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Aug 30, 2012
Re: Characters

Name: Aiden Black
Rage: Human Mamono Hybrid (appears human)
Gender: Male
Age: 18 yr.

Aiden is a tell youth, standing over six feet, and has a fit build earned through regular exccise and labor. Despite this he has fair skin, which is contracted by his black hair and eyes. He tend wear dark colored clothing; jeans, long sleeved shirts, and sturdy boots. Aiden's hair is somewhat long for a mans, and is usually left uncombed, and is uneven in places; having cut it himself..

Recieving Oral Sex, Throat Penetration, Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy, Dirty Talking, Corsets, Small Breasts, Titty Fucking

Aiden is straight, and relatively inexperiance sexually. There is also some things he (and I) wouldn't be comfortable with. Like being dominated or some of the really out-there things. Though I'm open to some experimentation, I'll let you know if something comes up that I wouldn't enjoy. But you'll probably be able to guage it by Aiden's reaction.

Aidenn wasn't born, he was made. A product of Magi science and magic, he had over a hundred biological donors, and some of the top Magi minds to call his progenitors. The Magi who created him sought to find a harmony between Human and Mamono, and endeavored to foster the best traits of both in their creation. Adain was the result of their labors.

For all appearances he was human, but in him was the vested advantages of his Mamono progenitors. The experiment continued beyond the laboratory. Rather than studying him in the lab, they fabricated a story about his parents having died in a Mamono attack, and put him in the care of a silver smith and her husband who was a jeweler.

William and Abigail Black treated Aidenn like their own flesh and blood. They were loving, and endeavored to give him the best upbringing they could, so that his life would succeed their own achievements. Successful in their trade, but by no means wealthy, they invested much in Aidenn's education. In addition to a classical education, he was taught the varied languages of the islands (those known to the Magi faction) as well as the foreign and domestic history.

Aiden was also an adventurous youngster, and would sneak out of town to explore. Before any harm could come from this woodsmen caught him during one outing and seeing he wouldn't just stay home, they talked with Aain's parents. The resulting discussion resulted in regular field trips with the older men and women that allowed the youth to explore and the world beyond his home under the watchful eyes of his elders.

For all the energy devoted to Aidenn's creation he expressed no talent for magic, or any extra ordinary Mamono traits. That was, until his sixteenth birthday. He his first sexual experience then, and it served as a catalyst that began to awaken his potential. Another door of metaphysical and genetic potential was opened the more sexual encounters he had, or the more profound those encounters were. But this largely went overlooked by all ... except those who knew to watch.

Adian grew into an ambitious and driven young man with a dream of building on the build racial and cultural cosmopolitan the Magi had started. At the age of eighteen he called in favors he had earned over the years, and with the support of family and friends, he petitioned the local government for permission to act as a their community's emissary, in an effort to create better relations with outside Humans and Mamono.
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Sep 7, 2010

Name: Rene

Race: Centaur
Gender: Female

Physical Description:

General Appearance: From head to toe, stands roughly 6 and a half feet tall. Has fiery red hair cut fairly short to stay out of the way of work. She is long as she is tall (roughly 6 feet from front to back. Has smaller breast, roughly a B-cup. Outside of that, has a fairly standard bodily structure for her race.

Day to day attire: Wears a plain white tunic that dangles to about the bottom of her belly in front, covering the V that her fur makes below her belly. In addition she wears a long blacksmith apron, a pair of heavy gloves and a handkerchief tied around her head. Wears a pair of side bags loaded with the various tools of her trade.

Combat Gear: In combat, she wears a vastly different outfit. Wears a plate mail chest piece that she crafted herself. In addition to that, she wears a armored skirt that is fitted for the horse half of her body so as to protect her exposed lower half. Wields a lance and shield that was left be her mother.

Back story: The sole daughter of a once respected warrior, Rene was filled with stories of her races martial prowess, including her mothers own battlefield success. She was a very energetic child, a very uncommon trait that she retained as she grew up in her mixed community. Rene eagerly wanted to follow her mothers path but her mother would not allow it. The two argued for days on the affair before Rene eventually heeded her mothers wishes. She took on a more practical profession, becoming the towns blacksmith, crafting tools for her small village. Her mother passed away some years later, when Rene turned 20. This was all the motivation the young centaur needed. Crafting a set of armor and using her family weapons, Rene took to becoming the guardian of her tiny village. She saw herself as the next in a hopefully long line of proud warriors and a scion of her races martial prowess. However, she still maintains her smiting trade, to help repair her equipment and pay for food. Being a warrior fills her with pride, but it doesn't always put bread on the table and the smiting helps cover certain expenses. Is surprisingly energetic for a Centaur, but she still bears the many hallmarks of her race: Stubbornness, a calm demeanor, and a proud personality in addition to other traits.

Fetishes:Coming from a very proud race, Rene values her personal freedom over all else. However, a part of her wonders what it would be like to be caged. She's heard stories from the mainland about animals being locked up in cages, little more then slaves to their owner. In her few sexual encounters, Rene explored this curiosity, but never took it to great extremes.


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Oct 25, 2012

Name: Stephanie Walds

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Early-mid twenties?

