She's the one who brings every other Angel of Virtue tea and is a fairly good cook as well. In all honesty, she has as much presence as Envy does. She's in charge of support, which falls down to all of the things that the other angels can't be bothered with. She delivers weaponry to the soldiers, food, heals the wounded, and brings tea.

Finally... There's me! Naznia, Angel of Charity. Though I was regarded as a criminal some time ago, I am the most intelligent angel within the land of Heaven, short of God herself of course. Given Avarice is the brains of Hell, they found me perfect for having around in case someone needs to make an intelligent decision. Normally, I was not very powerful as an angel, but Our Lord granted me but a fraction of her power, and now I can stand against even a mighty dullahan, the mighty elite soldiers of Hell!

By our powers combined, we are the Seven Virtues of Heaven.​

Written by Naznia
Virtue of Charity

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Miscellaneous Information - About Persephone, Angels, and how the Seven Sins came to be

There were many angels who turned away from the Chief God, who had taken rule following the corruption of the previous god Persephone. Persephone was a beloved god and kept the land's peace for centuries despite the threat of demons and monsters. But one day, hundreds of years ago, Persephone slayed the Demon that ruled over all of Hell in an attempt to hold back the demons from the human world, and in doing so, took in all that made him godly. The angels who had at first stood victorious over the land of demons, then fled from it's new ruler, demoralized upon finding Persephone as a demon. With the power of the Chief God and the Lord of Hell in her possession, Persephone came to be regarded as the most terrifying existence any world has ever known. She was unable to even hold her form, and became like a black hole in Hell, a center that none could enter without being consumed. Persephone could only interact with the world by separating herself into smaller pieces, and those fragments were referred to as Lilim, daughters of the Demon Lord.

The Lilim ventured out, and eventually came to have human lovers. Whether these human men were willing or not, even a Lilim, who is but a fragment of Persephone, contains immense power. Persephone gathered power from these men, and used that power to break the old Demon Lord's curse from her soul, separating his power into seven fragments that would become known as the Seven Cardinal Sins. And they would take shape, becoming Persephone's own daughters. With her power under her own control, she changed all demons and monsters in Hell and in the closest realm of Gaea. These creatures turned into mamono who took on the shapes of attractive females, and their instincts were altered as well. Affecting billions of creatures at once with her power, even Persephone had her limits. All that changed was that the demons and monsters had their instincts changed to seek love from the humans, instead of death. Her power also infused them with her energy, creating a miasma in the atmosphere called the succubus curse. The monsters drew from this power, and on top of becoming women, became even more powerful than they were before.

An angel's life was easy before this change. To slay monsters in the name of humanity made angels nothing but divine. But when monsters began to look like human women seeking love from men, the angels' attempt to save humanity from extinction began to seem savage and brutal. Humans who die as saints come to be angels in Heaven. Women who turn into monsters lose their humanity, and men who become husbands to monsters are anything but saintly. It soon became a pandemic in the Holy Lands, and angels gradually became more concerned with their own kind than the humans. That is when the Chief God of the current day stepped in... And ruled that all humans who associate with monsters shall be purged. She began feeding lies to the human population, that the monsters hadn't changed, and that they still seek to kill humans, only now by seducing them in order to feast on their bodies in private. The word of God made this fear widespread, and an immense hatred of monsters grew... Humans began killing monsters alongside angels... But there were always some who viewed it as inhumane.

Written by Naznia
Virtue of Charity

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia


Territory is a mixture of a board and card game that was created within the lands of Zippangu by gods, for gods. The concept behind the game is that each player is a representation of a faction within the world of mamono and humans, and each side is after total domination of a given territory, hence the name. The game itself has expanded since it's creation to go beyond being merely a past time, and has evolved to be a method of aspiring gods within the immortal lands of Zippangu to resolve conflict. When both sides agree to it, they construct a map together to represent both of their territories, and they play a game of Territory every day to contest over a piece of land. The game is more about deception and risk than overall strategy, as was it's point behind it's creation to prevent as much overall takeover as possible. That solution wouldn't last long, but the gods who were generally successful were having so much fun with the game (or simply their own success) that they would give territory back to the defeated just to have someone to play with, as Territory was a convenient tool to have when talking with your enemy when otherwise it'd be impossible.


