Introduction Thread


Jul 5, 2010
Yush! Welcome to the ULM forums Siluman! Hopefully your government can't track you down here!

Probably not new to you, but let me welcome you with a video by Papa Franku. ;)
Also, we share a liking for Dark Souls. Better praise the sun real hard! \o/

Hope you have fun around here! :)


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Oct 8, 2018
Stumbled across this forum when looking for a specific h-game which I supported for quite a while on enty. Was surprised there's actually a forum in which people are talking about that specific game (a lot!) and this seems to be a nice place overall.

So I registered. Hi there everybody!


Jul 5, 2010
Hello and welcome to the ULM forums kamikatze! Hope you enjoy your stay and get to play and discuss tons of game, while maybe taking a quick break in the off-topic sections every now and then. ;)


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Oct 8, 2018
Name: Sam
Screenname / Nicknames: Intrigue
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Current Country of Residence: U.S.A.

~ Real-life appearance ~

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Breasts: None
Glasses: None
Features: Tall
Height: 6'6" ~198cm

~ Ideal appearance ~

Eye color: blue
Hair color: blond
Hair length: long
Ears: human
Breasts: flat
Tail: none
Hermaphrodite with Retractable Futa part: wut
Glasses: for reading only
Features: a mountain of muscle
Height: same
Cyclops: nope
Skin: weather-tanned

~ Personality ~

My Fears: Uselessness
Common Utterances: go jump in a lake
Is the glass half full, or half empty: dammit, I ordered a cheeseburger
Bad Habits: procrastination

3 Things I Dislike:
1) people who talk too much
2) small children
3) excessive smart phone use

~ Favorites ~

Manga artist: Yukimura Makoto (Vinland Saga)
Other manga of interest: Drifters
Video game series: Anything Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Command/Conquer. (except c&c 4. that one sucks)
Anime: Overlord
Webcomic: nerfnow or doesnotplaywellwithothers
Drink: Cola.
Shoe: Hiking boots.
Hat: bandana
Color: dark blue
Music Genre: metal, folk
Internet Meme: insanity wolf

Do I...

Smoke: nah
Swear: like a goddamn sailor
Flip out and kill people: not unless provoked. or drunk.
Play Guitar/Air Guitar: no
Knit scarves for orphans: what? what hippie shit is this?
Collect plushes, stuffed animals from the thrift store, and lots and lots of figurines: uh, no.
Resemble a otaku hikikomori in several ways, including possibly being one?: nah
Have furry leanings?: nah

~ The Future ~

Can you see into it?: why would I do that?
Should Marty have gone back to it?: Who?

Other Stuff

Reason for joining: h-games are gods-damned awesome
Other random trivia: I have 2 cats who just spawned 14 damned kittens. Dammit, girls!

Oct 31, 2014
Welcome Intrigue and enjoy your stay! I like your take on the glasses question, and nice taste with your favourites! (Although, I think Overlord had gone downhill a bit...). Also, if you post pics of your kittens, I'm sure you'll be popular in certain parts here. :)

Anyway, remember to worship the H-games properly ;)