Physical Description: Tall and slender, without much in the way of, ahem, 'assets', Stephanie is not all that much to look at. A light smattering of freckles decorates her cheeks and forehead, while her skin is somewhat bronzed from outdoor work, albeit her chest and legs being whiter, the tanlines very much visible. Her hair is a dirty off-blonde colour, and is tied back behind her ears to keep it mostly out of the way, though her face is framed by her fringe, two locks of hair down either side of her face. She carries a bedroll and a thick woolen cloak tucked away behind her back, along with a fairly large flask for water, and a satchel for food. Her gear starts getting more impressive though, with a gleaming steel breastplate and pauldrons over a lush violet-coloured tunic, a set of lobstered gauntlets and greaves. A leather fauld covers her waist and upper legs, with a short cape fluttering behind her as she walks. She carries a long halberd, polished wooden stave with serrated steel blade and hook, along with a shortsword with a brass-covered hilt at her waste.

Backstory: Born and raised amidst the streets of the Order Capital, Stephanie has been thoroughly trained in the Order's regimes since she was a young girl. Unlike a fair amount of similar children, she has survived the brutal training regimes, not without a few scars to show for it, and has grown to adulthood, very much stuck with the beliefs of the Order imprinted upon her mind. Now, as she gets closer and closer to the time of her blessing, she considers herself ready for the outside world, to hunt and slay the various beasties which infest the beautiful forestlands.

Fetishes: Oral (given and received), semi-rough handling, very-near-human monster girls.
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Mar 20, 2012

Name: Tendril

Race: Elder Roper

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Physical Description:
Tendril is slightly taller than average, shes in possession of b-cup sized breasts, she has shoulder length black hair with the fringe covering half of her eyes to make a somewhat ominous appearance, the only articles of clothing she is actually wearing is what looks like a white labcoat and white panties, with her species ofcourse being a roper she can grow pink slimy tentacles for either mundane use or capturing her next meal, she is quite powerful in her current status being able to summon minions and manipulate the shape of her tentacles to suction cups or tinier more agile tentacles, more often than not she summons clones of herself as well.

Backstory: Once Tendril had a name and a job, she was Ashley and she used to be part of a special divison of magi scientists who looked after, examined and experimented with items found on expeditions and wars, she was the most curious of all the scientists and it wasnt unheard for her to spend night after night without sleeping trying to figure out the origins of any new materials and objects along with what they did, however this ultimately proved to be her downfall, over time she found herself becoming more reckless with her experimentation and touching of things she shouldnt really touch and the seeds of corruption were planted, one day while examining a key object that had been found after a dangerous trek to the demon realm she was latched on to by a special kind of roper parasite found only in the deepest part of the forest of tentacles, in this case it was extremely subtle, using the seeds of doubt and corruption to worm its way into her mind and implant devilish thoughts and whispers, at night while sleeping she would be tempted with promises of power and all the experimentation she could ever need, then it happened, after playing too much with some items she was caught out, her story would have ended if the parasite didnt ruthlessely fuse with her and take full control over her, using her body to suit its needs as she set about systematically raping and capturing every last scientist in the facility, not letting so much as a squawk out of the facility as she truly became one with the parasite, embracing her new nature and becoming a Elder Roper, a extremely powerful variant of a regular Roper, now she was setting her sights on finding more subjects, willing or defiant she is willing to accept all with open arms...

Fetishes: Pretty much anything, more specifically shes a fan of dominating victims, milking and bondage (Both giving and receiving and softcore and hardcore), Likes to use her "concoctions" on victims.
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Nov 18, 2012

Name: Neige

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical description: Neige stands around 5'11", with long, sable hair tied back in a tail with a few loose strands left free to frame his face. He is agile and athletically toned, though lacking in sheer muscle, a form likely gained through a lifestyle of hardship and necessity.

Backstory: Having cared for himself from a young age on the harsh city streets of his birthplace, Neige is resourceful, a relatively accomplished knife fighter, and, at times, a thief. For a short period during his latter teens, he fostered a romance with a fellow urchin and lived in relative contentedness, though never any more or less desperate and poor. This eventually led to him ripping off a rather influential group of criminals who, when he could not return what money he'd taken, murdered his lover and attempted the same towards him. He barely survived the encounter, taking weeks to recover in hiding, and chose to remain in the city long enough to track down the particular individual who took his woman's life and kill him. He narrowly escaped the aftermath, and fled the city in search of a new beginning, which he found in a paid expedition to a previously unknown island...

Neige is a relatively passionate individual. He is loath to take a life, and kind at heart. However, he is quite jaded and realistic, and suitable to his childhood and nature, is more than capable of hostility and violence if he feels it is in his best interest to be so. He is quick to place respect and loyalty where he feels it is due, and similarly quick to act on these convictions. While far from unintelligent, he is rather unaware and lacking in education due to his upbringing. While not a virgin, he's sexually inexperienced and relatively quick to go red in the face at a woman's advances.

Fetishes: As a character, none, though I'm personally a fan of dominant mamono, slimes, as well as Alraune and other woodland mamono.


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Nov 11, 2008

Name: Charlotte “Charlie” Darwin

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Physical Description: (Alterations to the image used is in the description)
Charlotte stands at just over five foot, fair skinned with auburn hair that’s usually tied into a ponytail though when it is let loose it comes to just above her round buttocks. Has grey eyes, g-cup breasts with large, inverted nipples. Charlotte wears a brown vest with a short sleeved white shirt underneath and a black tie, a pair of micro shorts a similar shade of dark brown to her vest, a pair of black tights, and a pair of knee high black boots. Charlotte also always has a satchel with her wherever she goes, and in it there is a large blank book ready for whatever information she feels like putting in it.