The winning objectives of Territory are often negotiated and agreed to by both parties before a game commences. By default, the win condition of Annihilation is always active, which results when one side has lost all territory and cannot place cards. Other optional conditions include:

If the Hero card is defeated, the owner immediately loses. In this mode, the Hero card is immediately in play, but cannot move from it's starting location.

Establishing Territory on 4 of the 5 locations results in victory.

Both players agree upon a set amount of HR(Human Resources). Once one player has gained that number in total (regardless of how much they spent), then they win.

Queen of the Hill
One player must keep their cards in the center of the map for 5 turns.


Before a game of Territory can begin, there must be a map present to play on. Sometimes players will construct their own maps, but the most basic acceptable map follows this blueprint.

Players will require:
50 Cards
Coins to represent HR(Human Resources)
Markers to indicate damage
And the patience to play games with your enemy instead of kill them

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

Fio & Rio: Rabbit Gods of Zippangu

Within the appropriately named village of Fio, resides it's leader, Fio, and the village elder, Rio, who also acts as Rio's grandmother and source of guidance. Fio's village is the main home of the wererabbits, and rabbits in general. Their community is close to that of the dragon serpent's village, Ryu. Rather than be in conflict, the villages of Ryu and Fio have learned to coexist and live in peace, but only by leaving each other alone. The residents of both villages are strictly instructed not to venture outside of their lands and into the lands of the other gods. Those that do are subject to the wills and punishment that the other gods deem fitting for their trespass. So, despite the bunny people of Zippangu having a friendship with one of the most powerful gods of the mystical forests, it only extends as far as both sides agreeing not to become a problem for one another.

The Bunny's Timeless Secret
The bunny people are timeless, mainly due to a sacred technique that was developed ever since the bunny kin were developed from the corrupt succubi magic. The extremely complex and most sacred technique manipulates the art of magical weaving to such a degree that they can harness the past experiences of magical threads, and revert them to a previous state. Essentially, they created time travel. The art requires an immense amount of energy and collaboration. The technique was perfected down a family line, with Rio eventually being the one to finalize it's technique. The rabbits share the knowledge of this technique with no one, and those who try to take the knowledge by force are met with other forces of Zippangu who don't wish for anyone else (even each other) to have that knowledge. As a result, the wererabbits are well protected, and other inhabitants of Zippangu bide their time until any one of them sees an opportunity to steal the secret.

Fio is the daughter of the more ancient wererabbit, Rio. After she came of age long ago, she took over leadership in place of her mother. Despite being a stern and responsible leader, Fio also suffers from the faults of the rabbit kin. She is very social and welcoming of travelers, posing a security risk of sorts when it comes to untrustworthy individuals. Fio prides herself as a good host, even offering guests to her village martial training to improve their strength and technique at no cost. To that end, Fio also prides herself as a teacher. She loves to give out tips of wisdom to travelers, and lecture them on the way of the world.

Despite all of her good intentions, Fio comes off as a militant sort. Her expression is always hard and calculating to the point of appearing unapproachable. She rarely smiles either, which surprises many when they discover how friendly she is to guests. Asides from her intimidating visage, she is polite, kind, and loyal. She never makes a promise she does not plan to keep. She gives assistance without being asked, even to an enemy. Though that's not to say she doesn't appear serious and calculating for a reason. Fio is highly intelligent and perceptive, and after hundreds of years of training she possesses godlike reflexes. Few who take light of her because of her kindness rarely go without regretting it. With regards to that, Fio is much like the other gods of Zippangu, being quite powerful as an individual, and with an attitude capable enough to gather the other gods of Zippangu into a powerful alliance should their world ever be threatened.

Just like her mother Rio during the great war between East and West, Fio is ready to meet the oncoming crisis that is to befall Monster Girl Island.