The sister to a man that would eventually become an important part of human history for his work on evolution, Charlotte found that her ideas and ‘discoveries’ were often ignored and mocked by her so-called peers due to her being a woman. She had shouldered their harsh words and put downs since she was eighteen, believing them to be jealous of her drive and ambition when their experiments and theories failed, though even then at times she couldn’t help but let it get her down.

It wasn’t until she had heard a rumour of an almost impossible continent, full of wondrous creatures that no man of science had ever spoken of before, did she finally realise her true calling. Charlotte knew what she must do now. She had to find a way to get to this mythical place, to see if it truly existed. And if it did, she would need to document the creatures found there, and if possible bring some samples home to prove her findings.

Nothing really particular, though Charlotte’s nipples are extremely sensitive, and pulling them out is, often, enough to bring her to orgasm.
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Name: Blaine

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Description: Blaine is 5'8", has red hair that covers up his forehead and part of his ears, no part.
Has square glasses.
He wears a purple long sleeve shirt with a hood on it, and then regular pants.

Backstory: Blaine grew up on the streets of the capital.
His parents left him at an orphanage when he was born, and he ran away from there when he was 13.
He found a few other children that were living on the street, and they all banded together, in order to survive. He was the youngest of the group.
Since they were children, they had to eat from the garbage or steal to survive. This lead Blaine being very agile.
One by one, as they each came of age and were able to get equipment to protect themselves, the children all left. Blaine is the only one left.
He's had a couple run ins with monsters in the past, when they snuck into the city and the kids had to drive them back.
He's just stolen himself a couple of daggers and is ready to venture off into the world. He's vowed to leave his life on the streets behind and become someone important.

Fetishes: I'm a big fan of slime girls, succubi, and demons. Especially when they're blue or purple. I'm a fan of any odd skin color though, red, green, grey, dark skin. Really into reverse rape. Also bunny girls.
Mar 13, 2013
Re: Characters

Name: Koel *da Soleth* McDowell. (Soleht’s his adoptive surname, his real one’s McDowell.)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Physical Description: Something short, at 1.58 m, and slightly skinny on top of a slightly pale skin. No heavier than 145 lbs. Has light brown, ‘honey like’ eyes, but he keeps his eyes under bandages for his own reasons, and has short messy hair. Sports a blue jacket, white shirt and boringly normal pants in fitting blue color.

Or this, if it’s too hard to imagine. (Just ignore picture’s eye color.)

Backstory: Koel was a normal child, living a slightly above average life with his family. Was, until after but a couple of days of 6th birthday, when his hometown was razed to the ground, the aggressors completely a mystery to the child who suffered a burns over his body, none too severe, except for one across his face. The kid wandered, confused, fearful and pained around the wasteland that had become his town, walking aimlessly and almost blindly across the place until he started drifting away, farther and farther from the ruins of his town. The pain of his burns grew and grew as time elapsed, until it was too much for the young, hungry and weakened kid, who simply collapsed in the middle of nowhere, feeling his own life slowly disappearing under the shade of a lonely tree.

His life was all but over, or so the child though, as he laid there for hours, hours that were not in vain. His clinging to life, even while powerless, was rewarded with the lucky appearance of a young maiden, a lost thief trying to escape from the forces she came across while she tried to ransack anything of value from the kid’s very hometown. She hadn’t found anything that day, until then. The girl took pity of the boy, and took him with her, helping him regain his strength, and also taking care of his wounds, of which roughly half disappeared and considerably reduced others, like the one in his face, which turned from a horrible scar to a more manageable wound, it saved his sense of sight as well, but his skin had grown too sensitive and weak for the kid to withstand without covering the area. The woman renamed the kid “da Soleth”, as it was the case with many orphans, taking after the name of the town they lived at.

The girl trained him, as best she could and in time the two became a very well known pair of “Robin Hoods”, stealing riches, and sharing it with the needy and poor, the bandage across Koel’s face becoming something of a symbol, because it was practically only that for the kid, who moved as dexterously as thought he didn’t have it on. Rumors abounded, however, that when he removed his bandages, those met with his gaze were cursed to die by his knives.

The pair continued on, living like that, until a fateful ‘mission’ transformed into a tortuous event, in which no matter how much they tried, the pair found it impossible to escape the claws of the law. He ‘sacrificed’ himself, becoming a decoy to let the girl escape. But destiny was not to be so kind to his sacrifice, only days later, would a soldier return, with the lifeless and abused body of the girl that had taken care of him for at 11 years. He waited until the day of his execution, however, to strike back, managing to escape his impending fate, and bestowed his method of execution onto the very official that issued to him, hanging the guy with the rope that was meant for Koel, he made his escape, finding it a lot easier to evade the dispirited soldiers that tried to follow. He now wanders aimlessly again, feeling as dead as he did before the girl found him.

(Note: Koel fights better without his bandages, but he can't stand the irritation of sun, dust, wind, etc. for too long, the pain grows incapacitating after a while if he doesn't put the bandages on again.)

Fetishes: Footjobs, as long as they are “humanish” enough. Foreplay, any kind of intimacy on this regard. Domination, “to or from” both are fine, although being dominant is preferred.
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Re: Characters

Name: Mantis Girl/Nameless (she is as if not more intelligent then your average non-schooled human but she doesn't have a name)

Race: Mantis Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 2 (Classifies as adult, assumed out of description that comes with picture)

Physical Description:
http: // i442.photobucket . com /albums /qq147/shadow45067/Monster%20Girls%20Encyclopedia/mantis.png (dang lack of url posting)

Backstory: Mantis Girl has, for the entirety of her short life, lived in the forest away from civilization. Hunting wild animals with all the cunning of a a experienced assassin she is average, if not a bit better then average, for her kind and quite capable of handling herself in a fight. When her first year rolled by she had wondered why the rare other older mantis' she had encountered had changed so drastically during a few months of the year. Now she knew why.

Mating season has hit her rather badly, and now she is patrolling the woods in search of a man to mate with. While competing with her other kin for what few males end up walking into their sections of the Woods.

Fetishes: Domination (only when she is dominating) (from her blood), due to being a 'virgin' and completely cut off form society she has no other fetish yet.
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Re: Characters

Name: Bolg

Race: Half human (Partial dragon visibility)

Gender: Male


Physical description: A 5'10" young man, with a 5 o'clock shadow. He wears a dark green Gi top, a pair of
dark green Hakama, and a green scarf wrapped around his face. He carries a grey naginata on his back, called Gaebolg. ( a twist on the spear from Cú Chulainn) He also carries a pair of tonfa, one white and one black, both made of a light metal material. On his feet he wears a pair of dark brown leather boots. ( color depends on the type of climate he's currently in. his hair is an odd mix of blue, white, and purple.

Backstory: Born to the Clan (family} of Gae, a "Shamanistic" (Monster Girl / magic) clan, on The Island, Hidden in a cave within a dark forest. When he was around five years old, He had gotten lost following a Wererabbit. He ended up in a stormy clearing, and was struck by lightning. He had passed out from being struck by lightning. A strange energy came from his body and formed Gae Bolg (the naginata) and it's power changed his very existance, by toying with causality. It was not, as naturally occurs 'the lightning struck him, and he was defeated', It was "He was struck by lightning, and it was defeated'. His pupils became more lizard-like, his canine teeth grew larger and sharper, and the arm that first took hold of Gaebolg grew scales, up until his shoulder. He also gained the ability to manipulate electricity in small scale. (No more than it takes to give first-degree burns to a human) His mother, a Dragon, Began teaching him to fight, and his father, a
warior who had defeated a dragon, had helped. At eighteen years old,
Bolg left his home and began a life as a wandering blacksmith's apprentice.Half a year in, he had forged his master works, his black and white Electric conducting tonfa. A month afterwords Bolg discovered something about Gaebolg, In a true life or death situation (Humans willing to kill, and Digester monster girls, mg's that literally eat people like in the game) any attacks that were blocked still cause standard damage.

Fetishes: He doesn't know what he likes yet, but he is not fond of blood, guts, gore etc.
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Re: Characters

Name: Clara Raecus.

Race: angel (fallen)

Gender: female/futa

Age: 69 (For an angel though it doesn't really matter I guess, but there it is.)

Physical Description: Clara clothed, Clara unclothed.

Clara was an angel of heaven that did her duty and served faithfully just like all of the rest, until one day when she was ordered to eradicate a few women that had been tainted by corruption. She went on, prepared to carry out her orders just as blindly as the rest, knowing that she would easily be able to do her duty without much trouble even if she was alone. When she arrived, Clara found another angel already there dealing with the matter... but when she witnessed what the other angel was doing... something within her stirred that she didn't quite comprehend at first. She saw the other angel putting the tainted ones to death in some of the most brutal of ways, which wasn't really anything new to Clara, but she also saw a few humans that weren't tainted enough to warrant death and even some that weren't really tainted all that much if any at all trying to protect those that were, with the other angel attacking them blindly for not giving the tainted ones up, some of whom were their families and some of whom were children.

Seeing children being slaughtered like that just really tore Clara up inside to the point that something within her just snapped, she could no longer blindly follow heaven as she had and she knew this in her heart. The sight of a second angel there caused the people to go into a general panic as her fellow angel grinned that another had arrived to deal with the taint as she put it. Clara moved in straight towards the other angel with her sword drawn where she fought with the other angel for a time, which more than easily bought the remaining people time to move off. With tears in her eyes she attacked her kin, knowing what her fate would be now, but she could not stand by and watch children be slaughtered in such a manner despite any taint, because they didn't ask for it, they didn't want it. So what right did they have to end their lives is what she asked herself, and the conclusion she came to was none whatsoever. She refused to kill the other angel however and merely beat her back enough to drive her away and sent her limping back to the other angels to speak of what happened there, where she flew over to where the remaining people were, telling them that the other angel was gone and that she wasn't going to hurt them.