Rio is an elder wererabbit. Despite having the ability to use timetravel to keep her youthful appearance, she has chosen to allow herself to age to make way for Fio to take over ruling their people in her stead. The result of old age, similar to most mamono, caused Rio to seemingly reverse in aging, appearing youthful and small. Allowing age to take its course, Rio spends her days relaxing while watching over her daughter Fio. Naturally, she should have died long ago, having ceased to keep her body alive over a hundred years ago. Fio believed that she still needed her mother's guidance, and so uses her magic to sustain Rio's existence. Naturally one to make a protest, Rio agreed to allow herself to continue to live only on the agreement that once Fio has learned everything Rio has learned, she would allow her to pass on. In a display of selfishness, Fio often goes without hearing her mother's advice in order to delay that day when she must let her mother go.

Rio can easily be related to Fio by how similar they are in terms of personality. Both are social as well as good hosts, but the major difference between the two is that Rio is often rude to those whom she deems lecture worthy. She has a far more strict policy when it comes to her students, and the uninformed in general. She prefers to sit them down and force them to listen to her until she has finished talking. Any display of rudeness from the other party often results in either a snap of demand to be silent, or a firm whack of her cane to the other person's shoulder, something she even does to her daughter when Fio acts too kind to rude individuals. Rio's disposition is arguably grumpy most of the time. She spends a good deal of time drinking sake and as a result is rarely sober. If someone in her company is particularly bad, she does present the ability to no longer need the cane, and fight with the same strength she had at youth (thanks to her daughter, Fio). With that in mind, she does not actually need a cane. If asked, she'd merely state, "I'm old, so I need a cane."

The Ancient War of the East and West
(In the future, this will reference to the Encyclopedia entry documenting that war.)​
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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

The Afterlife

The History of the Body and Soul

There are a few things to establish about life and death before it is clear what happens when a living being inevitably meets their end. First is understanding what a 'body' is and how the soul relates to it. The best comparison that can be made is the relationship between a wooden puppet and the puppeteer hidden behind it. A body is just a puppet, and the soul the puppeteer. A body without a soul is just a useless inanimate heap, and a soul without a body is vulnerable and unable to interact with the world.

The first body created was by the Angels of Heaven, before Gaea ever existed. The purpose behind it's design was due to the issue of unworthy and unruly individuals being created within the holy lands. The purpose was to lock new souls within a body that could live off of a magicless land (which eventually came to be Gaea), while said body would eventually decay and die, freeing the soul within. During this time of mortality, the Angels above could better regulate and allow acceptable souls to enter their society. This course of action did two things. First, it meant that the afterlife of Heaven would only be for those whom the angels deemed worthy. Second, it meant that unworthy souls had nowhere to go. A soul without magic to feed upon would eventually die, this much God knew, and so it was assumed by all that the end fate of the unworthy was just to vanish and never be seen again in God's eyes.

The mortals who were cast away and deemed unworthy found this treatment unfair and cruel, while the worthy mortals ostracized them and didn't listen to their complaints. Eventually, the outcast mortals began to collaborate against Heaven's efforts. They researched ways to exist after dying, and eventually discovered a way to 'create' their own bodies. The image that their new bodies would take would become a statement of rebellion against Heaven. And so, the image of the first Demon was born. Their bodies were unstable, unable to preserve energy like the normal bodies of mortals. However, this design also came with a benefit. Their bodies were no different than angelic bodies. Injury meant nothing to them. The rebellious new demons could suffer terrible damage and care little. Though, they needed still to preserve their existence in the world. So, they designed their new bodies to be parasitic, to be able to feed upon the souls of other mortals in order to preserve their own existence. The one responsible for, and the leader of the new demons that terrorized the mortal lands became known as the first Demon Lord. In comparison to God, who was glorious and magnificent, the Demon Lord assumed himself a wicked, and terrifying form.