Clara, knowing that she couldn't go back, decided that she would stay with these people for now, as she had nowhere else to go really. Eventually they made their way to Pandemonium under the rule of Pandora, though it was after Clara had fallen if you would that they arrived there. Once there, Clara joined Pandora, seeing it as a place of refuge for those that didn't want to join the angels of heaven or the demons of hell, both of whom sought either dominion or destruction it seemed of the other and anyone caught in between that didn't follow them. Her first meeting with Pandora went... well, normal as far as she could tell at first, however by the time they were through talking it had devolved into an orgy, with Clara having some time with Pandora herself, which to say the least made her feel like she was in heaven again. Afterwards Clara began to learn as much as she could, about Pandora herself, about Pandemonium, about its denizens, really as much as she could, quickly becoming a part of Pandora's court in the meantime as well. During her short time in Pandemonium, Clara learned many different things, the sex arts being one of the things she enjoyed learning the most about, as she learned it directly from succubi who taught her a great many different things about it and were quite delighted when she presented her preferences in having sex to them, where they practically jumped at the opportunity to play with her. The thought of using her powers to make herself able to pleasure women the same way men did had come to mind before she'd gotten here to Pandemonium, but some of the succubi around there that taught her a lot about sex, easily tempted her time and again into having sex with them, as sex and temptation were two things they were extremely good at to say the least, so Clara did have a bit of a weakness to the succubi of Pandemonium soon after coming there. She didn't mind having a man of course from time to time, but she just preferred women more herself, with what she'd learned and did with the succubi probably helping out with her preferences there somewhat.

Clara is a fairly kind and gentle soul for the most part, but she can be a bit blunt at times, and when angered she'll fight with everything she has and use almost any strategy needed in order to win. She won't go out of her way to hurt people and likes to bring new people to serve or live in Pandemonium since heaven cast her out just because she refused to kill a human woman that had been tainted a little too much to their liking, so if and when she gets the chance she tries to bring other angels to her way of thinking, that not all of the demons are outright evil and just want to live in peace. She's made a decision to find the most beautiful women she can to bring into the harem she wishes to start, but she would never of course take another from the one they love if presented the opportunity, the very thought of it being enough to piss her off, so if ever around if someone tries to do that Clara would likely knock them out or try to in order to teach them a lesson.

If presented with something she sees as adorable, Clara will most of the time just attempt to scoop it up and hug it, being a bit silly when it comes to that really, which has gotten her into a little bit of trouble from time to time, but nonetheless it is something she can't help. She tries to be generous when she can, helping those in need if she can do so, and if she encounters children of any kind whether they are tainted or not she will never hurt them and will fight any who wish to hurt them to the death if need be in order to protect them, as children and their well being could technically be considered her one true weakness. Also, if she is offered sex for whatever reason, there's a good chance Clara won't say no and would jump at the mention of sex, what with her being a bit of a nympho and all.

Clara is a bit of a sub, but also likes to be a dom sometimes as well, so in a fight if she loses, unless her life is threatened, she'll likely submit to sex as her punishment. She likes women with larger breasts, but wouldn't say no to a woman with smaller breasts, and she wouldn't say no to having men either, though she prefers women because as she puts it, they're cuter when they squeal in pleasure. Clara is into bondage somewhat as well, likes to tie up people and have her way with them, and doesn't mind being tied up herself, but she especially enjoys being held down by women and ridden like crazy, and if she's held down by several women then its even more of a thrill for her when she can't get free from them. Other than these fetishes, she's a sucker for titfucks and just can't say no to one when forced into it or offered it by a lover and she also loves finding a girl who's breasts lactate, so that she can milk them like a dairy cow when she can, but she won't go out of her way to find one.

In a nutshell she enjoys other futanari, vore, exhibitionism, titfucks, tentacles of virtually any kind, pet play, tickling, spanking, bondage, large breasts, threesomes/gangbangs, being dominated by one or several women or dominating that many herself, milking (even being milked herself if somehow made to lactate), doing it doggystyle, doing it with succubi, catgirls, wolfgirls, other angels if she can. If she has them conjured up then she really gets a thrill from having her testicles stimulated, and amazingly she gets a thrill from urethral insertions when done by a small tentacle or some such.
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Re: Characters

Name: Aaron Seward
Race: Half-Breed Human/Holstaur
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Physical Description:
Stands roughly 5'6". His hair is white and falls to the middle of his back. Has a small cute pair of cow ears inplace of human ones, though they are often hidden by his long hair. His skin is a dark tan colour from constantly working under the sun. His eyes are the colour of pale emerald. His face is fairly feminine and is usually mistaken for a girl, even his voice is girly.

His body is lean and lightly toned from a life on a farm. Though his body has a very feminine cast to it. Small waist and a heart shaped bottom. Has a pair of c-cup breats from a rather embarressing arguement with a monster girl. A wite furred tail with black spots and a white tuff of fur at the end grows from just above his bottom.
He generally binds his chest. Wearing a long sleeved white tunic and a pair of leather trousers. A loose and long flowing whie robe overtop. Worn leather boots adorn his feet.

Picture of him except white hair and no horns.


He is often shy and quiet, and nearly speachless when any sort of woman is around.Though despite his shyness he will often help or lend aid to others, and is usually the first person to move when t comes to doing chores for someone.

He is easily pushed around by others and rarely, if ever, has the courage to say to no when someone demands something of him.

Aaron was born on a farm to a local farmer and his Holstaur wife. He grew up tending to the various plants and monster girls kept on the farm. When he was old enough he was allowed to milk his sisters and his mother. He would often sell milk at market or at a stall on the edge of the farm, on the nearby road.

His life before was fairly uneventful, except for two instances. The first was he mistook a small witch wearing nothing but a large men's shirt as a little boy whilst selling milk. Though this wouldn't have been bad by itself, him and the witch got into an arguement. After calling the witch flat, ugly and manish, the witch cursed him, taking away his masculinity and making him look similar to his sisters.