There was then, a place for all souls to go. The loyal mortals rose to Heaven, and the outcasts were picked up by the Demon Lord. The prejudice that the angels had towards the mortal human race would eventually be to their detriment, as the Demon Lord quickly grew out of control before Heaven even knew what was happening. When the demon armies came, they always outnumbered the defenders, the souls of the defeated used to feed the tirelessly hungry Demons that only grew in number.

It was only by an initiative by Heaven that allowed them to protect the remaining Human beings. As towns fell, it became easier for the angels to protect them. Eventually, the demons were more numerous than their food sources. Their greed ended up causing the demons great pain and suffering as they began to disappear, demons eating each other just to survive. The demons quickly lost their unity, and turned on one another. With all the personal power the Demon Lord gathered from the countless souls he absorbed, he created another world to be the mirror opposite of Heaven. The main feature he gave it, was filling the world with his own personal energy. There, the demons fled from Gaea, into the new world that would be called Hell.

With Gaea as the center stage, both sides could only visit the mortal world for limited amounts of time before returning to their respective home worlds. Gaea became nothing more than a battlefield for the angels to judge, and the demons to devour.

Eventually, as time went on, others went the way of the Demon Lord. New dimensions were created, some even appeared out of nowhere. Portals to new worlds opened, and creatures such as the mystical kitsune suddenly started appearing in the world. Though they were all different, they all had an undeniably similar purpose: To Feed off of the mortals. As a result of this, Gaea became under heavy assault from countless different fronts. Demons even created various monsters from their nightmares to plague the mortals that be. Desert villages saw innocent people vanish as sand worms swallowed them whole, and brave warriors were impaled on the horns of minotaurs. These early deaths of human beings further disrupted the process Heaven had intended, bringing souls to them before they had fully decided whether to accept them. This led to flustered decisions, partly accepting some early souls because Heaven was in desperate need of more warriors, and denying some unjustly, only for that soul to be caught in the hands of the Demon Lord, who made the vengeful spirit a loyal demonic servant. The evidence that Hell was accepting their rejects led to God making a decision that shocked their own people. Souls that were found by angels that were not to be accepted, were destroyed so that they would not become a minion of the devil.

Heaven became more violent, even killing mortals who they merely suspected to not have the best interests of God in their hearts. All of Heaven became a center of mass paranoia, while their rash actions caused even more mortals to defect. Only the most zealously loyal human beings remained, and the only thing that stopped Hell from truly destroying Heaven and ending the conflict was themselves. As the rejects from human society, the demons were rarely ones to get along with other people, plenty were outright criminals and psychopaths. Their disposition hardly allowed them to get along, and as such, they began to fight amongst themselves. If one faction of demons were particularly successful, others would attack them out of jealousy and greed. Heaven managed to survive as Hell failed to work together as they had in the beginning, and the reign of the Angels over the mortal human race would continue for hundreds of years... While the other gods rose, and contested the angels, as well as each other, for dominion. The souls of the dead destined to flock to the god of their worship.

The Current Day: Where the soul goes when the body dies

When the body dies, the soul begins right where the living body becomes a corpse. Various religions ideally have a representative of their religion come by and collect the lost soul, before bringing the soul back to become an avatar of the god in question. That's the ideal for most souls, though there are still those who do not get found. Those souls meet a variety of differing circumstances. The most commonly observed is that they remain and develop the power to obtain a slightly physical form to be seen and to interact with the physical world. These entities are referred to as ghosts, and their reasons for being in their current situation often leave them with a far less agreeable disposition. Having rejected most religions, and their societies as well, the common ghost is bitter and hostile, especially so depending on how they died. No matter who they were, a ghost is an entity that isn't accepting it's death, either because they refuse to accept the fact that they are dead, or they are simply unaware that they are dead to begin with. The end result of either case, should the spirit become a ghost, is that they seek to become alive again. The methods for obtaining their new life are never benevolent, and neutral at best. So as a result, ghost are always regarded as hostile and malicious.

If the soul does not reach a religious afterlife, nor does it become a manifestation in the physical world, then there's no telling what will happen to it.​

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Re: MGI Encyclopedia

The Outer Gods:
The Creation of the World

My name is Cynthia Fyre, and this is my ancient grand mother's knowledge put onto parchment.

The Discovery

There exists powerful entities that no mortal or immortal shall ever meet or even know the existence of, and yet they hold the most important roles for keeping our daily lives going undisturbed. They act on the side lines, their duties ever constant and so mundane that the majority of creatures that exist never even know that they're there. Yet, their duties are so important that if they ceased, even for a moment, the world would end. These entities are known as the Outer Gods, beings that have the most impact on our world while at the same time, having no impact at all. Their existence is ironic, to say the least, and each hold depressing tales behind them. They are each alone, having only themselves in a world that doesn't know they exist. Their existence is so unique and grand that lesser beings cannot speak with them even if they tried. Neither party's words would reach the other simply because of the sheer difference in scale. So tiny and pathetic are we, and so colossal and grand are they. Yet despite this, they are our guardians and caretakers.

We do not know their true names. Not even I know them, because I cannot hear them speak it. In fact, their existence is so hard to determine that it was only by chance that contact was made confirming that they do indeed exist. A child with incredible power came to my ancestor on a midsummer day. His parents were convinced that he was a prodigy, and that she should take him as her disciple. She planned on refusing, but decided to try and test the child out of curiosity. They indeed had raw power that shouldn't belong in a human child. It was so bizarre that she examined his soul, and found an unnatural entity whose origins could not be linked anywhere in this world. My grand mother did not jump to the conclusion of the existence of a god at that point. Rather, it was after she raised the boy as her disciple and came to love him and produce a child from his essence, that her daughter would come to discover similar beings that her mother found. Deciding that these odd 'fragments' that she found were important, she decided to transfer them to her offspring, and telling her children to do the same every generation. Finding more of these fragments as time went on, generation to generation, every lady of the Fyre Legacy discovering more fragments and continuing the research of these oddities, that a conclusion was reached.

All of these fragments were from the same being, and gifted to these people with a purpose. Indeed, these people ended up using their powers in such a way that only they could. Influential people or individuals with hidden potential that no one would have guessed. The world was changing as a result. For better or worse, it was hard to say. However, amazing things were happening all thanks to these strange fragments. Then, one day they vanished. As their owners died, the fragments went up and away. Even the fragments that the Fyre Legacy had been keeping sacred inexplicably vanished. The only explanation given was that it took on a will of it's own and returned to whence it came. My crow tengu ancestor came to a sound conclusion, that these fragments were part of a living entity. A being of immense power delivered these fragments to influence the world. She named this being "Fate" due to their accomplishments, and erected a tower over her home as a place of worship to this deity. The only temple of it's kind, to this nameless figure.

Upon noticing this temple, Fate confirmed it's own existence by giving a reply to the Fyre Legacy the only way they could. It was during my age, the current age as of this book's writing. Most of the knowledge my ancestor's had collected was unorganized and uncollected, lost to me. Then, Fate delivered a fragment to the first floor, the very center of the round room that housed the graves of my most recent ancestors. Within it, Fate had stored all the memories of the Fyre Legacy. Ages of knowledge were within the fragment. I consumed it, taking the fragment into my body. This was Fate's method of talking to me, through the words and memories of my dead family. Her existence, if she is indeed a woman, was confirmed to me. I then proceeded to document the existence of the possibility of other gods, and confirmed their existence as well. They were in front of us the whole time. With this realization, it was only a matter of time before their history was unlocked, the knowledge of the Fyre Legacy going back all the way to the beginning of this world's creation.


The Outer Gods

In the beginning, when this world was not even created, the only beings that existed were formless beings we consider to be Gods. The known Gods to have existed at that time are the first Lord of Heaven, The soon to be first Lord of Hell, The creator of this world: Gaea, the Twister of Threads: Fate, the Lord of the Deceased: Death, the Kindler of the Shining Sun in the Sky: Star, and the Dear Friend of Star and Reflector of her Glorious Light: Luna. One must keep in mind, however, that these names are what we, the ignorant lesser beings call them. A significant find was that these beings, in their earliest days of history, did not have names. They simply did not need them. They knew each other by presence, and so few were the unique beings around them that it was easy to know who was who. Humans did not exist during this time. Mamono did not exist. Not even the ancient Kitsune existed. We are all creations of the gods.