The second was when he was 15 and was when he was watching a young man repel several minotaurs attacking the village with a sword and magic. After seeing the great feats ofmagic the man did when he defended the village inspired awe within Aaron. Aaron sought the man out and asked to become his apprentice. Though Aaron had no money to pay for the training, the man made him a deal to pay for his training. To allow himself to be experimented upon when it came to potions or magic,, to be the mages servant whilst on the road, and if need be pay with his body, whether as bait to flee monster girls or capture them, or using his body as a way to keep the mage company during the night.

After agreeing to the terms hesitently, they set out to explore the island. With the apprentice mage helping his master further his own magical pursuits.

Fetishes: Titfucking, oral, transformation, penetration, futa, being dominated or dominating,, and most other fetishes.(Except for gore, scat and watersports)
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Re: Characters

Name: Riffet Homesin
Race: Human. Completely, utterly, human. Honest!
Gender: Male.
Age: Twenty three.

Physical Description:
Standing tall and proud at 4'6"...okay, less proud, and more simply he's standing. He's noticeably short for his age, in fact, for his gender and the other he's rather short. Naked it rather easy to tell he was a man, but with his soft features and high cheek bones it wouldn't be surprising for one to mistake him as a female at first glance, but the deeper, if young tone of his voice soon clears that up. His head sprouts a set of cherry red curls that lay messy across his head, looking quite like they haven't been combed in years. Twinkling and merry brown eyes hide behind a set of fake reading glasses resting on his nose. Worn for 'fashion' and to help him catch people off guard when they think he's blind without them.

His body is rather lean, and its quiet easy to tell he's built more for speed than strength. Wherever this means he's better at stabbing or running has yet to be tested...

His clothes consist of a simple white tunic shirt, dark brown leather pants, sandals, a cloak of thick dark green colouring, and a backpack hoisting over his shoulder. Filled with papers, books, rations, writing equipment, chalk, a flute and...well, guess that's pretty much it for him as he stepped off that boat~

Despite what one may think with his height and looks. He's not at all shy, at least the majority of the time. He's usually quite adventurous, bright, and warm. Wanting to explore the world and find out its lore...but without harming those that don't really need it.

The main issue of his is zoning out...not to say he's dumb, in fact its quite the opposite, the only time he zones out is when he's focused on something that everything else around him becomes lost to him. This of cause made reading and walking literally impossible for him...something that still brings a pout to his little pink lips to this day.


Reffet, otherwise known as 'Rift' by his friends, started his life early off rather harshly. With his mother dying at childbirth and his father having long since abandoned her once learning about him existing. Seems the redhead just wasn't ready for children yet.

Perhaps, it was due to that bumpy start of his life that he seemed to flourish in personality and brain as he grew older. Being friendly with all the other children in orphanages, stopping fights wherever they may be, and smiling brightly enough to warm the old caretakers heart whenever she came to check how they were all feeling.

Strangely enough...he was never adopted, unlike all the other children he grew up with. And ended up assisting the caretaker between school and jobs with the little ones as he was getting on in his years.

Perchance it was due to his curious mind, always questioning things...always wanting answers. That led the adults into being wary of him, but he hadn't minded. Everything was so interesting to him, and that led to him wanting to learn more. He heard of the 'land on no return'. And the 'ghost stories' those old people that preached to their so called 'god' kept speaking on, and this just set off a flame to explore those lands within him.

So here he was...setting off into a new land, hoping to find Lore, lost relics, and knowledge of the long forgotten past...lets hope he doesn't get himself killed at the very least...

Fetishes: He...doesn't really have any. He never really 'explored' with the girls back home, in fact, the majority thought he was 'one of them'. And he didn't particularly having a liking for men himself...But he's always been interested in trying new things. Even if...this sort of thing would send him into a fury of blushes. (Basically~ I'm up for anything. But gore, scat and watersports. I've recently gained an interest in futas as they're new to me. But I'd like to be surprised as well, so surprise me ^^.)


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Re: Characters

Name: Branimera Morrigna "Syn" Synclair

Race: Dullahan

Gender: Female

Age: 43

Physical Description: Syn seems to be a woman of about 6' 3" in height with long black hair and bright green eyes that seem to almost glow. She has a fairly muscled body, owing to her hard training regiment, with b cup breasts and wide hips. When not armored, she wears a simple black hooded robe and a crimson choker to help her keep her head on.

Normally however she moves in her armor, black light plate with a full helm and a golden filigree of ornate design and gauntlets with individual fingers. The armor, while heavy, sacrifices some defensive quality for articulation in order to allow Syn to subdue others hand to hand.


Syn was "born" outside the demonic realm, a knight-errant who struggled against demonic forces and those foolish enough to assist them. It went poorly in the end. The details are somewhat hazy for her, mostly sounds and flashes of conflict and magic. And a sickening chop. She tries to think of her past as little as possible now.

Being a demon took little adaptation for her though. It wasn't too hard to get into Hell, and study the realm that was her new home, or whatever one wished to call it. She spent much time learning to feed and studying the world from different angles.

It dawned on her soon enough that it all seemed stupid. The monster girls arguably parasitic need for another species to survive, the humans who struggle against them, and those who sat in the various shades between. With so much struggle and argument, Syn came to a simple conclusion. Screw it. The world itself didn't know what it wanted and everyone had a different opinion. One man's paradise was another's hell and someone was gonna be unhappy no matter what. So what purpose was there to obey another's agenda or be a pawn in a conflict like this.