At some point, the gods agreed to create their own world. Perhaps this was due to the presence of other gods that existed near them, as the other stars in the sky at night soon became evidence of other worlds that exist. Using powerful magic, we have even managed to reach some of these other worlds before soon realizing that we had best keep to ourselves.

The gods worked together to create their own world. Star used her power to create the sun, allowing Gaea to see. Luna, Star's dear friend, used her power to create the moon. The moon acted as a mirror for the sun, providing light all over the world that Gaea would shape. The three came to have a very close relationship together, and act as the three main forces that keep the world in harmony.

The Lords of Heaven and Hell worked together, companions, to create perfect creatures they'd call angels as a gesture to how precious they thought of their fruits of labor. Able to survive on anything, be it good feelings, or the sweet fruits of Gaea's world that she grew with a mixture of her magic and Star's, angels became the center of attention of all the gods. They brought meaning to their incredible yet ironically pointless existences. Each of the first angels were created by each god to suit their individual tastes. They were well behaved, and got along just as the gods themselves did. Everything was happy, and perfect. It could have stopped there. This perfect little world they had created could have existed in harmony as they had intended, if they didn't become so enthralled with the idea of what they could do next. Their creativity went wild, and they soon began to interfere with the lives of the angels in very meddlesome ways. They began to disagree with one another about how to run their collective world, and clashed with one another. Their friendships fell apart, all except Star and Luna, who never disagreed. The Lords of Heaven and Hell disagreed on morals one wanting a respectable society and the other preferring to indulge in pleasures. Star and Gaea disagreed on matters of beauty, Gaea wanting plants to grow prolifically, while Star found such untamed growth hideous, and burned forests. The poor planet, and it's inhabitants, became a battleground for their indifferences. The only one who stepped aside was Death, who watched the heated exchange from the sidelines, quiet and voiceless while Fate tried to keep the peace.

The angels, much like their creators, became sinful. They were rulers without things to rule, and as such they used their god-given powers to create lesser beings of their own, so that they too could feel as though they were gods. These lesser creatures were called Humans, and the angels easily managed to get the first humans to recognize them as gods. This arrogant course of action angered the Lords of Heaven and Hell, who were soon to take up their modern namesake. They made their rage known, reminding all that they were the true gods. However, they disagreed over who was the true ruler. The angels, confused amidst the chaos of their conflict, took sides. Most went to the Lord of Hell, due to their selfish nature. Though many still resided with the mortal Lord of Heaven, who manifested herself as an angel to walk amongst her subjects. As did the Lord of Hell. Because of their presence, and the knowledge that they would destroy their world if they tried to both manifest in the same place, they both decided to create their own realms for their followers to reside in with them. They war constantly, both sides taking losses, and drawing more soldiers from the human beings that exist in the world. To this day, they still exist in their realms. They are considered the most well known gods, meanwhile...

Death, Fate, Gaea, Star, Luna, and any other yet unfound gods were to become unofficially known as the Outer Gods. Eventually their conflict died out while the battle of morals raged on. Gaea created the infamous monsters that all know of. Their purpose was to chase humans, devils, and angels from the world, ridding the planet of their conflict. But all she did was add to the chaos. Death became Gaea's aid, acting as a janitor and taking the souls of the deceased into her body, only to breathe life back into the world. Star and Luna continue to illuminate the world while at odds with Gaea and burning her overgrowth, meanwhile Fate has seemingly decided to take her own approach to settle the eternal squabble...

They exist, day by day, keeping our world spinning. All while suffering each other. Their meaning of existence has transformed from that of keeping a perfect world to creating their own ideal.

I stand by the side of Fate. I will aid her to restore balance. We will yet see a perfect world once again.​

Written by Cynthia Fyre,
May Fate guide us.
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