If the world was so indecisive, then each should try to shape the world the way they wished around them and make their own happiness. None of this side business, she would act and live as she saw fit, and accept no judgement but her own.

That her logic was essentially the same as every single demon went unnoticed, after all, it was just the nature of things.

Her current state of affairs is general brigandry, albeit not maliciously. She usually seeks out a bridge or a ford and then charges a toll for crossing. Allow her to feed on them, engage her in a fair competition of skill or strength, or simply try to force her away. Though she tries not to be cruel about it or capture others, and she'd never accost those who are weak, ill, too young or too old.

Syn is practised in hand to hand combat and likes to subdue aggressors by deflecting weapons with her armor and disarming and restraining them for violation.

Personality: Syn tries to be pragmatic in all things. She isn't devoid of empathy, but she considers her own happiness first. Or at least she tries too, but she has soft spots for those unable to defend themselves and sometimes goes out of her way for them. In her mind this is fine to her, since it makes her happy, so it's not hypocritical.

However, should her head be dislodged, it's a whole different ball game. Syn goes from calm and collected to lustful and fierce, seeking to violate the offenders, and generally any others she can catch until she can restore the lost energy and get her head back on. Syn in this state lives for her own desires fully and without shame, often mocking her normal self's views and restraint, almost as though she was a separate person. Once normal, Syn often feels great shame at her actions, having acted far more extreme than she likes. Her own condemnation of herself somewhat disturbs her as well.

Syn holds a bit of a bigger grudge for those of Pandemonium than others. The nature of the place rubs her the wrong way even more than angels and demons do.

Fetishes: While her heads on, Syn is not overly fetish laden, most of her urges suppressed. She does get a bit excited by those who can provide her with entertainment, or hold their own with her in fair contest. Otherwise she feeds with the same pragmatic logic as always, a desire for her own needs to be met and such.

Once headless, Syn's fetishes burst forth along with most of her energy and emotions. Infertile herself, she enjoys forcing forcing females to bear the child of male humans nearby once she's done feeding on them anyways. She also takes a sadistic glee in disturbing others best she can and their discomfort, often taking on an almost manic and nonsensical madness and speaking in odd phrases and threats. She's insatiable and will continue her rampage til her heads replaced and her energy refueled. She holds nothing sacred or taboo like this and is barely more than a savage beast.


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Re: Characters

Name: Samuel Haddock

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Physical Description: Rather thin and lithe standing at 5'7", his body is physically trained for endurance and agility due to his job. Slightly pale skin with chestnut brown eyes. Commonly wears comfortable, yet tight fitting clothing, mainly wearing long sleeve shirts with hoods and tight fitting pants to go with it, giving him a roguish look to his demeanor. Has short, blackish brown hair that is commonly quite messy from his work.

Backstory: While his life before his new town is hard to hear of normally from him, he sometimes tells stories when he is drunk of his family's many stories. Coming from a line of adventurers, his life when he was young was full of wonder and curiosity about his father's and older brother's work. Ever curious, he would wait at home for his dear father and older sibling to return with his mother...
Though, at the age of 14, he had been waiting for 2 and a half years for his father and brother to return. His mother was hopeful he would still take on the family business once he grew older, giving her son his father and brother's last possessions that resided within the house: A crossbow and a fine, sturdy dagger.
At the age of 17 he was sent off from home. But he had no drive to join the path that his father and brother disappeared by, ignoring his family's blood calling for adventure. By the age of 20, he found work as a Scout for hire, and dedicated his life towards his new work up until he had enough funds to move into a new town and get a house for himself. Bizarrely, even after his story is told, he always sported that rather charming, innocent smile to his face. Some say he had became secretly horribly depressed by it all, but some believe that he just wants his life to be situated once more, despite his carefree, strangely goofy personality. Never stopped his work though, even to this day holding his family's light crossbow and dagger when he needed to do work.

Fetishes: He doesn't really get around. Some question even if he had his first! But he does blush under the thoughts of big breasts, kissing, oral sex, and titfucking. He has a subconscious thought of causing pregnancy, possibly his adventurer's blood trying to spread.
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Re: Characters

Name: Aleksandra Heidrun (thats what the random name generator spat out)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Physical Description: "Alex" has 34" C breasts, a 26" waist and 32" hips. Her dyed red hair ends right at her shoulders. People often never even realize her blue eyes as they are generally too distracted between her hair and breasts. Going down from her breasts you see where her camisole stops and her pleated skirt starts at her waist. Barely any sooner than her skirt starts, it comes to an end halfway between her waist and her knees. Rather uninteresting socks and shoes that are a size 8 round out her outward appearance.

Backstory: "Alex" for most of her life, was made fun of by everyone.. literally everyone. They would make fun of her looks, which at the time were certainly not good. coupling this with her last name would allow for everyone to shout "Hide, Run!" to mock her further. A late bloomer to say the least, but the damage was already done. Alex would look inward and express herself in antisocial environments, namely card games. Becoming one of the best, Alex quickly grew tired of the simple games available to her. As she heard about a "monster island" and a game called "territory" played there, Alex would try to gain passage to this island so that she could challenge herself further.

Fetishes: Go nuts with whatever.
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Re: Characters

Name: Halene

Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 27 (Or its equivalent in dragon years)

Physical Description: Tall and athletic with long black hair in stark contrast to her pale skin. Her eyes are golden and slit like a reptile's, her left one bearing a vertical scar from an old fight. The shiny scales that cover her feet and lower arms are black with purple streaks and stripes. Preferring to rely on her naturally touch skin, she doesn't wear much aside from covering her naughty bits with undergarments made of her scales.

Backstory: A fighter from birth, Halene has always endeavored to become stronger through battling her peers and betters. Every battle toughens her body and sharpens her skills, or so she believes. In a recent scrap with her clutchmates and a few other dragons, however, she learned the hard way that whatever doesn't kill you might always try again until it succeeds. In desperation, she struck a deal with Baphomet for temporary asylum.

Fetishes: Wrestling, Fighting, Bondage (Any sort of physical restraint, really, be it tentacles, glue, whatever.)


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Re: Characters

Name: Sizhek

Race: Sandworm

Gender: Female

Age: 22 (or equivalent in sandworm years)

Physical Description: here

Backstory: Ever since Sizhek was young, she possessed slightly less animalistic tendencies than her sisters and as she grew older, she developed a taste for sadism. From that moment forward, whenever she came across prey with a capability to communicate, she tortures them until they beg to be eaten. Her sisters often tease her for playing with her food, but this quirk of hers satisfies her to no end. As time went on, Sizhek notices her sisters picking out human mates, to which she looks on in disgust. Sizhek is often left with this thought, "How can I mate with such a pathetic being when only their tortured screams can bring me pleasure? Are my sisters defective, or am I the defective one?"

Fetishes: Sadism, Vore

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Re: Characters

Name: Ruben Calloway

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Ruben is a lean, athletically built young man in his mid twenties. He has good musculature and tanned skin from exposure to the elements and sun from a life of exploring different cultures and climates. His hair is long and dirty-sand blonde that he keeps neatly kept in a loose pony tail that goes down his back and stopping at his ass. He has jade green eyes that are framed by rounded rectangular gold framed glasses. He wears standard explorer's garb, a long sleeved khaki shirt of light material; fingerless, mid length safari gloves, strong khaki cargo pants, held up by black suspenders, and black combat boots. He stands at 6'3" tall and his penis is 3" thick and 9" long when fully erect. Ruben is curious and investigative by nature. He seeks to expand his knowledge of the world surrounding him and the creatures and environments contained within it. He has an adventurous soul and cannot stand to stick to one place for too long of a time. He is also eternally optimistic, believing that there is no such thing as unsolvable problem; it only requires time, a calm and open mind and determination. On his downtime he enjoys reading, jazz music, staring at a fire and drinking cinnamon chai tea. He is accustomed to game meat from his wilderness experience, though he cannot stomach anything especially spicy. When in deep thought he has the tick of biting on a pencil or his thumb. He never goes anywhere without his trusty artist's satchel, parchments, sketch pencils or camera. Ruben was gifted with exceptionally creative thinking; and this shows in his expertly detailed sketches of the flora and fauna he has observed thus far. He is soft spoken and calm, raising his voice or shouting only when especially angered, frightened or alarmed. Although he is pacifist in nature, he is well trained in self defense with a knife and marksmanship. A lover of the outdoors since childhood, he has exceptional survival skills. He has always been awkward around the opposite sex, and thus has had trouble ever starting up any kind of relationship and remains a virgin at the ripe age of 25. Being a virgin he is flustered and thrown off concerning things of the sexual nature. He is also a gentleman, averting his gaze when a lady/woman is getting undressed or otherwise; he has however, learned to overcome this issue, to a degree, from dealing with the more "exotic" people and cultures of the world.

Backstory: Ruben is an anthropologist who has traveled all over the world observing, sketching, studying, and researching numerous varieties of people, flora and fauna from different regions and continents. He was coming home from a field study overseas, when he heard fellow researchers speaking of a bizarre and mystical island in the far reaches where monster/women hybrid roamed freely, Creatures of mythology and fantasy co-existing and hunting males of the human species. A world of magic and intrigue. His curious nature getting the better of him, he found out more of the island by travelers and explorers before ultimately deciding to head out to the mysterious Mamono Island, to hopefully observe, sketch and record the numerous varieties of wildlife dwelling on the island, not for his own glory, but to crack open the mystery of the monster woman to the world and to discover something new...

Fetishes: Face sitting, BDSM, gangbang, analingus, bondage, pet play, breastfeeding, foot worship, tickling

(Although some monsters have instinctual fetishes, since they're still part human, they may have others as well. Such as bondage, masochism, and the like.)


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Re: Characters

Name: Yumi

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Physical Description: Quite small at 155cm tall,(Refer attachment)

Backstory: Yumi was left orphaned at a temple at a young age her parents seemingly disappeared. The person she was left with was a family friend who raised her with an interest in martial arts and knowledge although no matter how many books she read she still didn't have the answer of where her parents disappeared. Until her 21st birthday her mentor gave a letter which was from her parents which was given to him before they left detailing their destination and intention. Which was to travel to the Island of No Return for research and explore. Upon reading this she trained a few months more to finish off before reaching the conclusion that she will travel to the island to search for her parents and hopefully find them still alive. Despite the protests from her mentor she was quite adamant and stubborn on going which he eventually gave up and helped gear her for the trip and even offered to come along.

Fetishes: Being dominated (despite how much she will fight it she secretly loves it), bondage, corruption, humiliation, multiple penetration, pain, Futa (receiving), tentacles, petplay... (still fairly open to anything, really and truly anything just cant think of anything else to add at this point in time ><)


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